Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Real Vintage Savannah Wedding: Andrea and Matthew Part 1-Ceremony

Andrea and Matthew got married in October in one of our favorite squares. (Its so private and full of the famous Savannah Oak Trees dripping with moss) The feel we were going for was a classic vintage with a monochromatic look when it comes to flowers/details. Her lace dress is one of our favorites to date! Another favorite of ours: Her mismatch bridesmaid dresses in nude and natural tan colors. Lots of great pictures of those in the next post (Part 2-Portraits) A most memorable moment had to be the group guest toast to Matthew and Andrea post ceremony in the square. Thanks to the artistic eye of Jade and Matthew Take Pictures, this shot speaks WONDERS! Well, I should say they ALL speak wonders! Enjoy--

Savannah Wedding (21)whiteweddingbouquet

Savannah Wedding (19) Savannah Wedding (32)
Savannah Wedding (33)

Savannah Wedding (18) Savannah Wedding (22) Savannah Wedding (40)  Savannah Wedding (35) 

Ceremony crate vintage aisle decor

Savannah Wedding (45)

Savannah Wedding (41)

 Savannah Wedding (46) Savannah Wedding (47)

Savannah Wedding (52) Savannah Wedding (49)

Savannah Wedding (53)

Savannah Wedding (54) Wedding toastSavannah Wedding (57)

Friday, January 20, 2012

Celebrity Inspiration: Michelle Williams in Christian Dior


celeb1016.001 Dress, Catherine Deane; Sash, BHLDN; Veil, BHLDN; Shoes, RSVP.

Hello Fairy Princess. This look is so exciting. It’s simple, easy, and absolutely breathtaking. Michelle Williams really knows how to dress to impress and this gown is no different. I love how it shows off her neck and d├ęcolletage. The belt empathizes that tiny waist while the pattern of the dress has an amazing slimming effect. Bottom heavy girls, this is a dress for you. The skirt is so flattering as it just floats away from the hips and bottom giving the illusion of a super slim bottom half. I adore this look and even more so, I love that she is only wearing one cocktail ring! With this dress, a wonderful cage veil would be the only accessories that I would suggest. Keep ears, neck, and wrists naked. Trust me, you won’t need any adornments with a gown like this. Rock this Catherine Deane awesome gown with a black sash or if you really want that same flat look of Michelle’s belt purchase a half inch velvet ribbon and have a skilled seamstress sew it in so that it lays flay and then you don’t have to fuss up the back of the gown with a bow.


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Real Savannah Wedding: Ally and Troy Part 3-Reception

Now all the goodies for Ally and Troy’s wedding. You are going to love the romantic feel with some fall details thrown in! The fingerprint guest book and the postcard mailbox for guests to leave the couple a note were adorable! This is a prime example of a “less is more” kind of wedding. The real shocker (not really if you knew them) is the amazing Florida Gators cake! The ambiance was breath-taking with all the candles, roses and moss. They had such a great time with their guests and truly enjoyed every minute of their wedding…and we loved that we were able to share it with them! All our best Ally and Troy—here is to many MANY more amazing memories as Mr. and Mrs. xooxxoxowed-130wed-1176wed-1258wed-1147wed-1148wed-1150wed-1149wed-1167wed-1170wed-1161wed-1166wed-1156wed-1180wed-1184wed-1134wed-1358wed-1404wed-1108

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Real Savannah Wedding: Ally and Troy Part 2- Portraits

wed-1027 wed-724 wed-872 wed-912wed-961 wed-994wed-1001wed-1015


Monday, January 16, 2012

Real Savannah Wedding: Ally and Troy Part 1- Ceremony

Ally and Troy—the most deserving and precious couple you will get to hear about. Their wedding was originally planned for November 2010 but due to a number of unfortunate tragedies (and when I say a number it was like the bad luck book hit them and wouldn’t let up), they had to reschedule their wedding a month before it was to happy for this past November! But that didn’t phase them or damper their excitement and eagerness to celebrate with their loved ones. Needless to say, this was a first for us and we were going to do all we could to ensure this day was as perfect as it needed to be for Ally and Troy. Memories N’ More did a great job capturing the day and Ally planned a beautiful event! We were honored to be a part of it with them. Now I invite you to fall in love with a romantic fall Savannah Wedding at its finest! The colors, the use of pumpkins, the intimate set up and a Southern twist or two……IMG_0844 wed-30  wed-37 wed-58wed-78wed-251 wed-298   wed-333wed-325     wed-384wed-243wed-395 wed-422 wed-477wed-313wed-624 wed-668