Monday, January 31, 2011

We have been awarded the 2011 Bride’s Choice Award!

For the 4th year in a row, we have been awarded Wedding Wire’s Brides Choice Award! What an honor and privilege being considered we are in the top 5% of the wedding professionals! image

Thank you to our past clients for this amazing honor! We love you and have truly enjoyed our time with you and look forward to many more successful years to come.


The MGE Team

Friday, January 28, 2011

Real Savannah Wedding: Mandi and Edward Part 3- Reception

OHHH where to start? There were so many unique and fun things that these two love birds included in their wedding. Look at the adorable quilt piece that they used for guests to sign! We love the unique use of old shutters to display pictures of their life.  But one of our favorite pieces was the amazing cake stand that they had made from intertwined branches! OH MY GOD!!!! How unique and rustic is that? And when the party was coming to a close, guests lined up with sparklers to send the couple on their way! Thank you again Mike Force Photography for sharing the many images of their day. Congratulations Mandi and Edward. What a pleasure it was sharing in your wedding!


The MGE Team

Savannah Wedding (4)Savannah Wedding (34)Savannah Wedding (7)Savannah Wedding (15)Savannah Wedding (14)

Savannah Wedding (12)Savannah Wedding (9)Savannah Wedding (13)   Savannah Wedding (45)Savannah Wedding (49)Savannah Wedding (51)Savannah Wedding (50)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Real Savannah Wedding: Mandi and Edward Part 2-Portraits

Savannah Wedding (28)Savannah Wedding (20)Savannah Wedding (16) Savannah Wedding (19)   Savannah Wedding (30) Savannah Wedding (36)Savannah Wedding (39)Savannah Wedding (38)Savannah Wedding (40)Savannah Wedding (37)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Real Savannah Wedding: Mandi and Edward Part 1-Ceremony

Mandi and Edward was our last wedding of the season and what a way to end the amazing 2010 year, than with these two and this beautiful wedding! The whole wedding took place at the rustic Woodlawn Plantation…and it was PERFECT for the feel they were going for. The weather was the perfect balance of warm with a cool breeze and Mandi made sure the guests were comfortable by offering light blankets to wrap up in should they need them. I love fall colors and this wedding showcased them perfectly. The wheat grass tied with a burnt orange ribbon was carried throughout the wedding ceremony as pew markers and then as reception decor. As Mandi made her way to her groom she was lead by the beautiful sounds of a bagpipe! Thanks to Mike Force Photography for providing us these great images. Stay tuned tomorrow for Part 2-Portraits

Savannah Wedding (42) Savannah Wedding (33) Savannah Wedding (21)  Savannah Wedding (18)Savannah Wedding Savannah Wedding (52) Savannah Wedding (3) Savannah Wedding (22) Savannah Wedding (24) Savannah Wedding (23)  Savannah Wedding (25) Savannah Wedding (26)

Savannah Wedding (41)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Celebrity Inspiration of the Week: Eva Mendes in Dior

evainspiration.001So, who doesn’t have a major crush on Eva Mendes!?! She is a beautiful women and thanks to styling goddess Rachel Zoe her fashion is always sick!!!!! And when I was looking back through saved photos, I saw this pic and was just in love. This is how you do sexy on your wedding day. I love that it’s still covered up, while being outrageously sexy. You don’t have to show tons of skin to look like a hottie. It’s all about the draping and drawing attention to your shoulders, collar bones, and décolletage. The gown fits, but isn’t skin tight... it’s body skimming. It shows all your goodness without looking like a skank. You need very little adornments with this type of look. A huge cocktail ring or dainty bracelet will suffice. NEVER wear a necklace or big earrings with this style, they complicate things and take the focus off you. Whether it’s up or down, hair should be loose and natural. Makeup should also be natural and little bronzy. Use golds and warm colors on the eyes. Love. Love. Love. This look.

Clockwise from top: JCrew, Alberta Ferretti, Donna Karan, & Temperley London.

Don’t be afraid to rock Celeb style on your big day!!!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Find of the Week: SparkPeople


sparkpeople1  So this website is ah-mazing for a bride looking to shed some pounds before the wedding. My trainer turned me on to it and it’s brilliant. It helps you track all the calories you eat, lets you know how much fat, protein, and carbs you are taking in, AAANNNNDD creates specialized fitness regimes. And the kicker is, it’s completely free!!! spark-peopleI’m amazed at how much information I am getting at absolutely no cost to me. Granted, it can be time consuming to enter all of what you are eating, but after a few days you get the hang of it. When you hit your goals, it’s exciting and definitely motivates you to keep at it. Recording everything you eat really helps you stay conscious of portion size and helps you understand how many calories a certain meal contains. I think that is the key to losing weight. Try it out! You and your wedding dress will thank me!!!2854428527_de855c1367


Monday, January 17, 2011

Win a free designer wedding dress!!!!

POWD_WinWedDressI can't think of a better way to welcome the New Year and all of the new brides than by giving one lucky bride her wedding dress!


PreOwned Wedding Dresses is launching a new contest on January 1st – they are giving away a $2,000 wedding dress.The contest will run from January 1st - January 31st, and we'll select the winner of February 4th. Brides can enter here, and can also get bonus entries on our Facebook page.
PreOwned Wedding Dresses currently has more than 6400 new, sample and used gowns for sale from over 150 different designers.  And they have a ton of search features like by designer, size, price, silhouette - even by local zip code.

Our blog post about the contest (live on January 1st):
Contest entry form:

Friday, January 14, 2011

Find of the Week. Dr. Zweig Glycolic Treatment Pads

beautifulskin So, I am a product whore. It’s the truth. No polite way to say it. I also suffer from crazy adult acne. Sooooo annoying. I’ve finally got it mostly under control due to an insanely structured skin care regime, but a dear friend and fellow product hoochy told me about these brilliant Glycolic 20% Treatment pads. You swipe them over clean skin and they gently exfoliate and remove any excess oil on your skin. It’s great for acne prone skin. Also, great for prepping your skin for anti-aging products. Best of all, they are only 24 dollars for 60 pads!!!! Ah-mazing.

Simply go to their website,, and call or email to place your order. Fabulous skin awaits!!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Future Brunswick Wedding: Elizabeth and Eric


Elizabeth and Eric

Date Engaged:

August 3, 2010

Where did you meet?

Camp Pendleton, CA

How did he propose?

He proposed at his favorite spot (the back pond) near his childhood home in Kholsville, Wisconsin with his 9 year old daughter present.

When is your wedding date?

April 16, 2011

Why did you pick the area you are getting married in?

We are getting married in Brunswick, GA where we currently live...wanted to get married outside but not on the beach, decided on a historic Hanover Square in downtown Brunswick.

Where do you reside now?

Brunswick, GA

Anything interesting or out of the ordinary you are including in your wedding day?

After we make our vows to each other, we will also make "family vows" including Eric's 9 year old daughter, Haley.  Also, all of our siblings each have a role in the wedding.

Anything else you would like to add?

We will be hosting the rehearsal dinner at our home with southern bbq and of course a Georgia low country boil.

Welcome back to the states!!! WE cannot wait to share in your wedding day. It has been such a pleasure planning with you thus far and we thank you for your service to our country! xoxox

The MGE Team

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

An amazing honor and award from the Knot!

We are so honored to find out that we were chosen by the Knot as one of their 2011 best of weddings vendors! Thank you to all of our past and present couples that made this possible. xoxoxoxo

The MGE Team


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Celebrity Inspiration of the Week: Kate Bosworth.

katebosworthinspiration.001 I’m a huge fan of Kate Bosworth. Say what you will about her slender frame, but I think she is stunning. She has a genius take on fashion and always manages to be modern and simple all at the same time. LOVE. When I saw this photo of Bosworth in a Jil Sander frock I was in bridal heaven. I freaking love the simplicity of the t-shirt like top and column skirt. I think this is a great look for a chill bride looking to be glamourous and comfortable. Check out J.Crew and the Vineyard Collection for awesome looks. J.Crew has brilliant skirts and be bold wear a t-shirt with them. I think that it is beyond chic. BEYOND. I wish I freaking thought of it for my wedding. Boo, too late. Perhaps the next one... What?! Never mind... The key to this look is the juxtaposition of relaxed glamour. Sophistication without trying... AT ALL. Make up and hair have to be beyond natural, no shellacked helmet head or tranny makeup. Just simple, natural, and easy.

Don’t be afraid to try Celeb style on your big day!!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Thank you to our amazing 2010 couples! This has been a year to remember!

What a year it has been and I have to say one of our favorite by far. The weddings were unique and amazing, our couples memorable and beautiful, and the memories we have made will remain in the forefront of our hearts and minds. We are so proud to say that a number of our weddings this year were published and featured in the Savannah Wedding Magazine, Style Me Pretty, Weddings Unveiled and Elizabeth Anne Designs! You can view these weddings under the “Real Weddings” on our blog and the published ones by viewing the links on our “Press” page of our website. Thank you for making this the best year yet!

Love the MGE Team



Taylor and Adam

 wedding couple

Lanie and Scott

Savannah Wedding (14)

Brittany and Jeff

Savannah Hilton Head Wedding (38)

Kristen and Larry

Savannah Wedding (3)

Jennifer and Micah

Savannah Wedding (28)

Jessica and Brian


Phi and Melissa

Savannah Wedding (3)

Heather and Dale


Angel and Scott

   Vics Openlight Studio

Brittany and Jason

Savannah Wedding (70)

Melanie and Jason

Savannah Wedding (13)

Tali and Joe

Mansion on Forsyth Wedding (3)

Josyln and Spergon


Amanda and Joey


Kristin and Ryan



Danielle and Justin


Laura and Bo


Tiffany and Craig

DVB Photo0124

Leslie and Scott


Mandi and Gerald


Savannah and Joe


And a few others that we don’t have pictures of:

Lorah and William

Kacie and Steve

Melanie and Tom

LeTisha and Christopher

Amy and Sam

Angie and Joe

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