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{make it your own} MONDAY :: how to make an inspiration board.

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ladies, i know you all love pinterest. we all love pinterest! i actually have to limit myself to only logging onto the site a handful of times each week because once i'm on, i'm on - i'm sure more than a couple of you know just what i mean ;)

probably one of the best features of pinterest is that it allows the user to sort images and links into different boards. this is vastly helpful in the design process when planning a wedding {we even use it with our brides!} but is not - i repeat, NOT - always a good thing.
while it's a great way to get an initial idea of likes and dislikes, pinterest can all too easily snowball out of control into a massive design dump full of helter-skelter ideas.  
this, my friends, is where an inspiration board comes in! this is where you compile just a few of the zillions of ideas you love alongside one another to ensure that they coordinate, make sense and create the overall aesthetic you seek.
so what goes into one?
i'm glad you asked!
some of the most important elements to include are: 
color palette
flowers {or alternative}

so for the dual purpose of illustrating my point and indulging my adoration of all things autumnal, i have created a sample inspiration board for a hypothetical {and obviously very cool} bride whose heart is set on a wedding inspired by the fact she got engaged in a pumpkin patch.
{yes, that actually happened in real life. i have no idea what that bride's wedding ended up being like, but pretend with me!} 
okay, so the first step is to decide on a color palette. this should include primary and accent colors that you want to incorporate.
first, find an image that fits your aesthetic. i chose this beauty:
{image via bing image search}
next, go to an online color palette generator like this one to receive a strip of the most vibrant colors pulled from the image. you can do this multiple times until you feel you have enough variety to work with; i.e., even though the above picture doesn't feature a deep eggplant purple or a soft grey, or a bright red, any of those {though probably not all} would be a beautiful pop against the others.
congratulations - you have a color scheme to start working with!
once that's done, move on to venue ideas. keep this to just one to two images so that you can somewhat streamline your ideas. if you've already settled on a venue by this point in your process, even better - include a few photos of your actual venue to keep it in mind throughout the rest of the design!
for this pretend wedding, i think the bride would go for a rustic, wooded outdoor ceremony and indoor reception location sometime in the fall, when pumpkins are ripe and the scenery is at its most colorful. ergo, these are my inspiration choices for her:
{image via pinterest}
this obviously isn't an actual venue, being that it is right next to a road, but the key here is the color and that gorgeous old tree as a ceremony backdrop idea.

{image via pinterest}

rustic weddings and barns go together like cinnamon and pumpkin - something similar to this {but not necessarily exactly like in the picture} would be just right with our faux bride's theme.

{image via 100 layer cake}
if finding a colorful old tree to serve as the ceremony backdrop proves impossible, this set-up is a lovely alternative!
so now that we have a general color palette and some venue ideas nailed down, let's move on to flowers {or lack thereof}.
my hypothetical bride is actually not too big on flowers and doesn't want many aside from her bouquet and her bridesmaids' bouquets. that's fine by me, since this is the perfect opportunity to draw in some of her favorite fall fruit - pumpkin!
{image via green wedding shoes}
the best fall bouquets of all time? i think yes. these colors also stand out nicely from the orange of the pumpkins that are yet to come.
so far as centerpieces/table d├ęcor go, i would be torn between fancy all-white ghost or cinderella pumpkins like
{image via babble}
and mini orange pumpkins {hopefully mixed in with some other mini gourds!} like

{image via babble}
so i'd probably end up incorporating both, possibly with candles like...

{image via babble}
now let's move on to my favorite: details!
this is where you capture a bit more about the mood you want to set during your day. for this bride, it's an intimate, cozy affair with little touches of hospitality that leave guests feeling warm inside and out.
{image via pinterest}
pre-ceremony coffee - pumpkin spice lattes, of course! - would be the perfect way to keep guests toasty during the outdoor affair.

{image and recipe via 100 layer cake}
apple cider donuts are the perfect accompaniment and would keep guests from getting hangry {i love that word} in the event of a late dinner reception.

{via pinterest}
providing blankets at the ceremony is a nice gesture and will ensure your guests stay cozy!
{via pinterest}
i love the look of white calligraphy on kraft paper. this has the same effect but on leaves! how cute would these be for escort cards or place settings?
i could go on and on {pinterest is the ultimate enabler} but you get the idea. that, ladies and gentlemen, is how to create an inspiration board! i hope you enjoyed reading all that;)
questions? concerns? suggestions?
let me know in the comments!
as always, have a beautiful monday.

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