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Friday, December 10, 2010

Real Savannah Wedding: Amanda and Joey Part 3-Reception


The inspiration for this wedding actually stemmed from the amazing Lenox vases I found at an a Lenox outlet store. They looked antique and were pressed with different flowers to give a garden feel. How ELEGANT! We bought loads of bud vases in varying heights and a about 7 larger vases. They flowed down the table intertwined with taper candles and old milk bottles wrapped with twine. So onto the goodies! Guests found their seats by these adorable DIY luggage tags that sat in vintage suitcases. Each tag had the city in which the guest was from and a number that corresponded with their chair. On each chair hung a linen bag stamped with a peacock feather and adorable saying which held a jar of Savannah Bee honey and a oak tree cookie cutter. The menu cards were cut by hand and added a nice dimension to the gold rimmed charger and gold napkin. The show stopper?? The beautiful vintage cake by Two Cakes. I mean trying to describe the cake wouldn’t do it any justice so you just have to look and LOOK carefully. It is so detailed! Guests wrote notes to the couple and put them in old coke crate slots and when it was time for their departure…they adorned them with blue and green biodegradable confetti as they made their way to the pedi-cab! Thanks again to Shannon Christopher for the incredible shots of the day and Kiwifleur for the jaw dropping decor! We wish you many MANY years of happiness Amanda and Joey! What an honor it was sharing in  your planning and wedding day. xoxooxoxo

IMG_4142   IMG_8748

IMG_8673IMG_8682IMG_4299IMG_1552IMG_4306 IMG_8671IMG_8689IMG_5989 IMG_8775IMG_9001 IMG_9007IMG_8579IMG_8581     IMG_9257IMG_8591 IMG_9279 IMG_9295 Savannah Theater Shannon Christopher

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Vendor Spotlight: Scott Hopkins Photography


Some things to ask a photographer and consider

We asked one of our local favorite photographers to share some images, some insight as to what the most important questions to ask when interviewing a photographer and tell us a little more about them! Here is what Scott Hopkins Photography said:

1) Make sure you ask to see some slideshows or albums that showcase a clients wedding day.  Also, ask to see a complete wedding from a client or two.  It is easy to show 20-40 nice images on a website, but what about the rest of the day?  Is the work on the website representative of the full set of images you can expect?

2) Are you getting two photographers or one?  If two, is the second an assistant or will they be photographing for the entire day?  Are the styles of both photographers similar?

3) Make sure you "click" with the photographer.  They will be with you most, if not all, of your wedding day and you will be working with them after the wedding too.  You should enjoy having the photographer around and not feel like they are intruding.

4) What are you actually getting in a package?  You cannot compare photographers in a spreadsheet.  Comparing photographers is really apples and oranges when it comes to style, vision, personality, and products.

About Scott and Scott Hopkins Photography

Melissa joined me right after we got married in 2008.  I started the wedding business in 2004, but had been doing nature photography since 1 995. Even as a kid I loved photography.  I remember confiscating my mom's point and shoot camera while in grade school and the first time I saw an Ansel Adams print.  It wasn't until college that I made the switch to become a professional photographer.  It was the first thing I ever really had a passion for.  For the first couple of years, I read everything on photography that I could get my hands on.  Capturing a moment in time and the emotional connection to that specific moment still amazes me.  I can look at a landscape or wildlife photo of mine from twelve years and recall almost everything about the moment, the weather, who I was with, what I was feeling, the smell of the land and air, I am transported to that moment.


Favorite Moments as a Photographer


“We have lots favorite moments of the wedding day, these are just a couple of them.  The few minutes at the start of the ceremony when the bride and her father are alone and waiting to walk down the aisle.  There is often amazing emotion as dad thinks about his little girl being all grown up.  Another is the first dance.  The big introduction of the newly wed couple leads them to the dance floor and all eyes are on them.  Emotion fills the room, mom, dad, grandparents are all watching, the couple is lost in the moment, it can be really beautiful.” –Scott Hopkins

All images by Scott Hopkins Photography

Monday, August 23, 2010

Featured Vendor Spotlight: Spa Bleu-A tranquil and luxurious spa and salon!




Lynn McDonald Quann

Spa Bleu

Make-up Artistry:
20+ years experience


Short description of your services:
With an emphasis on elegance and hospitality Spa Bleu offers massages, facials, manicures and pedicures, waxing, body treatments, spray tanning, make-up application, yoga, and more...

General price range for services:
Nails: $35-$60
Facials: $70-$105
Massage: $75-$100
Make-up Application: $75-$125

What are the differences between airbrush and regular makeup applications?
Airbrush make-up provides a smoother, flawless finish designed to last longer in Savannah's high humidity.  It also uses less make-up than traditional application making it better for the skin and giving it a lighter, barely there feel.

Do you suggest a trial run?
Always.  Every bride wants a special look for her special day.  A trial run provides an opportunity to consult, try a variety of styles, and find the perfect look for the bride and her party.

How should we prepare for our trial run or wedding day application/hair?
For the trail run: come with ideas, photos, and a willingness to let go of stress and have fun.
For the wedding: cleanse the face and then simply relax.  There are so many things to worry about, your make-up shouldn't be one of them.

Do you come to the client?
I'm always willing to travel and if it's within the greater Savannah area there isn't an extra fee.

What makes Spa Bleu different from other spas in the area?
Spa Bleu provides traditional spa treatments with a french twist.  Conveniently located on Bull and Broughton in the heart of downtown Savannah, we delight in providing our guests with a "true bleu" oasis of southern hospitality. Don't let our boutique feel fool you, though, we gladly and easily accommodate larger parties, be they bridal or simply a girls weekend out.  

Do you have a private space clients could rent and use?
We have our beautiful Johnny Mercer Suite, tucked away just off of the main spa.  Normally used for our couples massages it is large enough to adapt to whatever a client may need or desire.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Real Savannah Wedding: Melanie and Jason Part 3-Reception

 Savannah Wedding (121)

Where to start??? There are just so many goodies to tell you about! They picked an amazing restaurant to host their reception in true intimate fashion. Delicious food, a great guitarist in the background, plenty of wedding cake, details and yummy favors of Savannah Bee Honey! Each place setting featured a peach with the guests name on paper gently curled around a pin, and a custom menu card with the Savannah oak atop a gold rimmed charger. The centerpieces were galvanized gold buckets with peaches filled to the brim and a small hydrangea bloom tied to the side and in between the buckets were tall candle holders, 1/2 with pomander balls to mimic the ceremony decor and the other 1/2 with floating candles. The wedding cake toppers were adorable little wooden birds and a tree from (where other than…ETSY). When the lights went down and tummies were full…the real fun began! Dancing, singing and cake cake cake! At the end of the night, guests lined up with sparklers to send the couple on a quite rickshaw ride back to their hotel to begin life as a new family!

Best wishes and it was such a pleasure sharing in your wedding…it was perfect!

Savannah Wedding (25)

Savannah Wedding (21)Savannah Wedding (19) Savannah Wedding (24) Savannah Wedding (20)    Savannah Wedding (141)Savannah Wedding (22)Savannah Wedding (143)Savannah Wedding (27)    Savannah Wedding (106) Savannah Wedding (105)   Savannah Wedding (108)Savannah Wedding (104)Savannah Wedding (119)    Savannah Wedding (113)Savannah Wedding (111)       Savannah Wedding (126) Savannah Wedding (127)  Savannah Wedding (129)Savannah Wedding (130)      

Thanks again Openlight Studio! These are one for the books!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Featured on Style Me Pretty: Mock Photoshoot: Southern Boy Marries NY Girl-Part 1 of 2

Read more on this featured shoot at Style Me Pretty!

Over the years I have seen the photography needs of our clients transform into the main style of photography offered today: photojournalism. But what clients do not understand or might not know, is that there are MANY types/styles of photojournalism. More times than not when I ask my clients what type of photography they would like for their wedding, their short answer is simply “Photojournalism and in the moment shots.” The truth is that it is so broad and almost all photography they look at and like today is just that..the difference lies in the actual individual style of the photographer.

So with that in mind, we wanted to create a shoot that gave couples visual comparisons….

We picked 3 different styled photographers and picked pictures that were the same but different in each photographers style.

The Theme : Southern Savannah Boy marries an Elegant NY Girl

The Colors: Pink, grey and yellow

The Focus: Their profiles the paper products and a southern/northern feel

The Venues: We chose a great loft space, Ballroom on Broughton, that had amazing views of Savannah and had them troll around downtown Savannah for some amazing and INTERESTING shots!

The Attire: Bleubelle Bridal gave us a great Vera Wang gown that just seeped in chic-ness and sophistication and paired it with some great tea length bridesmaid dresses to boast. The groom wore a khaki suit and the groomsmen wore a seersucker suit. They both had to sport the bow tie being from Savannah Ya’ll know!

Below you will find the 3 photographers and their photos in a similar order to compare:

Azelle Photography: Azelle’s style focuses on a high fashion approach to photojournalism they are "looking to tap into the genuine emotions of the day"

 AzellePhotography-Details-045AzellePhotography-BehindScenes-007AzellePhotography-BehindScenes-006 AzellePhotography-Details-013AzellePhotography-Bridals-025AzellePhotography-Bridals-017AzellePhotography-Groups-001AzellePhotography-Groups-008

Geoffs Photos: Geoff’s approach is more of an artistic and complete unobtrusive style

geoffsphotos_067geoffsphotos_001geoffsphotos_003 geoffsphotos_036 geoffsphotos_033 geoffsphotos_038      geoffsphotos_027geoffsphotos_013 geoffsphotos_015

Diana Daley Photography: Diana’s approach epitomizes traditional and romantic

DianaDaley©2010_0114DianaDaley©2010_0012Diana (2)DianaDianaDaley©2010_0167       DianaDaley©2010_0090 DianaDaley©2010_0195 DianaDaley©2010_0261  DianaDaley©2010_0161 DianaDaley©2010_0257

Check back tomorrow for the goods!! Details, Details, details!

Additional Vendors that made this possible:

Hair: Ony Salon

Makeup: Dollface by Jules

Jewelry: Handpicked

Linens: Connie Duglin Linens

Rentals: Savannah Special Events

Additional Photography: Dillon Wilson for Diana Daley Photography