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Popping the Question-The “Do’s” of proposing-Part 1

marriage proposal So you want to “Pop the question” to the love of your life? And…you are searching online to find advice…well, you have come to the right place! Up until this point, the most important day in your life might have been when you walked across the stage at your college graduation, or maybe when you defeated the PS3 game, Halo, or maybe even when you became the proud owner of a 69’ Mustang. Well none of that will compare to what you are about to do. That being said, here are the ultimate guidelines for the “Do’s” to proposing!


Be Certain

The ONLY answer you should or want to here is “YES”….This is not an instance when you don’t want to be unsure of the answer you are expecting to receive. This could turn out to be upsetting and humiliating for both of you and that is no way to end the evening or continue the relationship. Avoid the awkward situation by wading the waters and casually discussing the future of your relationship. (But…don’t wait until just before you want to propose!)

The Element of Surprise

She should in no way be expecting or anticipating this! This is part of the game right! You want to sweep her off her feet and take her by surprise. SO…keep it quite! No one needs to know what or when you will do it. Don’t facebook or twitter it, tell family and friends, or leave receipts laying around. If she gets suspicious, throw her off or even lie (this is the only time I condone this!)

Talk With Her Parents

While it is not necessary this day in age, to ask for permission, it is always a good idea to talk with her parents about your intentions.  Asking for their blessing is not only nice to have, it is form of respect.

Be Unique 

You don't want to be a copy cat! You want this to be a moment that you both remember forever! The more thought you put into it, the more it will mean to her.   After all this is one of the stories that you will be asked and tell more than any other in your lifetime together! Make it count. if you are stuck and just don't know what to do, that is OK because some wedding planners offer services now, where they will help you plan this momentous occasion with you!

Make it Personal

When you think of how to ask your girlfriend make them feel like the whole affair was designed around them! Have her favorite flowers, food or wine with you, invite her family to join you as it is happening, bring her to a spot that means the most to the both of you, cook her special meal…you get the picture! And most importantly add more to the “Will you marry me?” Start the proposal off by telling her why you want to marry her or what you love most about her and then ask the ever so important question.


More than likely you are going to be so nervous! You need to think about what you want to say, write it down, practice in front of a mirror, use a tape recorder, say it to a friend…whatever you can do to make you feel more confident in asking. These words should flow right out of your mouth without hesitation! Practice does make perfect!

Get on your Knee

Every little girl has dreamt about this day. She has seen it in movies, read about it in books and heard many stories all of which include, YOU getting down on one knee and proposing to her. While this might seem corny or even petty to you, this is something that means the world to her!

Ask the Question

Getting on your knee and showing her a ring doesn’t imply that you want to marry her and it shouldn’t be a given when you do so. You need to ask her “THE” question.  These words are indicating you are ready to take the next step in your relationship and you want her to be your wife. She shouldn’t have to assume anything and hearing it from you are words that will linger in her head and heart for the rest of her life.

Pictures are a Must

You want to be sure you have memories of this amazing moment in your life! Aside from your wedding and children’s birth, this will be a one of the most important memories that you will share with friends and family for years! Take it from me, I have personal experience with this one! When my husband asked me to marry him, he didn't think to have a camera or anyone take pictures afterwards. The only thing we could get our hands on was this little Polaroid camera that the restaurant had and the picture was so blurry and small it didn’t even matter. I was so upset that the restaurant let me take the plate home so i could photograph it but we still had no picture of us! Arrange to bring your camera and hand it someone to take a picture, have friends and family join you right after, or have a professional photographer there to capture it all! Whatever you do, get pictures!

Tune in tomorrow for the every so important “Don’ts” to popping the question!


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Monday, December 28, 2009

Popping the Question-The “Dont's” of proposing- Part 2

Yesterday I wrote about the “Do’s” to popping the big questions, but today are the “Don’ts”, which might be even more important in my mind! Read on and let me know if i have left anything important out!??!

Do it on Another Important Day

You know that kid in school that happens to share a birthday with Christmas? Yeah..you know where I am going with this…..Make your proposal unique in all aspects of the word, including the day you do it! Holidays and birthdays are off limits! They are separate special occasions and your proposal should be as well!

Over Do It

Don't lose site of what you are doing and the meaning behind it. Smoke and mirrors are still smoke and mirrors! Let it come from the heart and don’t do something that isn’t a reflecting of the two of you.

Do it inPublic

I am sure you have been to a baseball game where during the 7th inning the words “Patty, will you marry me” run across the jumbotron…well, not only is it tacky what if she is in the bathroom when it flashes up on the screen? I mean come on…do you really want thousands of people watching you propose to the woman of your dreams? I know what you are saying…”but Morgan, we share a love of baseball, it would be perfect!” NOOO! If you love baseball (which I do-GO METS) then ask the stadium to do a private tour and on the field, get on your knee! This is supposed to be something intimate and private! Which brings me to……

In Front of Family

It is not a family affair! It is a private affair. The moments following a proposal are very private and intimate and do you really want family watching or sharing in your moment? If you want to involve your family, arrange to meet up with everyone afterwards! It presents a perfect time to share the news!

Hide it in Food

As much as you want to…refrain! What if you lose it? What if she chomps down on it? A broken tooth or missing ring doesn’t bode well for you or what you are trying to accomplish before the end of the night! Trust me here!

Jump the Gun

Courtship is an important part of a relationship. You want to be 100% sure that the answer is going to be “Yes” and you want to be sure that you are making the right decision as well. You two should know each other…and know that this is the step you want to take forward together. You don’t want to have to replay this moment again…with anyone else or her for that matter!

Drink too much

While you might need a drink to take the edge off..don't let it get out of hand. you need to be on your best behavior and full capacity when "asking her to marry you”. The memory of you slurring your words or passing out isn’t on her list of fond memories and you might get an answer you weren’t expecting!

With that said, take a breath (maybe a drink) and relax…….GOOD LUCK and enjoy taking the plunge…it only gets better from here!


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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Reception Meal Options-Dining Styles- Pros vs. Cons

It is no longer just sit-down vs. buffet! Did you know that there are many different options to explore when picking how to serve your reception meal? There are a number of many important factors you must consider when deciding on which of these options to pick and your wedding planner and caterer will help you pick the best option for your budget and reception site. Below, I explain the definitions of each option and the up and downsides to each.


Wedding BuffetBuffet: Usually, buffets are set up in the middle of  long tables where guests can walk along and serve themselves. Most of the time, this option would be considered for a more casual atmosphere.  This is just my own opinion and experience….but, I don't recommend this option for weddings with 175+ guests.


  • Less servers are required for this option since guests are serving themselves,  which could save money!
  • Different and more options are often available
  • Food is available for a number of hours.
    • TIP: Talk with your wedding planner or caterer and be sure that your food will remain fresh for the number of hours you would like it to remain on the buffet. Some items will not have as long of a “self life” as others.
  • Guests can go back and forth as many times as they would like and serve themselves the exact amounts they would like.
  • Promotes moving around and interaction with guests.


  • Since buffets are normally set up to allow for guests to serve from each side of the chaffing dishes, lines will form.
    • TIP: Depending on the number of guests you have, you might need to account for 2 sets of buffets so that guests don't have to wait super long. They will still end up waiting in a line, but it will not be as long.
  • You do have to be careful on the options picked because there are some items that don't stay as fresh as they would be served right out of the oven.
    • TIP: Keep chicken on the bone! I hate dry chicken! Pot stickers or pieces of chicken often dry out quickly. 
  • You also might have to rent chaffing dishes and pieces if the caterers do not provide them.
  • Guests have to serve themselves and carry their own plates.
  • In Savannah, we have seen this option cost more than a plated meal.

image Sit Down: A traditional sit-down meal is one where everyone is seated at tables and the servers bring the food out to them. This option is normally picked for a more formal atmosphere.


  • You can spread out activities in between meals so guests don’t lose interest in your reception, without taking away from the party time!
  • You and your caterer will know exactly how much food to have since each meal is pre-selected.
    • TIP: If you allowed guests to pick from a list of items, have place cards indicating what each guests pre-chose so they aren't able to change their minds at the last minute and mess up the counts for each choice.
  • Since guests do not have to wait in line, this is can be the fastest option out of all of the options if you do not break it up with activities. This will allow for more dancing and activity time post meal.


  • Options are limited to what you picked during your tasting. Most times the dish picked offers one or two options meat, but will mean that guests that don’t eat, say fish, on a surf and turf plate will only eat half of what is on their plate.
  • Picky eaters might not fill up.
  • You may need more servers due to the table side serving, than you would for a buffet option.

DSC_0024 VICKI CC TIGHT CROP LIGHTER Stations: A station style reception is one where the food is spread out in different "stations" around the room. There may be one area that is a carving station, a pasta station, an hors d'ouevres station, dessert station, and so forth.


  • You can mix carving stations, pasta stations, buffet items and displays to create many .
  • Since the food items are spread out and there are many options, guests wont wait in lines unless the shrimp and grits station is a hit, but even then…they can come back after they fill their plate with other goodies and the line goes away!
  • Cook to order-guests can ask and make items to their liking and it is fresh each time!
  • Promotes interaction among guests.


  • Your reception space must have enough room to accommodate tables, chairs, and the various stations you will need. This could require 1/3 more space.
  • You will need more chefs if you have interactive stations (ie. pasta, carving stations, etc) adding more money to the bill.


Passed and Stationary Hors d’oeuvres: Before this became Hors d’oeuvresa popular option for the reception food as a whole, passed hors d’oeuvres were the pre-curser to the main meal. They are usually one- or two-bite size portions and can be served cold or hot. Hors d’oeuvres can be passed by servers or stationary for guests to get themselves and are a great choice for those wanting a more casual atmosphere.


  • There are so many creative ways to showcase this option. Presentation really takes the stage with these little beauties!
  • Portions are meant to be bite size so guests can take one piece and as they are moving about, can pop it into their mouth and eat it in one bite……promoting interaction.
  • If you are careful with what you pick and stick to only a few different pieces, this could be one of the most cost effective/budget friendly options.


  • On the flip side, this option can get pretty expensive since your caterer will have to make a variety of dishes with many different ingredients.
  • Guests will probably not fill up.
    • TIP: Pick some hearty ingredients to use as the base of your hors d’oeurves. Meats and breads will help.
    • TIP: Put on your invite that this is the type of reception you will be offering. That will allow guests to eat prior or not expect to fill up at your wedding.
    • TIP: make sure you offer stationary hors do’oeurves as well as passed. Some guests might not get more than 1 piece if they are solely passed by servers.
  • This option might reduce the length of your reception.

savannah family style food Family Style: Like a sit down/plated dinner, family style has guests assigned to tables and waiters bring the food to the table. Large portions of your dinner items will be placed at each table with serving pieces for your guests to fill their own plates. It is like sitting down for dinner at home! This is probably one of the most cozy and casual options and in my opinion, very reminiscent of what Savannah is.  Of course you can keep it more formal by setting the tables with china, chargers, linen napkins and crystal stemware.


  • Portions are to your guests liking since they are the ones supplying their plate with food!
  • Guests will eat fairly quickly since servers will place items on each table and allow guests to serve themselves.


  • This option will need a lot of space on your table. The idea is that guests will serve themselves from the large portions on the table so there must be room to fit them all!
  • You might need to up the budget of rental items since each part of your meal must be served in their own dish with their own serving pieces.
  • If you have greedy guests at the table, you might run out of food in the dish.
    • TIP: Make sure your caterer has enough behind the scenes to re-fill the dishes.
  • This is one of those options that doesn't have large variety so be sure to have 2 meats/options for guests to pick from. My last family style reception offered fried chicken (that was out of this WORLD) and shrimp, grits and andouille sausage.

Questions? Just Email Me and I will do the best I can to answer your questions.


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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Planning on the Go: Wedding Apps for your iPhone and some for Blackberry

In the world of working professionals and busy lives, it is no wonder we spend a large portion of our time on our PC’s and more importantly, our phones. With that in mind, we have put together a list of some of the most useful Wedding Planning Applications you can download. Some are free and some cost only a few dollars! Check them out and make your planning process organized and easier!


image  Twitter: (free) There are a few different options available for your twittering convenience. PocketTweets and Twitterrific. If you haven't been introduced to the twittering world. there is no time opportunity like the present to acclimate yourself. Have friends and families sign up for their own twitter accounts and follow you for real time updates, posted pictures, and announcements from you and your fiancĂ©. They can replay to your posts, comment, or ask pertinent questions regarding your wedding plans! Or search the Twitter world for information and advice using the “#” symbol. For instance if you want to learn more about Savannah, GA weddings you would write @SavannahWeddings and any tweets containing information would come up! Confused? That is ok..here is a great article explain what I am talking about! http://tweeternet.com/


image iWedding Deluxe: (Just Released! $7.99) plan every little detail about your wedding with iWedding. Track  your  RSVPs with guest lists, meal choices, seating arrangements and contact information. Let the budget analysis keep you on budget. Integrate your contacts with your address book. Keep a record of all payments, total costs, and information for all of your vendors. They even have pre-installed to-do lists that you can customize or delete if you don't need them.



My Wedding: (3.99) This app is a great organization tool to manage every aspect of your wedding event to make sure nothing gets neglected. My Wedding has all of the ever so important tracking of vendors, budget, guests lists and the new “Ask Me” feature where you can ask a question and it acts like a Magic 8 Ball. However, you cannot import your contacts into the guest list portion of this application with this application but they are working on it!  (Also available for Blackberry)


142Organizer: (free) There are a great many versions of this type of app to pick from. The task management tool for iPhone enables you to stay on track with appointments and “To Do" lists to help you become more organized. You can set your phone to notify you when an item is due for payment, an appointment time, or an every so important decision needs to be made.  



Wedding List: (2.99) The Wedding List makes it easy for you to manage your guest list like a pro. You can upload your whole list and then track who has RSVP’d, who has yet to RSVP and who is coming for a portion of the day and their meal choices to boot!



imageWedding Wire: (free) This is one of the best I have seen yet! Not only will this allow you to research, get contact information, and pick actual vendors in the area you want to get married in, it allows you to create your “To Do” lists, budget watch, and sync to your planning platform site. If you haven't checked out Wedding Wire it is the where to guide for the best vendors and the reviews for each!


imageTheWedLink: The app allows bridal couples to announce their engagement on their own website, plan their wedding through a comprehensive to-do list, and discover local wedding planners and other vendors to hire.



Bride Guide: (4.99) if you only need one app that can handle it all, this is the one. Tons of features including a countdown timer, to-do lists, budget calculator, and tons of informative articles that will take you from I will to I do.


Gotta Etsy iPhone App - Gotta Etsy :(.99)You are going to love this app!  Etsy is the on-line source for all things handmade – and there are a ton of different wedding related items from custom letterpress invitations and save the date cards, to ring pillows, table numbers, favors, cute packaging, veils, and much more.  If you cant find what you are looking for..post a alchemy request and spell out exactly what you want or are looking for and watch the proposals and quotes flow in!


Get fit using your iPhone

Nike Training Club: (free) Train like an athlete with the NikeWomen Training Club. Create a personalized training program you can access anytime. Customize your workouts, invite your friends, and watch training videos. This exercise app focuses on the five areas of athleticism: cardio, core, strength, balance, and flexibility.



WeatherBug: (free) This app does more than the standard weather application that comes on your iPhone: like vide0 forecasts, radar maps, current humidity, and much more.  (Also available for Blackberry)


Wedding Anniversaries

Wedding Anniversaries: (free) – this app will help you for years after your wedding! Wedding Anniversaries tells you what the perfect gift are for your 1, 5, 10 and 20+ year anniversary.


 Sunrise SunsetSunrise Sunset: (.99) Want to know the best time for pictures? Maybe you want your ceremony to happen while the sun is setting? Or you just want to know when the sunrise and sunset times are…well this easy to use application will display the sunrise, sunset, dawn, solar noon, and dusk using your built in GPS for the location where you are currently or enter your own custom location.


Yoga Trainer Lite

Yoga Trainer lite: (free) – This is the free version – but there is also a paid version – Learn Yoga at your own pace. From beginner to advanced levels. Customize the sequences, video guides, voice and step by step pose instructions.


AmazonAmazon Mobile: (free) As everyone knows, Amazon  is the most comprehensive on-line shopping site on the internet. Create a wish list and share it with friends and family. Use it just like a bridal registry. Guests can even order gifts right from your wish list, and send them to you with a gift card.


iBridal Gown

iBridal Gown: (3.99) Designed by a bridal salon owner, this app will help you in your search for the perfect wedding gown. This app will also help you understand all the jargon bridal salons use such as “Mermaid” and “Empire Waist” style dresses. As you visit bridal salons you enter info about the different dresses you love. Your favorite dresses are stored in an easy to use list, where you can view details, pictures, and even directions back to the store with your perfect dress.


TheKnot iPhone app

TheKnot wedding 911: (free) This app was designed by the editors at the Knot magazine and the Knot.com and serves as the go to place to get instant answers from other brides-to-be or wedding experts.  Post pictures, questions or give advice yourself!


image Google: (free and usually comes on your phone) All you want to know and more for your searching needs! Google has a great many features for your wedding planning needs. Search images, create a calendar and "to do” list, group contacts, email with gmail, or simple Google what you want to know!  This site will do just about anything you need! (Also available on Blackberry)   

image Flickr: (free) Search photos and videos on Flickr for just about anything! Want to find pictures of purple and green bouquets? Simply search for just that! Thousands of users upload their photos and geo-tag them so users can find what you want to see! You too, can create an account, take, tag, upload and share your photos as well!  (Also available on Blackberry)

TheBible: (9.99) – There are tons of different Bible apps for the iPhone. –Don’t know what to have read for your scripture readings…well, this app is easy to search, navigate, and add comments to your favorite passages. 



Buying and downloading music onto an iPhone or iPod Touch is easyiTunes: (free-comes on your iPhone) – download songs, and create playlists of your favorite wedding songs. Of course this is no substitution for a professional DJ or a live band, but it does provide some great music for getting ready, or so you can share ideas with your DJ.


Maps: (free-comes on your iPhone) – There are some powerful features to the built in map program – When you are visiting a venue, use the drop a pin feature to note the location then add it to your contacts. You can get directions from your hotel to the venue, and reception and send them to friends so they don’t get lost, too. You can even check traffic patterns so you don’t get stuck. My favorite and the most progressive and accurate is GOOGLE Maps. (Also available on Blackberry)


Contacts: (free-comes on your iPhone) Stay organized with all your vendors. Names, addresses (and links to maps) websites, and notes are all just a few taps away. Create groups to take it to the next level. (Also available on Blackberry)


Banking Apps: (free) Most all large banks have mobile applications (Bank of America, Chase, Citibank, USAA, and even Paypal) will help you keep track of your finances and stay on budget. Check your balances to make sure you have the funds in your account and check when checks/deposits have cleared. (Also available for Blackberry)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Lace Wedding Jackets-A classy “must have” addition to add a new twist to your bridal look!

lace wedding jacket

Wedding Jackets are making a strong come back. We have written about them in the past but I wanted to show a more refined option to the wedding jacket options!  Lace is truly a must have addition that adds that little something extra to add a unique twist to your bridal day look. One of these amazingly classy jackets from Aire Barcelona’s line in ornate lace patterns can add another look to your wedding dress. These looks are great for every desired style  from classic elegance to vintage flair. Maybe you want to add sleeves or cover for a cooler late afternoon wedding? Maybe you want to change your wedding look for your reception and pictures? Or maybe you just want to add a new dimension that shows a little something extra to your overall wedding dress? No matter which option it might be, be sure to pick something that doesn't overpower your actually wedding dress or your personality. Your wedding planner or bridal dress consultant can help steer you in the perfect direction!

lace wedding jackets

Ruffled Lace Wedding Jacket

Photos from Aire Barcelona

Friday, December 18, 2009

How to dress for a winter wedding...cause baby it’s cold outside...


brr.001I love singing Christmas songs. Have you ever listened to the lyrics to “Baby it’s cold outside,” yikes. You have been warned. I love nothing more than a winter wedding. They are so magical and really have the potential to be ah-mazing. But the problem lies with what to wear. It’s stinking cooooold outside and unfortunately wedding attire for guests/bridesmaids/brides really doesn’t change much throughout the year. I just wanted to share some ideas for all of the ladies to dress stylish and warm for a winter wedding.

Important rules for everyone:

brr.002Bride: When dressing for colder months you should think about the weight of the fabric. No thin chiffon or slinky charmeuse, unless you like being cold. Think heavier fabrics like heavy silk satin, silk faille, or rich looking fabrics like taffeta. Also, at the height of tanlessness, I personally would avoid bright white and opt for soft ivories or pale colors. Don’t even talk to me about tanning beds...Cancer boxes are never a good idea...if you need to tan find a great spray tan applied by a professional. I love the cold because that means you have another excuse to buy a fancy new jacket or cover up. I love pretty elegant Jane Austen like coats if you are wearing a tight fitting silhouette or try the ever so popular “fur” cover ups. It’s not necessary to buy the real thing anymore there are so many amazing fakes out there. I would do white, but as shown here a dark brown can be just as stunning. If you are going to be outside for any length of time wear closed toe shoes, otherwise just do whatcha want.

   brr.003Bridesmaid: Now bridesmaids dresses are a bit different. Since you have the added eleme nt of color a lined chiffon can be possible as long as it is deep or dark color. Amsale really has the best winter bridesmaids gowns. I know they are pricey, but your girls will love you for making them look so freaking hot. I like a high neck or a one sleeved arm. Winter is really the time to embrace jewel tones, unless your having a winter wonderland wedding and in that case I would stick with muted platinum and pewter. Just please stay away from red or green. None of your bridesmaids want to look like christmas trees, kay? Now unless you are going to make your girls stand outside in the cold for photos or whatnot, I wouldn’t dictate their outerwear. If you are, I would consider buying them shawls or cover ups as their bridesmaids gift. Otherwise you will sound like a jacket nazi and really you don’t want to sound like any kind of nazi, so just do as I say.

brr.004Guest:  Yay, being a guest is the easiest part, since there is no pre-ordering months ahead of time, you can hit the trends of the season right on the head. Just show up to any store during the holidays and purchase. At the moment, J.Crew and Banana Republic have wonderful and affordable choices. And pay attention to the way that the models are styled on the websites, they are all really chic. I love the fancy new silk jumpsuits too, sooooo fashion forward and wedding appropriate. I believe that there are only 2 rules when dressing for a wedding, 1: Do not for the love of jeez oh petes wear white!!! hello!?!? 2: Make sure you are dressed at the appropriate desired level of fanciness, for example no cotton sundresses to a black tie event, got it? See it’s that easy, so really just find a dress you love and wear it. If you are worried of being confused with a bridesmaid, it is perfectly polite to ask the bride what color her girls are wearing. Now, you can do whatever you want to insulate. I suggest a pretty sparkly blazer, velvet tux jacket, or even a fun “fur” jacket. You can wear fun thick stockings if you run particularly cool.

Until we meet again, stay bridal and have a wonderful holiday and I’ll be back after the New Year.


Now Hiring 2010 Interns-Applications must be in by 1/30


It’s that time of year again—Morgan Gallo & Co. is accepting applications for interns (Event Assistants) to assist us during our 2010 wedding season.

What You’ll Do :: Event Assistants will assist with all day-of wedding tasks including: setting up decor at ceremony and reception sites, assisting vendors with deliveries (ie. cake, flowers, linens, rentals), assisting with the ceremony, assisting vendors as needed throughout the day, ensuring time lines are being followed, trouble shooting problems that arise, and much more.  Event Assistants are always working alongside an experienced Planner or Event Associate who is there to direct & teach you! On days that weddings are not taking place, you might be asked to do more clerical work. Such as: sending thank you cards, updating websites, writing blogs, and much more.

sarahlindseyWho We’re Looking For :: We are seeking junior & senior level students pursuing a degree in a related field (public relations, communications, hospitality & tourism, design, etc.) who are excited about learning the ins-and-outs of event planning, work well with a team, and exhibit a high level of responsibility. Weddings can be a stressful and emotionally charged time for a bride & groom and their families—the ideal candidate is friendly, enthusiastic, calm under pressure, and a great communicator! Most of our event take place in Savannah, GA. You must have transportation and be able to get to the city on your own.

What You’ll Get :: This is an unpaid internship and can be applied towards college credit. You will walk away from this internship with hands-on experience in event planning & execution unlike anything you can learn in a classroom. This internship puts you in the action, working with real clients, professional vendors and beautiful locations throughout the Low Country area.

When You’ll Work :: Weddings are scheduled primarily on Saturdays, with some events on Fridays and Sundays. Interns will be scheduled to work 6-10 events throughout the wedding season (Late March-October) and we are happy to take schedules into consideration. Interns will also have the opportunity to from home during the week (hours flexible and must have PC/Internet access) to gain more experience in the planning that takes place prior to the wedding date!

How to Apply :: If you’re interested in joining Morgan Gallo & Company for our 2010 season, please email your cover letter and resume (.pdf format preferred) to . We will be accepting applications through January 30th and will be conducting interviews in February! If you have additional questions, please email (no phone calls, please)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Shop online and get your money back! LOTS of $$$

ebates If you love to shop online or just don't have time to face the crowds and lines, then you need to check out EBATES. You are going to LOVE THIS! It is free to sign up and costs NOTHING but each time you make a purchase from one of the 1200+ stores listed on their site, you get money back! (up to 25% back on some stores!)  I have received about $300 dollars back in the last two years from my shop online ventures. From big names like Macys, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, Saks Fifth Ave,  Sears, DSW, Walmart, Best Buy, Gap, Ebay, Nordstrom's, Banana Republic to MANY more food, travel and gift stores,  you are sure to complete your wedding present or holiday shopping in a breeze. You can add your list of favorite stores to notify you when they are doing double cash back rewards and hot new coupons to make sure you don't miss the best deal!

To sign up simply click here and follow the instructions and start shopping! You will get a check in the mail every 4 months! NO STRINGS ATTACHED! Plus, if you refer your friends and family, you get rewarded with money for that too! Check it out…I am sure you will find this a worth the 3 minutes of your time and will reward you for something you do and will do the rest of your life!

And…I am sure your guests would like to know about this little diddy! Post it onto your wedding website and refer them! No reason you shouldn't get  the money for that and save them some at the same time!

Happy Shopping!


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Kelly and Robby-A Jekyll Island Wedding Part 2-Reception

Jekyll Island Wedding sunset

Kelly and Robby made sure the night was all about their guests! This is one of the MANY reasons I just love them! Each decision they made was based on their guests. So the cocktail hour started off the nights festivities with a sweet tea vodka signature drink served in mason jars to add a little more southern charm and many scrumptious appetizers! We continued the fresh and elegant look with crisp monochromatic whites with just pops of blue in the arrangements and hanging votives.  Kelly’s other surprise for Robby was having his pride and joy, Scout (his jeep) made into a groom’s cake! You can get a sense of the personality from the cake picture where she has a finger of icing behind her back ready to smear on Robby after he was done feeding her! SO CUTE! We had a photobooth there to entertain the guests and provide some really hilarious moments for Kelly and Robby to add to their album of memories. There was a line for it all night! At one point I spent 15 minutes searching for Kelly to cut the cake and found her stuck in the photobooth with her guests in stitches taking pictures! The memory table was meant to be a strong statement (which it was) with wedding pictures of parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters and was adorned with a large branch arrangement, filled with hanging votives and strands of crystals. Favors were Alzheimer bracelets that guests were able to take from the donation that Kelly and Robby made to the foundation. A lot of times at weddings, guests and the couple might not do much dancing but NOT AT THIS WEDDING! They were on the dance floor all night. They ended the night by running through a long line of sparklers (3 times-hahahh) and making sure guests left with a hangover kit to satisfy any late night cravings or headaches! A truly amazing end to an incredible weekend! 

  Reflecting pool cocktial hoursignature drink mason jarWhite Wedding Cake with sashJekyll Island Wedding cake jeep grooms cake  wedding favor hanging candlespicture Memory tabletall white and blue wedding arrangementphotobooth pictures tea leaf candle wraptruffle favorswhite tent wedding   white and blue wedding centerpiecewedding photoboothJekyll Island Wedding Cocktial Jekyll Island Wedding dancing Jekyll Island Wedding garter  Jekyll Island Wedding at nightwedding recovery boxesWedding Hangover kit   wedding sparklers

I love you guys!!!! You have my heart and I know you will be together for 100 years! This picture is going on my wall!

Morgan, kelly and robby