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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Real Wedding: Melanie and Kenny Part 1-Ceremony

Melanie and Kenny are the most fun-loving, good humored, cute couple one could have the pleasure of working with and elements of these characteristics are sprinkled throughout their wedding.  When Melanie first came to us, she knew that she wanted a color scheme that was monochromatic in the green family.  We decided to utilize a scheme that used all different shades of green and that is where the fun began and details came to life!

From the moment we first met, Melanie and Kenny knew that they wanted to get married in their favorite beautiful square, Pulaski Square.  Together we went and checked it out and picked the perfect corner.  The only problematic detail was a light post that stood directly behind where they would say their vows.  In order to have it blend in, we decided to add additional lanterns to the post and an alter like table that was full of lanterns and different textured fall foliage. Harvey Designs rocked the flowers and executed our vision perfectly! We then provided guest seating in the form of benches so all visual attention was drawn up to the couple. Alysse knew it was a successful moment when guests began asking her if she brought the light post in just for the ceremony!

Jade and Matthew Take Pictures did an incredible job capturing the day and their work just makes up speechless! 


Monday, November 14, 2011

Very Pinteresting...


  pinterest-logo-a1 Maybe you’ve heard of Pinterest or maybe you haven’t, but I know you’ve heard of Facebook and Twitter... Well, Pinterest is better than both of them. Okay, now you must be saying, “great, but what the devil does a social media website have to do with weddings!?!?” My answer, everything. Unlike other sites, you are connecting to friends and random strangers with ah-mazing pictures. It’s basically the most giant collection of brilliant and inspiring photos ranging from fashion, decor, food, funny/inspiring quote, fun diy projects, and yes, weddings... oh-so-many-weddings.

Picture 1Basically you create folders for yourself and any photo you like from any website can be posted to Pinterest you can mention friends and leave comments. For example, I have a fashion folder labeled Fashionably Late and wedding folder aptly named For My Next Wedding and oh, so many more. There is no limit to your folder options. I also love this site because I no longer have to fill my computer with photos, I have a nice and tidy place online to go and view all of my favorite photos without using up much needed computer space. And you can repin from friends and other Pinterest buddies and the pictures usually have links to the websites where they are from, so if you love a cake or dress 90% of the time when you click the photo you will be taken to the website where it’s from!!!!! BRILLIANT.

Pinterest Photos.001You do need a invite to join the site, but trust me if you put out the word on Facebook someone will hook you up! You will be shocked how many people you already know who are on it!!!

Happy Pinning!!!


Friday, April 29, 2011

Real Savannah Wedding: Beverly and Kenyon Part 3-Reception

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To honor those that could not be with them and have passed…they released these incredible wish lanterns into the Savannah’s night sky.


Thanks again Shannon Christopher for the images and capturing an amazing day with beautiful people! Congratulations again Beverly and Kenyon and thank you for allowing us to share in your day. Here is to many many more years of love, laughter and marital bliss.


The MG Events Team

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Elegance on a budget: The wonders of Baby’s Breath

babys breath wedding decor

Let me start by saying that, for years at Christmas, my mother insisted on putting baby’s breath in our tree and I HATED IT each and every year! I thought it looked cheap. I think that started my dislike for this filler flower. However, I recently was with some friends and we were going through one girl’s pictures of her puppies on her phone, when all of a sudden, I came across this picture (above). Gerry Rogers, from The Petals Edge, had the challenge of creating a decadent feel with this ever so  unorthodox and normally undesired filler flower,  for a prestigious wedding magazine. Now, if you are like myself, the first words out of your mouth would be “There is NO WAY”. I admit I am now a reformed baby’s breath hater. I LOVE IT! She used baby’s breath as the charger plates, in the arrangements on the table and then as the main show stopper with the topiaries. I wrote a few months ago about carnations being a great budget flower option and different ways to create an elegant feel with them (to keep them from looking like funeral flower arrangements) and I am back to do it again with baby’s breath. The trick is simple, use it in bulk and to create full looking arrangements. Take a look and tell me you too, are not a reformed hater of this filler flower!


 babys breat centerpieceBabys Breath Centerpieces and candles real simple babys breath centerpiece babys breath wedding door wreath Real Simple Babys Breath BouquetTall Babys breath centerpieceBrides Decor Babys Breath Ceremony Decor babys breath bouquet

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Floral Design Ideas for Kristen!

As part of our new look…we are going for some new ideas to post……so I thought we would start to share our initial thoughts on each of our wedding’s design process.

First up, Kristen, our April 24th bride. She is coming into town this weekend and we are starting her design process with this:

She has chosen a great pallet of colors. Jewel tones of deep purple and pinks with accents of turquoise. We are going for lots of mood lighting and fun ways to dress the tables with fabulous linens! her latest love…anemones! We are going to accent with great vases, napkins, paper products (menu cards, place cards, etc) and let the flowers and the linens do the purple and pink talk! Simple bohemian flare is our ultimate goal! I cant wait to dive further in with Kristen! It is going to be amazing! kristen1