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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Real Savannah Wedding: Scott and Sally Part 3-Reception

Since the ceremony took place right outside the reception venue, guests were able to quickly walk over and begin their cocktail hour while they tour the museum. As Scott so eloquently put it, "In a nod to or current home city, we treated our guests to Britain’s favorite summer cocktail – Pimm’s –", as they found their names on the most adorable die-cut flowers, butterflies, birds, and bees. Taking their seats at beautifully decorated table featuring elegant yet modern white vases that allowed the grouped flowers to “pop” against the white walls and tablecloth, the happy couple had their first dance. "As the evening came, the the white walls where washed in hues of fuchsia adding to the drama (and making for killer photos)"says Scott and we couldn't agree more! Savannah Wedding (40)Savannah Wedding (42)Savannah Wedding (41)Savannah Wedding (43)Savannah Wedding die cut out place cards signature drinkScott wanted to surprise his bride with something she wanted the entire planning process but decided to forego it to add other things. Knowing how much she wanted it, he came to me and asked that we plan a candy bar to surprise her on the wedding day. What do you think? LOVEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Savannah Wedding (37)Savannah Wedding (35)Savannah Wedding, candy bags Savannah Wedding (31)Savannah Wedding (34)Savannah Wedding (36)Savannah Wedding, white vase weddingSavannah Wedding (18)Savannah Wedding (30)        Savannah Wedding (26)Savannah Wedding (47)Savannah Wedding (48)Savannah Wedding (50)Savannah Wedding (51)Savannah Wedding (52)Savannah Wedding (54)Savannah Wedding (49)Savannah Wedding (55)

Scott and Sally, sharing in the planning and your amazing day was truly an honor. I learned a lot about myself and was really able to enjoy the entire process with you both every step of the way. May this be the first of MANY years to come. –Love, Mo Thank you again to Scott Hopkins Photography for the images.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Real Savannah Wedding: Amanda and Joey Part 1-Ceremony


Oh where to begin??? This one is sure to blow you out of your seat! Amanda and Joey were married on August 7, 2010 in beautiful downtown Savannah. Their Savannah wedding was truly unique and expressed a vintage garden feel in all aspects of the wedding. Amanda wore an amazing Nicole Miller dress we feel in love with at Bleubelle Bridal and accented them with these fabulous accessories. Her necklace was even made by her mother! They wanted to use the beautiful garden as their backdrop to both their ceremony and reception and with the help of the OH SO FABULOUS Kiwifleur we really made the space intimate and easy to transform when guests went inside the house for cocktail hour. Using wooden crates we found at a local craft store they were stained to look vintage and filled with overflowing flowers and green apples. Iron cages were filled with flowers, strands of pearls and peacock feathers and were hung at different heights from the trees that canopied the base of the steps where the couple married. Baby’s breath garland swaged the steps along with lanterns. Could it look anymore beautiful??? And who other than the AAAAAMazing Shannon Christopher to be there capturing each and every moment!

Tomorrow Part 2- Portraits


IMG_4143  IMG_8190 IMG_8194  IMG_8247IMG_8213IMG_8218IMG_1278 IMG_8443IMG_8371 IMG_4186  IMG_8465  IMG_8475IMG_8489 Tags: Savannah Wedding,Savannah Wedding Planner,Vintage Wedding,Garden Wedding,White Peach Jade and Green wedding colors,Peacock feather wedding

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Real Savannah Wedding: Tali and Joe Part 3-Reception

Savannah Wedding (13)

Tali and Joe wanted a very simple and classic look for the reception. Shortly after their ceremony, Tali retreated to the room to change into her retro-chic cocktail gown! They surprised everyone with their choreographed first dance. NOW- I have seen my fair share of first dances, and believe me when I tell you mine was no prize…but this one was by far the BEST one I have had the pleasure of witnessing. And…one of the most impressive impromptu pick up plays with the band happened when one of the guests grabbed his saxophone out of the car and began whaling away! WOW. There was not a definite color scheme or theme…merely class. Guests found their seats by looking at the individual frames with the guests names under each table name. They shaded themselves with white parasols while the sun went over the house to keep cool and enjoyed a YUMMY candied apple as their favors. No wedding cake…remember…not traditional. Instead, Tali and Joe opted for oh-so-good cupcakes and to spruce them up a little we stuck them in filigree cupcake holders and placed them on a cupcake tower. When it was time to exit, guests lined up to send the happy couple on their way with a sparkling send off!

It was more a privilege, but of course a pleasure to share in this special wedding with these two and their loving families. I just love you guys!!!!

Thanks again Allison Reisz Photography and team for these great images.

 Savannah Wedding (5)Savannah Wedding (18)Savannah Wedding Savannah Wedding (2)Savannah Wedding (19)Savannah Wedding (27)  Savannah Wedding (57)  Savannah Wedding (21)  Savannah Wedding (25) Savannah Wedding (64)Savannah Wedding (20)    Savannah Wedding (46) Savannah Wedding (42)  Savannah Wedding (43)Savannah Wedding (59) Savannah Wedding (44)   Savannah Wedding (3) Savannah Wedding (61)Savannah Wedding (28) Savannah Wedding (62)