Tuesday, April 30, 2013

{tips & tricks} TUESDAY :: the necessity of the rain plan.

dearest brides and grooms, 

now, i don't want to rain on your parade {ha}. obviously, no one - absolutely no one - wishes for rain on her wedding day. however, as with most things in life, you should always plan for the worst-case scenario. for your wedding day, that means you need to plan for rain. 

if you have your heart set on an outdoor ceremony and an indoor reception, your rain-plan contingency will be a bit less complicated. the most common rain plan for this situation is to reserve an indoor location, whether it a church or a portion of your already-reserved reception venue, in which to hold your ceremony.  while this is not the most ideal option, it is often the best since the alternative - to reserve a tent under which to hold your ceremony - is both costly and, in most cases, detracts from the outdoor setting that you loved in the first place. you can't exactly enjoy the view of oaks dripping with spanish moss from underneath a tent, you know? 

now, if you have your heart set on an open-air ceremony and an outdoor reception, your best option may well be to reserve a tent to cover the reception space just in case. if you are a week out and the chance of rain on your wedding day is 0%, some rental companies will allow you to cancel on the tent, which you may as well do. if the weather forecast indicates the potential for rain on your wedding day, keep the tent on your rental order. as it takes quite a few hours to put up a tent, you will have to make the call the day {rather than hours} prior on whether or not to raise it. 

either way, trust me on this: MAKE A RAIN PLAN. if you don't have one, it will definitely rain. if you do have one, it more than likely will not rain. 

if you want extra assurance {in addition to coming up with a rain contingency}, check out this southern tradition to ward off the storm clouds on your wedding day: 

{image via southern weddings}
"Southern folklore says if you bury a full bottle of bourbon upside down at your wedding venue exactly one month before your wedding day, you will keep rain away. The co-founders of Borrowed & Blue did it before their wedding day &, as you can see, they had bright & sunny skies despite the threat of a hurricane. It can't hurt to give it a try, & is an awesome event around which to center your engagement photos." 
- borrowed and blue's top ten southern wedding traditions

Monday, April 29, 2013

{make it your own} MONDAY :: bridesmaid bouquet alternatives.

hey there, lovely brides! 

let's discuss bridesmaid bouquet alternatives. while having your ladies-in-waiting clutch miniature, complementary versions of your own lush bouquet is a fabulous option {particularly if you want to reuse their bouquets as table arrangements at your reception}, don't feel limited to that alone. 

{} if you're having an evening ceremony, the perfect way to set the scene for your romantic nuptials would be having each bridesmaid carry a fishbowl votive with a candle inside. as they walk up the aisle to herald your grand entrance, all of your guests will bask in the soft candlelit glow. 

{image via google images}

{} having a fab garden fete and don't want to detract from the scene with any more flowers? gift your bridesmaids with cute clutches like these and have them carry their new pretties down the aisle! 

{via etsy}
{via etsy}

{} miniature embroidered signs or chalkboards are adorable and a sweet way to send your groom a message before he sees you. popular messages include: "wait - til - you - see - her!" and "here - comes - your - girl!" 
personalize each hoop with a different word to spell out your message!
{via etsy}

{} a single paper flower makes a fun statement and it's cost-effective! 

{via green wedding shoes}

{} ginormous balloons are SO cool and SO much fun! 

{via green wedding shoes}

{} still want to use flowers but in a slightly different way? adorn your ladies in a floral wreath, or perhaps have them wear a wrist or ankle corsage! 

{via green wedding shoes}

{via oh lovely day}

what do you guys think? would you consider a non-traditional bridesmaid bouquet? let me know in the comments!



Sunday, April 28, 2013

Future Savannah Wedding: Andrea + Scott

Andrea O'Bryan + Scott Nelson

Date Engaged

Where did you meet?
Scott lives in the same neighborhood as my parents.  My Mom spends a lot of time walking in the neighborhood and chatted with Scott when she saw him outside.  She kept telling me that she knew "the perfect guy" for me and of course that brought on an eye roll and a "suuuuure Mom" followed by a NO!  Fast forward several months and Scott's neighbor and my Mom cooked up a plan to have us meet at their neighborhood Christmas party.  I gave in and decided to give it a shot and went to the party.  Scott was over an hour late for the party and I was about to leave when he finally arrived.  My first thought was WOW!  He was so handsome and had such a warm smile.  We spent the evening chatting and made plans to meet for brunch the following weekend.  Our first date was brunch at the Secret Garden in Jacksonville and we've been inseparable ever since.  I guess Mom was right!

How did he propose?
Our favorite city is Savannah and we visit as often as we can.  We always have dinner at The Olde Pink House in the cozy downstairs tavern.  On this particular night we were able to have dinner in the vault.  The wonderful soloist, Sidra, came by at one point and sang "When I Fall in Love" to us--such a special moment!  We enjoyed a delicious dinner and ordered dessert.  They brought our dessert but also had a plate with "Will you marry me" written in chocolate!  The pianist that evening was playing the wedding march as they brought the plate and Scott got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.  It was such a wonderful night!  We cried happy tears, laughed and  ended the evening with a slow dance to a Frank Sinatra song while everyone in the tavern cheered and wished us well.

When is your wedding date?

Why did you pick the area you are getting married in?
Savannah is very dear to us and we want to share our love of the city with our family and friends.  We are so excited to be getting married in one of Savannah's beautiful squares and to have our reception at The Olde Pink House!  Our wedding is going to be a laid back weekend spent enjoying our favorite things about Savannah with family and friends.  What better way to start our married life than in our favorite city, surrounded by our favorite people?

Where do you reside now?
We live in the beaches area of Jacksonville, Florida.

Anything interesting or out of the ordinary you are including in your wedding day? 
We are planning to take our guests on a walking historical/ghost tour after the reception!

Anything else you would like to add?
We recently lost our 12 1/2 year old chocolate lab, Shelby.  She was very special to me and I always said the man I married would have to love her like I do.  Scott and Shelby got off to a rough start when she practically destroyed his newly remodeled bathroom!  After that small bump in the road, Scott wholeheartedly accepted her and really did love her like I did.  Shelby had a special pearl collar that she wore on her birthday every year and I will be carrying it down the aisle with me.

LOVE that you were engaged at the Olde Pink House! Adorable story....We cannot wait for October 28th you two. 

The MGE Team

Friday, April 26, 2013

{floral} FRIDAY :: the final week of april, 2013.

the beauties this week need no written introduction. without further adieu, feast your eyes on...

from ruffled

rich, decadent and perfect for an old mansion setting.

hello, glamour!

bright pops of color went perfectly with the bride's fun theme!

a wildflower bouquet AND flowers in her hair? this bride channels the lovechild oh-so-well;)

something about this wintry wedding reminds me of bubble gum and cotton candy.

the best part of this set-up? the bride's dramatic all-white bouquet!

billy balls and succulents are such a cheerful pair!

from green wedding shoes

this looks just like the kind of thing i would have ADORED wearing as a little girl!

such a pretty, soft palette for a bouquet!

bright citrus colors? ranunculus? sign me up.

a nice balance of brights and pastels with some leafy greens thrown in...

how cool is this hat made of flowers?!

i am utterly obsessed with this entire scene. i mean... seriously. also, anemones are amazing.

from southern weddings

a little taste of a cool-palette bouquet done right...

how amazing is that bright red dahlia?

wreaths are the best decor accents!

i couldn't pass up posting this branch serving as a sign and entwined with daisies...

such pretty pastels!

the gilded gold leaves in this bouquet are all drama and glam - LOVE.

these chair ties match the bridal bouquet oh-so-well!

have a fabulous weekend, y'all!



Thursday, April 25, 2013

{thirsty} THURSDAY :: getting ready edition: bridesmaids.


perhaps one of the best parts of your wedding day is the time when it's just you and your favorite girlfriends and female family members. maybe you choose to start your day off with a big breakfast, a group yoga class {like our recent newlywed heather did!}, or just sipping on coffee and munching on fruit while you and your ladies get your makeup done. 

either way, most bridal parties like to indulge in a little celebratory drinking at some point during the get-ready process. 

with that in mind, here are some ideas to get you started:

a mimosa bar
{via this link}

mimosas are perhaps the signature celebratory drink for brides on the morning of their wedding. not only are they traditional {champagne - hello!} but they are endlessly customizable if served with an assortment of freshly-squeezed juices. they also pack a bit less of an alcoholic punch if you are not trying to get tipsy prior to your walk down the aisle;) 

a bloody mary bar
{via food and wine}

mmm, the bloody mary! this is for the bride and her maids who prefer veggies to fruit, savory to sweet, and who don't mind a little vodka before 5pm. these bars can be equally as fun as a mimosa bar but in their own way - think different types of olives, gourmet hot sauces {sriracha!}, and other fun garnishes. it's also particularly excellent if you infuse your own vodka with garlic/shallots/olives and use that when making your bloody mary.

an irish coffee bar
{via this link}

now, this may not appeal to those of you who are saying your vows on a hot summer {or spring or fall if you're in savannah - yikes} day. however, for those of us who love our caffeine {ahem} this is an excellent option. whether you choose to spike yours the traditional way {bourbon, jameson, bailey's} or opt for a twist {vanilla vodka and bailey's, perhaps?} this is sure to start your day off right. even better: serve it all up in a cute personalized cup {maybe a bridesmaid's gift?} and a yummy donut-hole stirrer as pictured above!

next week, i'll discuss groomsmen-specific celebratory libations - be sure to check in!



Wednesday, April 24, 2013

{real wedding} WEDNESDAY :: the garden wedding.

spring has officially sprung, ladies & gentlemen. 

while that does unfortunately mean a somewhat irritating influx of rainy weather {april is apparently taking its reputation for showers quite seriously this year} it also means a bounty of beautiful blossoms! 

when your venue is naturally gorgeous, it can really cut down on your costs decor-wise. rather than spending a fortune prettying-up your chosen setting with armfuls of flowers, you can let nature do its work and take care of all the decorating for you. 

you cannot tell me that this is not the most gorgeous ceremony spot of all time. this is just breathtaking! the only ceremony decor that isn't naturally present is the arrangement on top of the arch. i'm in love.
{via southern weddings}

how can you not love a dreamy setting like this garden?
{via green wedding shoes}

when you are surrounded by greenery, you only need a few select pops of florals for your ceremony decor - or none at all!
{via ruffled}

a garden setting is the perfect excuse to play lawn games {like croquet!} during cocktail hour.
{via snippet and ink}

while it's not your typical garden, this hidden gem is a romantic setting nonetheless. the lush, verdant surroundings make just the tiniest aisle accents more than enough decor for the ceremony!
{via snippet and ink}

yes, there are pretty flowers everywhere in a garden wedding: even on the cake!
{via southern weddings}

love this table setting for a garden - the vintage teacup perched on old books and a mismatched pink china place setting with a blue linen napkin complements the surroundings perfectly.
{via southern weddings}

should april showers show up to your lovely garden wedding, fear not! grab an umbrella & embrace the circumstances like these two did;)
{via three nails photography}

have a fabulous wednesday!



Tuesday, April 23, 2013

{tips & tricks} TUESDAY :: how to tie the perfect bow.

here's a wedding coordinator skill for you to perfect: 

tying the perfect bow!

whether you need to wrap up your bridesmaids' gifts, add a little something to your invites, or tie the flower girl's sash at the last second, this is an invaluable skill for anyone in the wedding world to have. 

to get the full list of directions, check out elli's tutorial here!



Monday, April 22, 2013

{make it your own} MONDAY :: ceremony backdrop.

ladies & gentlemen, 

i can't help but notice a gorgeous ceremony backdrop. whether you're going for a fun, modern fete complete with a stunning ribbon wall backdrop or a lush, romantic floral arch, this is an excellent design area to express your personal style and set the tone for your wedding. 

a banner with a personalized saying adds a nice touch.
{via ruffled}

dying for an outdoor wedding but can't shake the feeling you want your ceremony to feel more formal? compromise by bringing out stained glass windows & a raised platform!
{via southern weddings}

simply effortless & gorgeous.
{via 100 layer cake}

i love this set-up! it's more unique than a plain floral arch but gives the same effect.
{via snippet and ink}

one of the latest trends for modern, romantic wedding ceremonies: a stunning ribbon wall!
{via green wedding shoes}

bright paper flowers are economical and make a bold statement for your playfully modern celebration.
{via green wedding shoes}

how cool is this chalkboard arch drawn on a plain concrete wall?
{via green wedding shoes}

i love 1} these classy paper flowers and 2} the uniquely triangular shape of the arch.
{via green wedding shoes}

i hope you're as inspired as i am by these cool arches! which do you love? are you considering doing something completely different for your ceremony backdrop? let me know in the comments!