Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ask Morgan: Out of town guest etiquette and the rehearsal dinner

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DC wedding (18) Q: We are having a lot of out of town guests come into Savannah, GA for our wedding and a lot of them are going to be here on Friday before the wedding. What is the proper etiquette when it comes to inviting them to the rehearsal dinner festivities?-Brenda

A:  Hi Brenda- The short answer is yes, you should include any guests that will be in town the day before your wedding after all they are travelling to celebrate your very important day! Inviting them to be a part of the weekend’s festivities allows them to feel even more included in your wedding. TIP: It makes getting around to see everyone personally a little easier and quicker at the wedding-leaving more time for fun with your hubby!  But there are a few different options if the budget doesn't permit for feeding a 100+ guests both nights or you don't want a repeat of the same festivities two days in a row minus you in a wedding dress.

1. You can just host the actual dinner for those involved in the rehearsal (bridal party, family, etc) and then open the invite to your out of town guests for desserts and drinks following your dinner. This way they are free to stop by and see you but having a few desserts and a drink wont blow your budget!

2. Have a hor’s dourves rehearsals dinner! This way you can make it a “STOP BY BETWEEN THE HOURS OF _____ and _____” and just have a number of finger foods for everyone to enjoy.

3. Open the dinner to everyone and just have a more interactive rehearsal dinner. Try a low country boil! We are after all, in the south!

4. AND……if you want a really fun option…..then host a private pub crawl or ghost walk after your rehearsal dinner with an open invitation to all out of town guests…

I hope this helps and remember to always extend the southern hospitality that we are so well known for…the more the merrier!

Photo by Geoff L Johnson

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  1. We still haven't decided what to do for food after the rehearsal! Yikes!!! I love the idea of cocktails and hors d'oeuvres!!! We did however book the entertainment; we are taking our guests on a trolley ghost tour!!! LOVE IT!!! That was in the plans months ago, as soon as we decided to get married in Savannah.