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Monday, October 28, 2013

{make it your own} MONDAY :: diy calligraphy pumpkins c/o SMP living.

happy monday, everyone!

it's officially halloween week, and you know what that means - pumpkins everywhere, impending sugar coma, and fun costumes.

if you haven't gotten your mandatory pumpkin carved yet {i know i haven't - oops!} or if you're planning a spooky wedding of your own for next year {i'm looking at you, my dear destinee + eric!} and need some ideas for incorporating pumpkins, you're in luck!

style me pretty living has the cutest templates for carving a  halloween-y phrase onto your pumpkins in calligraphy, which automatically makes everything prettier.

click here for the templates & diy tutorial!

{image and diy via style me pretty}
if you're thinking of incorporating pumpkins into your halloween-y fete, you could also inscribe them with the following:
{} bride + groom's names {or new monogram!}
{} the wedding date
{} food station signs
{} "ceremony" / "drinks & dancing" signs with arrows
ideas of your own? let me know in the comments!
as always, have a beautiful day & XO,

Monday, May 24, 2010

Real Savannah Wedding: Jennifer and Micah Part 3-Reception

Savannah Wedding Reception

The reception was all about details details details……As the guests arrived, they enjoyed signature drinks in the pink and green colors while the lounged in the cafe or toured the museum. Micah and Jennifer made sure that there was personal thank you note from them on each place setting. Take a look at the adorable grooms cake that has the bride dunking a basketball over the grooms head! The wedding cake was timeless and delicious thanks to Minette Rushing of Savannah Custom Cakes. The tables were named after the Savannah Squares and displayed amazing arrangements in shades of pinks, whites and touches of green. Check out the dripping strands of pink roses from the tall arrangements. Lighting is always present…it is a MUST! When the lights went down…oh what a sight! The custom gobo and up lighting really set the tone for the evening…When it was time for the couple to depart the reception by classic car, guests grabbed noise makers to send them on their way! They then left the reception with monogrammed cookies with a heart shaped cookie cutter and recipe for their favors. Thanks again to Allison Reisz Photography for the amazing pictures! Best wishes Micah and Jennifer…it was beautiful! Savannah Wedding (23)

Savannah Wedding (42) Savannah Wedding Reception (2) Savannah Wedding (25)

Savannah Wedding Cake

Savannah Wedding (46) Savannah Wedding (49)

Savannah Wedding (36)

Savannah Wedding Reception (3)

Bride and Groom thank you Grooms Cake Pink and Green Wedding Place Settings
Savannah Wedding Night Reception

Noise Maker Send off Savannah Wedding (20)       Savannah Wedding (21) Savannah Classic Car Get away (4)

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Win Free Calligraphy or a $50 Gift Card, just by telling us how you got engaged!

He asked and you said YES! We want to know how! Every proposal, big or small, is important to you and we want to know what made yours so special.

Tell us why your engagement was the best, most unique, or even downright funny. Submit your story of how your fiancé proposed and why you should win the grand prize. To increase your chances, send us a tweet or leave us a short message on Facebook on why your proposal should win. Make sure you follow or friend us when submit so that we can link to you if you win!

Email Submissions by February 7th with the follow to:

  • Your Names
  • Your Wedding Date
  • Your Wedding Location
  • Picture of you and your fiancé
  • Short description of how he/she proposed

Must be a fan/follower of Morgan Gallo Events on Facebook and/or Twitter

(If you click on the name, it will take you to each page)

1st Place will get to pick from

$50.00 gift card to Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, Walmart, or Macy’s


FREE Calligraphy for 40 invitations

(Inner and Outer Envelopes with amazing styles to pick from)

A value of over $125.00+ courtesy of Jennifer Borkowski Designs

2nd Place will be awarded the prize not chosen by the 1st place winner.

3 Finalist will be posted on our blog and be voted on by our fellow vendors, followers, and clients. Winner will be announced on our Blog on February 14th.

Good luck and we cant wait hear all of the amazing stories you have to share!


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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Vendor Highlight-Meet a Savannah Calligrapher


Name: Bride Kielty Whelan

Business: Calligrapher

Years in Business: 25


Short description of your services:

Hand lettering that includes envelope addressing for weddings, party and special events. Also, original designs for wedding invitations, place cards, menus, poems are also available. image

What is the price range for your calligraphic services:

General charges for wedding calligraphy is $2.00 per outside envelope, (4 – 5 lines) and $1.00 for inside envelope,( 1 - 2) lines. Place/Reception cards are gratis. The overall cost rarely exceeds the price of two extra guests attending the wedding.

Prices for other design projects are available on request (912-495-0350) or on my website. I am also on TheKnot, and my email is

Have you had any unique requests? What were they?

I have been asked to letter a marriage proposal as a “report” under the guise of the Bride receiving business information.

How many different styles/fonts do you offer?

I can duplicate most typefaces, However,the most popular request is Copperplate script or roundhand Script. I also do many projects in color. I letter with gouache paint to match or coordinate the décor of the event or the invitation.

What should a couple take into account when thinking about doing calligraphy for their invites and picking a calligrapher?

A Calligrapher is a lettering artist, trained and skilled in the art of illumination.

Often, personal referral is the best source for hiring a calligrapher. Prospective clients should review the portfolio or research the website of the calligrapher. You must look for someone with skill who can accept and finish a job on time, and with accuracy, according to the lists of attendees submitted by the Bride. The, and is an excellent source for comparison.

Why calligraphy over another option (printing, them writing them, etc)?

If your penmanship is fantastic, go for it, but remember it is an anxiety producing job. Blank envelopes are very intimidating to an unskilled hand. It is very difficult to use a computer to  print addresses on envelopes. The glued flap often melts in the printer, and can create problems, such as smudging or crinkling. This is costly and very time consuming. It is more efficient to let a professional, with references and experience, do the job.

How long would you need to complete the order?

I usually ask that blank envelopes be delivered to me two weeks before the Bride intends to mail the invitations. Time is needed to check, stuff and seal the envelopes after the lettering is completed. The mailing is done six to eight weeks before the wedding. The invitations and envelopes need to be ordered at least three months before the wedding date.


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ask Morgan: Invitations 101

Q: I have begun my search for invitations, but I really don’t know what I am looking for. It is like I am looking at quantum physics. ( I have no idea what I am looking at) I don't know what inserts I need, what the difference in the types of invitations are, what is the appropriate wording, I could go on and on…my head is about to explode looking at all the options. I have no start or end point. Please help! –The phony chemist!

A: Back away from the computer and give your head a rest a minute while I explain.

Step 1: Chose the type of invitation you want

Option 1: Offset Printing (Lithography) $$

How it looks-Ink sits on the surface of the paper. Nearly all modern printing is offset. Most short-run jobs are now being done digitally instead of offset as personal and trade machines become better and cheaper.Vintage wedding invitation: Vettore, bambooOption 2: Letterpress $$$ (Invitation from Smock Paper)

How it looks-Your type or image will be indented into the paper. Using a raised surface printing plate or type, the depth of the resulting "bite" will vary depending upon the type of paper. Thicker, softer papers will carry a deeper impression than hard or thin papers.

Option 3: Engraving $$$$

How it looks-Your image is raised above the surface of the paper. Yields the sharpest image of all the traditional printing methods.

thermographyOption 4: Thermography $$$ (Invitation from Wedding Paper Divas)

How it looks-Ink is raised above the surface of the paper. It is an affordable imitation of engraving. Thermography can vary in price and quality greatly. The best thermography can be hard to tell apart from engraving, but even the best cannot reproduce the finest lines that can be achieved through engraving.

Option 5: Hand Painted $$$$ (Invitation from Momental Designs)

How it looks-AMAZING! Each invitation is hand painted. A piece of art to say the least. It is hard for me to describe these accurately or try and give them the justice they deserve…so check them out yourself at Momental Designs.

Step 2- Decide how many inserts you need.

Most importantly you need your RSVP card. This should have the date you need your Chandelier---Digital---RSVP Cardguests to respond by. TIP: Leave yourself enough time to contact those guests that haven't yet responded. I suggest setting your RSVP date to at least 3-4 weeks prior to your wedding. If you are having a sit down dinner, your guests dinner choices should be listed with a blank beside each so you know which guest wants what dish. Nothing is worse than getting an RSVP card back with 1 beef, 2 chicken and not knowing if it was Mr. or Mrs. Jones that wanted the beef. This creates more work for you now.  If you are having a buffet, there should be a line for the names of the guests and a line for the number attending.

Now decide on if you need an additional card for information. This could include hotels you have blocked off for guests at a group rate, weekend activities, directions or your wedding website. This is a great option to allow you to avoid more inserts. Your guests can use it to check out information on registries, wedding activities, and any other important information you feel they need to see. DO NOT PUT YOUR REGISTRY INFORMATION IN YOUR INVITIATIONS. This is tacky. If your guests want to know what to get you, all the need to is ask someone that is close to you or look on your website.

Step 3-Envelopes

You will need an envelope for the RSVP to come back to you in. It should be pre-stamped and pre-addressed to you.

You will need an envelope for your invitation to be mailed. TIP: keep in mind you might have a heavy or oversized invitation that requires additional postage than normal. take one to your post office and have them weight it prior to sending them out.

You might want an additional/inner envelope. Etiquette says you should have this to specify who exactly you are inviting. For instance, the outside envelope will say Mr. and Mrs. Robby Smith and Family, the inner envelope will be more personal and have their first names Robby, Michelle, Mike and Tara (kids). This is also a great way to limit the number of guests your invited guests bring.

Step 4-Addressing of the envelopes

My personal favorite and most personal touch is having a calligrapher address your invitations. This can sometimes be more pricey than having the printer do it, but it is also much more personal and adds such an elegant touch. There are so many fun ways to use calligraphy! The other option is to hand address them yourselves. Nothing says you have to have someone else do them. Guests will honor the fact that you took the time yourself to address their invitations. Please NOTE: if you have handwriting like mine..please leave it to the professionals! It has to be legible. TIP:You need to give your guests enough time to respond as well, so I suggest you mail them out 1 month prior to your RSVP date.

And that is about it….I know I know… but really, it isn’t that bad. Besides, that is why you have a wedding coordinator…right!


Monday, March 2, 2009

with untraditional calligraphy… and sassy!

As part of my dedication to blogging….I wanted to start featuring vendors and an insight into their craft. Maybe some tips and ideas every so often….soooooo my first vendor is one of my calligraphers that I love…..Jennifer…(who offers our clients an exclusive discount!!!) and this is what she wanted to share….

All about Jennifer!

Frank and JenJennifer Borkowski Designs

Years in Business: 1


Services Offered: Calligraphy, Custom Handmade Cards & Invitations

General price range for services:

Wedding Invitation Sets $2.50 and up

Flat fold cards & monogram thank you notes 6 for $10.00

Hand drawn Cards, my custom designed girl $3.00 ea or 4 for $10.00

My Calligraphy...
Modern, Classic, Elegant, and even a little funky!!! Check it out...


Why calligraphy……

It is fabulous, impressive, and the ultimate way to announce that your wedding invitation has arrived! Remember your invitation is the first glimpse at your wedding!!!


So you ordered these FABULOUS, expensive invitations...there is no better compliment than having them addresses in calligraphy. On the flip side, calligraphy can REALLY dress up a modest, more simple, less expensive invitation.
   2008 designs 142

Hand Calligraphy vs. Computer?
Computers are great, they really are. For addressing though...there is no comparison. Maybe it is tradition or good taste, but hand addressed invitations are first class all the way. You WILL be surprised at just how many compliments you will get. It will be some of the best money that you spend.


In my own humble opinion…knowing that your invitations set the tone to your wedding…who wouldn’t want to compliment it with something so original and unique…and with some of Jennifer’s designs..that is exactly what you get!