Friday, June 29, 2012

Mix ‘n’ Match Bridesmaids

Okay, this will never get old. I lalalalove a mix and matched bridal party... clearly because I have written about it a gazillion times. It never gets old or boring-- like say a group of girls in the same ugly navy blue ball gown. I apologize if your bridesmaids wore ugly navy blue ball gowns, but it just shouldn’t happen. There are too many fun and interesting gowns out there to subject your girls to a 300 dollar navy blue sack. I don’t know why I’m hating on navy blue, it’s a perfect lovely color, I just think we can do better. So here is my dream collection of bridesmaids gowns for a summer wedding!!! So whether you have 3, 5, or 7 girls I’ve got you covered. 
{3} When you have 3 girls, I like to keep the colors similar. You don’t want to be all wack-a-doo with girls in tons of colors and patterns! So I pick a patterned dress that I love and pull out an additional color from the pattern. For interest, adding a dress with a simple white stripe adds a bit of fun... I just like to keep it mostly simple with a small group.
{5} With 5 bridesmaids you follow the same rules but you get to have a bit more fun. I think with more girls you can play with adding in an additional color and start introducing  complimentary shades of a color, like the varieties of pinks/corals. 
{7} First off, congrats on having lots of friends. Second, hooray you get to have lots of pretty dresses mixed and matched. You just have fun!! As long as all of the colors and patterns look beautiful together, they will look beautiful on your girls, so have a blast. The only thing that matters is that you and your girls love the looks!!! 
Floral Dress, JCrew. Remaining dresses from left to right: Ted Baker LondonHalston HeritageBCBGDiane Von FurstenburgYa Los AngelosMarc by Marc Jacobs, & JCrew.


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Rockin' Bridesmaids Gifts

You’ve picked your girls, you’ve set the date... Now, what the devil do you get them as bridesmaids gifts!?!? This is a common dilemma and unless you are made of money can be difficult to find well-priced, fun, and unique bm’s gifts. Here are a few personalized pieces that your girls will love and won’t break the bank!!
Clockwise from top Left. 
OtisBWedding, $140 for set of 5; MadebySam3, $206 for set of 6; LustrousElements, $156 for set of 6; CourtneyLeeDesigns, $48 per necklace. 
Cute Clutches.
Clockwise from top Right. 
MarchAndCraft, $60 per bag; BlueNini, $28 per bag; BagatellesAndCo, $10 Personalized Message; BagatellesAndCo, Bags range from $35 - $125. 
Monogramed Beach
Left to right. 
Monogrammed bag; VixDesignStudio, $72 per.
Ring Bowls. 
Left to Right. 
TheBrickKiln, $50 for set of 5; SayYourPiece, $10 per bowl. 
So clearly etsy’s where it’s at!!! Happy Shopping!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Unique Bouquets

I wish I had thought more about my bouquet, but I was lucky to have had an ah-mazing florist who knew what I wanted when I didn’t even know what I wanted... But now thanks to wedding blogs, Pinterest, etc, we have so many ways to be inspired and it’s becoming the norm to not go with the norm!!! And do you know how exciting that is for me!?!?! I love anything that’s out of the box!!  

Birds/Feathers. This is a major trend in fashion right now. Hell, Carrie Bradshaw had a freaking bird on her head (which I loved) when she almost married Big the first go around. I think that feathers can be a soft and airy addition when done in whites and pinks or a funky and unexpected pop when done is bright colors! 

Ribbons. Using ribbon in contrasting colors is a stunning way to make your bouquet pop . I love the idea of using a very bright color or a bold stripe. I think that the black and white striped ribbon with hot pink peonies is absolutely glorious. 
Jewels. Weave beautiful strands of pearls throughout the bouquet. Add broaches or any type of sparkly whatnot to the wrap or integrated into the flowers. Use this as an opportunity to attach a special family heirloom like your grandmothers locket or your moms pearls. Seriously like I could go on for days!! 
And who says you need flowers?? I love some of the fun things people are doing without flowers! Beautiful fabric flowers. Clusters of vintage costume jewelry. Beautiful fabric or paper butterflies. There is no end to what you can do!!!! Let your imagination run wild!!! 


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Real Savannah Wedding: Melanie and Kenny Part 3-Reception

For the reception tables, different shades, finishes, and widths of ribbon were layered on top of each other to give the table visual interest.  In order to create balance, we kept the florals all in neutral whites.  During the cocktail hour, different color mason jars adorned the tables with images of family and the couple tucked inside.  To add a little bit of whimsy and fun to the d├ęcor, we hired a chalk artist to draw in area rugs for the outdoor lounge area.  Combined with bright pops of uplighting and comfortable seating surrounding the fire pits, the lounge areas became the place to be!

Melanie was a very DIY bride and fell in love with map everything!  She introduced this into the design with map paper cutouts in the shape of hearts that she turned into garland that adorned chandeliers in the space, map paper mache initials that were hung as decoration, table numbers that were comprised of green numbers on map backgrounds, and the sweetest map detail of all…map cuff links for Kenny that had Savannah as the spot on the map.

The wonderful evening was capped off by one of the most fun grand exits to date.  Each guests received a white balloon upon exiting the reception.  Melanie and Kenny then ran through the balloons to meet the pedi cab that awaited them.  It was so fun to see all the white balloons fly away.  It was an absolutely magical way to end a spectacular, fun evening.

All our best to one of our favorite couples--we were honored to have shared in your planning and wedding day. You are forever in our hearts!
The MGE Team

Look for Melanie and Kenny's wedding in Savannah Wedding's Magazine in the next upcoming issue! 

Thanks again to Jade and Matthew Take Pictures--M Sweet for the amazing dessert table--Cha Bella for incredible service and food--and Alysse of Morgan Gallo Events for sharing this incredible wedding! 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Real Wedding: Melanie and Kenny Part 2-Portraits

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Real Wedding: Melanie and Kenny Part 1-Ceremony

Melanie and Kenny are the most fun-loving, good humored, cute couple one could have the pleasure of working with and elements of these characteristics are sprinkled throughout their wedding.  When Melanie first came to us, she knew that she wanted a color scheme that was monochromatic in the green family.  We decided to utilize a scheme that used all different shades of green and that is where the fun began and details came to life!

From the moment we first met, Melanie and Kenny knew that they wanted to get married in their favorite beautiful square, Pulaski Square.  Together we went and checked it out and picked the perfect corner.  The only problematic detail was a light post that stood directly behind where they would say their vows.  In order to have it blend in, we decided to add additional lanterns to the post and an alter like table that was full of lanterns and different textured fall foliage. Harvey Designs rocked the flowers and executed our vision perfectly! We then provided guest seating in the form of benches so all visual attention was drawn up to the couple. Alysse knew it was a successful moment when guests began asking her if she brought the light post in just for the ceremony!

Jade and Matthew Take Pictures did an incredible job capturing the day and their work just makes up speechless!