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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

{real wedding} WEDNESDAY :: instagram edition.

so yesterday's post about technology at your wedding got me thinking: wouldn't it be cool to show the positive side of technology use at your wedding?

given that i can be an instagram fiend at times {follow me here at your own risk, or follow mge's official account here}, i actually do have a number of pictures i've taken - and promptly instagrammed - at official mge functions i've coordinated.

after browsing through what felt like quintillion photos, i've decided on the following as a pretty sampling of iPhone camera, instagrammed loveliness:

 this pretty little french lady presided over mini french donuts at the dessert table of a bridal shower that i had the pleasure of designing + coordinating for one of our lovely mge brides!
 ditto for this fancy frenchman - and don't you just love the striped linen here?
this refreshing water station was our set-up at the bridal show this past march.

ohhh, lemonade! this was the sweet companion to our cool cucumber option.

one of my april brides had custom linen napkins printed with her menu and laid atop mismatched vintage china plates at her reception.

the same bride sourced her own vintage flatware tied with antique ribbon and a kraft tag on which the guest's name was written in gorgeous calligraphy.

in addition to the three cakes pictured below, this bride + groom decided on a pie bar complete with four pies! two of the tastiest are pictured here - i can't resist snapping pics of dessert set-ups.

obviously i took a picture of the art deco-styled brides cake - isn't it fabulous?

and this grooms cake with the pup cake topper in honor of the bride + groom's dog stole my heart!

a classic wedding cake, topped off with a family heirloom. i adore this.

lovely florals courtesy of a to zinnias were scattered upon farm tables rented from ooh! events.

 again, i could not get enough of that amazing calligraphy.

i loved this wreath! fabulous job, a to zinnias!

and this scrumptiously bountiful table was mge's Mediterranean-inspired contribution to the recent savannah food + wine festival at vic's on the river this past weekend. i'm hungry just looking at it...

see? imagine the gorgeousness that your friends and family can capture with nothing more than their phone camera and an app at your own celebration. if that's not inspiration for you to incorporate an official instagram hashtag {or other crowdsourcing photo app} at your wedding, i don't know what is.
have a beautiful wednesday, everyone!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

{tips & tricks} TUESDAY :: technology and your wedding day.

{image & article via southern weddings}
whether or not y'all have seen this topic discussed elsewhere in the media {like the above southern weddings article that also quotes this ny times article or the practical wedding article}, this is an increasingly tense subject for some brides & grooms.
as such, I figured I would add in my thoughts on the matter, no-nonsense-style:
{} no matter what, I suggest hiring a professional photographer for - at the very least - your ceremony. it is downright rude for guests to have their iphones out while your ceremony is taking place, even though their intentions are likely pure and they are recording the ceremony {not texting - heaven forbid!}. if you have a professional photographer present, there is no need for guests to take pictures!  inform them of this ahead of time via your wedding website, the ceremony program, or even have the people passing out said programs {hostesses, your planner, etc.} or seating guests {ushers, groomsmen} give guests a gentle verbal reminder to please put their phones away during the ceremony.
{} technology at your reception, on the other hand, is an entirely different ballgame. unless your reception is an exceptionally formal seated dinner, this is the time for your guests to really enjoy themselves! if you're using an instagram hashtag to document the reception, this would be the place to display that to your guests. instagram is a great way for guests to document your wedding and capture moments that even the best photographer may not be able to, particularly if you only have a single shooter who can obviously only be in one place at a time. for your reception, I wholeheartedly recommend not only allowing guests to incorporate technology but to encourage it!
that's it, guys. no need for a long, drawn-out explanation {though those are fun for some, I guess} - it's as simple as that!
do you have thoughts to add to this topic as well? if so, let me know in the comments!
have a beautiful tuesday;)

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Etiquette-- Kids: To invite or Not to invite

Photo Via

The debate that started a million tiny squabbles amongst family everywhere. Kids verses no kids. People take this issue very personally, so it’s important that whatever decision you do it respectfully and tactfully. Here are a few questions to ask yourself to help you with this tough decision. 

Is your venue suited for children? Okay, so if you are having a super fancy ta-da at a uber chic hotel or urban loft it might be best to leave the kids at home. But any outdoor occasion would be perfect for children and you could even provide coloring materials or various easy and clean crafts to keep the little ones entertained. 

What time of day is your wedding? If you are having an evening wedding it’s smart to take into account the sleeping habits of the wee ones. So if your wedding starts later, you might want to cut out the munchkins. Lots of tired and unhappy babes off schedule does not sound like fun!! Plus, you definitely do not want your vows overshadowed by screaming chillins. 

What is the vibe of your event? If you want a very chill, family vibe then you should definitely invite the lil’ ones because kids will keep it fun and light. On the other hand, if you really want an elegant party with drinks and a really sophisticated feel, then perhaps children would be best left at home with a sitter. 

Do you need to cut numbers? Are you crunching the numbers something fierce?? If you are really needing to trim the guest list then perhaps you should start with the miniature people. While little, they still count as a guest and even with a less expensive child’s plate they still cost money. 

Inviting some and not others? The queen of all things fabulous Martha Stewart suggests keeping your decision uniform and not picking and choosing certain children, but instead have an age limit, 10 and over, 18 and over, etc. 

Is it a destination wedding? If you are far from home it’s going to be difficult to ask family and friends to find sitters for your wedding. You could always offer childcare, have guests who wish to use your provided childcare rsvp for their little folks and hire 2-3 sitters to watch them based on numbers. If you are really against it, know that many people might not be able to make it to your wedding.

So these are just a few little ways to think about what’s best for your day... All that to say, you have to go with your gut. It’s about what YOU want for your day, not your sister with 4 kids or your bitter child hating single bridesmaid. You make the decision. The queen of all things polite, Martha Stewart, suggests whatever your decision you call the families with children and explain your choice. Sorry, Martha said it! And you DO NOT argue with Martha!!! 


Friday, November 30, 2012

Guest Fashion: Holiday Edition

There are so many adorable holiday pieces out in the world right now!! And who doesn’t want to wear pretty, shiny, sparkly holiday clothes!?!? So I thought I would give you a few looks that would be appropriate for a holiday wedding AND a holiday party!!!

Shiny like a present. I love this dress. It’s bold, but isn’t overly sparkly which makes it perfectly appropriate for a wedding AND a holiday party!! Pair it with a pair of opaque black tights and some cute booties. Since the dress has a higher neck, I like to pair it with a really glitzy bracelet. And a braided crown updo is the perfect finishing touch.

Dress, BB Dakota, $89.90; Tights, Simply Vera for Kohls, $14; Shoes, Zara, $129; Bracelet, LuluFrost for JCrew, $128. 

This dress looks perfect for partying the night away!! I love the length, great for a casual OR formal event. Super versatile. Pair it with an elegant wedge and a tux blazer and you are good to go. I think a giant cocktail right and a chic pony will complete the look with a touch of sophistication. 

Dress, Lucca Couture, $89; Blazer, Daniel Rainn, $79; Wedges, Steve Madden, $128; Ring, Banana Republic, $39.50.

I love a good pant outfit. Just because an event is formal doesn’t mean that you have to rule out wearing pants!! These velvet trousers are brilliant and perfect for the holidays. Add a cozy and sparkly sweater and a pair of chic strappy heels and you are pretty much finished. Complete the look with a pair of fun drop earrings and a messy bun. Tres chic!!! 
Velvet trousers, Zara, $89.90; Sweater, JCrew, $118; Heels, Zara, $129; Earrings, Zara, $16.90. 

So take this December to really have fun dressing for weddings. They are days of celebration, so what better time than to be dressed like pretty present!?


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Question: What advice do you have on guests lists?

The guest list... Oh dear, the guest list. The cause of much anguish and strife. The cause of many arguments. It’s not always fun narrowing down your friends and family to fit your budget or your reception space. While it’s not always fun, it is a very necessary part of planning your wedding... Last I checked you sorta need guests for the wedding. Here are a few pointers on how to compile the perfect guest list.  

Who Chooses the Guest List? 
First, it’s important to think of the number. The total number of guests you can afford. Second, who’s paying?? If parents are paying then they will get a say in who gets invited. Sorry. Try and remember balance in all things. ALL THINGS. I think it’s fair to give both sets of parents a certain number of guests and perhaps a few more slots to the paying parents side. If you are paying for the wedding yourself, you should still offer the parents a number of slots to invite whom they wish. At the end of the day it’s your wedding, but try and show your parents some respect. 

Who to Cut? 
You never want to cut people, but I feel it’s best to start with the people you are least connected with your co-workers, acquaintances, and distant relatives. Great Aunt Ruth twice removed who your mom hasn’t talked to in 10 years should probably be among the first to get cut. And if you really have to get down to it, eliminate your old high school and college buddies, unless you still see them on a regular basis that’s a large group to cut. So it’s no fun, but it has to be done... yeah, that rhymed... 

And Guest? 
Now, if you are really crunching the numbers you can definitely eliminate the “plus 1” without breaking any etiquette laws. Friends in very serious relationships, engaged, or living with their significant other should definitely have their guest invited even if you don’t know them. I think it’s tacky not to invite them.

Kids or No kids? 
This one is tough because you get a lot of people who will make gripes about their child not being invited, but c’est la vie. Kids still count towards the final head count. I think it’s best to choose an age 10 and up, 15 and up, 18 and up, etc. If you have a flower girl or ring bearer they should be invited to the wedding. You can also decide if you will only have immediate families children invited. 

There are no set of rules out there telling you who you should invite. Keep your guest list personal and happy!! You want to be surrounded by your closest and dearest friends and family. Be open and communicate!!


Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer Wedding: Guest Guide

If you are one of the many people attending a wedding this summer, I am so flipping jealous!!! The selection of dresses out there in the world is absolutely ah-mazing!!!! Stores are full of adorable and beautiful dresses! Banana Republic, Shopbop, JCrew, Piperlime, etc, etc. I could go on and on!! So here are 3 of my favorite summer dresses and how to perfectly style them for a summer wedding, so whether you are a classic gal or trendy chick I’ve got you covered!!

Look 1: Dress, Alice+Olivia $264. Classic, Gold cuff, Hive & Honey $22; Sandal, Tibi $365. Trendy, bracelets from top Juicy Cuuture $48, Juicy Couture $88, DANNIJO $216; Wedges, Cynthia Vincent $198.
The peplum is so on trend this summer and besides just being flipping adorable I think that it is incredibly flattering for many body types. The classic gals need only a solid gold cuff and a pair of unbelievable sandals and you are dunzo. For the hipsters, an arm of fun bright colored bracelets and an unbelievably cool wedge will really give this outfit a high-fashion look.  
Look 2: Dress, Milly $310. Classic, Ring, Tinley Road $24; Pump, Stuart Weitzman $365. Trendy Necklace, Hive & Honey $34; Wedges, L.A.M.B. $345.
I lalalalove the colors in this dress, so fun and a touch of the unexpected. The classic chicks can rely on the bold pattern of the dress to do most of the work, pairing it with a simple nude pump and a fun cocktail ring. The trendsetters are going to want a little extra oomph, so I love the idea of a funky white wedge!! It’s so cool!! And a bold necklace will give you the perfect finishing touch. 

Look 3: Dress, Banana Republic $130. Classic, Earrings, Tinley Road $20; Wedges, Hive & Honey $109. Trendy, Bracelet, Sabine $24; Wedges, L.A.M.B. $295.
I adore this dress. It’s deceivingly simple. The color is beyond perfect for the summer!! I love the classic wedge, they will be equally adorable with a pair of jeans or even fancy shorts. The graphic earrings add interest and bring attention to your face and even help show off the beautiful neckline of the dress. Okay, trendy kids rejoice! I just found the coolest shoes ever. These wedges are stunners and the pattern is a perfect match for the dress, mix with a killer cool leopard cuff and you will definitely be the coolest kid there... except for the bride... yeah, can’t forget about her... 

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Lalalalove Leopard.


leopard.001You can go ahead and call me crazy. Yes. I am writing about leopard print on a wedding blog... I know, I know I’m a crazy person. Hear me out. This is not for safe bride, but any lady that wants a little spice in her bridal party could absolutely use some of the sophisticated muted leopard prints that are so en vogue right now. If you are afraid of having a sea of leopard in your photos then try only your maid of honor in leopard and the rest of your girls wearing a solid dress that goes with your MOH gown. Look at all of these ah-mazing celebs rocking leopard print and gasp! not looking trashy. Are you on my page yet? Still think I crazy? Well, what if for a pop of fun your girls wear leopard print pumps!?!? They are the perfect accessory to a black, gray, brown, camel, or even red dress. Plus, these are actually shoes that your girls would want to wear again. They are a staple in a classic wardrobe.

Warning. Too much of a good thing can be so supremely tacky. If your girls are rocking leopard print gowns, everything else should be soooooo simple. Plain shoes, virtually no accessories, and decor shouldn’t have a stitch of the print in it. If you are trying to do this chic it’s best if your reception space doesn’t look like a jungle. Remember there is no rule that says your bridesmaids must match your decor.

leopard.002Dresses. Left to Right. Mara Hoffman, Rebecca Tayloe, Thayer, & Lucy in Disguise.

leopard.003Shoes. Clockwise from the Top left. Ivanka Trump, Michael by Michael Kors, Steve Madden, Vince Camuto, Madison Harding, & Enzo Angiolini.


Friday, November 11, 2011

What to Wear to a Wedding this Weekend.

Fall is upon us people. Praise the Lord. The weather is still a bit unpredictable, so you best be prepared when attending a fall wedding. It can be warm, then cool and vice-versa. This is seriously the best because do you know what that means!?!?!? That’s right! LAYERING!!! Layering is sophisticated, fun, and is the mark of a fashion pro. Here are a few perfect fall looks.

thisweekend.001Look 1: Jewel tones are all the rage for Fall, so this sapphire blue is perfect. I love the fun cut of the skirt, it’s sexy without being skanky. Give a modern twist with a blazer with a leather trim, just in case it gets chilly. Add a great pair of chandelier earrings, a giant cocktail ring, and some stunning shoes and you are ready to party!!!

thisweekend.002Dress, Thayer; Jacket, BBDakota; Shoes, Kate Spade; Earrings, Max&Chloe; Ring, Sorrelli.

Look 2: This might be my favorite.  I adore the neckline and the velvet trim on the hem, so freaking adorable. I would rock this with a pair of nice opaque black tights. I am in love with this military inspired jacket and the color just adds such a brilliant punch of color. And I love that the shoes are a shade of red but more burgundy, as to not look matchy-matchy. The green earrings are just the perfect finishing touch.

Dress, BHLDN; Jacket, Jack by BBDakota; Shoes, bcbgeneration; Earrings, Lulu Frost for JCrew.

thisweekend.003Look 3: This look is for the fancy-shmancy wedding. I love the simple shape, color, and neckline of this gown. So flowly and easy, but the faux fur cover up adds the perfect sophisticated touch for when you get a touch chilly. A pair of simple nude peep toes and an arm full of costume bracelets are all you need to look like a million bucks.

Dress, Raoul; Caplet, BHLDN; Shoes, Ivanka Trump; Forever21 for all bracelets.

Hope this helps you prepare for your next fall wedding... even if it’s this weekend.


Friday, July 8, 2011

Celebrity Inspiration: Ashley Greene.

celebsss.003 Hey wedding guests!! Wear this look!!!! Everything about this look is perfect... well, I hate the shoes, but everything else is fabulous. This shape will fit just about every body shape, unfortunately girls with big boobs might have to pass, but just about everyone else can do it. The waist on this gown is super flattering and the pleats along the belly are so awesome at hiding belly flab. Spanx will work geniusly with this dress. The length is great, although I would take the hem up and inch or two. Pair this style with nude pumps and look supermodel tall. Pile on the bracelets for some spunk and you are so ready to be the hottest guest at the wedding.

Don’t be afraid to rock celebrity style on your big day!!!

Get the Look: Dress, Monrow; Shoes, LAMB; & Bangles, Forever21.

Don’t be afraid to rock celebrity style on your big day!!!


Thursday, December 23, 2010

A guests guide to a winter wedding

      I’ve touched on this subject in the past, but I thought with the holidays lurking near, that I would dive a little deeper into what a guest can wear to a blustery wedding day. Annnnd even if you don’t have a wedding to attend, this can also be used as a guide for Christmas and New Years parties. I am OBSESSED with the holidays. They are cold and romantic and just so much fun. And don’t get me started on winter weddings, I LOVE them.

The holidays are totally the time to bust out that sparkly top or dress you’ve been itching to wear.   Jewel tone’s are also wonderful for the winter, so you can finally wear that ruby red or emerald green that’s been hiding in your closet. I also love the weight of fabrics you can wear, I mean a velvet blazer or faux fur shrug in the middle of summer don’t quite work, but in the dead of winter. FABULOUS!!

winterguest.001{gowns} Go for lush fabrics and fun embellishments. But keep it simple, a gown is a ton of fabric so you don’t want to go overboard with sparkle, etc. The bride is the star. Keep reminding yourself that.

winterguest.002{cocktail dresses} Now with a cocktail dress you can have a wee bit more fun. Look for fun metallics, sequins in muted hues, and rich jewel tones. Just remember never too short, too low cut, too tight. You get it. If you do find a shorter dress wear thick black tights with a hot pair of black pumps, same applies with shorter skirts.

winterguest.003{skirts} I loooove skirts for the holidays. You really can have so much fun and pair it with a simple black turtleneck or light blouse or tank and you have instant fabulous.

winterguest.004{pants} Now pants have just as much place at a winter wedding as a dress. Go for satin-y light fabrics or fabulous taffetas. You can pair them with a great pair of nude pumps and a simple glittery top. For a super sexy look go monochrome and wear all black and for a bit a holiday cheer add a golden or pewter top... even a pale pink.

winterguest.005{tops} So, I mentioned in both skirts in pants what tops I’d wear, but just be sure that you aren’t making your look too busy. A glittery skirt doesn’t need a glittery top, remember, less is more... unless we are talking about caret size ;) Just keep it fun and easy.

winterguest.006{outerwear} Now, you can have so much fun with this because you won’t be wearing it except when you are entering and exiting so you can go a bit crazy. I love a velvet blazer paired with a pair of satin pants and a sequined top. It’s a great balance of fabric weights. I think a velvet gown mixed with a genius faux fur would really be sassy! An awesome shiny blazer paired with a long olive skirt and a sheer black turtleneck is GENIUS!!! So just make sure that the coat doesn’t take the look too far.

Until we meet again, stay bridal and puh-lease, winter white is still white... don’t be a jerk.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ask Morgan: Out of town guest etiquette and the rehearsal dinner

DC wedding (18) Q: We are having a lot of out of town guests come into Savannah, GA for our wedding and a lot of them are going to be here on Friday before the wedding. What is the proper etiquette when it comes to inviting them to the rehearsal dinner festivities?-Brenda

A:  Hi Brenda- The short answer is yes, you should include any guests that will be in town the day before your wedding after all they are travelling to celebrate your very important day! Inviting them to be a part of the weekend’s festivities allows them to feel even more included in your wedding. TIP: It makes getting around to see everyone personally a little easier and quicker at the wedding-leaving more time for fun with your hubby!  But there are a few different options if the budget doesn't permit for feeding a 100+ guests both nights or you don't want a repeat of the same festivities two days in a row minus you in a wedding dress.

1. You can just host the actual dinner for those involved in the rehearsal (bridal party, family, etc) and then open the invite to your out of town guests for desserts and drinks following your dinner. This way they are free to stop by and see you but having a few desserts and a drink wont blow your budget!

2. Have a hor’s dourves rehearsals dinner! This way you can make it a “STOP BY BETWEEN THE HOURS OF _____ and _____” and just have a number of finger foods for everyone to enjoy.

3. Open the dinner to everyone and just have a more interactive rehearsal dinner. Try a low country boil! We are after all, in the south!

4. AND……if you want a really fun option…..then host a private pub crawl or ghost walk after your rehearsal dinner with an open invitation to all out of town guests…

I hope this helps and remember to always extend the southern hospitality that we are so well known for…the more the merrier!

Photo by Geoff L Johnson

Friday, July 23, 2010

How to wear white as a wedding guest.

white.001Okay, so this should be painfully obvious. DON’T FREAKING DO IT! I mean come on, there is nothing more you can do short of throwing red paint on the bride to say, “Look at me, I am more important than you!!” It’s even worse if you are related to the bride. Come on. You are just a jerk if you think this won’t offend the bride. I am not making this up. My mother-in-law, who I love, had bought a perfectly beautiful coppery-brown dress, it was so cute. A few weeks before the wedding she asked if it would be okay if she wore cream... What was I supposed to say? What I was thinking? That would have proved to be a disaster. I calmly told her that I loved the dress that she already had chosen, truth, but that if she wanted to wear cream she could, lie. She wore the brown, thank you very much.

white.002The truth is, wearing clothing accented with white is not a major crime, it’s the full blown white dresses or even a stark white top that may be too much. I would say it’s appropriate if it’s 30% or less white. And note, that even if it’s baby pink or creme... if it resembles white... in the br   ides eyes... it’s white!!! It does vary from bride to bride, but it’s generally better to be safe than sorry. Have you seen Bridezillas? I wouldn’t want any of those honeys mad at me!!!! If you are extremely close to the bride, ask her and if you are nervous about asking her then don’t wear the offending white clothing. Got it!? My mom called me and told me she found a beautiful dress with creamy/white accents at the bodice. She sent me a picture and asked if it was ok. I said, of course. She looked beautiful and totally didn’t appear to be stealing my thunder... Although, my mom is smoking hot... Basically, the idea of wearing white to a wedding isn’t a new rule. Everyone knows this. So by wearing white you are saying more than “I look pretty” you are saying, “I’m a big fat jerk who constantly wants attention and don’t care who I hurt getting it.” So ladies, be tasteful. Don't be a big fat jerk. white.003

Now beware cultural rules, Filipino women wear white to weddings. It’s a traditional dress... Now when this happens you can’t do much about it. Get over it. It’s not about you. As a bride, don’t be a super spaz. What I mean is, don’t let someone wearing white ruin your day! You are tougher than that, don’t be an annoying bride. Acknowledge... calmly... that the person in white is a major loser and move on. It’s totally not worth it to get upset. Just politely ask the photographer to leave that loser out of all of your photos ;)

Until we meet again, stay bridal and here’s to hoping that you are the only one in white on your big day.


Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Out of Town Bags in true Savannah Style

image If you are traveling to Savannah to get married, or have guests that are traveling, what better way to start out the festivities with a welcome bag? Welcome bags are a great way to make your guests feel little more personal. The bags above are from Kate Parker Weddings but you can easily create these yourselves with our help! So what should you include in this welcome bag?

 The bag itself.

You can either use normal gift bags and get a sticker or label of some sort to attach with your name, date and Thank You or Welcome!

OR pre-customized bags can also be ordered will the information on it.

OR get really creative with baskets, pails or boxes! The possibilities are endless.

*Water Bottles.

Provide at least 2 water bottles, since 1 bag is most likely going to a couple. You can also get these personalized for that extra touch.


Two individually wrapped packs of Tylenol might be a life savor to someone that weekend.


Fill the bags up with excess, these are great fillers!

*BONUS:If you have a membership to Sam’s or Costco…these are cheap when you buy in bulk!


Order some of your favorite cookies to include, such as pralines from Savannah Candy Kitchen, Byrd Cookies, or monogrammed cookies from Two Smart Cookies. This is also a nice way to add a little bit of Savannah, GA or the local area to your bags.

Postcards with stamps.

If your guests are traveling and leaving some family back at home, why not provide them a postcard with postage to send.

Lottery Tickets.

Who doesn't love a good scratch off?


If they are traveling, they most likely need a map. For a special touch, add stickers to your wedding venues!

Thank You Letter.

It's the first chance you get to thank your guests for taking the time out to share in your special day.


Most people don't bring their wedding invitation along with them, so they might forget what time the ceremony starts. Having this will insure everyone to be on time and no phone calls the day of bothering you about the schedule.

BONUS: Put your wedding planner’s phone number on the contact form as well so that they can field phone calls for you!


Why not suggest your favorite places to eat or your favorite things to do around town. The CVB has tons of pamphlets and discount coupons that you could include.

BONUS: if you call them ahead of time with the number you need, they will assemble them for you ahead of time!


Cab/Pedicab numbers.

Hospitality suite information.

Your at home address.

Flip Flops, sunscreen, chapstick, towels and sand toys! After all you are a stones throw from the beach!

A Small toy for a child or maybe a coloring book and crayons. (DOLLAR STORE!!!)

This bag will be the first thing your guests see when they get to Savannah, so why not be creative and make it personal. Set the tone for the weekend.

Until next time,

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ask Morgan: “And Guest” on a wedding invitation OK or Taboo?

imageInvitation by Emma J Design

Question: I am getting ready to send out invitations and I have a lot of single friends that we would like to offer that they bring a guest with them, but have heard that it is poor taste to put “And Guest” on the invitation. Is this true? If so, how do I go about letting them know that it is OK to bring a guest? –Miss Manners

Answer: The short answer is that there's nothing actually *wrong* with writing "and guest" on the invitation envelope (except that Emily Post hates it). If you are going to use it, I recommend writing it on the inside envelope. Never the outside! However, it's really impersonal, and can be rude when you know (or could find out) the name of the actual person your friend might actually invite. The message could be misconstrued as well……”you can bring somebody, and I don't care who it is." instead of “we would love for you to bring someone you want to share the evening with.” You don't want to come across as insensitive or unaware of their current relationship status either! What kind of a friend would you be conceived as?

There are much better ways to let your friend know that it is OK to bring someone with them. Maybe a more personal way to let someone know is to write a note on the save-the-date itself, dash a note across the bottom corner that says: "Mary—we would love for you to bring a guest. Start thinking who you'd like to invite." or even a little note in the invitation itself on a separate piece of paper. Even give your friend a call! “Mary, I just sent our wedding invitation to you and wanted you to know that I would love for you to bring someone with you if you had someone in mind!” If you give them some time to think about who they would like to accompany them to you wedding, then by the time the invites are going out they would have had the chance to get back in touch with you and let you know their name!


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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What to get the wedding couple that has everything!

Just as weddings are changing with the times, so are couple’s needs. Some couples don't even do registries anymore, while others register for some outrageously break-the-bank items. If you are undecided as to what to buy the couple, here are some ideas that can help your hunt! Just remember, it isn't the price or size of the present, it is the thought. I would always prefer to get something meaningful and heartfelt than something I don't need. Did you see something we missed or have an idea to share? Let us know, we would be happy to spread the word.


Entertainment & Experiences

  • Movie or game rental subscriptions
  • Event tickets to their favorite bands, shows, or sports teams
  • Extreme-Sport adventure certificates
  • Cooking class certificates, The Mansion on Forsyth Park has some great classes!
  • Gym memberships
  • Dinner certificates to a favorite restaurant


...Of the month subscriptions

  • Wine or beer
  • Dessert - Ice Cream, Cakes, Pies
  • Entrees - Breakfasts, Lunches or Dinners
  • Chocolate
  • Plant/Flowers
  • Cigar 


Wedding Contributions:

  • Help pay for their photographer or arrange to buy them prints or an album from their photographer.
  • Gift them the stress free experience by getting a few friends together to pay for a day of wedding coordinator.
  • Get a group of people together and pay for a going away brunch the next day.

TIP: This does not mean that you should step in and try to take on a job that you normally have little or no experience with, so put down the Nikon and let the professionals do their jobs!


Honeymoon Contributions

  • Pay for a luxury service at their hotel - Breakfast in bed, spa service, in-room movie, or late night room service of champagne and dessert
  • Certificate to a restaurant at the location of honeymoon
  • Car rental
  • Day/Activity Excursions
  • Monetary donation are always welcome

TIP: Prepaid cards are always a great bet to save the couple from carrying too much cash around a foreign country/city Tags: gift registry,bridal registry,wedding gift ideas,wedding gifts,cigar of the month club,wine of the month club,movie tickets,unique wedding gift ideas,couples registry,couples wedding registry ideas,savannah wedding,savannah wedding planner
43 Things Tags: gift registry,bridal registry,wedding gift ideas,wedding gifts,cigar of the month club,wine of the month club,movie tickets,unique wedding gift ideas,couples registry,couples wedding registry ideas,savannah wedding,savannah wedding planner

Friday, December 18, 2009

How to dress for a winter wedding...cause baby it’s cold outside...


brr.001I love singing Christmas songs. Have you ever listened to the lyrics to “Baby it’s cold outside,” yikes. You have been warned. I love nothing more than a winter wedding. They are so magical and really have the potential to be ah-mazing. But the problem lies with what to wear. It’s stinking cooooold outside and unfortunately wedding attire for guests/bridesmaids/brides really doesn’t change much throughout the year. I just wanted to share some ideas for all of the ladies to dress stylish and warm for a winter wedding.

Important rules for everyone:

brr.002Bride: When dressing for colder months you should think about the weight of the fabric. No thin chiffon or slinky charmeuse, unless you like being cold. Think heavier fabrics like heavy silk satin, silk faille, or rich looking fabrics like taffeta. Also, at the height of tanlessness, I personally would avoid bright white and opt for soft ivories or pale colors. Don’t even talk to me about tanning beds...Cancer boxes are never a good idea...if you need to tan find a great spray tan applied by a professional. I love the cold because that means you have another excuse to buy a fancy new jacket or cover up. I love pretty elegant Jane Austen like coats if you are wearing a tight fitting silhouette or try the ever so popular “fur” cover ups. It’s not necessary to buy the real thing anymore there are so many amazing fakes out there. I would do white, but as shown here a dark brown can be just as stunning. If you are going to be outside for any length of time wear closed toe shoes, otherwise just do whatcha want.

   brr.003Bridesmaid: Now bridesmaids dresses are a bit different. Since you have the added eleme nt of color a lined chiffon can be possible as long as it is deep or dark color. Amsale really has the best winter bridesmaids gowns. I know they are pricey, but your girls will love you for making them look so freaking hot. I like a high neck or a one sleeved arm. Winter is really the time to embrace jewel tones, unless your having a winter wonderland wedding and in that case I would stick with muted platinum and pewter. Just please stay away from red or green. None of your bridesmaids want to look like christmas trees, kay? Now unless you are going to make your girls stand outside in the cold for photos or whatnot, I wouldn’t dictate their outerwear. If you are, I would consider buying them shawls or cover ups as their bridesmaids gift. Otherwise you will sound like a jacket nazi and really you don’t want to sound like any kind of nazi, so just do as I say.

brr.004Guest:  Yay, being a guest is the easiest part, since there is no pre-ordering months ahead of time, you can hit the trends of the season right on the head. Just show up to any store during the holidays and purchase. At the moment, J.Crew and Banana Republic have wonderful and affordable choices. And pay attention to the way that the models are styled on the websites, they are all really chic. I love the fancy new silk jumpsuits too, sooooo fashion forward and wedding appropriate. I believe that there are only 2 rules when dressing for a wedding, 1: Do not for the love of jeez oh petes wear white!!! hello!?!? 2: Make sure you are dressed at the appropriate desired level of fanciness, for example no cotton sundresses to a black tie event, got it? See it’s that easy, so really just find a dress you love and wear it. If you are worried of being confused with a bridesmaid, it is perfectly polite to ask the bride what color her girls are wearing. Now, you can do whatever you want to insulate. I suggest a pretty sparkly blazer, velvet tux jacket, or even a fun “fur” jacket. You can wear fun thick stockings if you run particularly cool.

Until we meet again, stay bridal and have a wonderful holiday and I’ll be back after the New Year.