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Friday, November 2, 2012

Fashion Friday: Vintage Fun

Okay, I’ve said it about a million times and I’ll say it again. I love this whole resurgence of vintage style. I’m in retro heaven!!! I love the dress shapes, quirky veils, great accessories, slim suits, and bow ties. You get it. Here are some vintage looking finds  for you, your man, and your girls!! 

Bride: Park Avenue Dress, Cloud Mist Bibi, Ivory Bows Topped Sling-backs, & Forest Flower Drop Earrings; All BHLDN.

How much charm does this look have!?!? I’m obsessed with the black accents and I understand that this is not for the traditionalist, but I think the look is classic and sophisticated. I love a good cage veil and this blusher is adorable and the bow accent adds an extra touch of fabulous. The sling-backs are simple and chic. The drop earrings tie the whole look together with a punch of color. 
Bridesmaids: Embellished Bijoux Dress, Emerald Bows Topped Sling-backs, & Vintage Lockets; All BHLDN. 

I love this dress. So. Flipping. Cute. The embellishments along the neckline are ah-mazing and keep you from needing a necklace, while the emerald sling-backs tie the brides look to the girls and creates a touch of continuity without looking matchy-matchy. 

And for the perfect bridesmaids gift, how about a vintage locket?? They aren’t cheap, but this is sure to be a gift that your girls treasure forever. 

Groom: Ludlow Suiting, Mircodot Silk Bow Tie, & Preston Bluchers; All JCrew. 

Truth time. I know very little about men’s clothing. Well, that’s not entirely true. I know what looks good, but I’m not well versed in where to shop... That’s my husband’s job. And J.Crew is where it’s at for the vintage look. Their Ludlow suiting is classic and a bit slim so it gives that old-school vibe. I would definitely go with the pant and vest look. If your man is really feeling daring, I would fully support suspenders. Finish with a classic shoe and a fun bow tie. I love the purple with the green. They are opposites on the color wheel and make a stellar combination!! 

Tell me. Do you dig vintage?? Are you planning on any vintage touches for your big day?


Monday, August 27, 2012

Stylish Groomsmen Options that aren’t Suits

I think we can all agree that a man in a tux is a pretty sexy sight, but at the same time the tux is the norm... It’s classic, but not necessarily fashion forward or full of personality.  So I’ve compiled some amazing looks that will have your guys looking brilliant!!! 

Gray. I love gray suits and I love the new trend of wearing only a well fitting vest, no jacket. I am even obsessed with the argyle sweater vests. I think they are perfect for day weddings or a more causal or super-stylized afternoon or evening wedding. You don’t have to limit yourself to plain or easy, don’t be scared to step outside the box.

Khaki. I feel like khaki is the perfect for a summer casual look. Awesome for the beach or any outdoor occasion. Once again, I love the vests look, but am also obsessed with this suspender look. I LOVE suspenders and I feel like this just works! For fun, I absolutely think you should mix up the ties, and if you want to pair bow ties and regular neckties, I fully support this decision. It looks brilliant in photographs. The only thing with khaki is that I feel like it should be reserved for a day or afternoon wedding. It doesn’t quite work for me for night... But as with everything I say, there are NO rules!!

All mixed up. Suspenders. Buttoned vests. Unbuttoned vets. Jackets. Bow ties. Neckties. YES. YES. I say yes to all. I think that these looks are so insanely chic and just look so brilliant. They are fashion forward, but still unbelievably classic at the same time. 

There are tons of different options for the men in your wedding that look classic and sophisticated that are a complete 180 from the basic tux! Be bold!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Real Savannah Wedding: Scott and Sally Part 1-Ceremony

I do not even know where to begin with these two love birds. I guess I could go on and on about how much I adore Scott and Sally by telling you that they are the most interesting, travelled, loving and caring couple I have had the privilege to get to know and am happy to call them friends now…but you want to see and hear about their wedding, right? Well here it is! We had 18 FUN and exciting months of planning, emailing and facebook-ing because these two reside overseas! When I “met” them they were living in France and now currently reside in England. They were able to make a trip back to the states for some meetings though and you might think planning a wedding like this would be difficult or impossible, but not at all. Scott and Sally instilled a lot of trust in our ability to plan, design and suggest some of the best vendors for the job. Between the three of us, we created the wedding they had always hoped for but not without a few hiccups. These two were such troopers when we found out that their original venue had gone under and was no longer allowed to do any events because they had not been able to get the building up to code. (This was after we had a number of plans set in motion and months into planning.) So with their heads held high and a good outlook on “everything happens for a reason,” we switched things up dramatically and in the end we gave them a wedding that reflected Scott and Sally’s true sense of style. After their first look (my favorite thing as you know) with Scott Hopkins Photography, the wedding festivities began! With beautiful bright colors, close friends and family, and a perfect sunny day,their wedding ceremony took place in Telfair Square. Tomorrow is part 2-Portraits!

 Savannah Wedding (56) Savannah Wedding (57) Savannah Wedding (59)Savannah Wedding (58) Savannah Wedding (60) Savannah Wedding (2)Savannah WeddingSavannah Wedding, green mum boutSavannah Wedding (17)Savannah Wedding (61)  Savannah Wedding (63)  Savannah Wedding ceremony program modern weddingSavannah Wedding (64) Savannah Wedding Ceremony decor pew marker  Savannah Wedding (67)Savannah Wedding (68) Savannah Wedding (69) Savannah Wedding (70)

  Savannah Wedding (71) Savannah Wedding (72)Savannah Wedding (73)  Savannah Wedding (75) Savannah Wedding (76)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Something Fun for the Hubby-to-be

boudoir.001 Imagine it. It’s your big day. There’s a knock on the door. It’s a beautiful sparkly gift from your very soon to be husband. You, in turn, hand the messenger a gift for your betrothed... What is it? A watch? Cufflinks? A tie!?!??! How about some naughty pictures of you in your wedding veil and nothing else!? WHAT!? I don’t want to get myself in trouble, but I think that sexy boudoir photos are the perfect pre-wedding gift. Why not take sassy photos while everything is still mostly in the place it’s supposed to be!?! And can you imagine your dudes face when he sees them!!! I think it’s priceless. And these photos don’t have to be dirty or inappropriate, but tasteful and sexy. This is a gift for your husband, not anyone else!!! And if it eases your mind, most of these photos are all camera angles, so you aren’t running around nude... unless you want to ;)

You can find great photographers in any area. Sitting fees can be anywhere from $150 dollars and up. Your wedding photographer would probably be more than willing to offer you a great deal on boudoir photo shoot.

I highly suggest this as a great gift for the hubs and a fun & empowering experience for you. Just remember if you are confident, it will come across in the photos.


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Popping the Question-The “Do’s” of proposing-Part 1

marriage proposal So you want to “Pop the question” to the love of your life? And…you are searching online to find advice…well, you have come to the right place! Up until this point, the most important day in your life might have been when you walked across the stage at your college graduation, or maybe when you landed that dream job you were interviewing for or maybe even when you became the proud owner of a 69’ Mustang. Well none of that will compare to what you are about to do. That being said, here are the ultimate guidelines for the “Do’s” to proposing!

Be Certain

The ONLY answer you should or want to here is “YES”….This is not an instance when you don’t want to be unsure of the answer you are expecting to receive. This could turn out to be upsetting and humiliating for both of you and that is no way to end the evening or continue the relationship. Avoid the awkward situation by wading the waters and casually discussing the future of your relationship. (But…don’t wait until just before you want to propose!)

The Element of Surprise

She should in no way be expecting or anticipating this! This is part of the game right! You want to sweep her off her feet and take her by surprise. SO…keep it quite! No one needs to know what or when you will do it. Don’t facebook or twitter it, tell family and friends, or leave receipts laying around. If she gets suspicious, throw her off or even lie (this is the only time I condone this!)

Talk With Her Parents

While it is not necessary this day in age, to ask for permission, it is always a good idea to talk with her parents about your intentions.  Asking for their blessing is not only nice to have, it is form of respect.

Be Unique

You don't want to be a copy cat! You want this to be a moment that you both remember forever! The more thought you put into it, the more it will mean to her.   After all this is one of the stories that you will be asked and tell more than any other in your lifetime together! Make it count. if you are stuck and just don't know what to do, that is OK because some wedding planners offer services now, where they will help you plan this momentous occasion with you!

Make it Personal

When you think of how to ask your girlfriend make them feel like the whole affair was designed around them! Have her favorite flowers, food or wine with you, invite her family to join you as it is happening, bring her to a spot that means the most to the both of you, cook her special meal…you get the picture! And most importantly add more to the “Will you marry me?” Start the proposal off by telling her why you want to marry her or what you love most about her and then ask the ever so important question.


More than likely you are going to be so nervous! You need to think about what you want to say, write it down, practice in front of a mirror, use a tape recorder, say it to a friend…whatever you can do to make you feel more confident in asking. These words should flow right out of your mouth without hesitation! Practice does make perfect!

Get on your Knee

Every little girl has dreamt about this day. She has seen it in movies, read about it in books and heard many stories all of which include, YOU getting down on one knee and proposing to her. While this might seem corny or even petty to you, this is something that means the world to her!

Ask the Question

Getting on your knee and showing her a ring doesn’t imply that you want to marry her and it shouldn’t be a given when you do so. You need to ask her “THE” question.  These words are indicating you are ready to take the next step in your relationship and you want her to be your wife. She shouldn’t have to assume anything and hearing it from you are words that will linger in her head and heart for the rest of her life.

Pictures are a Must

You want to be sure you have memories of this amazing moment in your life! Aside from your wedding and children’s birth, this will be a one of the most important memories that you will share with friends and family for years! Take it from me, I have personal experience with this one! When my husband asked me to marry him, he didn't think to have a camera or anyone take pictures afterwards. The only thing we could get our hands on was this little Polaroid camera that the restaurant had and the picture was so blurry and small it didn’t even matter. I was so upset that the restaurant let me take the plate home so i could photograph it but we still had no picture of us! Arrange to bring your camera and hand it someone to take a picture, have friends and family join you right after, or have a professional photographer there to capture it all! Whatever you do, get pictures!

Tune in tomorrow for the every so important “Don’ts” to popping the question!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Something for the boys!

Alright my grooms (or my brides that will forward this to their grooms)…listen up! I know that some of you consider planning your wedding, the desired work of your bride. And there are some of you that take refuge in the fact that your opinion doesn’t count, which no matter if you think you should help or not…your opinion COUNTS, this is the site for you! From advice, tips, stories and even your OWN wedding registry this site has it all! Take a couple minutes at work or at home while your bride is talking with her wedding planner and check out The Man Registry and their blog Grooms Advice ~ trust me you will be even more ecstatic about your big day! image

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Real Savannah Wedding: Jennifer and Micah Part 1-Ceremony

 Savannah Wedding BrideThis one was all about the details! Jennifer and Micah married on April 10, 2010 in Lafayette Square Savannah, GA with St. John’s Cathedral as the perfect backdrop! Jennifer had a very classic style. She loved the colors pink and green and wanted to use them as a base for the wedding design. Look at the adorable toad ring bearer pillows for the twin boy ring bearers! ADORABLE! Apple flavored Jones Soda was there to quench the thirst of guests arriving by trolley.Paper lanterns hung by ribbon from the chairs as pew markers and the aisle was lined with rose petals leading up to a magnificent floral archway where the couple exchanged their vows. Jennifer arrived by horse and carriage while a string quartet serenaded her and her guests. As soon as they were married they were showered with confetti and headed to the horse and carriage to enjoy their first moments as Mr. and Mrs. McGee. Stay tuned for part 2- Portraits, you wont want to miss the amazing shots by Allison Reisz Photography.

Savannah Bride (2)Savannah Wedding (2)Savannah Bride     Savannah Wedding Getting Ready Savannah Wedding GroomRing BearersSavannah Groom Pink Bridesmaid Dresses Savannah Wedding 1   Savannah Horse and CarriageLafaytte Square Wedding  Savannah Wedding Ceremony (2)Reserved Wedding SignsWedding ConfettiWedding Ceremony Program Frog Ring Bearer Pillow Personalized Jones SodaSavannah Wedding LafayettePink Lantern Aisle Decor        Savannah GA WeddingSavannah Wedding CeremonySavannah Wedding 2

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