Tuesday, September 24, 2013

{tips & tricks} TUESDAY :: choosing a venue, part 1.

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choosing a venue is no joke, y'all.
after determining your budget and deciding on your guest list, the next step is to pick out a venue. if you have already decided on a city or state {or are otherwise limited to a certain location} in which to hold your wedding, you're off to a fabulous start and have by mere virtue of that fact narrowed down  your potential venues.
this post is for you.
{if you have not decided on a city or state, or are vacillating between a handful of different locations, look out for next week's post - that will be geared toward you all!} 
the first thing to do once you've decided on the general location of your venue {say savannah, ga for example ;)} is to decided on the general type of venue you're looking for:
a mansion?
{brockington hall}
a museum?
a garden?
{ships of the sea}
a plantation?
{ford plantation}
a restaurant?
{cha bella}
an historic site?
{old fort jackson}
you get the idea.
once you've gotten that far, visit a website like weddingwire, the knot, or borrowed and blue {to name just a few} to sort through available options by cost and type.
or, if you've done the right thing and booked a planner, you can ask us for recommendations geared specifically to you and your needs! this is obviously the best option;) if you're a full service client, we will even give you a personal tour of each site in which you are interested.
once you've found a few venues wherein you could see yourself getting married, here are a few questions to keep handy that you should either ask the site coordinator or be sure to look for in any contract that you sign for a venue:
{} is your preferred date available? if not, is there another date available that you would consider?
{} how many events does the venue book each day? is it possible there would be another event in your venue in close proximity to your wedding?
{} is there any construction planned prior to your wedding? if so, is it guaranteed to be complete by your wedding day? if not, to what extent will it affect your wedding? is there a discount due to any inconvenience it creates?
{} what is the site fee, if any? does it change based on the day or time that you hold your wedding? if a venue is significantly cheaper on a week day or during the day, for example, you might consider being more flexible with your wedding date to accommodate your budget.
{} are there any hidden costs associated with your venue? for example: service charges, gratuities {both usually associated with restaurants and hotels}, cleaning fees, membership dues {often required at historic sites and museums}, overtime fees, or cake cutting charges?
{} what is the venue's cancellation policy? is the deposit refundable? what about a security deposit?
phew! hopefully that gives you ladies a good place to start. suggestions? questions? additions? let me know in the comments!

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