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Celebrity Wedding-Christina Moore and John Ducey

So these two might not be the super famous couples I have been posting, but Christina Moore has been working steadily in television since the late nineties, most recently on the resurrected 90210. John Ducey has also had a long career made up of various guest appearances on all of our favorite shows. I choose this couple mostly because I thought it was time to highlight a super modern celebrity wedding. Their wedding was a personal and contemporary affair and if that sounds like something you are after, read on.

 Christina & John.003The Bride. I have no idea who made her gown, sorry, but it was a stunning netted slim-fitting gown. I have found similar styles by Platinum, Watters, Jenny Lee, and Kristie Kelly Couture. This is a great look for anyone looking to show off some curves. The dress also had spaghetti straps something that I have found to be very difficult to find nowadays. At most dress boutiques  it is possible to customize your gown to have them. Moore’s look was chic and simple, but I have a gigantic problem with the ugly hair thing...not cute. Sorry Christina! I would opt for something less tiara-like with the placement, think more headband. See the hairpiece blog for more info. Her makeup was soft and classic. Try DiorSkin Forever Extreme Wear Flawless Makeup, $44. The foundation, available in 10 shades, stays fresh all day. Bare Escentuals Quick-Stick, $14, in Escentual Rose is the perfect dark rosy pink to mimic Moore’s fresh lip color.

Christina & John.001The Colors. Planner Emily Kelly of Unseen created a super modern color palette of black, white, and red. The flower girls were even decked in white and red. UsAngels, my favorite little people gowns, has a great design, style 409, that comes with several color options for the bow, including red. STEAL THIS IDEA: The ground was scattered with black and white geometric pillows. Throw pillows can get insanely expensive, but at Ikea I was able to find tons of pillows all under 6.99. They even have a red throw for 3.99. At that price you wouldn’t even feel bad about throwing them on the ground.

Christina & John.004The Details. I love the personalizing that the couple did and for super cheap you can do it to. Instead of putting names on the place cards, they placed pictures of themselves with their friends and family members! How darling is that? Sound daunting? Nah. Organize all of your photos into a file and upload them to Snapfish or Mpix and print. At 19 cents or less, it is worth it. You can find the cute frames at for 2.49 a frame and if you order more than 40 the price drops to 2.24. That’s a steal of a deal for wedding favors, which I am not a huge fan of anyways. This favor is functional and personal...I can get behind that. Also, the couple framed cutesy drink menus in pretty silver frames. They personalized drinks and gave them funny names. They also placed a frame with a photo of a loved ones past nuptials on top of the one tiered decorated cake. You can find great frames at Target for around 12.99.

The Cake. STEAL THIS IDEA: Well...there wasn’t a cake. The couple opted for a dessert bar instead of a huge wedding cake and they still had one tier so they could do the traditional cake cutting. Plus, who doesn’t love a tower of cupcakes? I think there is something whimsical and so very Willy Wonka about a table full of sweets. This idea could save some money considering that some bakers charge as much as humanly possible for flour and sugar.

Christina & John.002The Reception. It is super exciting to see such a modern wedding. The square tables are a must when having a modern receptions. Yay for white linens, which are almost always provided for you at your reception site, hello money saver! Now the couple had black Chivari chairs and at around 7 bucks a chair to rent, it’s just not necessary. I would go for a black folding wood chair that at around 3 dollars a chair are just as sleek and modern. Now if the thought of orchids is making your wallet nervous, fear not. For 20 bucks you can pick up white phalenopsis orchids from your local Home Depot. Now rounding up enough might be a bit of a challenge, but worth it with all of the dough you would be saving by saying adios to a florist. It’s a good thing they build Home Depot’s all over the damn place, they are worse than Starbucks. To finish the look, place red votives on the table. The best deal I can find for votive holders is through a website Candles4Less. The company charges 29.99 for 72 holders and candles, those are the bargains we like.

This look is so easy to replicate and really allows you to be creative. Red not your color? Try turquoise or orange. The whole idea is to keep things simple and uncluttered. So whoever said that modern equals cold and stuffy was not invited to Christina and John’s wedding.


Friday, May 29, 2009

with Lauren’s 10 most Favoritest Gowns and how to wear them best.

Well, mostly because I am so awesome I thought I would share with you my 10 favorite wedding designs. I hope to offer some insight into who these dresses are most suited for as well as what type of occasion the dresses would fit. I think my style is divulged a bit in my list, opting for mostly traditional shaped gowns and keeping the mermaid skirts at bay. I like hints of trendy mixed with classic silhouettes. Experimenting with fashion is super fun, I encourage it, I live it, maybe one day I will even share with you the pleather legging debacle...BUT your wedding day is not the day to try it. You never want to regret your choice, so unless the trend is 100% you, save it for the red carpet.

Disclaimer: Priscilla of Boston and Melissa Sweet have an unfair advantage with me, I used to work for that horrid company and have pretty much tried on every gown they have. They “let me go”, but that’s okay, when I would work late without a manager I would sit at the front desk in a 12,000 dollar gown with a tiara on my head, so take that Corporate, I’m not bitter. matter how bitter I am I can’t deny that they design and make stellar wedding gowns. With that said, let the list begin.

  MyFavorites.005 10.Designer: Lela Rose

Style: The Boathouse

Fabric: Silk/Cotton Faille

Price: Pretty Crazy

Who Should Wear This: A bride who isn’t afraid to show off her curves. This bride’s style is relaxed and classic with a hint of trendy.

Event Type: Great for an outdoor afternoon wedding.

9.Designer: Priscilla of Boston

Style: 4011

Fabric: Embroidered Alencon Lace & Silk Satin

Price: Pretty Crazy

Who Should Wear This: Anyone who wants to look slimmer and everybody! This bride’s style is traditional thru and thru.

Event Type: Very fitting for an afternoon church wedding and evening reception.

8.Designer: Judd Waddell

Style: Contact Designer

Fabric: Pea de Soie

Price: Pretty Crazy

Who Should Wear This: A bride looking to camouflage hips and butt, while still showing off a slim midsection. This bride’s style walks the line of classic and modern. Think Cinderella and Carrie Bradshaw.

Event Type: This dress is amazing because it would be appropriate for a black tie affair as well as a garden wedding. love it!

MyFavorites.0047.Designer: Kenneth Pool

Style: k321

Fabric: Silk Jersey

Price: Absolutely Insane

Who Should Wear This: A bride who isn’t afraid of being modern and sparkly. This bride’s style is sexy and on trend. The draping on the bodice can boost a tiny bust, while the draping on the skirt slims hips.

Event Type: I love this dress for a semi-formal beach wedding.

6.Designer: David’s Bridal

Style: P9345

Fabric: Taffeta

Price: An Unbelievable Steal of a Deal

Who Should Wear This: A bride with curves who is very secure in her shape and preferably tall, there is a break at the knee and on petite brides it cuts them in half, trust me. This bride’s style is chic and budget friendly.

Event Type: This is another awesome gown that is just as perfect for backyard soirées as it is for formal destination weddings.

MyFavorites.0035.Designer: Oscar de la Renta

Style: 92N12

Fabric: Marquisette & Guipure lace with Silk Tulle

Price: Absolutely Insane

Who Should Wear This: A bride who wants to show off her teeny tiny waist and hide her bottom half. This bride’s style is super funky with a hint of tradition.

Event Type: This dress is perfectly suited for a sexy loft wedding.

4.Designer: Watters Brides

Style: 1039B

Fabric: Taffeta

Price: Almost Reasonable

Who Should Wear This Dress: A bride with a large chest will love these thick straps to hoist the girls upwards. This bride’s style is modern and clean, not fussy.

Event Type: I think this dress would be great for an outdoor evening bash, perfect for dancing.

MyFavorites.0023.Designer: Monique Lhuillier

Style: Vivienne

Fabric: Silk Satin Organza

Price: Absolutely Insane

Who Should Wear This Dress: A bride who wants to stand out. This dress is great for boyish figures, really creating the allusion of curves. This bride’s style is straight up Carrie Bradshaw, trendy and groundbreaking.

Event Type: This dress calls for a big event, so any super formal wedding, indoor or outdoor, will do.

2.Designer: Amsale

Style: ?

Fabric: Silk Faille

Price: Pretty Crazy

Who Should Wear This Dress: This is another standout dress. This is a pear-shaped girls best friend. This bride’s style is clean and trendy. This bride is also not worried about people asking her when the baby is due.

Event Type: A trendy, modern big city affair would be perfect.

Designer: Melissa Sweet

MyFavorites.0011.Style: Dora

Fabric: Dotted Organza

Price: Pretty Crazy

Who Should Wear This Dress: Well, ME in my dreams! Isn’t it beautiful? This sweetheart neckline is amazing for enhancing a small bust and the A-line skirt is wonderful for hiding squat deprived backsides. This bride’s style is romantic and fun.

Event Type: This gown is perfect for a Savannah wedding. The light fabric is perfect for the hot Georgia sun.

I like to look beyond the everyday when looking at gowns. So a word of advice, beware of the dress in the ads. Everyone and their sister has worn it. When we were selling gowns we would try and tell you that it isn’t overdone, but we were lying. We had three published brides all in the same Melissa Sweet gown. eck. Be original and find a gown that not only fits your body, but suits your personality, it’s a surefire way to be beautiful and comfortable on your big day.

So until we meet again, stay bridal and listen to me, I totally know what I’m talking about ;)


Thursday, May 28, 2009

with MY wedding years ago! Part 1-Advice


Since yesterday was my anniversary, I thought I would share some pictures (on the next post) and thoughts from my wedding. I get asked all the time, “What was your wedding like?”…..and to be honest….it wasn’t anything elaborate. We did spend a lot of time and money taking care of our guests since so many of them travelled from so far to share in our special day. But, just like any wedding, it did have it’s own hiccups. Well, some were more of gasps than others! I was sewn into my dress only 1 hour before my wedding (the zipper separated from the back) complete with blood and tears! I passed out in the limo, due to overheating and woke up with my shoes off and my dress above my head. A tornado swept through two streets over only 45 minutes before the ceremony. SCARY! And then we lost the photographer (by no fault of hers-but the limo drivers) on our way to take pictures. But really…it was the BEST day of my life.

I do have a few regrets and of course each time I plan a wedding I always think, “Oh I wish I could get married again…I would do this….” so here are just some of those regrets and some suggestions based on my own wedding that I would like to pass onto you.

1. See each other before the ceremony. It allows for more time for those great shots alone and then you can enjoy  your guests and the cocktail hour too. It also alleviates stress for those in the wedding and the photographer. Because we tried to fit it all in after the ceremony, we only had 2 pictures of my husband and I alone and only 1 of myself alone. I wish I had many more of those!

2. Pick a gown that is timeless. I only got married a number of years ago but already, I feel like my dress is out of date and a “what was I thinking” moment. Trendy is fun, but your pictures are going to be around for MANY years…..

3. EAT! Sit down and make time to enjoy your own reception. My husband and I were so busy going around talking with our guests, that we missed out on our own meal and we were starving by midnight. Even if you forgo an activity to allow you time to eat…trust me it is worth it. And some of my past couples will tell you..this is a pet peeve of mine and I insist that you do this. I will guard you from pictures and guests to ensure you eat!

4. DANCE! The more you and your husband are having on the dance floor, the more your guests will join you. I see so many weddings where no one dances and it is sad. The bride and groom feel like no one is having a good time..but honestly, if you are having a good time and your guests see that, then they too will join in. We had a packed dance floor all night! And to this day…I get comments on the rockin party we threw.

5. Really take the time to remember the most precious moments. Take a moment like your first dance, close your eyes, and go over it over and over in your head while you are dancing.…because….this day goes by so very fast, and before you know it, those small things that mean the most, are lost in your memory.

I have many more..but these are the ones that stick out. Don’t lose sight of the true meaning to why you are having a wedding. Sure, it may rain, a tux might not fit perfectly, flowers might not be exactly what you had in mind, but you are marrying the person you love surrounded by all your friends and family. So take a deep breath and enjoy every moment…even the not so fun ones!


Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day-A Tribute to our military couples

lanza 024 20080510-016 HGS_8190 Whitney and Adam Savannah, ga2       

Camera3 343 

From left to right: Lauren and Bo, Pamela and Steve, Jess and Brandon, Whitney and Adam, Lauren and Greg, Marianne and Carl (who just got married this weekend, and lastly US!)

We love our military couples and their families! Thank you for your service to our country. It is you that makes living our way of  living possible.

And…on a personal note…thank you to my hubby! You are my hero Major O’Bryant!


Saturday, May 23, 2009

with $1000 or less for your wedding look!

How to find and rock complete wedding looks under 1000 dollars.

Now, before you start doubting me, let me say that this is completely doable! Gowns don’t have to cost thousands of dollars to make a statement. When shopping for inexpensive gowns you should never sacrifice fabric or craftsmanship and the best way to do this is to shop off the rack. With a little bit of internet surfing and a ton of creativity you can find and personalize your perfect wedding day look for under a thousand dollars.


1. Pretty in Pink for $948!

Gown, David’s Bridal, $599.

Shoes, BCBGirls Albania, $89

Bubble Veil,, Seller AnnLeslie, $69

Necklace, Tiffany and Co, Medium Bow, $150

Ring, Banana Republic, Cherry quartz, $39

This look is classy and traditional with a bit of a twist. I love the fit and gathered details of this taffeta gown. The ruching is great for emphasizing a small bust while concealing a tummy pooch. The silhouette is also very elongating. I am a huge fan of adding punches of color, so I found a pair of great pink shoes and a bold quartz ring. The bubble veil is funky without being too dramatic. And just because you are on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t have fancy things, the bow necklace from Tiffany’s adds the perfect sweet and delicate finishing touch.


2. Grecian Goddess for $993.75

Gown, Moonlight, T-309, $600

Shoes, Pierre Dumas, Rivoli, $49

Headband,, Seller Bethanylorelle, $175

Bracelet,, Seller PreciuxNY, $29.75

Stacking Rings,, Seller Clodaghmolloy, $140

This look is all about the details and it really shows you that on a budget you don’t have to sacrifice your jewels. By utilizing websites like Etsy you can really can find exceptional handmade jewelry at affordable prices. The gown is simple and breezy which could be perfect for all varieties of weddings. I love all of the the sparkle; this look really gives off a sensual, yet refined vibe. And for 49 dollars you can’t beat those shoes, they are hot!!!


3. Retro Sassy for $998

Gown, J.Crew, 96962, $395

Shoes, Christian Louboutin, Chica Fiora, $530

Birdcage Veil, Tigerlilly Jewelry, Bee, $49

Earrings, Banana Republic, Vintage Studs, $24

This is my favorite look out of the bunch, not just because of the fabulous shoes, but because it really proves that less is more. The simple dress oozes sophistication and sex appeal, a killer combo. I paired it with a plain birdcage veil, cute vintage looking studs, and a super hot pair of Louboutin d’Orsay Peeptoes. I love that the shoes have a 1940’s retro vibe and the pale pastels are a perfect complement to the gown. So you see? If you are good and stay on budget you can buy 500 dollar shoes! Soooooo worth it, plus you will get so much use out of them that it makes sense to spend more on can only wear the dress once. Well, unless you like to play dress up. What? You’ve thought about it.


4. Vintage Traditional for $852

Gown, Bonny, 943, $600

Shoes, Banana Republic, Janelle, $140

Veil,, Seller bellabridalveils, $25

Hairclip,, Seller EMbridal, $45

Earrings,, Seller thejewelrybar, $42

This look is so stunning. The gown is out of this world simple, but the simple fabric gathers and beautiful jeweled belt takes it from plain to interesting. To change it up I added a pair of metallic gladiators for a bit of funk. The veil is a simple and traditional fingertip veil, but at 25 dollars it is more than that, it is a freaking bargain!! I would place the veil low near the neck and place the beautiful hair clip above it. For 25 dollars you won’t even feel bad about removing the veil at the reception and you will still have some bling in your hair. And how about those earrings, they totally rock my socks! Perfect mix of old and new.


5. Trendy Chic for $984.75

Gown, Little Flowers By Odyessey, Anastasia , $850

Shoes, Nina, Choda, $89

Hair Flower,, Seller ellasalley, $34.99

Ring, Forever21, $580

Vintage Earrings,, Seller Dangsworld, $5

How great is this dress? Right? You can choose between silk dupioni or taffeta, I prefer taffeta, dupioni screams grandmother of the bride or curtains. The shoes are a fun bejeweled t-strap that my husband actually picked out. I was impressed. The adorable flower is a great alternative to a veil that I feel doesn’t really work with the gown. For some fun pops of color, I added a few super budget friendly turquoise accessories. I love costume jewelry and think that your wedding is the perfect time to rock some. I think it photographs really well and adds a bit of fun. Plus, you don’t have to guard it with your life. What would happen if you lost Grandma’s diamonds or pearls? Game over.

So there you have it, five awesome wedding day looks for under a thousand dollars. It can be done, you should never doubt me.

Until we meet again, stay bridal and always use the word sounds skanky.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

with ways to keep your guests talking….

As I have mentioned in pasts blogs and if you know me….I say this all the time…”Southern hospitality is only as hospitable as you make it!” So, with that said, you always want to be the hostess with the mostess, especially on your wedding day! Your guests come from far away to share in your special day and you want them to feel just as special as you do (well we can fib a little…you OF COURSE are supposed to feel the MOST special) but I am digressing . After a long day of festivities, dancing, and drinking, you want to send your guests home with a little memento from you and your new hubby to help with a few things:

goodbye treats for guests1. Their empty bellies-if your reception food was served at the beginning of the reception (which most are) then more than likely after dancing and drinking your guests will be hungry. Give them something they can munch on, on the way back to their hotels. Maybe donuts, boiled peanuts (very SOUTHERN), serve milk and cookies in a unique way with shot glasses or martini glasses with a cookie served on the side like a lemon,

2. Their hangover-Now I have seen a number of weddings in my day…and I have to tell you that sometimes, guests can drink more than they can stand the next day. Soooo, why not offer a hangover kit as they leave! All you need is aspirin, bottled water, maybe an eye mask to sleep, hot tea for the morning, and some carby items to fill their stomachs with. They will thank you later!

3. The morning after-Why not give your guests something they can enjoy the next day for breakfast if you are not hosting a brunch. Make your own granola and include a recipe and instructions, donuts, pastries, instant coffee, fresh fruit and a juice..the possibilities are endless! (and so is the cute packaging!)


If your guests are happy….then you will be happy! Be the talk of your family and friends for years to come…by how much you made THEM feel important on YOUR day! It is soooo worth it!


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VOTE on our new look and logo!

Please take 1 minute and vote on which logo and look we should define MG Events with. There are 4 options to pick from.


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with a recent bride’s perspective!


252 Kristin Nabers and Payson Schwin married on  April 4, 2009

Location Married

 Orleans Square, with reception at Harper Fowlkes House

Tell me about how he proposed

 Payson surprised me with a 'Labor Day Staycation' in DC - dinner, drinks, and a night in a really cute bed and breakfast. When we arrived at the B&B, they had left champagne for us in our room, and we took it into the backyard where Payson proposed!

What was the most challenging part about planning your wedding?

The number of decisions you have to make and details you have to manage! It can be really overwhelming, which surprised me since I consider myself pretty organized.

What advice would you give to a couple planning their wedding?

Break the to-do list up into manageable pieces, and split the tasks between you...and hire a planner if at all possible! And try to videotape at least part of your wedding day, because it zooms by so fast that you'll have trouble remembering the details. A group photo of all the guests is a great memento as well.

Would you change anything?

Actually, I can't think of a thing. The weather was perfect and everyone looked beautiful and had a fabulous time! No major disasters at all.

What is your favorite memory about your planning or wedding day?

The Harper Fowlkes House has windows that overlook Orleans Square, so I was able to watch all the guests assembling before the ceremony while I got dressed. Very fun and kind of surreal.

What was your favorite detail of the wedding?

Wedding photos 147We loved that so much of our ceremony was done by our friends. One played the guitar for the processional, and another actually got ordained online and married us! And in lieu of readings, we had friends and family members write their own short blessings that they read. It made the whole ceremony so much more personal.


An unexpected moment? Wedding photos 439

Payson loves karaoke - in fact, we first got together at a karaoke outing with friends where he sang "Let's Get It On"! We had talked about him singing at the reception, but he had decided against it - or so I thought. At the end of the night, I was talking to our guests when I heard the opening notes of Marvin Gaye's classic...and up in the front of the tent is my new husband, belting it out! It was a huge hit and probably the most talked-about moment of the reception.


What was your design inspiration?

 We were thinking along the lines of 'vintage Southern' - classic looks that would compliment both Harper Fowlkes and the city of Savannah.

Anything else you would like to add?

We really want to thank Morgan and Holly for making our day so special! We had a GREAT time and all of our friends did too.

Friday, May 15, 2009

with dressing for your rehearsal dinner

How to look smoking hot and virginal at your Rehearsal dinner.

Rehearsal Dinner Dresses.001   Perhaps I took it to the extreme, but I rocked white all wedding weekend long. So my first instinct is to tell you to find a comfy white dress to don on the night before your wedding. There Rehearsal Dinner Dresses.002are so many options to choose that it is just a matter of finding the right dress for your occasion. A satin gown isn’t quite right to wear to a crab bake in your parents backyard, but an eyelet sundress would be perfect. Have fun with your rehearsal dinner outfit, if your wedding gown is super traditional why not funk it up and wear something fun and trendy or is your wedding gown a little racy then opt for a prim and proper white dress.

Rehearsal Dinner Dresses.003If you choose to wear some color do it in style. Find a gown that fits your dinner and keeps you the center of attention. I found affordable patterned dresses everywhere from Anthropologie to Etsy, so just put a bit of time in and you can find something super stylish at a great price. When wearing color I suggest finding a dress with personality that will really help you to stand out, you are the bride, it's all about you, right?Rehearsal Dinner Dresses.005

I also like the idea of separates that you can where again and again. For a nice casual dinner, I selected a pair of lightweight linen trousers paired them with a simple pale pink tank. I threw in a fun sparkly necklace and a rocking pair of salmon colored sandals to really give the outfit a stylish pop. During the warmer months, you can mix and match your pieces and you will totally get your money’s worth for every piece. For a fun and funky dinner, perhaps at trendy restaurant, I choose a chic pleated skirt and once again paired it with an easy and cheap tank. The outfit once again is all about the accessories, edgy gladiators and fun bangles complete the look.

Rehearsal Dinner Dresses.004The most important thing is being comfortable and if you are going to eat like a champion find an outfit loose around the midsection. I suggest eating, always. Our dinner was at a popular restaurant in Savannah, The Pirate’s House, where our guests dined on every Southern yummy you can think of. Word of advice, I ate like a king, but I did my best to steer clear of anything too salty and drink gallons of water, bloating is not cool.

Until we meet again, stay bridal and look hot all wedding weekend long!


Thursday, May 14, 2009

with ways to use ribbon!

We use ribbon for everything! Get inventive with it. Not only is it an inexpensive and simple way to bring color and creativity to your wedding, you are sure to find it in your colors! From ribbon wands instead of rose petals, ribbon runners, tying napkins and favors, bringing color to a clear vase (there are lots of ways to wrap them to bring movement and design to them) on your dress or even use ribbon to hang from a ceiling creating a new way to “drape” or have some ceiling design instead of lanterns! What other ways can you think of to use ribbon? We want to see and hear your ideas!

ribbon wedding


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

with loving our clients!


Engage 09’  is high impact luxury wedding business summit is designed for the high end wedding industry professional who is looking to take their successful business to the next level.…….

And we will be attending!  Some of the industries most sot after professionals such as Sean Low, Michelle Rago, Preston Bailey, Sylivia Weinstock, Abby Larson, Darcy Miller and many many more will be there to share all their knowledge and tips to help us better serve our clients!

Careful attention is paid to creating an atmosphere of effortless networking allowing for an open exchange of ideas, information, inspiration and candid discussions of the issues and opportunities facing everyone in today's luxury wedding industry.

We cant wait to put what we learn into action! I will keep you posted while I’m there and…and promise pictures, pictures, pictures!

We are committed to providing our clients the best in service and the luxury wedding experience that sets us aside from other wedding planners and designers.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Real Wedding: Kristin and Payson, Savannah, GA

 Savannah Wedding

It was easy to fall in love with this couple. Kristin and Payson were such a treat! Their Savannah wedding took place on April 4th and they couldn't have asked for better weather, a more historic location, tastier food, a more amazing photographer, or such close friends and family to share in this unbelievable day with them!   I was in awe of Kristin’s dress which so beautifully completed her taste and the venue! It was by far one of the most unique and vintage looking dress I have seen yet!  Their requirement in a photographer was that they needed to take perfect in the moment shots because Kristin kept insisting that her and Payson took HORRIBLE posed shots. Well….I think that Geoff L. Johnson couldn’t have done a more PERFECT job and I never saw how these two could have take any bad shot together…..IMPOSSIBLE! Enjoy some of the highlights of their day! Kristin and Payson…it was truly an honor!


Orleans SquareSavannah Mansion  Wedding Party252448Wedding ProgramReserved Wedding TableGreen Hydreanga WeddingWedding LanternsCandied Pecans      Sparkler Send off

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