Thursday, December 23, 2010

A guests guide to a winter wedding

      I’ve touched on this subject in the past, but I thought with the holidays lurking near, that I would dive a little deeper into what a guest can wear to a blustery wedding day. Annnnd even if you don’t have a wedding to attend, this can also be used as a guide for Christmas and New Years parties. I am OBSESSED with the holidays. They are cold and romantic and just so much fun. And don’t get me started on winter weddings, I LOVE them.

The holidays are totally the time to bust out that sparkly top or dress you’ve been itching to wear.   Jewel tone’s are also wonderful for the winter, so you can finally wear that ruby red or emerald green that’s been hiding in your closet. I also love the weight of fabrics you can wear, I mean a velvet blazer or faux fur shrug in the middle of summer don’t quite work, but in the dead of winter. FABULOUS!!

winterguest.001{gowns} Go for lush fabrics and fun embellishments. But keep it simple, a gown is a ton of fabric so you don’t want to go overboard with sparkle, etc. The bride is the star. Keep reminding yourself that.

winterguest.002{cocktail dresses} Now with a cocktail dress you can have a wee bit more fun. Look for fun metallics, sequins in muted hues, and rich jewel tones. Just remember never too short, too low cut, too tight. You get it. If you do find a shorter dress wear thick black tights with a hot pair of black pumps, same applies with shorter skirts.

winterguest.003{skirts} I loooove skirts for the holidays. You really can have so much fun and pair it with a simple black turtleneck or light blouse or tank and you have instant fabulous.

winterguest.004{pants} Now pants have just as much place at a winter wedding as a dress. Go for satin-y light fabrics or fabulous taffetas. You can pair them with a great pair of nude pumps and a simple glittery top. For a super sexy look go monochrome and wear all black and for a bit a holiday cheer add a golden or pewter top... even a pale pink.

winterguest.005{tops} So, I mentioned in both skirts in pants what tops I’d wear, but just be sure that you aren’t making your look too busy. A glittery skirt doesn’t need a glittery top, remember, less is more... unless we are talking about caret size ;) Just keep it fun and easy.

winterguest.006{outerwear} Now, you can have so much fun with this because you won’t be wearing it except when you are entering and exiting so you can go a bit crazy. I love a velvet blazer paired with a pair of satin pants and a sequined top. It’s a great balance of fabric weights. I think a velvet gown mixed with a genius faux fur would really be sassy! An awesome shiny blazer paired with a long olive skirt and a sheer black turtleneck is GENIUS!!! So just make sure that the coat doesn’t take the look too far.

Until we meet again, stay bridal and puh-lease, winter white is still white... don’t be a jerk.