Wednesday, September 18, 2013

{real wedding} WEDNESDAY :: instagram edition.

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so yesterday's post about technology at your wedding got me thinking: wouldn't it be cool to show the positive side of technology use at your wedding?

given that i can be an instagram fiend at times {follow me here at your own risk, or follow mge's official account here}, i actually do have a number of pictures i've taken - and promptly instagrammed - at official mge functions i've coordinated.

after browsing through what felt like quintillion photos, i've decided on the following as a pretty sampling of iPhone camera, instagrammed loveliness:

 this pretty little french lady presided over mini french donuts at the dessert table of a bridal shower that i had the pleasure of designing + coordinating for one of our lovely mge brides!
 ditto for this fancy frenchman - and don't you just love the striped linen here?
this refreshing water station was our set-up at the bridal show this past march.

ohhh, lemonade! this was the sweet companion to our cool cucumber option.

one of my april brides had custom linen napkins printed with her menu and laid atop mismatched vintage china plates at her reception.

the same bride sourced her own vintage flatware tied with antique ribbon and a kraft tag on which the guest's name was written in gorgeous calligraphy.

in addition to the three cakes pictured below, this bride + groom decided on a pie bar complete with four pies! two of the tastiest are pictured here - i can't resist snapping pics of dessert set-ups.

obviously i took a picture of the art deco-styled brides cake - isn't it fabulous?

and this grooms cake with the pup cake topper in honor of the bride + groom's dog stole my heart!

a classic wedding cake, topped off with a family heirloom. i adore this.

lovely florals courtesy of a to zinnias were scattered upon farm tables rented from ooh! events.

 again, i could not get enough of that amazing calligraphy.

i loved this wreath! fabulous job, a to zinnias!

and this scrumptiously bountiful table was mge's Mediterranean-inspired contribution to the recent savannah food + wine festival at vic's on the river this past weekend. i'm hungry just looking at it...

see? imagine the gorgeousness that your friends and family can capture with nothing more than their phone camera and an app at your own celebration. if that's not inspiration for you to incorporate an official instagram hashtag {or other crowdsourcing photo app} at your wedding, i don't know what is.
have a beautiful wednesday, everyone!

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