Thursday, September 26, 2013

{thirsty} THURSDAY :: sparkling whiskey.

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we all know that fall = pumpkin spice lattes, obviously.
and while pumpkin-flavored-everything is one of the main reasons we all love fall {and if you don't love it, well - i don't see how that could be true!}, let's please not forget about apples.
i, for one, am particularly fond of apple-picking, or at least the idea of it. that's why the following recipe, which also involves bourbon {clearly one of my favorites}, makes me think of autumn and happiness.
{image and recipe via pinterest from this site!}
mmmm. doesn't that look lovely? you can even use hard cider if you're particularly daring, or add a teensy splash of fireball to that sparkling cider while you're at it;)

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