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Thursday, February 21, 2013

diy inspiration {packaging + pencils}

maybe you’re a budget-conscious bride wanting a creative-yet-inexpensive save the date {or even casual wedding invitation}, or perhaps you just want to decorate your everyday life with adorable adornments. 

in either case, you should make it your first priority to head straight over to knot & bow’s etsy shop to find things like

stickers {to seal envelopes, decorate – whatever!} 

144 Kraft Heart Stickers - FREE SHIPPING

kraft heart stickers {144 for $12}

library cards {use with a custom stamp to craft your very own save the dates//casual invites like these}

100 Assorted Library Cards

{100 library cards in assorted colors for $14}

glittery twine {for tying up pretty packages, or in conjunction with your handmade save the dates}

Gold Glitter Twine

{260 feet for $14}

and the cutest pencils you’ve ever seen: 

UK Version // Me & You Pencils - Gold Stamped Natural Wood

{$12 for six pencils with unique phrases on each}

Friday, February 15, 2013

modcloth bridal style

i am SO excited to announce that modcloth, purveyor of reasonably-priced adorable sundresses, vintage accessories & fabulous footwear, has a vintage wedding style section!
this is perfect for a casual wedding dress, creative bridesmaid dresses, or even just a classy little rehearsal dress.
check out a couple of my favorites:
{for your bridal luncheon}
Vintage Wedding Style - Bow, How Wonderful Dress Vintage Wedding Style - Reflecting Pool EarringsVintage Wedding Style - Dainty Dramatist Heel in Mint
{for your rehearsal dinner}
Vintage Wedding Style - Champagne Soiree DressVintage Wedding Style - Drop by the Party EarringsVintage Wedding Style - Lustery Day Heel
{for your bridesmaids}
Vintage Wedding Style - Home Sweet Scone Dress Vintage Wedding Style - For the Butter DressVintage Wedding Style - Ooh La Lavender DressVintage Wedding Style - Frost and Foremost Dress
{for your vintage courthouse wedding}
Vintage Wedding Style - Aisle Be There Dress in LilyVintage Wedding Style - University of Marilyn Dress in CreamVintage Wedding Style - Love You Ivory Day Dress
{for your reception}
Vintage Wedding Style - Vanilla Cream and Sugar Dress Vintage Wedding Style - Bright Starlet DressVintage Wedding Style - Marshmallow Whirl Dress

cute, right? and so affordable! you can find all of the styles i noted above on modcloth’s website. 
happy shopping!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Trending-Sunnie Brook: Beauty Blog

I don’t know how I’ve lived without this site for so long. After reading a killer great article on Refinery29, I had to check her site out and I am OB-SESSED. Brooke, a pro-hairstylist/makeup artist, shares her tricks of the trade on her fabulous blog. She even has special posts for the bride!!! Sunnie is California girl through and through and her easy to follow tutorials are not only informative they are down right adorable. Her blog is filled with tons of inspiration for your wedding day AND your daily life. Enjoy!!


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Trending: Capturing your day with your guests help

If you haven't heard of Wedding Snap then don't feel bad, I too have been under a rock apparently for a while until just a month ago. Over the years, cell phones and now even IPADs are attending weddings as if they are their own guest. It is like the paparazzi when your first "kiss" happens and within seconds, those that were unable to attend your wedding now see your pictures on facebook and twitter! However, it really does make a photographer's job hard at times. So my quick scold is be sure to tell guests to respect the photographer and let them do their job. After all you are paying them for professional and STUNNING pictures. Ok--onward with this cool app!

So here is a great way to keep all those snapshots and videos by those other than your photographer/videographer all in one place for your viewing pleasure with downloading capabilities!

Here is how it works--(it is really quite simple)

1. You create your album online. They offer many packages so you can pick the best one for you and your needs.  Every Album has a unique album code that you choose, so guests can pick which albums they want to upload pictures to.

2. Share your code. Have your guests download the free Wedding Snap iPhone or Android app and enter your album code.

3. Click away! Have your guests take photos before, during, and after the wedding with our iPhone and Android application. This includes any videos they took too! Guests without smartphones but with digital cameras can upload their pictures directly with our web application with the album code.
4. Enjoy!!!


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Rockin' Bridesmaids Gifts

You’ve picked your girls, you’ve set the date... Now, what the devil do you get them as bridesmaids gifts!?!? This is a common dilemma and unless you are made of money can be difficult to find well-priced, fun, and unique bm’s gifts. Here are a few personalized pieces that your girls will love and won’t break the bank!!
Clockwise from top Left. 
OtisBWedding, $140 for set of 5; MadebySam3, $206 for set of 6; LustrousElements, $156 for set of 6; CourtneyLeeDesigns, $48 per necklace. 
Cute Clutches.
Clockwise from top Right. 
MarchAndCraft, $60 per bag; BlueNini, $28 per bag; BagatellesAndCo, $10 Personalized Message; BagatellesAndCo, Bags range from $35 - $125. 
Monogramed Beach
Left to right. 
Monogrammed bag; VixDesignStudio, $72 per.
Ring Bowls. 
Left to Right. 
TheBrickKiln, $50 for set of 5; SayYourPiece, $10 per bowl. 
So clearly etsy’s where it’s at!!! Happy Shopping!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Who says the Bridesmaids have to match!?!


   Well, it has to be said that I have always had quite a problem with authority... I don’t really like to be told what to do. I instantly want to do the opposite of what I am told... I’m sure this stems to some repressed elementary school trauma. Nonetheless my apprehension to the rules is, I think, what makes me so good at fashion and decorating... Because the unexpected is exciting and fun!!! Let your bridesmaids be FUN!! I swear, take it from me, mixing bridesmaids gowns comes across confident and sophisticated. Using 3 stores you can get all your girls outfitted with “different, but the same” dresses sure to be the hit of wedding!!! I mean, besides you... *Sidenote. You will always be the most important, that’s a given, so don’t be afraid to do fun and interesting things with your wedding for fear they will overshadow you. NOT POSSIBLE* Okay, moving on... 

diffbmdresses.001Shopbop. Okay. Shopbop is seriously the most wonderfully edited “designer” site. I am obsessed with every designer they sell. Omg. I would love to win a shopping spree... Can anyone make that happen?!!? Let me know ;) With Shopbop I decided to do a more daytime look, this would be great during Spring, but honestly will still work for Winter. Just have your girls rock structured blazers or rad leather jackets with the look for colder weather. OOOOooooooOOOo. So chic. This color palette is one of my favorites! The shades of silvery gray are just stunning and universally flattering and the tawny pink shades are so beautiful and such a girly mix. This look is more about varying fabrics and colors, none of them match perfectly, but they create a genius collection that totally works together. Think about putting your maid and matron of honor in the pink whilst the rest of your ladies do the gray. Obsessed with this.

diffbmdresses.002BHLDN. Favorite store ever. So I decided to do a blue/navy/black theme. I love this for an evening affair. The colors are brilliant and read super chic. I think this combo really works. You can decide if you want it more blue heavy or black heavy, but I like it nice and balanced. The colors do NOT need to match perfectly. Do you hear me!?!? DO NOT need to match. It’s all about getting colors that go. This is what will create the brilliant look of non-matching-matching. Use different textures of fabrics. Mix stripes, solids, ruffles and bows. This look is beyond sophisticated.

diffbmdresses.003JCrew. Who doesn’t love fuschia!? I mean this collection is not for color challenged. This is for the girl that loves vibrant, exciting color and isn’t afraid to have it in her wedding. I love the rose pinks mixed with the more muted purply tones. This collection also heavily relies on varying color and texture. I love the richness of this grouping. The patterned gown should definitely go on your maid of honor for a little something special for her. I think these girls should be carrying a lovely bouquet of white, peach, and pale pink peonies. Are you feeling me!?!? Who’s excited!?!? My Lordy I want to get married again so badly!!!

Okay, so the rules.

*it only needs to “go” no matchy-matchy here.

*look for varying patterns, fabrics, and shades.

  • give your maid and matron’s of honor the special dress.
  • don’t be afraid of color.
  • remember it’s impossible for you not to be the star of the show, so don’t be afraid to take risks with designing your wedding look. You are never going to be overshadowed.


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Out of the box cake toppers from Etsy!

If you are a pet lover like me (and we have a number of our fabulous brides incorporating their pets) then you are going to love this! We recently had a couple that cherished their fur babies and wanted to make sure they were ever-present in the wedding day festivities, so they contacted a seller on Etsy, sent pictures of their pets, and she then created these. What an amazing job she did…see for yourself! While they didn't go on top of their cake, these two furry friends sat on their sweetheart table during the reception. These are actually made of clay. If you want to explore other options, just search “Clay Wedding Cake Toppers” on Etsy. The possibilities are endless.

Savannah 2007 029P1010641  imageHandmade Polymer Clay Boston Terrier Wedding Cake Toppers


Bird Wedding Cake Topper - Snowy Owls - Wise Love

Monday, November 14, 2011

Very Pinteresting...


  pinterest-logo-a1 Maybe you’ve heard of Pinterest or maybe you haven’t, but I know you’ve heard of Facebook and Twitter... Well, Pinterest is better than both of them. Okay, now you must be saying, “great, but what the devil does a social media website have to do with weddings!?!?” My answer, everything. Unlike other sites, you are connecting to friends and random strangers with ah-mazing pictures. It’s basically the most giant collection of brilliant and inspiring photos ranging from fashion, decor, food, funny/inspiring quote, fun diy projects, and yes, weddings... oh-so-many-weddings.

Picture 1Basically you create folders for yourself and any photo you like from any website can be posted to Pinterest you can mention friends and leave comments. For example, I have a fashion folder labeled Fashionably Late and wedding folder aptly named For My Next Wedding and oh, so many more. There is no limit to your folder options. I also love this site because I no longer have to fill my computer with photos, I have a nice and tidy place online to go and view all of my favorite photos without using up much needed computer space. And you can repin from friends and other Pinterest buddies and the pictures usually have links to the websites where they are from, so if you love a cake or dress 90% of the time when you click the photo you will be taken to the website where it’s from!!!!! BRILLIANT.

Pinterest Photos.001You do need a invite to join the site, but trust me if you put out the word on Facebook someone will hook you up! You will be shocked how many people you already know who are on it!!!

Happy Pinning!!!


Friday, August 19, 2011

Designer Spotlight: Jenny Yoo

JennyYoo.002It’s no big secret, if you read this blog, that I am not a fan of traditional bridesmaids gowns. I mean it’s basically a department store dress that is more expensive, requires more work, and always needs alterations. Nothing about that is appealing to either me or your poor bridesmaids.  The whole “they can wear it again” sentiment is, in my opinion HIGHLY overused.  I think the best bet is to go to a department store or order online from a “normal store” if you want your girls to actually have a chance to wear there dress again. But when it comes to really awesome bridesmaids dresses one of my favorite designers in Jenny Yoo. I adore the modern shapes of her gowns. She also has brilliant colors and really makes a fashionable bridesmaids dress!! Hip Hip HOORAY!!! Her prices are moderate to high, but I think the color selection and great shapes make them well worth the cost. JennyYoo.001


Monday, August 1, 2011

I’ve got your “something blue” right here...

    So, I am BEYOND obsessed with Anthropologie’s new wedding site BHLDN. I mean, come on, absolutely everything on the site is beautiful... everything. I want to get married all over again and I want to get everything from this site. True Story. Now, I am shocked how almost reasonably priced the site is, considering that Anthro is out-of-this-world-expensive. But I was thinking about fun ways to wear blue and this site has some many ah-mazing choices, I had to feature it. So here are some quirky and character filled ways to wear your something blue.



Lingerie. blueBHLDN.003

Head Pieces & Accessories.blueBHLDN.004


Friday, June 24, 2011

More Wedding Style with Stella & Dot Jewelry

Why not rock beautiful, COLORFUL options for brides? You can tie in the colors of your wedding for some pop—or your jewelry can be your something blue.

The Birthstone Briolette charms can add color to the Base Chains for a necklace or on earrings, such as the Bella Chameleon Hoops. The Garden Party Chandelier Earrings are a gorgeous, colorful choice as well.


Something blue? Why not turquoise?!


(Threaded Turquoise Necklace; Soiree Pave Bracelet in Turquoise)

There are so many beautiful choices for Bridesmaids as well! Again--if your focus is pearls, Stella & Dot has plenty. Bling? Of course! Colors? Yes please!


(the Ava Cupchain Earrings and Necklace; Ladybug Studs; Charlotte Charm Necklace)


(Revival Bracelet; Soiree Studs; Sunset Bangle; Birds of Paradise)

Another fun way to complete your look is with a major statement piece--brides and bridesmaids alike look fab in any of the following picks!


(Petra Braided Bracelet; Petra Fringe Earrings; Metropolitan Mixed Chain Necklace; Bamboleo Necklace)

Stella and Dot has plenty to carry you away to your honeymoon as well. The turquoise necklace shown below can be worn with the Paradise Brooch beside it (it can clip right on, or be worn alone!) or any brooch you see on the Stella and Dot website (including the Vintage Starburst, above!).


(the La Coco Turquoise Bead necklace; Charlize Teardrop, Paradise Brooch; Camilla Ring; Earrings)

All of the jewelry shown here (and SO much more!) can be found at Take a look at my website, shop, and find more information on hosting a Stella and Dot trunk show! If you need help or have any questions don’t hesitate to . Have fun with your jewelry! Finish your look according to who you are and the perfect look for your wedding. Love your look—your beauty and confidence will shine through on your day… and your glow will last beyond your honeymoon!