Friday, December 30, 2011

Real Savannah Forsyth Mansion Wedding: Courtney and Scott Part 3-Reception

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Thank you Geoff Johnson for the great photos and to Courtney and Scott for allowing us to share in their special day! Best of luck and here is to MANY more years of marital bliss!


The MGE Team

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Real Savannah Forsyth Mansion Wedding: Courtney and Scott Part 2- Portraits

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Real Savannah Forsyth Mansion Wedding: Courtney and Scott Part 1-Ceremony

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Best Hairstyle for Your Face Shape


Look closely at the ladies pictured here and find the one that most closely fits your own shape. Or take this quiz located at This post is meant to be a loose guideline... The “rules” are never set in stone, so just remember to go with what you love!! But here are a few basic rules of thumb when it comes to picking the perfect wedding hair for your face shape.

faceshape.001 Oval. I hate to gloat, but we oval shaped faces can pretty much pull off anything.  Slicked back buns, messy braids, elegant french twists... You can usually part your hair anyway and bangs or no bangs you are still very proportioned... Lucky dogs.

faceshape.002 Heart. For the ladies with the lovely heart shaped face remember that your style should be all about minimizing your forehead to better balance your thinner chin. Some sort of bang is generally going to be your friend. You want to avoid any tight slicked back look which can draw a lot of attention to the forehead. Creating volume in the updo is also really important, also having a few pieces framing the face also helps bring focus to your eyes.

faceshape.003 Square. The square kids are going to want to stay far- far away from tightly pulled back looks. Think thin wispy bangs or even a rad side swept bang. Adding height to your do will also take away from the boxiness of your face... Also curly looks generally work best, you don’t ever want your hair flat on your face. Lots of body!

faceshape.004 Round. 3 words for my round girls. SIDE. SWEPT. BANGS. These, my darlings, are your bestest best friends. The side swept bang takes the emphasis off the roundness of your face and help elongate your visage. Adding height to your updos will also make your face seem longer. Long hair is good for this shape and stay away from looks that create too much volume around the sides of your face making it look... well, more round.

Face Shape Quick Tips

*oval = just about anything

*heart = light wispy bangs and volume

*square = volume and curls

*round = all about the side swept bang


Monday, December 26, 2011

Celebrity Inspiration: Jessica Biel in Valentino

celeb1016.002  Dress, Helmut Lang; Coat, JCrew; Shoes, Barney’s CO-OP;
This look is soooo classy on miss not-timberlake, I gotta admit, I’m still torn up over that. This would be such a perfect look to rock for a bridal luncheon or a brunch. The pale lavender dress with the mint shoe is just all that is pretty and sweet. I just adore how sophisticated this is and with just a touch of fun as to not come across too matronly. To keep the youth follow Jessica’s lead and keep hair down in loose beach waves and keep makeup fresh and minimal.

Friday, December 23, 2011

The Perfect Dress for Your Body Type


shapes Most woman fall into one of four categories when determining body type. When it comes to things like this, I generally say forget the rules and go with what you love... In the case of finding your wedding gown, you want to wear the most perfect shape for your body... most likely these “ideal” gowns will be close to the shape you should be looking for in your own gown. I mean, if you have Kristen Stewart’s straight boy or rectangle shape you aren’t going to fill out the same styles as Scarlett Johansson and her super curvy hourglass figure. Each shape has it’s advantages and disadvantages, but it’s all about feeling and looking your best. Here are my ideal gowns for your body type.

apple-reamacra Apple. (or inverted triangle) For bust/shoulder heavy girls we want to do our best to elongate the top of you and help balance out your smaller bottom half. Think inch wide straps that fall into a v-neck. This shape elongates your torso and will also de-emphasize your shoulders. Stay away from halters/strapless which can both draw attention to your broadness. To balance the bottom steer clear of slim skirts and opt for something with at least an A-line shape. And as I will say for every body type any detail to show off your natural waist is a must. It’s the universal truth for all body types. Show off your smallest part. (Gown shown is Reem Acra)

pear-19944834_011_a Pear. (or triangle) For girls with a booty(that’s me) we are basically doing the exact opposite of the apple shaped ladies. We are looking to take the emphasis off of the big hips and balance the smaller bust and narrow shoulders. Adding a nice off of the shoulder strap gives the illusion of broader shoulders, while the detailing around the bust helps the ladies look more full. The skirt should also be at least an A-line if not fuller... Now this is not necessary if you are a fan of showing off your... assets then you can do a slimmer skirt, just remember to balance the top with a detailed neckline or a sleeve of sorts. Now this also works if you are a fan of strapless wearing a fuller skirt will hide your badonkadonk while showing off your slim upper body. And once again, draw attention to that waist!!! It’s is ALWAYS going to be the most flattering detail for any body type. (Dress shown is BHLDN)

boyreverie Boy. (or rectangle) Boo hoo. You’re super model shaped. Darn you Cameron Diaz. The biggest thing to remember about boy shapes is to ADD VOLUME. We want to give you the curves the good Lord did not. So frilly details, ruching, etc near the bust line is a must! And since we are creating curves emphasizing your little waist is absolutely the most important thing, if you want to fake an hour glass you must have some detail showing off your natural waist. A sash is a great way to do that... if you are really bold, doing it in a dark color... say an olive green or navy velvet will really help cinch your waist. Now, I debated on what type of skirt I would do... the safe bet is to use a skirt with volume, but with boy types the right fabric will take you a long way. A nice thick silk faille will help outline your shape without clinging to you. (Dress shown is Reverie)

hourglass-rivini Hourglass. Once again, I don’t feel sorry for woman with giant boobs, a tiny waist, and perfectly proportioned hips... there is a word that I am thinking of... definitely not appropriate for this classy wedding blog. These ladies can pretty much wear any shapes... you have to be careful when you have an ample bosom because there are some necklines that can end up looking trashy on a fuller bust. So full coverage is definitely a good thing. But I am all about showing off that bombshell figure. So I love a fit -n- flare for this shape. A strapless gown with delicate ruching details will help slim and balance your bottom and de-emphasize your large ladies while the sparkly detailed belt shows off your lil’ waist. The detailing at the bottom gives a touch of fun.

(Dress shown is Rivini)

The 411

*apple. full skirt to balance and deep v necklines to elongate

*pear. full skirt is a must and off the shoulder sleeves will add balance.

*boy. add curves, volume at the bust and in the skirt.

*hourglass. use details like ruching to de-emphasize bust while smoothing shape.

*for ALL. cinching your waist is a must for ALL body types. JUST DO IT.


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Who says the Bridesmaids have to match!?!


   Well, it has to be said that I have always had quite a problem with authority... I don’t really like to be told what to do. I instantly want to do the opposite of what I am told... I’m sure this stems to some repressed elementary school trauma. Nonetheless my apprehension to the rules is, I think, what makes me so good at fashion and decorating... Because the unexpected is exciting and fun!!! Let your bridesmaids be FUN!! I swear, take it from me, mixing bridesmaids gowns comes across confident and sophisticated. Using 3 stores you can get all your girls outfitted with “different, but the same” dresses sure to be the hit of wedding!!! I mean, besides you... *Sidenote. You will always be the most important, that’s a given, so don’t be afraid to do fun and interesting things with your wedding for fear they will overshadow you. NOT POSSIBLE* Okay, moving on... 

diffbmdresses.001Shopbop. Okay. Shopbop is seriously the most wonderfully edited “designer” site. I am obsessed with every designer they sell. Omg. I would love to win a shopping spree... Can anyone make that happen?!!? Let me know ;) With Shopbop I decided to do a more daytime look, this would be great during Spring, but honestly will still work for Winter. Just have your girls rock structured blazers or rad leather jackets with the look for colder weather. OOOOooooooOOOo. So chic. This color palette is one of my favorites! The shades of silvery gray are just stunning and universally flattering and the tawny pink shades are so beautiful and such a girly mix. This look is more about varying fabrics and colors, none of them match perfectly, but they create a genius collection that totally works together. Think about putting your maid and matron of honor in the pink whilst the rest of your ladies do the gray. Obsessed with this.

diffbmdresses.002BHLDN. Favorite store ever. So I decided to do a blue/navy/black theme. I love this for an evening affair. The colors are brilliant and read super chic. I think this combo really works. You can decide if you want it more blue heavy or black heavy, but I like it nice and balanced. The colors do NOT need to match perfectly. Do you hear me!?!? DO NOT need to match. It’s all about getting colors that go. This is what will create the brilliant look of non-matching-matching. Use different textures of fabrics. Mix stripes, solids, ruffles and bows. This look is beyond sophisticated.

diffbmdresses.003JCrew. Who doesn’t love fuschia!? I mean this collection is not for color challenged. This is for the girl that loves vibrant, exciting color and isn’t afraid to have it in her wedding. I love the rose pinks mixed with the more muted purply tones. This collection also heavily relies on varying color and texture. I love the richness of this grouping. The patterned gown should definitely go on your maid of honor for a little something special for her. I think these girls should be carrying a lovely bouquet of white, peach, and pale pink peonies. Are you feeling me!?!? Who’s excited!?!? My Lordy I want to get married again so badly!!!

Okay, so the rules.

*it only needs to “go” no matchy-matchy here.

*look for varying patterns, fabrics, and shades.

  • give your maid and matron’s of honor the special dress.
  • don’t be afraid of color.
  • remember it’s impossible for you not to be the star of the show, so don’t be afraid to take risks with designing your wedding look. You are never going to be overshadowed.


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Real Savannah Wedding: Jenna and Lucas Part 2-Portraits and Reception

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Jenna and Lucas, we wish you the best we appreciate you allowing us to share in your wedding day!

The MGE Team

Thanks again to Alexis Sweet Photography---YOU ROCK!
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