Thursday, December 27, 2012

Etiquette Question: Bridal Party Gifts

To give is better than to receive...

So you’ve chosen your ladies, your favorite people who will stand up with you while you marry the man of your dreams! It’s pretty important! It’s also important to get them something to thank them for buying a dress, throwing showers, a bachelorette, traveling, etc. There aren’t any set rules as to how much or what you have to give them, but here are some guidelines to help you figure out the the details. 

How much? I think it’s fair to have the presents make sense within your budget. If you have a very small budget then the presents should be less expensive, whereas on the flip side if you are have a massive, high budget wedding I think the gifts should most definitely worked into the total cost of your wedding. I also think you need to take into account the amount your girls are spending on your wedding! If there is traveling and a very pricey dress involved you want the gift to reflect that. 

When to buy? The earlier the better! That gives you time to shop around and figure out what you want, order it, and have it shipped if necessary. The best part about getting it done early is that you have one less thing to worry about when the wedding madness kicks in. 

Separate gifts? I think it’s great if you can do individual gifts that are all comparable in cost, but it’s also a lot easier to just find a great gift to get all your girls. It’s appropriate to spend more on the Maid/Matron of Honor, it’s also appropriate to spend less on you junior bridesmaids. 

When to give? It’s traditional to hand out gifts at the rehearsal dinner, but I also like doing it at the bridal luncheon or while you’re all getting ready the day of! If you spent more on the Maid/Matron of Honor I think it’s special to pull her aside and give it to her privately. 

What to give? There aren’t any rules, but with sites like Etsy there is an unending supply of cool options! Jewelry, personalized everything, vintage knick-knacks,etc. It’s great if the gift reflects something about you or your wedding. The real test is do you think it’s ah-mazing!?! If you love it, your girls are going to love it.  


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Kaitlin and Will's Sea Island Wedding Video


Christmas Inspiration

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

May you be surrounded by love, laughter and wonderful memories this holiday season. From our family to yours--Much love! 


The MGE Team 

Monday, December 24, 2012

Makeover Monday: "Table Number That 'Fit In'"

Table numbers aren't always necessary, but they are a good way to organize your guests and encourage conversation. These numbers need to be easily seen, but not stick out like a sore thumb. There is a way to create a nice blend between the look of your wedding and the large, legible number standing on your table.

One way to do this is to pick a fun object you may already have, or be able to get from family and friends. With items like clocks, you can turn the hands to the time that correlates with the number of the table. You can simply write the table number on the face of a small vanity mirror, or old china or plates  on a stand can showcase the table number in a lovely way. Remember that part of the character and charm of these types of items is that they can all be different from one another.

Table numbers that serve double duty are another good way to guide your guests without taking up extra space on the table. If you are planning on having a pitcher, or bottles, of water or a special beverage on the table, it can be used to display the table number, both pointing out the table and the beverage to the guest. Also any floral arrangements you may have are usually going to be in vases or some sort of container. If you can see the vase well enough, using it as a base for the table number is an easy way for the guests to spot the correct table.

If you have plenty of room on the table, just have fun with it. A crafty wedding could use stitched table numbers, a vintage wedding could use books, and a quirky wedding could have scrabble tiles. It's important to keep your numbers functional and easily seen, but don't underestimate the power of a cohesive and visually pleasing design to the eye of  your guests.


Saturday, December 22, 2012

Get to know the MGE team more!

We recently had the fabulous Shannon Christoper take our new team photos and we feel it is essential to share these great shots! Each day we will be featuring a new gal and their bio! Until then, here is our new team shot. Be sure to check out the website we have had a little facelift for the new year and are launching two new companies! More information to come on those soon.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Etiquette Question: Cash Vs. Paid Bar

Photo Geoff L Johnson Photography 

This is a long debated issue when it comes to weddings and it has a simple answer. Never ever under any circumstances do you want to do a cash bar!! Inviting your guests to come to you wedding and then making them pay for their drinks is just not the ideal scenario. I understand that sometimes it’s a budget issue, but rather than having a cash bar find a way to cut your alcohol costs. Here are a few of my tips for making the budget go farther!!! 

Leave out the Liquor. Consider serving only beer and wine. You can also have one signature cocktail so that those who want liquor have an option. This can cut costs without having your guests pay for their drinks. 

BYOB. If allowed by your vendor to bring in outside alcohol, purchase your booze from a wholesale provider to save lots of money while still providing a full bar! Keep in mind you are still going to have to pay for a one or two people to work the bar. 

Cheers. Think about not doing a champagne toast. Most people cheers with whatever drink they have in their hand, so save some dough! 

Rearrange the budget. Find the money elsewhere in your budget. If your guests are anything like mine, they would rather an open bar than favors. 



Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Real Sea Island Wedding: Kaitlin and WIll

Oh where to begin? I could talk about this wedding for DAYS! This wedding is one for the books for so many reason, but the most important reason is because Kaitlin and Will not only made the planning process with them one of the MOST enjoyable experiences for me as a planner, but I have gained two very amazing friends and got to share in their spectacular day becoming one. Kaitlin was our bride featured on "Say Yes To The Dress" and there is no doubt in my mind they picked her because she has fabulous taste (OMG THAT DRESS!) and she is drop dead beautiful. It was quite amazing watching them both stay as cool as a cucumber the entire day with photographers, 2 sets of videographers and 230+ guests among them. They treated the day and the events as a fabulous party they were throwing honoring themselves and those they loved. The dance floor was never empty and at times we could find key members of the bridal party including Kailtin and Will on the stage with the band signing. Their choreographed first dance brought tears to my eyes and the cake cutting was one of the FUNNIEST I have seen to date. (Don't worry you will get to see the video tomorrow!) Kaitlin and Will are so very chic and their taste reflected that. We kept with a white/champagne pallet for the flowers and the only navy accents were in the attire for their bridal party and a few key items in the reception. The flowers were show stoppers no matter which way you turned and the food was AH-mazing! 

It was such a pleasure and honor to share in their day and I will cherish every minute I was able to spend with them and their family. Love Love LOVE YOU GUYS!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Trending Tuesday: 7 Unique Guest Book Ideas

Everybody’s got one. They’re always there. Wouldn’t it be nice if yours was so awesome you wanted to display it or even hang it on your wall!? So in lieu of your run of the mill white satin-y lined book with one of those gross pen holder things, you know? The pen that NEVER works, let’s get creative and make your guest book excited and you!!! 

photo via 
Take a favorite photo and have it turned into a puzzle! Then have your guest sign the back of the pieces!! 
photo via 
Have your guests sign there names on their birthdays in a beautiful calendar! Not only do you have a great memento, you also have all your guests birthdays!  

photo via 
I LOVE Polaroid cameras. Have 1 or 2 and plenty of film out for your guests to take pics and then place and sign in a scrapbook! Guaranteed to be a blast to look through!! 

photo via
How adorable is this!?!? Set out paint pens and a variety of creative dishes for your guests to sign and after you can arrange them on a wall in your home! Stunning!!

photo via  
JENGA!! I am just obsessed with this. Have your guests sign pieces of a Jenga set and every time you bust out the party games you will remember your wedding day!! 
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Have guest sign a giant bottle of your fave wine or champagne with paint pens!! If you use a full bottle you can drink at your first year anniversary or whenever you want to celebrate!! 

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Have your guests highlight or circle words in a dictionary that evoke the feeling of your wedding day and sign! What a cool thing to show your future bambinos!!?

So, the sky’s the limit when it comes to brilliant guest book ideas!!! 

Be Unique. Be Yourself.