Thursday, December 30, 2010

Find of the Week: Jewelmint

Jewelmint   So, I am OBSESSED with this site. The ah-mazing Kate Bosworth and her long time stylist Cher Coulter have created this genius site where you can buy the most stunning jewelry all for 30 bucks!!! That’s right, every single piece is 30 dollars. Basically, you sign up and take a style quiz and every month you get an email that is catered to your style for you to choose from. And yes, every piece is 30 dollars. So, while it’s a monthly club, you are not obligated to purchase a piece every month if you aren’t loving your selection. There is always free shipping and easy exchanges. LOVE. join-jewelmint-kate-bosworth-cher-coulters-jewelry-club

I am just floored by the prices. The jewelry is GORGEOUS. I ordered a pair of earrings for my best friend and I was a little worried about the quality, but OMG they were beautiful. The packaging is just genius. I am really a huge fan. I think that with the help of this site I will slowly grow my jewelry collection. So brides, be on the look out for wedding day jewels and at these low prices, don’t forget to look for bridesmaids gifts.



Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Celebrity Inspiration of the Week: Angelina Jolie’s Capelet

122010-angelina-jolie-290  So, I know Miss Angie is not always everyones fave celebrity... HELLO Chelsea Handler. Yikes. I happen to absolutely love her. I think she is insanely talented and crazy hot. I mean come on, she wins Oscars and she can kick ass, for examples see Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Salt, Wanted, etc. While promoting The Tourist overseas she rocked this fabulous capelet and this is seriously something that any cold weather bride should own. A winter cover up should be delicate, but still a substantial fabric and depending on your dresses fabric you can wear silk, fur, or even a chunky knit. I found a bunch of great options by Asos, Joie, Free People, Searle, and Rory Beca. angieinspiration.001

Don’t be afraid to rock Celeb style on your big day!!!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

A guests guide to a winter wedding

      I’ve touched on this subject in the past, but I thought with the holidays lurking near, that I would dive a little deeper into what a guest can wear to a blustery wedding day. Annnnd even if you don’t have a wedding to attend, this can also be used as a guide for Christmas and New Years parties. I am OBSESSED with the holidays. They are cold and romantic and just so much fun. And don’t get me started on winter weddings, I LOVE them.

The holidays are totally the time to bust out that sparkly top or dress you’ve been itching to wear.   Jewel tone’s are also wonderful for the winter, so you can finally wear that ruby red or emerald green that’s been hiding in your closet. I also love the weight of fabrics you can wear, I mean a velvet blazer or faux fur shrug in the middle of summer don’t quite work, but in the dead of winter. FABULOUS!!

winterguest.001{gowns} Go for lush fabrics and fun embellishments. But keep it simple, a gown is a ton of fabric so you don’t want to go overboard with sparkle, etc. The bride is the star. Keep reminding yourself that.

winterguest.002{cocktail dresses} Now with a cocktail dress you can have a wee bit more fun. Look for fun metallics, sequins in muted hues, and rich jewel tones. Just remember never too short, too low cut, too tight. You get it. If you do find a shorter dress wear thick black tights with a hot pair of black pumps, same applies with shorter skirts.

winterguest.003{skirts} I loooove skirts for the holidays. You really can have so much fun and pair it with a simple black turtleneck or light blouse or tank and you have instant fabulous.

winterguest.004{pants} Now pants have just as much place at a winter wedding as a dress. Go for satin-y light fabrics or fabulous taffetas. You can pair them with a great pair of nude pumps and a simple glittery top. For a super sexy look go monochrome and wear all black and for a bit a holiday cheer add a golden or pewter top... even a pale pink.

winterguest.005{tops} So, I mentioned in both skirts in pants what tops I’d wear, but just be sure that you aren’t making your look too busy. A glittery skirt doesn’t need a glittery top, remember, less is more... unless we are talking about caret size ;) Just keep it fun and easy.

winterguest.006{outerwear} Now, you can have so much fun with this because you won’t be wearing it except when you are entering and exiting so you can go a bit crazy. I love a velvet blazer paired with a pair of satin pants and a sequined top. It’s a great balance of fabric weights. I think a velvet gown mixed with a genius faux fur would really be sassy! An awesome shiny blazer paired with a long olive skirt and a sheer black turtleneck is GENIUS!!! So just make sure that the coat doesn’t take the look too far.

Until we meet again, stay bridal and puh-lease, winter white is still white... don’t be a jerk.


Celebrity Inspiration of the Week: Olivia Wilde


Why this look works for a bride!!

First, let me say, that the keyhole cutout is genius for a small bust line!!! Mixed with the long sleeves and column skirt it’s sophisticated and not overly sexy. The cinched waist is a great way to show off just about everyone’s tiniest part. This gown in an ivory sequin would work for a super funky bride, but it would also suit a more traditional bride in a silk satin and even on a super chill bride in a silk jersey. wildeinspiration.001

The hair and makeup have a wonderful retro undertone. The side swept bangs with the huge barrel rolled curls is just a classic look. Sexy and easy. I love. love. love her makeup. It’s so simple, but the dramatic cat eye really takes this look to the next level. A rosy cheek and nude lip completes her look. This whole thing is just fresh and fabulous.

Don’t be afraid to rock celebrity style on your big day!!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Real Savannah Wedding: Tiffany and Craig Part 3-Reception

9113Tiffany, Craig and their guests headed over to the docks on River Street to board the Riverboat for their reception! Orange Jones soda sat with the couple’s picture sat at each place setting and were given to guests as wedding favors. Mason jars filled with orange, pink and yellow flowers were scattered down an peach runner and brought life to the riverboat. The dance floor was never empty, laughter in the air and smiles filled the room. As guests lined up with pink glowsticks, they sent the happy couple to the rickshaw and road around Savannah enjoying their first alone moments as the new Mr. and Mrs.

It was such a pleasure sharing in your day Tiffany and Craig. You guys are amazing and we wish you all the best and many years of wedded bliss.


The MGE Team first dance91329127savannah riverboat  91299142   9146

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Real Savannah Wedding: Tiffany and Craig Part 2-Portraits

9107savannah bride 9104900591059109 9108

Monday, December 20, 2010

Real Savannah Wedding: Tiffany and Craig Part 1-Prep and Ceremony

Tiffany and Craig’s Savannah wedding took place on November 13th in a magnificent square on an perfect fall day. To say that this couple was fun and unique is an understatement. We just adore them!!!! So we felt the need to share a few pictures and details from the day to truly show you how special they were! Their wedding was full of color and life with orange and pink around each corner. Tiffany looked radiant in her mermaid style dress and pink heels!!! (You know I love colored wedding shoes!)We total DIG Craig’s personalized pink and black Converse All Star sneakers. Guests enjoyed a cocktail hour immediately following the ceremony while they waited to head to the docks and board the Riverboat for the reception. Thanks to Nichole Barrali for the images and sharing in the magic of this day! Tune in tomorrow for Part 2- The Portraits

9000 daisy bout 9018 savannah wedding 9024

90319025904190739077 90819068

Friday, December 17, 2010

Popping the Question-The “Dont's” of proposing- Part 2

Yesterday I wrote about the “Do’s” to popping the big questions, but today are the “Don’ts”, which might be even more important in my mind! Read on and let me know if i have left anything important out!??!

Do it on Another Important Day

You know that kid in school that happens to share a birthday with Christmas? know where I am going with this…..Make your proposal unique in all aspects of the word, including the day you do it! Holidays and birthdays are off limits! They are separate special occasions and your proposal should be as well!

Over Do It

Don't lose site of what you are doing and the meaning behind it. Smoke and mirrors are still smoke and mirrors! Let it come from the heart and don’t do something that isn’t a reflecting of the two of you.

Do it in Public

I am sure you have been to a baseball game where during the 7th inning the words “Patty, will you marry me” run across the jumbotron…well, not only is it tacky what if she is in the bathroom when it flashes up on the screen? I mean come on…do you really want thousands of people watching you propose to the woman of your dreams? I know what you are saying…”but Morgan, we share a love of baseball, it would be perfect!” NOOO! If you love baseball (which I do-GO METS) then ask the stadium to do a private tour and on the field, get on your knee! This is supposed to be something intimate and private! Which brings me to……

In Front of Family

It is not a family affair! It is a private affair. The moments following a proposal are very private and intimate and do you really want family watching or sharing in your moment? If you want to involve your family, arrange to meet up with everyone afterwards! It presents a perfect time to share the news!

Hide it in Food

As much as you want to…refrain! What if you lose it? What if she chomps down on it? A broken tooth or missing ring doesn’t bode well for you or what you are trying to accomplish before the end of the night! Trust me here!

Jump the Gun

Courtship is an important part of a relationship. You want to be 100% sure that the answer is going to be “Yes” and you want to be sure that you are making the right decision as well. You two should know each other…and know that this is the step you want to take forward together. You don’t want to have to replay this moment again…with anyone else or her for that matter!

Drink too much

While you might need a drink to take the edge off..don't let it get out of hand. you need to be on your best behavior and full capacity when "asking her to marry you”. The memory of you slurring your words or passing out isn’t on her list of fond memories and you might get an answer you weren’t expecting!

With that said, take a breath (maybe a drink) and relax……GOOD LUCK and enjoy taking the plunge…it only gets better from here!

We cannot wait to hear your story!

The MGE Team

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Popping the Question-The “Do’s” of proposing-Part 1

marriage proposal So you want to “Pop the question” to the love of your life? And…you are searching online to find advice…well, you have come to the right place! Up until this point, the most important day in your life might have been when you walked across the stage at your college graduation, or maybe when you landed that dream job you were interviewing for or maybe even when you became the proud owner of a 69’ Mustang. Well none of that will compare to what you are about to do. That being said, here are the ultimate guidelines for the “Do’s” to proposing!

Be Certain

The ONLY answer you should or want to here is “YES”….This is not an instance when you don’t want to be unsure of the answer you are expecting to receive. This could turn out to be upsetting and humiliating for both of you and that is no way to end the evening or continue the relationship. Avoid the awkward situation by wading the waters and casually discussing the future of your relationship. (But…don’t wait until just before you want to propose!)

The Element of Surprise

She should in no way be expecting or anticipating this! This is part of the game right! You want to sweep her off her feet and take her by surprise. SO…keep it quite! No one needs to know what or when you will do it. Don’t facebook or twitter it, tell family and friends, or leave receipts laying around. If she gets suspicious, throw her off or even lie (this is the only time I condone this!)

Talk With Her Parents

While it is not necessary this day in age, to ask for permission, it is always a good idea to talk with her parents about your intentions.  Asking for their blessing is not only nice to have, it is form of respect.

Be Unique

You don't want to be a copy cat! You want this to be a moment that you both remember forever! The more thought you put into it, the more it will mean to her.   After all this is one of the stories that you will be asked and tell more than any other in your lifetime together! Make it count. if you are stuck and just don't know what to do, that is OK because some wedding planners offer services now, where they will help you plan this momentous occasion with you!

Make it Personal

When you think of how to ask your girlfriend make them feel like the whole affair was designed around them! Have her favorite flowers, food or wine with you, invite her family to join you as it is happening, bring her to a spot that means the most to the both of you, cook her special meal…you get the picture! And most importantly add more to the “Will you marry me?” Start the proposal off by telling her why you want to marry her or what you love most about her and then ask the ever so important question.


More than likely you are going to be so nervous! You need to think about what you want to say, write it down, practice in front of a mirror, use a tape recorder, say it to a friend…whatever you can do to make you feel more confident in asking. These words should flow right out of your mouth without hesitation! Practice does make perfect!

Get on your Knee

Every little girl has dreamt about this day. She has seen it in movies, read about it in books and heard many stories all of which include, YOU getting down on one knee and proposing to her. While this might seem corny or even petty to you, this is something that means the world to her!

Ask the Question

Getting on your knee and showing her a ring doesn’t imply that you want to marry her and it shouldn’t be a given when you do so. You need to ask her “THE” question.  These words are indicating you are ready to take the next step in your relationship and you want her to be your wife. She shouldn’t have to assume anything and hearing it from you are words that will linger in her head and heart for the rest of her life.

Pictures are a Must

You want to be sure you have memories of this amazing moment in your life! Aside from your wedding and children’s birth, this will be a one of the most important memories that you will share with friends and family for years! Take it from me, I have personal experience with this one! When my husband asked me to marry him, he didn't think to have a camera or anyone take pictures afterwards. The only thing we could get our hands on was this little Polaroid camera that the restaurant had and the picture was so blurry and small it didn’t even matter. I was so upset that the restaurant let me take the plate home so i could photograph it but we still had no picture of us! Arrange to bring your camera and hand it someone to take a picture, have friends and family join you right after, or have a professional photographer there to capture it all! Whatever you do, get pictures!

Tune in tomorrow for the every so important “Don’ts” to popping the question!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Find of the Week: Rent the Runway

rent   Okay, if you’ve never heard of this site, walk nay run on over there. It’s a fashionista’s dream. And basically you do exactly what it says. You can rent designer runway gowns for up to 90% off of the actual price!!! Basically, you enter the date of your event, your size, and your zip code and you will be able to sift through all of the available dresses!!! They also have stylists on call so you can receive expert advice at any time. And if that wasn’t awesome enough, you get 2 dresses!!!! To ensure a perfect fit! And for just 25 bucks, you can order a back up dress and also receive 2 sizes!!! So you get to have 2 awesome designer dresses to choose from for your special

rtr_zoeI think this site is genius for bridesmaids, guests, and even brides. Yes, I am totally cool with a bride using this. I mean, not only could you get a steal of a deal on your rehearsal dinner dress, ladies brunch look, and heck maybe even your actual wedding dress. Maybe you wanted to change into a short gown, but didn’t want to spend another thousand dollars, well rent a 1,300 dollar Lela Rose for 150 bucks. You can get a designer rehearsal dinner dress for 50 bucks!!! Halston Heritage, See by Chloe, D&G... just to name a few.

You can also rent jewelry, headbands, and handbags. Yeah, this site is that awesome. 350 dollar earrings for 35 freaking dollars. That’s brilliant! Have you always wanted to carry a Judith Lieber clutch, but never thought you could afford the 1,600 dollar price tag. Rent one for just 150 dollars. So, it’s pretty ah-mazing. It’s by no means cheap, but it does save you a considerable amount of money if you have champagne taste and a beer budget.

So, all you have to do is sign up on the site and start borrowing. It’s that simple.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Real Savannah Wedding: Amanda and Joey Part 3-Reception


The inspiration for this wedding actually stemmed from the amazing Lenox vases I found at an a Lenox outlet store. They looked antique and were pressed with different flowers to give a garden feel. How ELEGANT! We bought loads of bud vases in varying heights and a about 7 larger vases. They flowed down the table intertwined with taper candles and old milk bottles wrapped with twine. So onto the goodies! Guests found their seats by these adorable DIY luggage tags that sat in vintage suitcases. Each tag had the city in which the guest was from and a number that corresponded with their chair. On each chair hung a linen bag stamped with a peacock feather and adorable saying which held a jar of Savannah Bee honey and a oak tree cookie cutter. The menu cards were cut by hand and added a nice dimension to the gold rimmed charger and gold napkin. The show stopper?? The beautiful vintage cake by Two Cakes. I mean trying to describe the cake wouldn’t do it any justice so you just have to look and LOOK carefully. It is so detailed! Guests wrote notes to the couple and put them in old coke crate slots and when it was time for their departure…they adorned them with blue and green biodegradable confetti as they made their way to the pedi-cab! Thanks again to Shannon Christopher for the incredible shots of the day and Kiwifleur for the jaw dropping decor! We wish you many MANY years of happiness Amanda and Joey! What an honor it was sharing in  your planning and wedding day. xoxooxoxo

IMG_4142   IMG_8748

IMG_8673IMG_8682IMG_4299IMG_1552IMG_4306 IMG_8671IMG_8689IMG_5989 IMG_8775IMG_9001 IMG_9007IMG_8579IMG_8581     IMG_9257IMG_8591 IMG_9279 IMG_9295 Savannah Theater Shannon Christopher