Monday, September 9, 2013

{make it your own} MONDAY :: table linens & the {hidden} glory that is lowes.

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hey y'all!
i bet you've never thought of lowes as a font of inspiration for wedding d├ęcor, but as i've come to realize through my recent perusal of its diy magazine, it actually has some pretty cool ideas.
take, for instance, this diy tutorial on how to create your own custom indoor-outdoor tablecloth:

{click here for the lowes tutorial}
now, i would not necessarily go for the exact pattern that they chose. while it would work for a summer birthday party or maybe a mexican/southwestern-themed occasion, i'm not a huge fan of geometric patterns myself.
i would want to recreate a more glam look, using {naturally} some sort of sparkle or glitter to really jazz it up - perhaps cutting out a pattern of glitter linen {as seen below} & affixing it to the tablecloth alongside some sort of painted-on pattern?
{image via this site}
i'd also love to recreate a dramatic striped linen, kind of like the one below {though maybe just on the sides rather than all over}:
{image via southern weddings}
this would be particularly fabulous for an outdoor reception or a slightly more casual fete where fancy rented linens just don't quite fit.
what do y'all think? would you ever give this a try?
let me know in the comments!
as always, have a beautiful day.

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