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Monday, March 18, 2013

{make it your own} MONDAY: visually defining the sweetheart table

The sweetheart table is a special opportunity to give you a moment of respite as a newlywed couple. It is also the perfect way to set yourselves apart and identify your own space from amongst your sea of guests! The table does not have to be set up on a high-rise pedestal, be decorated with strings or "Mr. and Mrs." signs to let guests know it's your table. See below for a few unique ways to visually and subtly set yourselves apart from the crowd.

Use over-sized arm chairs to both differentiate your seating area and, in this case, make you more comfortable when taking a break from the dance floor. Reuse your ceremony arch to create a frame around you and your partner. Add some drama to the table with specific mood lighting and reflective sparkle. Use a high back love seat that doubles as a dramatic backdrop. Have special china or glassware - perhaps a special place setting you can later use at home - only at your table. Finally, anchor your sweetheart table with a large mirror that reflects back into the space  and helps your guests see you twice as well!

There are a multitude of ways to set your sweetheart table apart without spelling it out for your guests. As long as your table makes you and your sweetheart feel comfortable and special, you can't go wrong. Check out more great ideas on the MGE Pinterest "Make It Your Own - Design" Board.


Thursday, February 28, 2013

Make It Your Own: "Meaningful Menus"

One of the things your guests remember most is the food you serve at your wedding. Whether it's a buffet or sit down dinner, it is nice to let guests know what they will be eating on that special day. You can use one large menu at the beginning of the reception, lay out individual menus at each place setting, or incorporate the menu into a keepsake for guests to take home with them.

One of the things your guests remember most is the food you serve at your wedding. Whether it's a buffet or sit down dinner, it is nice to let guests know what they will be eating on that special day. You can use one large menu at the beginning of the reception, lay out individual menus at each place setting, or incorporate the menu into a keepsake for guests to take home with them.

Individual menus at each place setting, can make it a little easier on your guests to remember what course is next or what options are at the food stations. It also can be a good way to mark, which meal goes to which guest, and helps clear up any confusion as to what the guest signed up for on their RSVP card. These cards can stand up on the table or lay nicely on the napkin or charger. This is also an opportunity for the menu to serve double duty as a favor. One example shows the menu printed onto a vintage napkin, which can be washed or just set aside and kept as a keepsake.

If you are trying to save paper or money, one large menu can be just as special, and you only have to make one. Items such as mirrors, window panes, or doors make beautiful backdrops for a menu. Some other examples are a creative use of paper, such as a large scroll, or painting wood or the center of a tray with chalkboard paint and writing the menu in chalk. Whether you decide to make individual menus or use one large menu, it is an extra detail that will add a personal touch to your wedding and a more memorable meal for your guests.


Thursday, February 21, 2013

diy inspiration {packaging + pencils}

maybe you’re a budget-conscious bride wanting a creative-yet-inexpensive save the date {or even casual wedding invitation}, or perhaps you just want to decorate your everyday life with adorable adornments. 

in either case, you should make it your first priority to head straight over to knot & bow’s etsy shop to find things like

stickers {to seal envelopes, decorate – whatever!} 

144 Kraft Heart Stickers - FREE SHIPPING

kraft heart stickers {144 for $12}

library cards {use with a custom stamp to craft your very own save the dates//casual invites like these}

100 Assorted Library Cards

{100 library cards in assorted colors for $14}

glittery twine {for tying up pretty packages, or in conjunction with your handmade save the dates}

Gold Glitter Twine

{260 feet for $14}

and the cutest pencils you’ve ever seen: 

UK Version // Me & You Pencils - Gold Stamped Natural Wood

{$12 for six pencils with unique phrases on each}

Thursday, February 14, 2013

the day of v

oh, valentine’s day. while i prefer celebrating lupercalia {yes, i was a latin nerd from 7th grade onward} i can absolutely get behind any holiday that gives me an excuse to wear pink, enjoy my much-loved chocolate, and drink wine with the boyfriend {or group of girlfriends, as the case may be;)}. sure, it may be a hallmark-holiday, but who am i to diss such a glorious occasion for indulgent behavior? exactly.
for all of you lovely readers out there, i assume that, reading a wedding blog as you are, you are most likely not a valentine’s day hater {like jessica biel’s character in that cinematic masterpiece, valentine’s day}. this is probably your last valentine’s day as a singleton, if you’re getting married sometime between next week and february 2014; or perhaps it’s your very first valentine’s day as an engaged or married couple. if neither of those descriptions fit you, who’s to say they won’t by next valentine’s?
in any case, i couldn’t resist giving in to the hype and compiling valentine’s day inspiration from my favorite blogs that will help you plan just how you’d like to spend your valentine’s this year. whether it’s your first as a newlywed, last as an unmarried couple, or somewhere-in-between, go ahead and make it special!
without further adieu… 
how about staying in and enjoying a romantic dinner for two by the fireplace?
plaid winter wedding ideas
{via ruffled}
or, for the more adventurous and spontaneous among you, why not put together a pale pink, 60′s vintage ensemble & run off to the chapel with your sweetheart to elope? 
Valentine's Day elopement inspiration
{via 100 layer cake}
rather decorate with pale pink for a valentine’s day party than wear it for a surprise wedding? 
{via snippet & ink}
or maybe you get engaged this valentine’s {fingers crossed for those of you hoping for that!} and want to plan a sparkly wedding bash on your one-year-engagement anniversary next valentine’s day?
pssst… make sure to click the image so you can check out the bride’s super creative, instagram-inspired seating assignments! 
{via green wedding shoes}
or maybe you’re a mom looking for cute valentines to send your kid to school with? pssst… there’s a link to a free pdf printable of the graphic on the bag if you click the image!

{via twig and thistle}
send your sweetie to work or school with a bagged lunch that literally says how much you care: 
48 Naturally Sweet Fruit Stickers - Food Safe
{via etsy}
too far away from your love to spend valentine’s with him or her? send an old-fashioned {yet interactive!} note like: 
{via oh hello friend}
or just grab some nifty valentine’s day notecards to let your special someone know you care:
{via modcloth}

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

it's the little things...

i am such a big believer in manipulating the little details of your day to truly reflect you and your spouse-to-be’s individual personalities and relationship as a whole. as you will see in the following examples i found via some of my favorite wedding blogs, this can take a variety of forms whether it be through uniquely worded paper goods, a quirky guest book, or whatever your heart desires.
without further adieu, i present to you…
this bohemian tea party styled shoot via love and lavender: 
look at those little menu cards! “dancin’ fuel” in lieu of the more commonplace “entree” & pictures rather than words? adorable. i am also such a fan of the lace-meets-bright-pops-of-color-meets-mismatched-china look, all with the beach as a flawless backdrop. note, however, that this is obviously just a styled shoot – if you are actually planning on recreating this look at your real wedding, please put the candles in holders. no need to destroy all that lovely lace! and your guests would also appreciate a carpet/rug/extra pillows to soften their interaction with all of those hard rocks & seashells, i’d imagine. ;)  
a decadently gorgeous ford plantation wedding via snippet and ink: 
those little kraft brown paper bags on the right hold a fragrant mix of white rose petals and mint leaves to toss on the couple in place of rice or bird seed. while that alone is deliciously unique, my favorite touch is the wording on said bags: “to take & to toss {to have & to hold}” – a cheeky nod to the ceremony vows! 
a lovely art deco-meets-handmade-fete via ruffled blog: 
this suite of hyper-creative paper goods scored major brownie points with me for a few reasons. 1 – the wording: “please also join us -wonderful shiny people- to dance with joy at our marriedness” is perfectly wonderful and, i imagine, just sums up the newlyweds’ personalities to a tee. 2 – the fact that they had a high tea reception. i mean, honestly. how cool is that? 3 – the intangibles of this wedding are just lovely. you can just feel the warmth & happiness of their day emanate from the photos of all the little touches that truly made this wedding theirs. click through to see just what i’m talking about! 
valentine’s day diy styled shoot via green wedding shoes: 
red beetle thumbprint guest book
no, your eyes do not deceive you: that is in fact the much-lauded, ever-popular thumbprint guestbook making an appearance in a new & {vastly improved} fashion! this ingenious little detail was born out of inspiration gleaned from the faux-couple’s getaway car – a vintage little red vw beetle. since this is from a styled shoot and there is not an actual couple, it is up to us to imagine why the fictional lovebirds chose this particular vehicle for their exit. could it be the bride’s first car? the car in which the groom picked up his bride for their very first date years ago? a family tradition started by the groom’s mother back in 1980? who knows! the point is, this is another cute way to incorporate a bit of your own history or quirk into your wedding. be creative! unless, that is, the whole tried-and-true tree picture with thumbprint leaves speaks to you. if that’s the case, go with it. it’s your day;)

so, dear readers, go ahead & spill in the comments: how are you thinking of personalizing your big day? 

Monday, February 11, 2013

Make It Your Own: "Playful Place Cards"

There tends to be a lot of elements sitting on your reception tables, and yet among all the beautiful decor, your guests have to be able to see where they are sitting. This is why it is important, not only to make your place cards pretty, but to make them noticeable. You can use fun and playful items you already own, or go treasure hunting for new or vintage items. Either way, you can make whatever place card you choose unique and personable.

Maybe you collect vintage items or enjoy the hunt for them. Repurpose those items for you place cards. An example shown here is vintage doorknobs, but you could use any type of found object, or mix and match them. Perhaps you or your friends save all your wine bottles. Chances are you have a collection of corks as well. Simply slice a groove for the card and slice a flat edge on the bottom, and voila, a free, yet stylish place card holder.

A new, fun trend is using a variety of figurines painted in a unifying color. Simply write the name in a contrasting color on the figurine or lean a card against it. This is fun and will definitely stand out among the decor. If you prefer to just use paper, create a unique design and place it in a creative way, like the butterfly seen here. You can attach it to the glass, silverware, or bowl. Finally, give your guests something they can eat. Cake pops or fruit with a simple name tag attached are always a hit.

Have fun and see what you can come up with to create a memorable place card that is unique to you and your wedding style. Check out the MGE Pinterest Page and the "Make It Your own - Design Feature Board" for more great ideas.


Monday, January 28, 2013

Make It Your Own: "Silverware Enhancements"

Whether you are having a buffet or table service, your  guest will be using silverware. You could just lay them next to the dishes, but why not have some fun with them. There are a multitude of fun ways to both display large amounts of silverware and flatware, as well as to accent each guest's set individually.

One easy, and functional way to wrap silverware  is simply wrapped in a colorful or patterned napkin and tied with twine or ribbon. Small strips of fabric, lace, or yarn can add the same amount of detail, but in smaller doeses. Making little pockets out of burlap or paper can be a fun easy way
to contain silverware for the guests as well. Just because you are having a buffet or stations, doesn't mean  you have to lose the fun details. Think about how you could display the silverware at each station or even on each table. Unique containers like teapots, vintage tins, or glassware can be spread out to where each type of silverware is needed most, or pushed together to make a stronger
statement. Items like vintage suitcases, boxes, wicker wine bottle carriers, are some other fun options.

Just have fun with it. It doesn't have to be expensive, utilize what you already have and make it your own. As always, check out other great ideas on the "Make It Your Own" Design Feature Board on MGE's Pinterest Page.



Monday, January 21, 2013

Make It Your Own: "Accentuate Your Chairs"

Everyone has seen the standard white chair cover. Chair covers can be a great design feature, but only if you find a way to make it fit with your style. There are many different ways to accent chairs besides just covering it. You can have fun and make something crafty, add unique objects, or have your florist make a fantastic arrangement to hang on the backs. There are so many options, and these are just a few examples of the fabulous looks you can make by putting an accent on the chairs.

There are a lot of choices for chair decor that you make on a budget with simple items such as ribbon or paper. However, if you are worried about the time or money to implement some of this decor, just remember that you don't have to decorate every chair. You can add accents to every third aisle in the ceremony, to only special seating areas in the reception, or just to the bride and groom's chairs in the reception. It's just a little added detail that makes your wedding that much more your own.