Thursday, October 31, 2013

{thirsty} THURSDAY :: halloween, 2013.

happy halloween, my lovely gals and ghouls!

what will you have bubbling in your cauldron while you're passing out candy to trick-or-treaters?
may i suggest...
a dark and stormy death punch?
{complete with lychee + cherry eyeball ice cubes}

{click here for the recipe from food & wine!}

or perhaps a...
ghost in the graveyard?
screwed-up screwdriver?
berry scary martini?

{click here for the recipes from martha stewart!}
p.s.: here's a good brand of spooky black vodka! and no, it isn't licorice-flavored {that was my concern, too - ick}. according to the company,
"The colour of BLAVOD Pure Black Vodka is changed by adding catechu, a herb found in southern Asia and central and east Africa. Rich in tannin, catechu has no effect on vodka's flavour. However, many say it
makes the vodka a little smoother."

happy haunting, lovelies! let me know if you test out any of the cocktails and how they taste ;)
have a spooky day & XO,

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

{real wedding} WEDNESDAY :: heidie + jacob, part 2 : the ceremony.

browsing through these images puts me in the most daydream-y, whimisical mood, guys. i love all things old-timey, and that's just what smitten and hooked's photographs of the couple's sweet roundhouse railroad museum ceremony suggest.
{see part 1 here}
as guests walked to their seats at the ceremony site, they were greeted with lovely signage:

i adore this perspective - and the light!

this door is a fabulous backdrop, no?

i love heidie's expression here!

they are officially mr. & mrs. !

awww - love these two!

and the happy couple is on their way to the reception...
which you'll see up on the blog next week ;)
have a beautiful day & XO,

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

{tips & tricks} TUESDAY :: bridal wisdom, installment 3 : melynda.

hi there, all!
today's tidbits of advice come from mge bride melynda :

{} have extra name cards for unexpected guests
**our two cents :: if you truly think that guests will show up who chose not to rsvp {rude! but, unfortunately, more common than you may think}, also plan to have an extra table set up. 
{} no matter how nice your website is, most people will not read it and then you will be suffocated with calls (especially) from family the entire weekend. if possible give your phone to your mom or maid of honor and let them handle all of the calls
 ** our two cents :: make sure to have a little welcome bag for guests from out of town in which you place an itinerary with pertinent information {at a minimum including your planner's phone number and addresses for each wedding activity location}.
{} trust your wedding planner. they have been here before and will keep you on your timeline!
{} definitely make a list of all the pictures that you want taken that day.
** our two cents :: while it's best to go over this information with your photographer, be sure to let your planner know any particular shots you have in mind as well - we can't ensure you get certain pictures taken {or build time for them in the timeline} if you don't tell us that you want them done!
if you're going straight to your honeymoon and your wedding is not in the same city where you live, plan ahead:
 -- who is going to take stuff back to your home city/state?
-- did you bring a small suitcase for the honeymoon so that you can just take what you need for the trip?
-- i would suggest leaving 2 days after the wedding (mon am for a sat wedding) so that you have some time to get everything together before you leave.
thanks, melynda!
have your own bits of wisdom to share?
e-mail me at jennifer {at} morgan gallo events {dot} com
and i'd be more than happy to include you!

Monday, October 28, 2013

{make it your own} MONDAY :: diy calligraphy pumpkins c/o SMP living.

happy monday, everyone!

it's officially halloween week, and you know what that means - pumpkins everywhere, impending sugar coma, and fun costumes.

if you haven't gotten your mandatory pumpkin carved yet {i know i haven't - oops!} or if you're planning a spooky wedding of your own for next year {i'm looking at you, my dear destinee + eric!} and need some ideas for incorporating pumpkins, you're in luck!

style me pretty living has the cutest templates for carving a  halloween-y phrase onto your pumpkins in calligraphy, which automatically makes everything prettier.

click here for the templates & diy tutorial!

{image and diy via style me pretty}
if you're thinking of incorporating pumpkins into your halloween-y fete, you could also inscribe them with the following:
{} bride + groom's names {or new monogram!}
{} the wedding date
{} food station signs
{} "ceremony" / "drinks & dancing" signs with arrows
ideas of your own? let me know in the comments!
as always, have a beautiful day & XO,

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Future Savannah Wedding: Rebecca + Michael

Rebecca Schnupp and Michael Ridener

Date Engaged:
January 3, 2013

Where did you meet?
While waiting for our respective friends at the bar of a restaurant (Bistro 19), Mike sparked up a conversation with me and we haven't stopped talking since.

How did he propose?
We were skiing in Breckenridge, Colorado with two of our friends (Brenda and Shamir). On our first day on the slopes, Michael started the day by not leaving my side, which makes no sense because he is a much better snowboarder than I am skier :) Once we were at the top of Vale Mountain, he paused and wanted to take in the sights and some pictures but after standing around for several minutes, he decided we should leave (apparently there were two people hanging out around us and he didn't think the moment was right). On our last run of the day, we were almost completely alone on the mountain and as I skied ahead of him, Mike quickly snowboarded in front of me and immediately got on both knees. In his unique style, he didn't ask me to marry him, but stated, "Marry me!" I quickly said, "Of course!" He then pulled out of his pocket the most beautiful ring I'd ever laid my eyes on - my dream ring - and put it on my finger (luckily it didn't roll down the mountain)!

When is your wedding date?May 25, 2014

Why did you pick Savannah for your wedding?
I chose Savannah because we wanted a destination wedding but I didn't want it to be so far away that some of my favorite people couldn't make it (my closer relatives live in Atlanta). I also fell in love with Savannah years ago (before ever meeting Mike) and it is the only city I've visited that I thought, I want to get married here. I think it is such a beautiful city!

Where do you reside now?
Although from different cities (Mike's from Columbus, OH and I'm from Atlanta, GA), we both consider Pittsburgh our home now. 

Anything interesting or out of the ordinary you are including in your wedding day?
Mike and I golf together so we want the wedding party to wear golf shoes - I'm not sure how this will work with the bridesmaids' dresses.

What do you do for fun?
We both love to travel so we go on a lot of weekend trips when we can (last summer we went to Buffalo, NY solely for the purpose of eating wings for an entire weekend). Michael is a tennis club owner/pro and has introduced me to the sport. While I do not play tennis, we enjoy going to tennis tournaments together. We just made our annual pilgrimage to NYC for the US Open. We've also enjoyed (though I wouldn't say every second) remodeling our house - we've painted every room and remodeled the kitchen and guest bath. The master bathroom is next! We also enjoy hanging out - we both love watching movies and going to our local bar for a beer (or several pitchers). Michael also introduced me to golf and we enjoy playing together. I love it because while he is much, much more athletic than me, I can keep up.

 Such a fun couple is bound to have such a fun wedding! We can't wait for y'all's big day.
The MGE Team

Friday, October 25, 2013

{floral} FRIDAY :: inspiration round-up for the week of october 25, 2013.

{100 layer cake}
simple, elegant and just lovely

{100 layer cake}
love all of the greenery in this bride's bouquet! the smidge of color that they did incorporate is perfect - not too little or too much

 {green wedding shoes}
i don't focus on bouts often enough, but this one i adore! maybe because i'm inclined to love anemones in any color, maybe because the effect of a white anemone on a black tux is that of a little eye winking at you {or is that just me?} - regardless, i like it!
 {green wedding shoes}
if you're a more-is-more kind of girl, feel free to wear a floral crown AND carry a bouquet! take note of this bride's wise decision to keep her crown one shade {cream/white} and her bouquet full of color. matching the two can be a bit much, so resist that temptation!

 {green wedding shoes}
greenery makes an understated and gorgeously elegant low centerpiece
 {green wedding shoes}
a close-up of this bride's bouquet reveals nothing short of perfection

yep, hanging flowers from the ceiling is definitely a thing these days. heart it!

berries in a bouquet? divine!

{snippet and ink}
perfect little bridesmaid's bouquets

{snippet and ink}
asymmetric, draping bouquets are just the best, aren't they?

{southern weddings}
these little darlings look like an updated version of single hydrangea blooms, no?

{southern weddings}
i never would have thought orange and purple could do anything together but clash before i saw this bouquet...

{wedding chicks}
this little lovely is 100% not my style, but i can definitely see how it would fit into a classic fall wedding!

{wedding chicks}
look up country chic slash rustic arch in the dictionary and i'm reasonably certain this is the picture sitting right next to the definition.

{wedding chicks}
orange blooms against a navy blue backdrop? not a bad choice, my dear!

{wedding chicks}
this bouquet is too cool - i adore the circling vines at its base!
have a beautiful weekend, y'all & XO,

Thursday, October 24, 2013

{thirsty} THURSDAY :: cocktails in fruit, specifically apple cider in apples.

weird title, i know. but how else do you describe this?
{image and recipe via green wedding shoes}
while this is probably a little too kitschy for some {plus imagine how long it would take to hollow out all the apples you'd need! gah}, the idea is interesting and would be better suited for a small dinner party, or perhaps a spooky fall bridal shower for just a handful of guests.
click here for the recipe ;)
as always, have a beautiful thursday & XO,

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

{real wedding} WEDNESDAY :: heidie + jacob, part 1 : getting ready & portraits.

if you love artsy photography full of light and soft details, this post is for you.
smitten & hooked photography did a fabulous job photographing heidie + jacob's rustic yellow and gray wedding at the historic roundhouse railroad museum here in savannah.
these images truly speak for themselves, so i'm just going to hush up and let y'all enjoy them sans interruption.


yes, smitten and hooked does a fantastic job. i'm obsessed with the timeless artistry that these images exude - aren't you?!
be sure to tune in next week for more beautiful images of their ceremony!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

{tips & tricks} TUESDAY :: bridal wisdom, installment 2 : mrs. brooke v. on the day-of.

our real-life newlywed bride, mrs. v., is full of fabulous advice that even i had never thought of giving before {and i've worked what feels like a million weddings}, like the boudoir shots idea - what! talk about a great way to get the most out of your 8 hours with your photographer;) but i will let her speak for herself. following are her tips for having the best wedding day ever:
- Try to avoid excess alcohol the night before your wedding and get plenty
of beauty rest!
- Eat breakfast! I ended up having scrambled eggs and cheese grits. It
held me over until after the wedding!
- Avoid carbonated drinks while getting ready. I drank Red Bull that I
flattened by pouring it back and forth between two cups until all of the
bubbles disappeared.
- Take the time to thank your parents. I got them a gift basket filled
with goodies from all over Savannah and embroidered handkerchiefs. The
exchange was caught on our wedding film and is something we will cherish
- Right before you put on your wedding gown, ask the photographer if you
can take a few boudoir shots to give to your new husband later! ;)
- Do not fill up on all of the food at the reception! Pace your eating if
you plan on drinking champagne and eating your wedding cake. I was so
excited to actually eat that I was stuffed by the time the cake was cut.
The only bite I had was the one my husband fed me.
- Make an Instagram hashtag sign for your reception! We were able to see
so many photos uploaded by guests on Instagram the next day!
- Bring flip flops to change into after the ceremony. My feet were killing
me, once all the nerves went away and I could actually feel them
throbbing! I purchased ivory, wedge flip flops online that were the same
height as my heels and no one knew the difference.
- Smile, have fun, and take LOTS of pictures!!!!
suggestions of your own? let me know!
shoot me an e-mail at
jennifer {at} morgan gallo events {dot} com
and i would adore featuring your advice, too!
have a beautiful day & XO,

Monday, October 21, 2013

{make it your own} MONDAY :: diy marquee lighting signs.

in case y'all missed it, 100 layer cake published a pretty fab tutorial for a diy marquee sign last week - click here to read it. 
these signs are fabulous for over a treats table, as a photobooth backdrop, over different food stations, near the dance floor, over the sweetheart table - pretty much anywhere you can think to use a sign!
{image via 100 layer cake article}
that tutorial obviously made me think of the other coolest diy marquee lighting sign tutorial {yup, there are a few!} that i've ever seen from the oh-so-sweet blog entitled, oh, hello friend!
{image via oh, hello friend! diy article}
and that, in turn, got me to thinking:
what if your venue doesn't have a readily available power source to power the {presumably plug-in} string lights?
i do prefer the huge vintage-feel bulbs featured in the latter tutorial, but for practical reasons, i would recommend searching for battery- {or otherwise self-} powered led lights that could be screwed in and would last 8-10 hours on their own. a cursory search of my own returned the following possibility from restoration hardware:
{image via restoration hardware}
yes, they are tiny little bulbs, but they are battery-powered. perhaps grouping them would produce the desired large-bulb results?
if you can find any thing better, please don't hesitate to let me know in the comments ;)
happy crafting, y'all!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Future Savannah Wedding: Ashlyn + Mark

Ashlyn Kleber and Mark Rolli

 Date Engaged 
March 8, 2013  

Where did you meet? 
We met in college, both studied at Savannah College of Art and Design. 

How did he propose?  
Mark’s epic design skills came in handy when he started thinking about proposing.  He designed every aspect of my ring, from sketch to stone selection.  Being the ever so savvy gentleman, he held multiple creative boardroom meetings with all the women in his office to get ideas on how to pull it off.  Mark told me that he was shooting an advertising campaign in the exclusive and only private park in Manhattan, Gramercy Park.  Since it was a location photo shoot, Mark mentioned that they would be using the hotel room for the day and they could stay the night after the shoot wrapped.  He mentioned that the “photographer” was willing to stay behind to take a couple of professional pictures of us and to dress “nice.”  Not having a clue what Mark was up to, I met him and the photographer in the lobby of the Gramercy Park Hotel.  We were then let in to Gramercy Park to look around and get pictures.  After checking out the park, Mark wanted a picture in front of Edwin Booth statue.  After the photographer took the picture, Mark grabbed my hands and began his speech.  He got down on one knee in the snow all while the photographer snapped away.  Through tears, I said yes!  There was no advertising shoot, the photographer was hired to catch the proposal, and Mark booked the most beautiful hotel suite that overlooked the park. The hotel room was full of red roses and Mark arranged for our closest friends and family to celebrate at the Rose Bar that night.

When is your wedding date?  
May 24, 2014 

Why did you pick the area you are getting married in?  
We met in Savannah, so it was important to go back to where everything started.  

Where do you reside now?  
Brooklyn, New York

Hands down one of the chicest proposals yet! We can't wait to help you celebrate the big day.
The MGE Team

Friday, October 18, 2013

{floral} FRIDAY :: the eighteenth of october, 2013.

{100 layer cake}
the colors here are fresh yet moody - deep blue linens + gold stemware/chargers + a lovely purple and cream floral display works wonders here.

{100 layer cake}
the sprigs of greenery accent this bouquet so perfectly. this is also an example of how to incorporate a few key pops of color without overwhelming it.

{green wedding shoes}
looking for a unique bouquet? consider one of these spiky lovelies!

{green wedding shoes}
okay, so not only does this bride have adorably edgy leather jacket-clad bridesmaids, but their bouquets are fabulous too!

{green wedding shoes}
here's a way to get in on the ever-popular green & purple color combination without being boring ;)

{green wedding shoes}
if you have a naturally stunning ceremony backdrop like this bride and groom's breathtaking mountain venue, consider limiting your floral décor to simple, low groupings. you still get gorgeous flowers without detracting from the scenery that made you choose your venue in the first place.

{green wedding shoes}
if a floral crown isn't for you on your big day, consider wearing one {or something equally fun!} for your engagement photos!

{green wedding shoes}
ohhh dahlias, how i love you. this is SUCH a pretty, neutral bouquet for you blush-loving brides.

another cool example of hanging flowers in lieu of traditional {and cluttered!} on-the-table centerpieces. pretty and practical wins my heart every time!

prettiest ceremony backdrop ever? i really think it could be. using flowers like hydrangeas and carnations {just like they did here} is cost-effective and looks just lovely!

i honestly think that protea makes the coolest bouquet. seriously consider it if you want something a little different!

{wedding chicks}
these colors just scream spring, don't they? best against a green {outdoor} backdrop, hot pinks, pale pinks & light purples are fabulously girly and fun.

{wedding chicks}
if you're going to use escort cards anyway, why not use tiny bud vases with oversized flowers in them? not only do they look lovely, but they also double as table décor and serve as a sweet favor for guests to take home with them at the end of the evening! bonus? less clean up for you {or your coordinator...} ;)

{wedding chicks}
and finally, an oversized greenery bouquet with just a few lush flowers thrown in - i adore it!
i hope y'all are a little inspired after all that ;)
have a beautiful weekend & XO,