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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Real Savannah Wedding: Scott and Sally Part 1-Ceremony

I do not even know where to begin with these two love birds. I guess I could go on and on about how much I adore Scott and Sally by telling you that they are the most interesting, travelled, loving and caring couple I have had the privilege to get to know and am happy to call them friends now…but you want to see and hear about their wedding, right? Well here it is! We had 18 FUN and exciting months of planning, emailing and facebook-ing because these two reside overseas! When I “met” them they were living in France and now currently reside in England. They were able to make a trip back to the states for some meetings though and you might think planning a wedding like this would be difficult or impossible, but not at all. Scott and Sally instilled a lot of trust in our ability to plan, design and suggest some of the best vendors for the job. Between the three of us, we created the wedding they had always hoped for but not without a few hiccups. These two were such troopers when we found out that their original venue had gone under and was no longer allowed to do any events because they had not been able to get the building up to code. (This was after we had a number of plans set in motion and months into planning.) So with their heads held high and a good outlook on “everything happens for a reason,” we switched things up dramatically and in the end we gave them a wedding that reflected Scott and Sally’s true sense of style. After their first look (my favorite thing as you know) with Scott Hopkins Photography, the wedding festivities began! With beautiful bright colors, close friends and family, and a perfect sunny day,their wedding ceremony took place in Telfair Square. Tomorrow is part 2-Portraits!

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Monday, August 1, 2011

I’ve got your “something blue” right here...

    So, I am BEYOND obsessed with Anthropologie’s new wedding site BHLDN. I mean, come on, absolutely everything on the site is beautiful... everything. I want to get married all over again and I want to get everything from this site. True Story. Now, I am shocked how almost reasonably priced the site is, considering that Anthro is out-of-this-world-expensive. But I was thinking about fun ways to wear blue and this site has some many ah-mazing choices, I had to feature it. So here are some quirky and character filled ways to wear your something blue.



Lingerie. blueBHLDN.003

Head Pieces & Accessories.blueBHLDN.004


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Veil or no Veil.....

Is that the question?!?

If you want to keep the style of your wedding as traditional as possible, a veil is the way to go. Although trends in veils have definitely changed over the years, the tradition of veils dates back to biblical times. If the idea of tradition appeals to you, but you don't want anything too crazy, try something simple like this:

With a heavily decorated dress, it is best to maintain balance by keeping the veil clean and simple.

On the other hand, if you have a simple dress, an ornate veil might be the perfect touch you're looking for!

TIP: If you don't feel comfortable wearing the veil throughout your whole wedding day, you can take it off after the ceremony! When choosing a veil, whatever you do, make sure it's exactly what you want and how you want it! Make sure you test it out, and take it with you to your trial wedding hair appointments. EXTRA: Your wedding planner should have lots of extra hairpins to help with the possible fly aways that might result in taking it out. So if you decide that a veil is best for you, then go for it! After all, when else in your entire life will you be able to wear one?!

No veil...

A lot of wedding styles are quickly moving away from the traditional. If your dress, hair style, earrings, etc. are embellished enough, a veil might just be too much! Try a pretty headband with crystals, pearls, or rhinestones that match your dress. That way, everyone will still be able to see the hair style you chose for your big day! You may not want a veil to cover it up the whole time!

If the veil or the headband isn't your thing, try a few simple flowers in your hair that match your bouquet. This is a great way to add a touch of color to your overall look! Make sure you pick a flower that will hold up in all conditions. You will have it in your hair for hours, through lots of hugs and tons of dancing!

Choose a hair style and hair accessories that fit YOU and your wedding style! No one else will even notice or care if you are wearing a veil or not, as long as you are comfortable and confident in what you choose! It's your day to look and feel beautiful!


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Monday, May 10, 2010

Perfect accessories for the little people in your wedding!

imageI stumbled upon this amazing and unique site to help your ring bearer and flower girl accessorize for your wedding day!  Maihar designs sells flower wants, hair petals (to match the flower wands for the big kids!) , and the most preppy chic ring bearer pillows you can find!! They will customize for almost any color too. They are on Etsy as well The possibilities are endless…Enjoy!

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How to get Lauren's favorite wedding day hairstyle.

So, as some of you may know, I have quite a love affair with style. Clothes, makeup, and hair are all things that I love dearly. I did hair and makeup for a delightful young lady last weekend and I wanted to share with you a video on how to get the same fabulous hair. You really don't need to be an expert to look beautiful on your wedding day, it just takes a wee bit a practice. All you really need to achieve this look is a hair tie, tons of bobby pins, a small barrel curling iron, and looooooads of hairspray. So watch and enjoy!!!!

Part 1

Part 2

How hot is this bride!? Here is the lovely Ashley Wilkes sporting the perfect hairstyle and her adorable little net headpiece is just fabulous!!! She was a delight to work with and just looked stunning!! I did her hair exactly the same way as I do in the video. pretty hot right!?

If you have any questions concerning hair or makeup how to's send it my way! If I don't know the answer, I have some ah-mazing friends, I will find it!

Until we meet again, stay bridal and remember "do it yourself" weddings are HOOOOT!


Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Best of Wedding Day Beauty. Part 4

So I have hair that is reminiscent of a rabid poodle so hair products are very important in my life. All of the products I have listed are amazing and must haves for everyone! Now, I have been touchy about trying products right before your big day, but generally not much harm could be done trying on the safe side...try it ahead of time.

hair.001 Hair:

Best Shampoo & Conditioner: L’Oreal Everpure Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner is the bomb diggity. I love this stuff, plus it’s cheap!!!!! Not only does my hair feel soft and smooth it smells out of this world!!!! Rosemary, Juniper, and Mint, yummo! And on top of that, it is exactly what it says...pure. No sulfates, 100% Vegan and it’s still an awesome product. I swear, I prefer this to any super expensive, fancy shampoo/conditioner I have ever tried. On top of all of this it is color safe because let’s face it nobody has the hair color they were born with...

Best HairSpray: Pantane Pro-V Ultimate Texture Hair spray has done me just fine...I have used this bargain buy for as long as I can remember. I use it on stage to hold my hair through a performance under some crazy hot lights or whenever I need just a little bit of hold. It never makes my hair look stiff, but simply keeps things put and it helps me deal with horrid Southern humidity.

Best Curly Haired Products: Prive Curl Activating Creme is the bees knees! My rockstar of a sister-in-law introduced me to this stuff and get out! My curls have never looked better...I really do nothing, pump this into your hand comb it through your damp hair and bam. It is really that easy. I have used tons of products to try and tame my curls, this is the best.

Best Anti-Frizz Product: Bumble Defrizz is such a classic product and when you have the frizzy Italian monstrosity that is my hair defrizz isn’t so much a must have, but rather an necessity. I can’t go anywhere without this stuff. Now the reason this wins out over cheaper options is the grease factor, like any defrizz you only need a little dab, but this product never weighs your hair down and you never look like a grease monkey, just perfectly put together.

Best Styling Tool, Straight: Original Chi Flat Iron is as far as I can tell the most user friendly flat iron out there. Really what you are looking for is heat and the Chi has that. The slim ceramic plates heat and cool quickly, and they get hot...really, really hot. When I use the Chi my hair never looks fried or dry, always sleek and shiny. A few user tips, always have some type of product in your hair before you straighten, I like Redken Straight, then start from the underneath using small sections of hair. Sure it takes longer, but the result is much smoother and even.

Best Styling Tool, Curling Iron: Revlon Perfect Heat 3/4” curling iron is my sexy hair friend. When I am aching for Kate Hudson curls I go to this thing. It rocks! I bought it at Target for 15 bucks and I have definitely gotten my monies worth. I wrap one inch sections around the curling iron starting at nose level. I think that this would help you make the perfect beach wedding hair.

Stay Bridal and Beautiful.


Friday, July 3, 2009

How to find the perfect hair accessory and wear it right.


I have discussed hair jewelry before, but due to its popular demand and my continued quest to rid the world of bridal tiaras, I have decided to revisit the topic. I usually search the internet high and low when it comes time to show you a variety or anything, shoes, jewels, etc. But I have learned a valuable lesson that I have shared with you many times,! There really isn’t any reason to look anywhere else for hair pieces. You can find tons of amazing options and varieties for unbelievable prices, in fact all of the jewels I have found are under 100 dollars. Trust me you have to weed through some unbelievable crap, but it is totally worth it.

Hairpieces again.002 Flowers and Feathers I think that trends are something that everyone should be cautious of on the wedding day, but I am absolutely in love with the flowers/feather look.This look is not just for island affairs anymore, it is showing up at all types of weddings. I think it is dynamic and sexy, plus, it can be done at many levels of dramatic from small orchid clips to giant gardenias with feathers. It’s all about remaining in your comfort zone.

Hairpieces again.003 Headbands These chic accessories are every where now, it’s not just prep school tweens wearing them. I think that they are a sophisticated way to keep hair out of your face and adorn your hair. Headbands are quickly replacing the my opinion not fast enough, but still this is an amazing way to give you that regal look without looking like a Disney character vomited on your head.

Hairpieces again.001Barrettes and Clips These are such an easy way to add pizazz to your do. They aren’t fussy or overbearing, but give you just that  little bit of sparkle that every girl needs. There is such a wide variety of barrettes to choose from and the placement options are endless. I love barrettes hidden within the intricate work of a messy updo. It’s like a little surprise for the camera, when it catches the light and sparkles up all of your photos, love it.

Hairpieces again.004Adorned Veils Now I know that this is not a look for everyone, but for those who dare to be brave I think it is an amazing look, that I totally wish I would’ve rocked...I can’t wait for my next wedding... I love that the veil has a little bit of bling, so that when/if you remove the veil for the reception you still have some adornment left.

Hairpieces again.006 I have added some photos of real brides so that you can see the proper placement of these pieces. You don’t want hair jewels to distract from your face, so as you can see with most clips or barrettes you want to keep them low and back in your hairdo. So please, if you have photos to offer or anything to add, please let us know. Hairpieces again.005

My Favorite Etsy designers: QuirkyBeauty, VirginiaGeigerJewels, BrendasBridalVeils, AnneMichelleHeirlooms, EMBridal, Portobello, BeadFloraJewels, EttiePenelliBelle, RomancingTheBling, YJdesign, PowderBlueBijoux, BethanyLorelle, Shacara, TheBitsyBean.

Until we meet again, stay bridal and remember tiaras are reserved for Miss Georgia Peach, 8 year old girls, actual Royalty, and crazy Renaissance fair folk, so stay away.   


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Real Wedding: Sam and Tyler Hilton Head, SC Wedding Part 1


Sam and Tyler…..oh where to start??? May 9, 2009 was a perfect day for two reasons: The weather was amazing and the day was unforgettable for these two. Can we say beautiful BRIDE?!?!Sam was such an easy going and chic bride, (If you can’t tell by the silly face programs she got for her guests-or the picture of her doing the limbo with her own dress sash on tomorrow’s part 2 post) and she trusted in her vendors fully. The result: a flawless and stress free day, stunning details that left their guests talking for days, incredible pictures, and memories that will last a lifetime. Tyler and Sam are addicting and we were so blessed to have shared in making their dream wedding come to fruition after many months of planning! Wait until you see the reception-Part 2 tomorrow! WOW!!!

Turtle Pond Photography is responsible for the amazing images of their wedding weekend on Hilton Head, SC. This Ohio based photographer is to die for! They can surly come to Hilton Head, SC and Savannah, GA anytime, to shoot my client’s weddings! signature

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