Sunday, March 31, 2013

Future Savannah Wedding: Melissa + Kevin

Melissa Love & Kevin Greenfiled

When did you get engaged?
August 27, 2012

Where did you meet?
We met at work in Charlotte, NC

How did he propose?
 He proposed during a moonlit stroll through the flower garden at the historic Sagamore Hotel at Lake George, NY

Why did you pick the area you are getting married in?
We've enjoyed many visits to the low country and love the scenery, weather, and food. Also,  I was born in Beaufort SC.

Where do you currently reside?
  We currently reside in Jersey City NJ and we both work in mid-town Manhattan. We both dislike winter here.

We don't blame you for not liking the winter in is COLD! At least you get to bask in the warm weather Savannah offers when you come to get married in August! We cannot wait! 
The MGE Team

Friday, March 29, 2013

{floral} FRIDAY :: the final week of march, 2013

ladies and gents, 

let's get this party started-- it's FRIDAY! following are, as always, my favorite florals cultivated from 'round the wedding blogosphere this week. 

LA loft styled shoot
as y'all are likely painfully aware by now, i love food. ergo, when i see food incorporated into floral decor, it makes me giddy. look at those artichokes! 
// {via green wedding shoes} \\
these beauties came from the bride's local farmer's market. i love the randomly-chosen-yet-perfectly-compatible aesthetic!// {via love and lavender} \\
Jamie Clayton
just knowing there is freesia in this bouquet makes me wish computer screens transmitted scent-- heavenly!
// {via snippet and ink} \\

the bride who was lucky enough to clutch the above bouquet originally had her heart set on peonies. when she found out that those would not be in season for her february nuptials, she settled for the gorgeous arrangement of ranunculus, garden roses and spray roses that you see above!
// via southern weddings \\
i adore this handmade, oversized blossom for the bride's bouquet.
// {via southern weddings} \\
if your bouquet is a dramatically monochromatic affair {like the gorgeous blossom above} why not incorporate bursts of color into your bridesmaids' bouquets?
// {via southern weddings} \\
purple green bouquets

ferns galore make this bouquet perfectly dramatic with just the right amount of whimsy for an enchanted forest-inspired soiree!
// {via ruffled blog} \\

Wedding Blog Lady Greys Styling Secrets

if this bouquet doesn't get your heart to fluttering, i honestly don't know what will.
// {via grey likes weddings} \\

have a fantastic friday, dear readers!



Thursday, March 28, 2013

{thirsty} THURSDAY :: tequila.

ladies & gentlemen,


we are officially over the hump {wednesday} and the end of the work week is in sight. 

it's time to celebrate with another thirsty thursday post. since i've already discussed my two favorite liquors of all time {bourbon and moonshine} let's keep moving right on down the list.

next up for discussion: tequila. 

now, you needn't be planning a mexican-inspired shindig {like the folks below did} to incorporate the infamously inhibition-killing libation into your reception.

*can we all please take a moment to note how adorable those donkeys are? and those hot pink paper flowers! i am more than slightly enamored of them. eek! the little shot glass favors are cute, too.{via snippet and ink}

you don't even need to necessarily serve mexican appetizers {but who doesn't like tacos?! or chips & salsa? i mean, really.} as paired below: 
{image via this site}
if all the mexican-related decor & food are simply not your style {but tequila somehow is}, don't fret! have your bartender {or mixologist, for you trendy ladies} mix up a batch of signature cocktails from which your guests may choose. 

perhaps you'd like a raspberry lime tequila cocktail?

{image c/o deliciously organic, via martha stewart weddings}
if you would rather incorporate tequila into your favors, or if you perhaps don't have the budget to dole out miniature bottles of patron to each guest, hand out another exotic product of that amazing liquor- producing cactus: agave syrup. 

diy wedding favors tequila bottles
pssst! click the link below for a diy customizable printable label if you like this idea for favors!
{image via ruffled blog}

oh, and guys? you'll never believe what i stumbled upon earlier in my perusing of favorite wedding blogs...

{via snippet and ink}

can you tell what that is?

all of that clear liquor? the kind in which you would soak fruit?

the kind that comes packaged in adorable little mason jars?



it's a moonshine bar


here i was, feeling all cool & original {and, to be honest, slightly like i gave the impression of being a huge partier. which i'm definitely not.}, super excited about the prospect of one day doing my very own little moonshine bar. my signature little touch, you know.

and meanwhile, back at the ranch, an ultra-cool couple is already putting my pet plan into action!

i just thought you all should know that i'm not crazy {apparently} for trying to get the moonshine bar idea going. heck yes.

that being said, i have probably rambled on long enough about alcohol for one day.

enjoy the remainder of your week!
as always, feel free to comment with any questions or suggestions.



Wednesday, March 27, 2013

{real wedding} WEDNESDAY :: jamie + jonah

ladies & gents,

it's a little chilly here in savannah. to be honest with you, i have felt a downright chill in my bones the past few days what with all this wind and sub-40-degree temps. if y'all weren't aware, we are usually blessed {spoiled?} with gorgeous 70-degree days this time of year, which is why i am so miserable under such circumstances.


i have decided to counteract the chill in the best way i know how: a lovely sunny wedding with adorable yellow bridesmaids' dresses! there are even sunflowers involved. i mean, how much more cheerful and anti-icky cold weather can you get?

please take a moment to absorb every last drop of this sunshine-drenched ceremony & insanely fun reception, all captured by amazing photographer tim will.

// ceremony: calhoun square \\ reception: ships of the sea museum // florist: kiwi fleur \\

so these two make marriage look a tad messy, yes, but more importantly: delicious and FUN. 

let's keep our fingers crossed for some warmer weather to head our way, yes?



Tuesday, March 26, 2013

{tips and tricks} TUESDAY :: invitation wording, deconstructed.

ladies and gentlemen, 

is it really tuesday already? sheesh, if only the rest of this week could fly by so quickly... i digress.

anyway, y'all know what this means -- time for another tips & tricks tuesday!

this week, i've deemed it important to discuss a little etiquette issue that i hold near and dear to my own heart: the wording on invitations! 

Elegant script wedding invitation | Steven Michael Photo | 100 Layer Cake
{via 100 layer cake}
heart-designed wedding invitations
{via 100 layer cake}

this needn't be a complicated or overwhelming process.

shall we begin?

 invitations have a few different components: 

host line.
this is where you announce who will host {i.e., make significant financial contributions to} the wedding. as with all situations involving money and family members, this can be tricky! following are a few examples of what to use in different situations:

the bride's parents are hosting:
{married couple} Mr. and Mrs. James Wallace Smith
{mom & dad have different surnames} Ms. Poppy Harlow Williams and Mr. James Wallace Smith

the groom's parents are hosting:
{see above; if co-hosting with the bride's parents, add after the bride's parents' names}
{if not hosting but you'd like to mention them anyway, do so after the groom's name}
the son of 
{groom's parents' names}

the couple is hosting:
{may omit first line if the couple is hosting solo}
Together with their families

divorced parents:
{} list names {mom's first} on separate lines
{} do not include an 'and' between parents' names
{} use married names for mothers who have remarried

honoring a parent who has passed away:

The pleasure of your company is requested at the marriage of 
daughter of {living father} and the late {mother}

request line.
this is where you can get a bit creative! while not necessary, i included the traditional wording for each of the circumstances below. just be sure that whatever you choose for your wording lets guests know to exactly what part of the celebration you are inviting them.

{ceremony at place of worship} request the honor of your presence 
{ceremony at a secular location} request the pleasure of your company
{informal ceremony} would be delighted by your presence at the marriage of their children
{informal reception only} invite you to join them at the wedding reception of

bride and groom line.
while you can choose whether to link the bride's and groom's names with a "to" or an "and", each name should be set off with a line all to itself. 

{traditional} bride's first name and middle name only; no courtesy title like Miss or Ms.
{contemporary} if the couple is hosting, or if both parents are hosting, use the same format for the bride's name and groom's name

date and time lines.
don't bother including a designation for the morning or evening unless it is truly questionable, like 8 o'clock. the year is traditionally left off also unless the couple wishes to add it for keepsake value. 

{traditional} spell out numbers and only capitalize proper nouns. do not include "a.m.", "p.m.", or "in the evening" unless it's possible to confuse the timing of the event.
{contemporary} feel free to use numerals rather than writing everything out.

location line.
it is not traditionally practice to include street addresses for well-known locations or places of worship, though this may be practical for destination weddings with guests not native to the area. 

{traditional and religious} 
place of worship's name
city, state
venue name
street address
city, state {omit zip code as it is not for mailing}

reception line. 
if the reception is held at a location different from that of the ceremony, a separate line or card denoting that fact is encouraged to prevent guests' confusion. 

r.s.v.p. line.
either place it in the lower left corner of the invitation along with a mailing address, phone number, email or website by which the guest may reply. if you would like to include a separate card and a pre-addressed envelope for guests to fill out, feel free to do that as well. 

important extras to remember:
{} be certain to indicate whether a full meal will be served at your reception or if it is a cocktails-only affair. 
{} set the dress code for your event by placing "black tie", "casual attire" etc. in the lower right corner.
{} never, ever include registry information on an invitation! ever.

while you may rearrange and word each of these lines as you wish, keep in mind what makes good sense etiquette-wise. stay true to yourself - if you aren't comfortable with ultra-formal invitation wording for your rustic chic farm wedding, don't use it! 

** all of the above etiquette advice was adapted from martha stewart {second only to emily post in my mind as etiquette maven} in this article 

as always, please comment with additional questions, comments or concerns! 



Sunday, March 24, 2013

Future Savannah Wedding: Lauren + Ryan

Lauren Carlson & Ryan Rath

Date Engaged 
September 17, 2012

Where did you meet? 
Savannah at my sisters bachelorette party..crazy right.

How did he propose? 
Ryan is currently a United States Marine and serving at the US Embassy Kingston, Jamaica. I wasn't expecting him home anytime soon but he coordinated with my family and flew in to Atlanta without me knowing. I was meeting my sister and my new adorable nephew to take a walk at Piedmont Park in Atlanta..little did I know he was there too. We were walking along and I could have swore I heard someone call out "Laur, Laur" I started looking around and spotted someone that looked like Ryan in a gazebo overlooking a pond. I asked my mom and sister if it was Ryan and they got a huge smile on their face. I walked down to him in total disbelief and there he was waiting for me. He got down on one knee and without a moment of hesitation I said yes! Afterwards I was telling him I heard him call my name and he started laughing saying it was construction workers saying "more,more"....but it is all on tape so we will have to see ;)

When is your wedding date?
October 11,2013

Why did you pick the area you are getting married in? 
We are getting married at the Mansion on Forsyth Park in Savannah because it is the city that we met and fell in love in.

Where do you reside now?
 I live in Atlanta and he is finishing up his duty in Jamaica

First and foremost, thank you both for your service to our country. (It is just as hard to be a loved one of a military service member--sometimes harder!) Secondly, what an adorable story and way to propose Ryan! Here is to October and a fabulous and unforgettable day for you both. We cannot wait!
The MGE Team

Friday, March 22, 2013

{floral} FRIDAY

LADIES {and the rare appreciative gentleman who happens upon this post}: 

please, feast your eyes on the floral beauty bestowed upon us this week by the wedding blog world:

words cannot do the following expressions of utter loveliness justice, 
so i shall cease my enamored rambling before it gets too out of control. 


roses/peonies/jasmine/thistle combine to create a gorgeous--yet apparently heavy--bridal bouquet!
{via snippet and ink}
pops of bright florals really stand out against a neutral-toned bridesmaid dress for a lovely effect!
{via southern weddings}

whimsical bouquet
i am having a serious thing for wild & crazy bouquets that look hand-picked at random by a maiden dancing through a meadow. can you tell? and look at the surprising twig of berries that made its way in there! i'm in love.
{via green wedding shoes}
Peach and pink wedding bouquet | Steven Michael Photo | 100 Layer Cake
romantic with full blooms in soft shades of pink and a couple bursts of color = just lovely.
{via 100 layer cake}

i cannot get over how fun these bright bouquets are: check out the little bolls of cotton tucked away and cozied up next to the blooms! the pinstriped ribbon wrap only accentuates the adorableness.
{via southern weddings}

my love for single blooms in varied glass jars grouped to create a centerpiece is ceaseless.
{via love and lavender}
a perfect example of fitting florals to the overall aesthetic of the day. i also love the incorporation of lavender sprigs!
{via love and lavender}
formal and classic all-white blooms become slightly more casual without sacrificing an ounce of glam when nestled into a shorter glass vase.
{via snippet and ink}
an example of mixing vase types & textures done RIGHT! and is that place card held within the welcoming leaves of an artichoke? i die. incorporating vegetables, fruit and/or berries into floral arrangements makes my heart flutter.
{via ruffled}

et cetera: 

how pretty is this little number casually draped across the back of the bride + groom chairs?
{via ruffled}
why restrict your bridesmaids to hand-held bouquets? you needn't be a hippie to rock a garland 'round your locks!
{via love and lavender}

i hope you all enjoyed that eye candy as much as i did.

have a fantastic friday!