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Friday, November 9, 2012

Fashion Friday: Retro Glam

So clearly retro styles are back in serious way. I am beyond obsessed and I pretty much can’t stop talking about it. I love it. LOVE. IT. Okay, I’m calming down now. The hair and makeup are still very relevant for today. I think you can go classic or modern depending on your own style. Here are some of my favorite products to achieve either look!!!


If you are going classic, than you need to take your cues from Ms. Monroe. Cat eye and red lipstick. BAM! For this look you don’t want a dewy finish to your skin, so try a powder foundation like Bare Minerals Matte Formula Foundation. A strong winged eye is absolutely necessary! Swipe a bit touch of golden-y highlighter shadow, I like rice paper by MAC, all over your lid and up to your arch. You don’t want the color to be too white because you WILL look like a drag queen. Then use a liquid liner pen like Mac’s Penultimate Eye Liner for the ultimate precession to create your wing. For the your lip, try a matte formula like Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl. Finish the look, with a swipe of Pale Pink Blush by Bobbi Brown and a million coats of mascara Diorshow Mascara. 


With the modern take you don’t really have any rules to follow which is awesome because it’s all up to your interpretation. I would opt for dewier skin because I just think it’s a much fresher look. So I would start with Bobbi Brown BB Cream to even out your skin. You could apply a touch of Make Up For Ever’s translucent finishing powder to your T-zone so you aren’t an oil slick in pictures. I still think a winged eye is must, it’s flattering and just major!! I would start the same using the allover golden hue and you could use the same MAC pen, but if you are feeling really crazy maybe a violet or navy Bobbi Brown gel liner to create a softer affect. Use a cream or gel blush like Perfekt Cheek Perfection Gel in a soft pink. For the lips I like the idea of a muted bright like Rouge Coco Shine by Chanel in Misia, a soft tangerine/pink/nude... trust me it’s beautiful. Then finish with a ton of mascara!!! 

Finish it off with some very loose and natural pin curls or even and faux bob and you are a smoking hot retro glam princess bride... Sounds awesome, right?? I want to be all of those things. 


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Trending Tuesday: The Beauty Department

 Perhaps you’ve heard of a little show called Laguna Beach or The Hills? No? Yeah, I’ve never seen them either, but I do know who Lauren Conrad is... I think even my husband knows who she is, this chick is everywhere. If you’ve never visited her brilliant site The Beauty Department you are missing out big time!! Not only is it beautifully designed, each post is adorable and super informative. You can find everything from nail art to up-do tutorials. Warning: this site may cause you to neglect your household responsibilities, blow off work things, etc. I am absolutely obsessed. On this site, you have at your fingertips everything you could possibly need for your wedding day beauty inspiration!! 

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What’s Happening in Hair

In the ever changing world of fashion we see trends come and go... The same goes for hair and makeup trends. I love what’s going on with hair right now, even the most intricate hair styles seem to have a relaxed vibe. I love effortless hair, so here are some of my favorite hair trends of the moment. 
Faux Bobs- This look is still going strong. I am obsessed I think it’s beautiful and fashion forward and really brings the focus up to your face. 

Braids- When done correctly a braid can be super chic!!! I love all of the fun reincarnations of the braid we’ve seen lately!!! Just make sure to do it right, otherwise you’ll end up looking more like Heidi yodeling on the mountain and less supermodel Heidi Klum fierce. You get me.

Buns- OoooooOOooooo I love me a good bun. They are so unbelievably versatile! They vary in placement and size, but I assure you they are always classic. I am currently OBSESSED with K.Stew’s bun, totally loving the ribbon woven through!!! 

You definitely can’t go wrong with any of these hairstyles!!! 


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Real Savannah Wedding: Erin and Justin Part 1-Ceremony

Erin and Justin were married in the spring of this year at the Harper Fowlkes House. (One of our favorite venues!) The rain put a little damper on the ceremony and we had to move it indoors but that didn't matter one bit! Nothing was going to damper the excitement and love that these two shared. Erin has fabulous taste and a keen eye for design. I mean look at that fabulous head piece, shoes and drew?!?!?! She did an amazing job incorporating the most intricate and unique details that told the story of her and Justin and their love for one another. We just adore the pomander ball she had for the flower girl and wreaths for the garden doors. Tune in tomorrow for the portraits--you won't want to miss these!

Thank you Azelle Photography for the timeless images that tell the most fabulous story of their day. 

Look for Erin and Justin's wedding in the next issue of Savannah Magazine and Ruffled Blog!



Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Real Vintage Savannah Wedding: Andrea and Matthew Part 1-Ceremony

Andrea and Matthew got married in October in one of our favorite squares. (Its so private and full of the famous Savannah Oak Trees dripping with moss) The feel we were going for was a classic vintage with a monochromatic look when it comes to flowers/details. Her lace dress is one of our favorites to date! Another favorite of ours: Her mismatch bridesmaid dresses in nude and natural tan colors. Lots of great pictures of those in the next post (Part 2-Portraits) A most memorable moment had to be the group guest toast to Matthew and Andrea post ceremony in the square. Thanks to the artistic eye of Jade and Matthew Take Pictures, this shot speaks WONDERS! Well, I should say they ALL speak wonders! Enjoy--

Savannah Wedding (21)whiteweddingbouquet

Savannah Wedding (19) Savannah Wedding (32)
Savannah Wedding (33)

Savannah Wedding (18) Savannah Wedding (22) Savannah Wedding (40)  Savannah Wedding (35) 

Ceremony crate vintage aisle decor

Savannah Wedding (45)

Savannah Wedding (41)

 Savannah Wedding (46) Savannah Wedding (47)

Savannah Wedding (52) Savannah Wedding (49)

Savannah Wedding (53)

Savannah Wedding (54) Wedding toastSavannah Wedding (57)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Best Hairstyle for Your Face Shape


Look closely at the ladies pictured here and find the one that most closely fits your own shape. Or take this quiz located at This post is meant to be a loose guideline... The “rules” are never set in stone, so just remember to go with what you love!! But here are a few basic rules of thumb when it comes to picking the perfect wedding hair for your face shape.

faceshape.001 Oval. I hate to gloat, but we oval shaped faces can pretty much pull off anything.  Slicked back buns, messy braids, elegant french twists... You can usually part your hair anyway and bangs or no bangs you are still very proportioned... Lucky dogs.

faceshape.002 Heart. For the ladies with the lovely heart shaped face remember that your style should be all about minimizing your forehead to better balance your thinner chin. Some sort of bang is generally going to be your friend. You want to avoid any tight slicked back look which can draw a lot of attention to the forehead. Creating volume in the updo is also really important, also having a few pieces framing the face also helps bring focus to your eyes.

faceshape.003 Square. The square kids are going to want to stay far- far away from tightly pulled back looks. Think thin wispy bangs or even a rad side swept bang. Adding height to your do will also take away from the boxiness of your face... Also curly looks generally work best, you don’t ever want your hair flat on your face. Lots of body!

faceshape.004 Round. 3 words for my round girls. SIDE. SWEPT. BANGS. These, my darlings, are your bestest best friends. The side swept bang takes the emphasis off the roundness of your face and help elongate your visage. Adding height to your updos will also make your face seem longer. Long hair is good for this shape and stay away from looks that create too much volume around the sides of your face making it look... well, more round.

Face Shape Quick Tips

*oval = just about anything

*heart = light wispy bangs and volume

*square = volume and curls

*round = all about the side swept bang