Friday, November 30, 2012

Guest Fashion: Holiday Edition

There are so many adorable holiday pieces out in the world right now!! And who doesn’t want to wear pretty, shiny, sparkly holiday clothes!?!? So I thought I would give you a few looks that would be appropriate for a holiday wedding AND a holiday party!!!

Shiny like a present. I love this dress. It’s bold, but isn’t overly sparkly which makes it perfectly appropriate for a wedding AND a holiday party!! Pair it with a pair of opaque black tights and some cute booties. Since the dress has a higher neck, I like to pair it with a really glitzy bracelet. And a braided crown updo is the perfect finishing touch.

Dress, BB Dakota, $89.90; Tights, Simply Vera for Kohls, $14; Shoes, Zara, $129; Bracelet, LuluFrost for JCrew, $128. 

This dress looks perfect for partying the night away!! I love the length, great for a casual OR formal event. Super versatile. Pair it with an elegant wedge and a tux blazer and you are good to go. I think a giant cocktail right and a chic pony will complete the look with a touch of sophistication. 

Dress, Lucca Couture, $89; Blazer, Daniel Rainn, $79; Wedges, Steve Madden, $128; Ring, Banana Republic, $39.50.

I love a good pant outfit. Just because an event is formal doesn’t mean that you have to rule out wearing pants!! These velvet trousers are brilliant and perfect for the holidays. Add a cozy and sparkly sweater and a pair of chic strappy heels and you are pretty much finished. Complete the look with a pair of fun drop earrings and a messy bun. Tres chic!!! 
Velvet trousers, Zara, $89.90; Sweater, JCrew, $118; Heels, Zara, $129; Earrings, Zara, $16.90. 

So take this December to really have fun dressing for weddings. They are days of celebration, so what better time than to be dressed like pretty present!?


Thursday, November 29, 2012

Advice: Keep Calm and Carry On

Some of us freak out and become bridezillas, some of us become emotional nut-cases and shave our heads, some of us have too much pre-wedding drinks and can barely remember the ceremony... Now, these might be the extremes, but alas, they happen and come on, no one wants to be the bride that went cray cray. So here are a few tips to keep you sane on your wedding day. 

Now if you told any of my friends that I’d be a calm bride they would’ve laughed in your face, yet despite my love of worry I managed to stay completely calm on my wedding day. Here’s my list of ways to keep yourself calm and avoid 

  1. Accept that hiccups will happen. The sooner you realize that details might change and issues will arise the easier it will be to deal with them. The best thing you can do is take deep breaths and let it go. You’ve spent months and months planning and now you get to enjoy all of your hard work. Don’t let the fact that there are crab cakes instead of crab rangoon ruin your night. Odd example, I know. 
  2. Hire a wedding planner. The joys of hiring a planner are too many to count, but one of the best things is that you don’t generally have to hear about any of the hiccups, so if you are prone to a good freak out you should definitely consider hiring a wedding planner. Their job is to make your day glorious... so they’re not going to tell you that the flowers arrived 10 minutes before the ceremony or that the first batch of crab cakes were burnt to a crisp... there I go again with the crab cakes.  
  3. Make sure to eat and keep alcohol to a minimum before the ceremony. This is huge. You must eat!! I don’t know about you, but when I’m hungry I get angry... I get HANGRY. Not to mention you have no energy or can even develop full blown headache. This is not the way you should spend your wedding day. Under no circumstances will you sub alcoholic beverages for food because a drunk bride is never a calm bride. My best advice is to have a giant berry non-dairy smoothie with tons of protein for your meal. You will feel full and satisfied, but not super bloated. And if you must pre-game your wedding I highly suggest alternating between drinks and water. 
  4. MOST IMPORTANT-Never lose sight of what the day is about. Always keep in mind what this day represents. This is the day that you choose to spend eternity with your best friend. It’s literally the most glorious day ever. If you just remember why you are there then everything else just seems to fade away. We all want a perfect wedding day, but if you simply take the time to appreciate what is going on you will definitely be able to keep your cool if a mini-disaster pops up with those pesky crab cakes. 


Monday, November 26, 2012

Make It Your Own: "Lighten' Up"

One of the details that often does not get enough attention at a wedding is the lighting. Sure candles and lanterns are always fun and can be implemented in many different ways, but there is so much more out there that your lighting designer can create for you beyond the monogram.

Many of my examples this week are full of color. Don't be afraid of color! While the lighting doesn't have to have a rainbow effect, a simple wash of blue or pink can help set the mood. Remember, the lighting doesn't only have to come from the ceiling. Besides up-lighting on the walls, there are filters called gobos, that come in almost any pattern you can imagine, and are projected on the wall, ceiling, or the floor. If you're getting really excited about all these lighting options, another one you may want to consider is lighting furniture and decor from within. Having a light underneath a covered reception table or in an ice bucket adds a soft glow, and lighting without adding more physical decor to the table. Finally, something fun and still fresh are LED Dance Floors. These floors are lit from within and can be programmed to change color, intensity, or even
pattern throughout the night.

As you can see there are plethora of options when it comes to lighting. Your Event Designer and Lighting Designer can coordinate to make sure your theme or color scheme is inspired and enhanced. Choosing a pattern and color that portrays the emotion you want to imbue will make it more personal and unique on your special day.


Trending-Sunnie Brook: Beauty Blog

I don’t know how I’ve lived without this site for so long. After reading a killer great article on Refinery29, I had to check her site out and I am OB-SESSED. Brooke, a pro-hairstylist/makeup artist, shares her tricks of the trade on her fabulous blog. She even has special posts for the bride!!! Sunnie is California girl through and through and her easy to follow tutorials are not only informative they are down right adorable. Her blog is filled with tons of inspiration for your wedding day AND your daily life. Enjoy!!


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Future Savannah Wedding: Heidie and Jacob

Heidie Gorgas and Jacob Canter

Date Engaged
  July 2, 2012

Where did you meet?  
A birthday party in '09.  His former boss' wife set us up :)  Everyone but Jacob knew what she was trying to do!  It was a poorly kept secret :)

How did he propose?  
In my hometown of Lake Arrowhead, CA by the water the day after my brother's wedding.  We were walking on the lake trail and he had "marry me" written out in twigs on the ground.  I gasped and when I finally turned around he was down on one knee.

When is your wedding date?  
February 2, 2013

Why did you pick the area you are getting married in?  
We picked Savannah for it's beauty and history.  I've always loved Savannah and have always dreamed of getting married there!

Where do you reside now?  
Huntersville, NC  (about 10 miles north of Charlotte)

Anything interesting or out of the ordinary you are including in your wedding day? 
We are using a lot of vintage, rustic DIY details. I want to try and make many of the decorations myself.

Anything else you would like to add?  
We are keeping things casual and trying to showcase our goofy personalities :)

We love that we get to be a part of this with you both. To say we are giddy with anticipation is an understatement. 
The MGE Team

Friday, November 23, 2012

Fashion Friday: Jessica Biel - Celebrity Bride

photos via

Sooooo I went to 3 different stores the day that People magazine released Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake’s “wedding album.” Sadly, my efforts were in vain... I ended up finally getting one a week later and nearly jumped up and down in Barnes & Noble. So. Bloody. Exciting. Loved their wedding. Absolutely LOVE. I think that Jessica Biel looked like an angle. I know people have conflicted opinions about her gown, but I think her custom pink Giambattista Valli gown was perfect!! I think that the color was brilliant. If you want to wear pink, wear pink!!! I’ve written a few times about colored wedding dresses, but I thought I’d show you today how you can get Jessica’s wedding look for less... A LOT less.  

Dress, White by Vera Wang; $ Earrings, Creme De Luxe by Amy’s Bridal Accessories; $ Bracelet, Anna Bellagio; $$$ Earrings, Monica Rich Kosann; $$$ Bracelet, Kenneth Jay Lane

Now the waist line of this White by Vera Wang gown is different, I think that for many women this silhouette will actually be more flattering! I love the subtle shade of pink which once again, I think most will find more doable. It still has the slim top and the huge bottom! The reason I love her dress is because it’s not a ball gown, but it has the volume of a ball gown. Same with the Vera. Now the earrings are a simple drop and the bracelet is a thin and simple pop of sparkle. I’ve offered you 2 options a reasonably prices and more expensive!!!

Let your inner celebrity shine!!!!


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Future Savannah Wedding: Jenny and Chris

Jenny Pope & Chris Donaghe

Date Engaged:
New Year's Eve 2011-2012

Where did you meet? 
We actually went to high school together, but all we knew about each other then were our names. We re-met in college through mutual friends; he went to Georgia Southern, and I went to UGA. We were pretty much hooked since then!

How did he propose? 
We went out with our friends to a New Year's Eve event in Atlanta, GA. We counted down to the new year, kissed, and then Chris got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! It was pretty much right in the middle of a big crowd, so we got a lot of applause.

When is your wedding date? 
November 24, 2012

Why did you pick the area you are getting married in? 
We are both from Hinesville, GA, which is about 45 minutes outside of Savannah. We've moved around quite a bit in the past, but we always call Savannah home. Besides, it's an absolutely beautiful location for a wedding! And a good number of guests are coming from out of town, so we wanted to have it somewhere everyone would enjoy.

Where do you reside now? 
Chris is in the Army, and we just got sent to San Antonio, TX.

Anything interesting or out of the ordinary you are including in your wedding day? 
We are going to have my dad make a box for us to put a bottle of wine and two letters into to. You're supposed to open the box when you have an argument, drink the wine, and read the letters to remind each other why you love each other so much. Perfect argument ender! Maybe we'll make more than one! Haha

Anything else you would like to add?  
It's been a long planning process, and we are SO excited for our day! 

We are thrilled that the big day is coming right up. What a fabulous way to spend the holiday--celebrating with you two! Thank you both for your service to our country. 
The MGE Team 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Trending Tuesday: Bouquet Wrapping

So we have been wrapping bouquets for years with ribbon to cover stems and add a little more visual interest to them and recently brides have been adding elements to personalize it even more. And you know us--we LOVE personalization and being different. 

But lets take it a step further shall we? 

Keep with the theme. Add a nautical ribbon with a brooch or maybe a sailboat if you love to sail. Mimic your grooms boutonniere brooch of an anchor. 

Why not use a bright fabric and intergrade it throughout your wedding? Runners, napkins, linens and yes---wrap your bouquet! 

Another way to get rustic is to wrap the stems in twigs. It adds a rustic element with texture! 

(Photo via Garden on the Square) 

Now my favorite: 
So every mother's dream is that their little girl will one day wear her old wedding dress to walk down the aisle. I remember seeing my mom's dress hanging in the closet and adoring it to pieces! It was unique, vintage and DIRTY. So dirty it couldn't be used--so even before I knew I was getting married, I knew that I was going to have to find my own. (Not that I would have probably insisted on my own after I started planning anyway because what bride doesn't want her OWN wedding dress or shares the same taste as her mother?) but I wish I would have used a part of it at least. I am going to be realistic and say that I know my wedding dress was too trendy and went out of style a year after I wore it, so I know my daughter will probably gasp and turn her nose up at it (which is just fine) but maybe she can use a part of it? Look below at this bouquet wrap. What a perfect way to incorporate your mother's/grandmother's/etc dress into your big day. LOVE! 

The key is personalization. Let your wedding speak volumes of who you both are. This also keeps you from having a cookie cutter wedding and really lets your guests have a insightful glimpse into your world! 


Monday, November 19, 2012

"Make It Your Own" -- Attention to Detail

When putting your stamp on your big day, don't forget about the smaller details...yes, even the ones under the dinner plates. One of the elements on the reception table that your guest is guaranteed to see is the place mat, so why not make it a little more special than the standard square piece of fabric. One easy way to do this is to use something besides fabric.  Companies like can print just about any picture you want and laminate it to make a custom place mat. Pretty much any paper item can be laminated, and images can be printed on canvas, fabric, and other materials.  However, the choice you make as to what type of image or material you use is what will set your table apart. Some of your options may include vintage event programs, vintage brochures, old maps, famous artwork, children's art, handmade paper or fabric, technical draftings, book illustrations, the possibilities are endless. You could make it more personal with items you collect or family photos, or you can just go with items you and your partner both love, or what you feel would go best with your theme. The most important thing is that you love it, and it speaks about you as a couple.


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Future Savannah Wedding: Megan and David

Megan Howard and David Lyons

Date engaged: 
February 29, 2012

How did you meet?
David and Megan met 4 years ago. David was finishing his last year in the engineering program at UK and Megan was waiting to start her first semester at UK Law. Their first date was a George Strait concert on February 29, 2008. David proposed on leap day four years later. 

How did he propose?
David proposed on a park bench in the charming town of Midway, Kentucky after a romantic dinner. 

What is your wedding date? 

Why did you pick the area you are getting married in?
We chose Savannah for our wedding knowing its southern ambiance would provide the perfect setting for our big day. We are hoping for a small, intimate and laid back wedding with our closest friends and family and we are so excited to share this day with them in such a beautiful charming town. 

Where do you currently reside?
 Lexington, KY

Is there anything interesting or out of the ordinary about our wedding?
One of our closest friends is getting ordained to perform our wedding ceremony.

Thank you for letting us be a part of your day. We are so very excited to see you both become husband and wife! 
The MGE Team

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Question: How do I include family more in my wedding?

Sometimes it’s difficult to ask every single second cousin to be a bridesmaid or groomsmen in your wedding, well, unless you plan on being one of those crazy weddings with 50 people standing at the alter. You know what I’m talk about?!? That’s cray!! This doesn’t mean you love your family any less, but to keep any of them from feeling left out there are plenty of ways to include them in your big day. 

Read a Passage or Poem. Have a family member, or multiple, read favorite poems or bible versus during the ceremony. 

Use Their Talents. Ask someone with a fabulous voice sing a song. If you have a gifted writer in the family, ask them to write something special for your big day which can be recited.

Ushers. You can ask any outgoing male relatives to escort the ladies to their seats. I love ushers. It gives this little formal touch and the guys really seem to enjoy themselves. They always end up cracking me up.   

Cultural Touches. If there are any additional people needed for cultural traditions, ask another family member in lieu of an attendant. For example, in my wedding we had a Filipino cord and veil ceremony and asked our marital godparents daughters, who are also two of our best friends, to take part. 

Make the Rehearsal Dinner a Family Reunion. Now I know this doesn’t work for everyone, but I think you should invite all of your family to the rehearsal dinner. Since the rehearsal dinner is usually the most important folks, they will feel special that you thought to invite them! And you don’t have to go super fancy either, just being around all of your family will be a blast and really help them to feel included!!


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Real Savannah Wedding: Sara and Josh

Sara & Josh’s wedding is just chock full of details.  They were married on a perfect May day at the Harper Fowlkes House.  To add to the specialness of the ceremony, the bride’s father lead the ceremony as their officiant.  During the ceremony, guests sat on rustic wood benches and cooled themselves with fans that doubled as programs.  To further share their love in the future, the couple included a unity ceremony where they wrote each other love letters and sealed it up in a wooden box that contained a bottle of wine.  When the ceremony ended guests entered the historic home for cocktail hour.  Once cocktails were complete, the guests entered into the back garden where the dining table awaited under a draped and lit frame tent.  To add to the rustic charm, guests found their seats by doilies with calligraphied names on them placed under clear charges.  Menus were written out on mini chalkboards and placed about the table.  A variety of little bottles filled with garden blooms lined the center of the long family style table.  After the cake was cut, guests were treated to Savannah Bee Company honey as their take home favors.  Their wedding day was an absolute success and you must check out the photos of the trash the dress session!  It was absolutely incredible and took place right in the heart of downtown Savannah in one of the fountains!!

Thanks to Shannon Christopher Photography for the beautiful images. Alysse did another fabulous job planning and designing this wedding! 

The MGE Team