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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Future Hilton Head Wedding: Maggie + Justin

Maggie + Justin

Date Engaged

Where did you meet?
University of Missouri — we were both on the Alumni Association Student Board

How did he propose?
Justin and I have been together close to 7 years. We had plans to walk down the street to a great little French bistro dinner and then come home to open Christmas gifts from one another. All day leading up to dinner he was just acting kind of funny...just kind of kept following me around (so much that at one point I think I asked him “do you need a project or something?” :) Well, before dinner he’d told me that in addition to his gifts, his twin brother Jason had also gotten me a present, but wanted to see me open it—which meant Justin needed to record it on his iPad. Now Jason is a bit of a prankster, so I’m thinking this “gift” is either going to scare me or embarrass me (esp. if he needs to see me open it!) I’m getting nervous...especially when Justin tells me the gift has to go in the fridge before we go to dinner (I’m thinking...what was this that didn’t need to be refrigerated before!?) Anyway, dinner is lovely. We get home and Justin tells me I should open his brother’s gift first. He says I need to put on a blind fold  while he gets the gift and gets it ready for me. So I’m standing by the Christmas tree with a scarf tied around my eyes...and when he tells me I can take it off, he’s down on one knee. The “gift” from Jason was all just a decoy so that he could video record it...and put the bottle of Dom Perignon in the fridge :) 

Why did you pick the area you are getting married in?
Several years back, we took our first trip to the Carolina coast for a college friend’s wedding. We fell in love with the area (we hope to have frequent friend and family beach house vacations there in the future!) and the wedding was incredible. Having been together so long, we knew we wanted a small, intimate destination wedding (our families are from St. Louis and Kansas City and we live in Des Moines) that would be a celebration of us and all of the people who have supported us for so many years! 

Where do you currently reside?
Des Moines, Iowa

AHH you guys are adorable and I love the proposal story. SO smart Justin--Dom P and recording the proposal. Fabulous and a special memory you get to replay over and over again. We are so honored to be a part of this with you both and know that the big day will be nothing short of amazing! 
The MGE Team

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

how to cultivate a guest list & the world’s smallest post service

i just love these tiny little save the dates from leaf cutter designs!
however, while the whole button thing is unique and crafty, it is a tad impractical. you can’t exactly cultivate a guest list of buttons, now can you? and more than likely, all of your guests are not singles living in separate households, which makes the red/blue button method a bit too simplistic for your response needs.
there are a myriad of ways to determine your guest list, but some are certainly better than others. following are a few points to consider as you embark on the harrowing journey of choosing whom you would like to include in the celebration of your big day:
{} the ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’, ‘D’ list method: this is where you would slice up your invitees into groups ranked in importance; i.e., the ‘A’ list is your closest family and friends {mom, dad, siblings, grandparents, bridal party}, the ‘B’ list is your close family and friends {cousins, non-bridal party besties, etc.}, and so on. the theory with this is you automatically invite the ‘A’ and ‘B’ lists {and the ‘C’ list depending on your budget} and draw from the ‘D’ list as people from the first lists respond that they cannot come to your wedding.
    proyou can keep a better handle on your budget, you can be truly honest with yourself about who you want at your wedding, and it really opens up communication between you and your spouse-to-be about how you are slicing up your guest list.
    con: living in this social media-laden world as we do, this method doesn’t exactly work. imagine this: your friend from college {a ‘d’ lister since you have kept up with each other’s lives very minimally, but you did go to her wedding and you invited mutual friends so you wouldn’t mind seeing her at yours – phew, the reasoning!} sees that your mutual friend {a ‘b’ lister – you guys were, and still are, best friends from college!} put up a picture of your save the date/invite on facebook. said ‘d’ lister thinks to herself, ‘what a gorgeous invitation! too bad i’m not invited. oh well.’ a month or so passes, you’ve heard back from a few people that they won’t be able to attend, so you move on to your ‘d’ list. said friend receives a belated invitation, realizes that she is a “second-choice” attendee, and rsvp’s an emphatic no, thank you and you wonder if you did something wrong when she harbors a grudge {albeit a petty one} against you.
     verdict: i wouldn’t recommend this method unless you use it cautiously. that is, perhaps group your potential invitees using the a/b/c/d lists, but go about eliminating individuals from the first few lists in advance of sending out any official paper goods. you can do this by calling up your uncle {a ‘b’ lister, in this case}, who you know has a kid graduating from high school. your wedding happens to be on a saturday in june {the only available date at your absolute must-have venue!} – the very same saturday that your cousin is graduating from high school, and at nearly the exact same time. since you called your uncle to ask in advance, you just had two spots open up – his and your aunt’s –  so you can slide some ‘c’ or ‘d’ people on over and not hurt any feelings in the process! congrats. 
{} ask yourself a few questions: 
– has the prospective invitee met your fiance? if you live an unreasonable distance away or if you had a short dating period prior to your engagement, this may not be a good measure. if you have a friend who lives in your town  has never met your fiance, however, that could be a determining factor.
– when was the last time you spoke to them? if you lost touch with your freshman college roommate {sad – i’m sorry}, don’t feel obligated to invite her to your wedding. your wedding should not be a reunion: it is a time for you and your loved ones to celebrate your life as a couple, not a time to rehash old inside jokes with people you haven’t spoken to since your last college/high school reunion.
– would you be offended if you weren’t invited to their wedding? now, if you’re overly sensitive {and hopefully you can self-identify;)}, this doesn’t necessarily apply to you. for most of us, though, this is a good question to ask yourself when deciding whether or not you should invite someone to your wedding. 
– do they really need to be invited with a guest? while it is generally courteous to include a plus-1 for all invitees to a destination wedding {who wants to sit in a hotel room all by their lonesome?}, if that’s not you {or if you are inviting a large group of mutual friends who would stay in a hotel together and know plenty of people at the wedding}, consider not including a plus-1 for your little sister who is constantly on/off with a multitude of sketchy characters. not only are weddings a great place for singles to mix with other singles and potentially get together themselves {has anyone seen the five-year engagement? love that movie!}, but it will free up a seat for one of your friends and likely keep your event more drama-free.
– will they be a part of your lives forever? when deciding between cutting a relative or a friend, it usually makes more sense to cut the friend from the list rather than the relative who will forever be curt with you at family gatherings.
to read more advice & points to consider, the knot has an excellent article all about the subject that you can readhere.

Friday, February 15, 2013

modcloth bridal style

i am SO excited to announce that modcloth, purveyor of reasonably-priced adorable sundresses, vintage accessories & fabulous footwear, has a vintage wedding style section!
this is perfect for a casual wedding dress, creative bridesmaid dresses, or even just a classy little rehearsal dress.
check out a couple of my favorites:
{for your bridal luncheon}
Vintage Wedding Style - Bow, How Wonderful Dress Vintage Wedding Style - Reflecting Pool EarringsVintage Wedding Style - Dainty Dramatist Heel in Mint
{for your rehearsal dinner}
Vintage Wedding Style - Champagne Soiree DressVintage Wedding Style - Drop by the Party EarringsVintage Wedding Style - Lustery Day Heel
{for your bridesmaids}
Vintage Wedding Style - Home Sweet Scone Dress Vintage Wedding Style - For the Butter DressVintage Wedding Style - Ooh La Lavender DressVintage Wedding Style - Frost and Foremost Dress
{for your vintage courthouse wedding}
Vintage Wedding Style - Aisle Be There Dress in LilyVintage Wedding Style - University of Marilyn Dress in CreamVintage Wedding Style - Love You Ivory Day Dress
{for your reception}
Vintage Wedding Style - Vanilla Cream and Sugar Dress Vintage Wedding Style - Bright Starlet DressVintage Wedding Style - Marshmallow Whirl Dress

cute, right? and so affordable! you can find all of the styles i noted above on modcloth’s website. 
happy shopping!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

the day of v

oh, valentine’s day. while i prefer celebrating lupercalia {yes, i was a latin nerd from 7th grade onward} i can absolutely get behind any holiday that gives me an excuse to wear pink, enjoy my much-loved chocolate, and drink wine with the boyfriend {or group of girlfriends, as the case may be;)}. sure, it may be a hallmark-holiday, but who am i to diss such a glorious occasion for indulgent behavior? exactly.
for all of you lovely readers out there, i assume that, reading a wedding blog as you are, you are most likely not a valentine’s day hater {like jessica biel’s character in that cinematic masterpiece, valentine’s day}. this is probably your last valentine’s day as a singleton, if you’re getting married sometime between next week and february 2014; or perhaps it’s your very first valentine’s day as an engaged or married couple. if neither of those descriptions fit you, who’s to say they won’t by next valentine’s?
in any case, i couldn’t resist giving in to the hype and compiling valentine’s day inspiration from my favorite blogs that will help you plan just how you’d like to spend your valentine’s this year. whether it’s your first as a newlywed, last as an unmarried couple, or somewhere-in-between, go ahead and make it special!
without further adieu… 
how about staying in and enjoying a romantic dinner for two by the fireplace?
plaid winter wedding ideas
{via ruffled}
or, for the more adventurous and spontaneous among you, why not put together a pale pink, 60′s vintage ensemble & run off to the chapel with your sweetheart to elope? 
Valentine's Day elopement inspiration
{via 100 layer cake}
rather decorate with pale pink for a valentine’s day party than wear it for a surprise wedding? 
{via snippet & ink}
or maybe you get engaged this valentine’s {fingers crossed for those of you hoping for that!} and want to plan a sparkly wedding bash on your one-year-engagement anniversary next valentine’s day?
pssst… make sure to click the image so you can check out the bride’s super creative, instagram-inspired seating assignments! 
{via green wedding shoes}
or maybe you’re a mom looking for cute valentines to send your kid to school with? pssst… there’s a link to a free pdf printable of the graphic on the bag if you click the image!

{via twig and thistle}
send your sweetie to work or school with a bagged lunch that literally says how much you care: 
48 Naturally Sweet Fruit Stickers - Food Safe
{via etsy}
too far away from your love to spend valentine’s with him or her? send an old-fashioned {yet interactive!} note like: 
{via oh hello friend}
or just grab some nifty valentine’s day notecards to let your special someone know you care:
{via modcloth}

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Meet Katrina: Assistant Coordinator

Katrina is originally from Birmingham, AL. She is a recent graduate from The University of Alabama where she received her Bachelor’s in Studio Art in Photography and a minor in Mechanical Engineering.

Katrina has photographed over 30 weddings. She is excited about bringing her background of wedding photography into consideration while planning your special day.

She has a great understanding of the big picture, an extensive knowledge of putting things together with flawless precision, a passion for planning from the creative side, with a flair for visual concept design. She has impeccable taste and a style that is abreast with the latest trends while she still manages to set her own.

In her free time she enjoys, spending time with her sisters, go for long distance runs, cooking, spending countless hours on Pinterest and Alabama Football!!!! Roll Tide!!!!

You can reach Katrina by emailing her at Katrina{at}morgangalloevents{dot}com.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Meet Holly: Assistant Coordinator

Holly grew up in rural Georgia so moving to Savannah was like moving to New York City for her. She loves that there is always somethnig to do in Savnanah and you cannot beat the views of the marsh as you drive out to the islands.

Holly has been wih the company for 4 years and she loves every minute of it. With a background in hotel management and catering, she understands what it takes to make an event successful. She loves that no two events are the same and there is never a dull moment. Transforming a space to a beautiful reception area is so exhilarating and she loves the reaction of the couple when they see it for the first time.

Growing up in a small country town, you learn to appreciate all the little things in life, which is what she loves most about her job as a Savannah wedding coordinator. The way a man looks at his future wife, their first dance, and the way they make each other laugh are the things she cherishies most about each wedding we plan. Just seeing the innocent love a couple shares makes every detail planned worth it.

Aside from wedding coordinating, she also loves to go to the beach and play tennis. She likes to be surrounded by friends and always tries to make the most out of life.Holly is a big foodie. She woud rther spend money on a dinner than a new pair of shoes. (CRAZY!) She has a wonderful boyfriend who she has been dating for about 3 1/2 years now, so she hopes to be in your shoes i the new few years. Other than that, she loves spending her free time with their newest household member, Riley, their 2 month old kitten!She hopes to work with you in the future and be a part of your most special day!

You can reach Holly by emailing her at holly{at}morgangalloevents{dot}com.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Meet Teresa: Lead Coordinator

Teresa-Michelle Walker is a native to Waycross, Georgia but has considered Savannah her home for 8 years. She instantly fell in love with the southern charm and beauty in her first visit to Savannah, and is proud to now call this her home. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts/Theater from Georgia Southern University and a Master of Fine Arts in Media and Performing Arts from SCAD. She is a self-proclaimed nerd, which is one of the reasons she is currently pursing a Doctorate in Education with a specialization in Higher Education.

Teresa is excited to be a part of the MGE Team focusing on her true love of weddings and special events. Her background in performance allows her to look at the beauty of an event while considering multiple probabilities. Her experience has led her to design sets, organize galleries, and transform scripts from paper to performance. She views her approach as a specialty of merging the dramatics and spectacle of theatre with the clean lines of her administrative sense to offer new aspects to traditional rituals. This sense can cater to the couples who dare to have a more dramatic experience. Her focus is to find the beauty in what a client desires and merge it with the vision of Morgan Gallo Events.

When Teresa is not with her MGE family, she is off doing what she knows best....THEATRE. She is an actress, professor, director and most importantly....a mother to her two children, Kira and Khari. Her hobbies include a merging of her loves to result in "acting up with her daughter and son." They are in fact a dramatic family. 

You can reach Teresa by emailing her at Teresa{at}morgangalloevents{dot}com

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Meet Nicole, Designer and Stylist

Nicole is currently completing her BFA in Production Design, with a minor in Themed Entertainment Design, at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). She also has an AA in Interior Architecture and Design from Academy of Art University, with other academic background in commercial art and industrial design. Through collaborative classes and freelance opportunities, Nicole has worked on designs for museum exhibits, theater productions, and themed event and retail environments for a variety of companies. 

Originally from St. Albans, WV, Nicole has traveled to many different parts of the country and overseas to expand her knowledge of art and design in different cultures. These experiences have lead her to understand the importance of small details and to appreciate unique aesthetics, in order to build a foundation for a one-of-a-kind experience. 

Nicole loves creating fantastical escapes and unique environments for people to enjoy. This is what she finds challenging and rewarding about the wedding and event design business. The space is designed to tell a specific and personable story, and is created in a way that others can share in that story. Nicole prides herself on taking the story of the clients beyond their expectations, by using her design skills to turn it into an exceptional and unforgettable experience. 

In her spare time, Nicole is an active member of Themed Entertainment Association (TEA), with whom she attends conferences and events to stay on top of the latest design trends and news. She also indulges her passion for horseback riding, whenever she can, and is always up for a trip to the bookstore for some reading and coffee. 

To reach Nicole, you can email her at nicole{at}morgangalloevents{dot}com.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Meet Jessi, Lead Coordinator at Detailed by MGE

Jessi is currently a student at Savannah College of Art and Design, working towards a degree in Fashion Marketing and Management, with a minor in Business and Entrepreneurship. Originally from Connecticut, she began her college career in Atlanta and settled here in Savannah. With her experience in the florist industry, as well as her events related officer position in a university club, Jessi is excited to be a part of the event planning industry. And she feels there is no better place to begin her career then right here in beautiful Savannah!

Jessi’s cheerful attitude and eagerness to please others drives her to ensure that the couple and guests have the best experience possible. She is always excited to learn more about the couple and help to create an event that is as unique as they are! In Jessi’s free time, she enjoys cooking, spending time with her friends, and playing with her rabbit, Humphrey Bogart.

You can reach Jessi by emailing her at Jessi{at}morgangalloevents{dot}com.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Meet Jennifer, Lead Coordinator of Social by MGE

A self-professed foodie and lover of all things local, sustainable and real, Jennifer fell into event planning after designing and executing her university's annual Military Ball in the spring of 2011. After graduating cum laude from Georgetown University in Washington, DC with a Bachelor of Arts in Arabic, Jennifer, who is a lieutenant and platoon leader in the Army National Guard, found herself in Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri for a required Military Police Officer Training Course. Clearly a jack of many trades, this bizarre tale comes to a pause in February 2012, when shortly after graduation from her officer course in Missouri she followed her heart and the love of her life (a fellow Army lieutenant stationed at Ft. Stewart) to Savannah, Georgia. 

Inspired by her passion for event planning on the side, she quickly linked up with the creative design team at MGE and fell in love with event planning all over again. A big DIYer, her biggest design inspirations come from Anthropologie and her experiences living abroad in the Middle East.  Using her military-honed knack for precise timelines and thorough planning, Jennifer truly loves the coordination side of her job and enjoys the high-energy environment the day-of the event. She lives with her boyfriend and golden retriever puppy, Giroux, in the suburbs just outside of Savannah. You can most often find her sitting on her screened-in porch sipping coffee and perusing wedding blogs for creative new ideas! 

You can reach Jennifer by emailing her at Jennifer{at}morgangalloevents{dot}com.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Meet Alysse, COO and Lead Coordinator

Alysse is originally from New Jersey but has lived in Savannah for 6 ½ years. She moved here to attend Savannah College of Art and Design where she worked on obtaining a Masters in Interior Design.  Her college resume includes two degrees, a Bachelors of Science in Arts  Administration and a Bachelors of Art in Interior Design with a minor  in Architecture. Alysse is excited to approach weddings with her  interior design background in mind.  She views weddings and their d├ęcor as an interior design project.  Instead of designing a permanent structure, the space is designed for that special day. When Alysse was asked what she most enjoys about her career, her answer was? Working with couples to create an environment that is completely unique to them and a true statement of who they are? There is that magical moment in the evening, when it all comes together and it is the most indescribable, rewarding feeling ever!?

Many would describe Alysse as, detailed, creative, a dreamer, and some might even say a perfectionist!  But the truth is that Alysse can also be a total mush and hopeless romantic and can often be seen crying tears of joy as her couples walk down the aisle or during the father/daughter dance.  When Alysse takes a break from planning marvelous weddings, she enjoys baking, walking around Savannah with  her black lab Taylor, dining out and taking in the wonderful history and architecture the city has to offer.  Alysse looks forward to planning and designing with you!

You can reach Alysse at alysse{at}morgangalloevents{dot} com or 973.223.8871.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Meet Morgan: Owner, CEO and Lead Coordinator and Designer

Morgan began her career 9 years ago after planning her own wedding and realizing that corporate America wasn't the career path she wanted to pursue. She fell in love with all things weddings and knew that she could provide an exceptional experience for couples planning their own wedding so she began Morgan Gallo Events. She has personally planned and executed over 300 weddings in DC, Virginia, California, South Carolina, Georgia, North Carolina and Florida; each one holding a very special place in her heart. She loves creating personal and inspirational events that reflect her client's personalities and needs. She believes the success of her firm can be accredited to surrounding herself with some of the industry's most talented vendors and more importantly her incredible employees. She has staffed her firm with only the best knowing her clients seek cutting edge design, a personal attention to detail and unmatched customer service. Morgan entrusts most of the day to day operations to her right hand lady, Alysse, while she runs the company (Morgan Gallo Events, Detailed by MGE, & Social by MGE) and limits herself to only a handful of weddings a year to ensure that her clients are always receiving the best the industry has to offer and she can continue to support MGE with what we need to evolve. 
Her client's satisfaction is her top priority.

Morgan has been sought after to provide cutting edge design advice and tips by publications such as The Knot, Savannah Weddings, The South Magazine, Something Blue Savannah, and Weddings Unveiled. The firm's work has been featured on many of the top wedding blogs such as Style Me Pretty, Elizabeth Anne Designs, Southern Weddings, Ruffled Blog, Wedding Wire and many more. In 2003, she received a B.A. from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington with a concentration in communication and marketing and went on to further her education in the wedding industry by becoming a Certified Wedding Planner. 

Morgan is a proud military wife to a signal officer in the US Army and her greatest achievement is her daugther, Zoey Addison. She is a cupcake connoisseur, has a deep love of shoes, enjoys to crochet, is a sucker for a good pair of fluffy slippers, and loves to indulge in dark chocolate and moscato wine after a great dinner with friends and family!

You can reach Morgan by emailing her at morgan{at}morgangalloevents{dot}com or calling her at (912) 704-3773.

Thanks Shannon Christopher for the fabulous team photos!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Get to know the MGE team more!

We recently had the fabulous Shannon Christoper take our new team photos and we feel it is essential to share these great shots! Each day we will be featuring a new gal and their bio! Until then, here is our new team shot. Be sure to check out the website we have had a little facelift for the new year and are launching two new companies! More information to come on those soon.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Makeover Monday: Make it your own-"Cake on Display"

The wedding cake is the most important, edible, part of the wedding decor. Some guests will even say it is what they remember most (visually) about your wedding. So, how you display your cake can have far more of an impact than you might think. You can get a rich look on a budget, or even for free, by using items from your home or family that have special meaning, or that just go considerably well with your color scheme or theme.

On item you may have is a vanity. Vanities come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and styles. It has plenty of room for your cake as well, as any smaller desserts you may want to include. Another fun option is a wooden ladder. It can cross over into multiple styles of weddings from rustic to shabby chic, and adds layers and dimension to your display. Another way to go, if you are up for treasure hunting, would be with an actual glass bakery display. If you are having an outdoor reception, this is a fun way to keep your cake safe from the elements until you are ready to cut the cake.

Other fun options might include book shelves, rolling carts, crates, mirrors, wardrobes, etc... You can even enhance the look of the larger pieces of furniture by adding different cake stands, glass covers, platters, and more to give your display a layered and unique look. Go on a treasure hunt in and around your home, no matter the size, shape, or style of your cake, you might be surprised at what you can come up with for displaying the "sweetest" part of your wedding.


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Trending Tuesday: Bouquet Wrapping

So we have been wrapping bouquets for years with ribbon to cover stems and add a little more visual interest to them and recently brides have been adding elements to personalize it even more. And you know us--we LOVE personalization and being different. 

But lets take it a step further shall we? 

Keep with the theme. Add a nautical ribbon with a brooch or maybe a sailboat if you love to sail. Mimic your grooms boutonniere brooch of an anchor. 

Why not use a bright fabric and intergrade it throughout your wedding? Runners, napkins, linens and yes---wrap your bouquet! 

Another way to get rustic is to wrap the stems in twigs. It adds a rustic element with texture! 

(Photo via Garden on the Square) 

Now my favorite: 
So every mother's dream is that their little girl will one day wear her old wedding dress to walk down the aisle. I remember seeing my mom's dress hanging in the closet and adoring it to pieces! It was unique, vintage and DIRTY. So dirty it couldn't be used--so even before I knew I was getting married, I knew that I was going to have to find my own. (Not that I would have probably insisted on my own after I started planning anyway because what bride doesn't want her OWN wedding dress or shares the same taste as her mother?) but I wish I would have used a part of it at least. I am going to be realistic and say that I know my wedding dress was too trendy and went out of style a year after I wore it, so I know my daughter will probably gasp and turn her nose up at it (which is just fine) but maybe she can use a part of it? Look below at this bouquet wrap. What a perfect way to incorporate your mother's/grandmother's/etc dress into your big day. LOVE! 

The key is personalization. Let your wedding speak volumes of who you both are. This also keeps you from having a cookie cutter wedding and really lets your guests have a insightful glimpse into your world! 


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Question: What advice do you have on guests lists?

The guest list... Oh dear, the guest list. The cause of much anguish and strife. The cause of many arguments. It’s not always fun narrowing down your friends and family to fit your budget or your reception space. While it’s not always fun, it is a very necessary part of planning your wedding... Last I checked you sorta need guests for the wedding. Here are a few pointers on how to compile the perfect guest list.  

Who Chooses the Guest List? 
First, it’s important to think of the number. The total number of guests you can afford. Second, who’s paying?? If parents are paying then they will get a say in who gets invited. Sorry. Try and remember balance in all things. ALL THINGS. I think it’s fair to give both sets of parents a certain number of guests and perhaps a few more slots to the paying parents side. If you are paying for the wedding yourself, you should still offer the parents a number of slots to invite whom they wish. At the end of the day it’s your wedding, but try and show your parents some respect. 

Who to Cut? 
You never want to cut people, but I feel it’s best to start with the people you are least connected with your co-workers, acquaintances, and distant relatives. Great Aunt Ruth twice removed who your mom hasn’t talked to in 10 years should probably be among the first to get cut. And if you really have to get down to it, eliminate your old high school and college buddies, unless you still see them on a regular basis that’s a large group to cut. So it’s no fun, but it has to be done... yeah, that rhymed... 

And Guest? 
Now, if you are really crunching the numbers you can definitely eliminate the “plus 1” without breaking any etiquette laws. Friends in very serious relationships, engaged, or living with their significant other should definitely have their guest invited even if you don’t know them. I think it’s tacky not to invite them.

Kids or No kids? 
This one is tough because you get a lot of people who will make gripes about their child not being invited, but c’est la vie. Kids still count towards the final head count. I think it’s best to choose an age 10 and up, 15 and up, 18 and up, etc. If you have a flower girl or ring bearer they should be invited to the wedding. You can also decide if you will only have immediate families children invited. 

There are no set of rules out there telling you who you should invite. Keep your guest list personal and happy!! You want to be surrounded by your closest and dearest friends and family. Be open and communicate!!


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Q: I have Pinterest--Why do I need a planner?

It is no secret that since the birth of Pinterest, weddings have transformed into detailed and creative productions that push the envelope in a fabulous way. So I think we can all agree that Pinterest rocks our socks. It’s ah-mazing!! Life-changing even, but don’t start your craft projects just yet. Here are some serious reasons why Pinterest makes a disastrous wedding planner. 

  1. I think the number one reason is redundancy. Don't you want your wedding to be unique? Pinterest is a fabulous place to gather initial ideas, but can you take it to the next level so Pinterest lovers are pinning YOUR wedding photos? A wedding planner and event designer can help you recreate and elaborate on your design ideas. 
  2. It’s probably more expensive than you think. When’s the last time you ventured into the craft store to buy, I don’t know, scrapbook supplies or paint? That stuff isn’t cheap. Not at all. And when you start trying to arrange your own flowers (which may or may not be in season), find the 20 vases that you need, buy the satin ribbons, rent your own linens... etc. You get it. On top of the crafting being expensive, most of these stunning weddings you are seeing are super high dollar affairs, so you have to be realistic about your budget and a planner can help you achieve your look within your budget. We are THAT good. 
  3. It doesn’t set its brilliant ideas up on the tables, nor does it clean those ideas up. Lauren says "So the best part of my wedding was the part when it was over, it was over. My family took the flower arrangements and we were outta there. My family and friends weren’t stuck cleaning up the room. My ah-mazing planner took care of it all. She coordinated with the vendors before the wedding, so that the only thing I had to do was show up. Pinterest does not take care of this." And you know who her wedding planner was right--yep, you guessed it! Yours truly! :) But seriously folks, if you really knew how much day of running around, coordinating and planning that it takes to get your day up and running smoothly, remain smooth and then clean up, you would be amazed. There was one wedding that had so much set up and clean up that we arrived around 8am and didn't leave until 4am. Are you prepared to put your hair and makeup on the back-burner while you oversee and aid in the installation of flowers or run back through your sparklers to pack up the guest book, gifts and strip tables of linens? NO, and you shouldn't have to, nor should your family and friends have to. They too are there to enjoy your day. 
  4. Too much of a good thing, can look like too much. There are a ton of beautiful ideas on Pinterest. A TON. And in my mind, requires a great deal of editing. You want to have balance. You don’t want your wedding to look like a Pinterest board. 
  5. Once you’re married you are gonna be stuck with a ton of junk. Congrats, you’re married. Now you 12-18 giant vases and 80 votive holders that you have to store in your house. Sure you can try to get some cash back on craigslist, but don’t expect to get all of your money back. And if are like Lauren, after your wedding you move into a 450 square foot apartment, you definitely WILL NOT have the room for those. Sometimes your planner or florist might be willing to buy some of your items if craigslist isn't an option, but keep in mind that trends change and therefore a lot of what you used for your wedding might not be "in" next year. Therefore, there might be very few items they will want/need. What will you do with them now? Trust me, storing them in your cabinets and garage only upset your dear hubby each time he goes to find something and knocks over a vase. 
  6. No offense, but it might look a hot mess. So have you ever seen a craft project and thought... that looks like... a craft project??? Weellllllll, is your wedding day really the day to summon up your inner Martha Stewart? Isn’t it best to leave this to a professional? I don’t know about you, but I sure think so! And I don’t say this because the blog is called “The Savannah Wedding Planner,” I say it because crafts are usually fun in the beginning, but can very quickly become a flipping disaster. And when you decide to emboss 300 place cards because you saw it on Pinterest or whatever else you think would be “so super cute” after a few hours you will be over it. I swear. 
  7. 99% ( a number we completely made up) of the cute wedding photos on Pinterest are of weddings that most definitely had a wedding planner. Our numbers may be off, but I assure you all of these complicated and stunning set ups with curtains and chandeliers and lanterns hanging from trees, tables with giant flower arrangements and 20 different linens and adorable menus... these were NOT diy weddings. 

So do us all a favor and hire a planner and use Pinterest with them to help collect ideas. We love collaborating with's half the fun of the process! Best. Idea. Ever.  

Lauren + Morgan