Friday, May 28, 2010

How to give your bridesmaids a gift they will love.


I am a terrible gift giver. I’m more of a pay for dinner girl. I always fear that my style won’t match up, so when it came time to give my girls great gifts I froze! Not to fear. I was able to come up with a great idea and so can you. These girls are your bestest best friends... hopefully. So here is a list of great ideas with varying price tags.

gifts.001    1. Something Personalized. I found the cutest robes and had them embroidered in my wedding color with their initials. It was sweet and fun, and I liked the idea of them cuddling up in their robes and remembering who gave it to them. It could also be cute to personalize a beach bag or large carryall. Wonderful personalized linen stationery! I think when they see that you took the time to go and have the item monogrammed it says something about the thought you put in to it.

gifts.0022. Jewelry. Now, this can get pricey, but can really be something special. It can also be a nice way to have the girls all in the same jewelry for the big day. sneaky. I like something simple. Try and think of pieces that these girls will wear often. If they hate gold, get them silver. I love Tiffany’s, it’s one of my favorite places to be, it can be super expensive, but I swear their are reasonably priced options! Just stay away from the tag collection, you don’t even want to know the mark up on those things. Look at the delicate pieces. Also, check out Etsy! This place is ah-mazing and you literally can find ANYthing that you could ever possibly want. It can be overwhelming, but look up specifics. I’m also digging stella and dot, a super cute jewelry line sold a la pampered chef. My sister-in-law is a rep and this stuff rocks! You can do an adorable 18inch gold chain and letter charm for around 60 dollars.

gifts.0033. Luxurious pieces. Think about things that your girls would love, but would never buy for themselves. Like a real cashmere pashmina. Or maybe a super soft Splendid cardigans. The softer the better.

gifts.0044. Product Frenzy. I am obsessed with products, so it can be an ah-mazing gift to fill a bag or basket with tons of wonderful stuff. You can do bath products, oils, lotions, a fancy candle, body scrub, and etc. Or you could do makeup, think eye shadow, mascara, lips, cheeks, the whooole shebang! Pick products that flatter your girl individually. Shopping for this is just the most fun! You can use to get everything in one place. LOVE this idea.

Now, I think that presentation is almost as fun as the actual present. So, think about it, make it a part of the gift. I stuffed my robes into matching beach bags, with a pair of flip flops and a little note for all of them. Just have fun with it. I love putting the gifts in bags or boxes/baskets that can be used again. Go to craft stores to find great deals on baskets/boxes.

Have fun! You really want to show your girls you love and appreciate them. Give from the heart.

Until we meet again, stay bridal and please, don’t give gift cards for gifts. it’s the most depressing gift ever.


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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

How to be a Guest at Your Own Bridal Shower

A couple weeks ago, I had the chance to be a guest, or should I say guest of honor, at my own bridal shower. Now, obviously I’m a planner and I’m usually the one who plans the showers and events. However, for the first time, maybe even the first time in my life, I had to sit back and let my bridesmaid plan the entire shower with no help from me.

Sure I made the guest list and she asked me what type of shower I wanted, but given I was trying not to be a bridezilla, I told her anything was fine.So her and her mother planned the whole thing from start to finish and it turned out wonderful. It was very simple, but exactly what I needed for my first bridal shower.

The hardest part though, was letting go. I probably called her almost every day just to “check-in” and see who was coming or what plans she had made. (Sorry if I drove you crazy Elizabeth!) But that is just who I am, so that is why I am writing these five tips in which I learned in my own experience.

image1. Show up on time. Not early. Not late. If your too early, it may look like you are eager and want to check up on everything before everyone else gets there. If you are late, it may look like you are unappreciative. It is always best to be right on time. 

2. Greet everyone that is there. Greet your hostess or hostesses first and thank them immediately for throwing the shower for you. Compliment how great everything looks. Then make sure you make your rounds and say hello to everyone attending. After all, they are there for you.

3. Sit back and relax. Go by the schedule they have planned. Don’t keep asking “what’s next?” Let them worry about the schedule, just enjoy your time with your friends. When they say its time to open gifts, open gifts. When it’s time to play a game, go with it!

4. Be excited about everything they have planned. Even if you hate it. Some games are silly, we know. But even if you hate the game, but your best smile on and play it like it’s the best game in the world. Your hostess has gone through a lot of work putting this together for you. We played a game at my shower and I ended up having a blast. I almost wish we would have played more games! (But I didn’t say so, of course, I went with the schedule.)

5. Say thank you. Make sure you say thank you to each and every person that came. Not just for the gift, but for taking time out of their day to come support you. You can do this while everyone is leaving and it is okay to be that last person to leave, that way you get a chance to thank everyone.

Bonus Send the host a thank you letter right away. I know thank you letters can take a while and who has time to do them? However, they are a must. But if you are as busy as I am, make sure you write your thank you letter to the hostess first and get that in the mail right away. After all, they put a lot of time, effort, and probably even money into the shower. Then you can go from there and start filling out the rest.

Enjoy the tips and remember, I’m experiencing it with you.

Until next time,


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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How to resist some wedding week temptations.

So this is a list I compiled over the last week that is here to help you remember not to be dumb. It’s all common sense, buuuuut as we know sometimes we all need to be reminded not to be idiots. 

image Bright Idea: To get a last minute tan.

Why Not? Well, first skin cancer sucks. Second, holy bananas what happens when you get sunburned? A lobster in a wedding dress is not sexy.

Alternative: If you have been spray tanned before, many times, you may have it done by a trusted technician with a formulation you have used before so you know you won’t react funny.

image Bright Idea: To stop eating before your wedding.

Why Not? Passing out on your wedding day is not funny... even though a bunch of people will, in fact, laugh. I would. Also, you have spent all of this time and money on altering your dress and guess what it’s not gonna fit.  So eat dummie!!!

Alternative: You don’t have to eat fried foods or sweets. But eat tons of fresh veggies and lean protein the week before, to stay strong and skinny. The best day of wedding food is a huge smoothie with tons of protein. It kept me going all day. Also, make sure you are hydrated.

image Bright Idea: To do anything drastic with your hair.

Why not? Cause’ that’s what crazy people do!!!! Seriously, you’ve seen the videos of bridezilla going crazy and shaving her head. Just keep your hair normal.

Alternative: Whatever you decide, you better make sure that a professional is working on your hair. A trim or color touchup is totally cool, but don’t turn your jet black hair blonde, you will regret it. Also, don’t hack any length off or do any drastic changes to cut. You should look like you at your wedding.

image Bright Idea: To get a facial days before.

Why not? Well, because you generally breakout and then that causes mad stress and then you breakout more and then if you are like me you cry a lot.

Alternative: If you are getting a treatment that you are very familiar with and know exactly how your skin will react then it should be fine. Moisturizing or Brightening masks generally give you a nice glow sans breakouts, buuuuuut I still wouldn’t do one that I wasn’t super familiar with. You never know how your face will react. So don’t.

 lanza 066Bright Idea: To get wasted at the rehearsal dinner.

Why not? Well, really!? You don’t know why? Because when’s the last time you got wasted and looked fresh and beautiful the next day... yeah... exactly.

Alternative: There are plenty of times to drink, the night before your wedding isn’t one of them. This doesn’t mean you can’t hang out and enjoy yourself, but stick to club soda with lime in a double old fashion, it will keep you hydrated and gives you something with zero calories to walk around with. In general I would ask that no one in the wedding drinks the night before, but I live in the real world, which brings us to the next bright idea...

hot pink bridesmaid dresses Bright Idea: To fill your bridesmaids life with rules.

Why not? Mostly, because you want these women to still be your friends afterwards. I know you think you are just organizing, but you sound like a tyrant. They must wear their hair like this or lose weight by this date... seriously, it happens. Maybe it’s not even that drastic, but remember just because you are getting married doesn’t give you license to be a hardcore raging witch.

Alternative: Suggest. Pick out the dress, tell them where to buy and leave it at that. If you want them to wear the same shoes or jewelry buy them yourself. If you want them to all wear there hair up, then say, “hey, what do you think of putting your hair up?” You know there is a way to suggest nicely that lets them know what you want.

image Bright Idea: To wear gloves.

Why not? Because it’s disastrous.

Alternative: Don’t be tacky.

So take those rules and run with them... Are there any that I forgot? or did you break one of my rules? Tell me about it!



Until we meet again, stay bridal and please dear lordy don’t. wear. gloves.


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Pictures by Geoff Johnson and Nicole Williams

Monday, May 24, 2010

Real Savannah Wedding: Jennifer and Micah Part 3-Reception

Savannah Wedding Reception

The reception was all about details details details……As the guests arrived, they enjoyed signature drinks in the pink and green colors while the lounged in the cafe or toured the museum. Micah and Jennifer made sure that there was personal thank you note from them on each place setting. Take a look at the adorable grooms cake that has the bride dunking a basketball over the grooms head! The wedding cake was timeless and delicious thanks to Minette Rushing of Savannah Custom Cakes. The tables were named after the Savannah Squares and displayed amazing arrangements in shades of pinks, whites and touches of green. Check out the dripping strands of pink roses from the tall arrangements. Lighting is always present…it is a MUST! When the lights went down…oh what a sight! The custom gobo and up lighting really set the tone for the evening…When it was time for the couple to depart the reception by classic car, guests grabbed noise makers to send them on their way! They then left the reception with monogrammed cookies with a heart shaped cookie cutter and recipe for their favors. Thanks again to Allison Reisz Photography for the amazing pictures! Best wishes Micah and Jennifer…it was beautiful! Savannah Wedding (23)

Savannah Wedding (42) Savannah Wedding Reception (2) Savannah Wedding (25)

Savannah Wedding Cake

Savannah Wedding (46) Savannah Wedding (49)

Savannah Wedding (36)

Savannah Wedding Reception (3)

Bride and Groom thank you Grooms Cake Pink and Green Wedding Place Settings
Savannah Wedding Night Reception

Noise Maker Send off Savannah Wedding (20)       Savannah Wedding (21) Savannah Classic Car Get away (4)

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Real Savannah Wedding: Jennifer and Micah Part 2-Portraits

Savannah Wedding (3)Savannah Wedding (5)Savannah Wedding (6)Savannah Wedding TrolleySavannah wedding (8)Savannah Wedding (4)Savannah wedding (7)Savannah Wedding (13)Savannah Square Wedding (3)mgallo-053Savannah wedding (10) Forsyth Park Wedding Savannah Wedding (12) Tags: Savannah Square Wedding,Savnanah Weddings,Savannah Wedding Planner,Lafayette Square Wedding,Savannah Wedding Trolley,Savannah Wedding

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Real Savannah Wedding: Jennifer and Micah Part 1-Ceremony

 Savannah Wedding BrideThis one was all about the details! Jennifer and Micah married on April 10, 2010 in Lafayette Square Savannah, GA with St. John’s Cathedral as the perfect backdrop! Jennifer had a very classic style. She loved the colors pink and green and wanted to use them as a base for the wedding design. Look at the adorable toad ring bearer pillows for the twin boy ring bearers! ADORABLE! Apple flavored Jones Soda was there to quench the thirst of guests arriving by trolley.Paper lanterns hung by ribbon from the chairs as pew markers and the aisle was lined with rose petals leading up to a magnificent floral archway where the couple exchanged their vows. Jennifer arrived by horse and carriage while a string quartet serenaded her and her guests. As soon as they were married they were showered with confetti and headed to the horse and carriage to enjoy their first moments as Mr. and Mrs. McGee. Stay tuned for part 2- Portraits, you wont want to miss the amazing shots by Allison Reisz Photography.

Savannah Bride (2)Savannah Wedding (2)Savannah Bride     Savannah Wedding Getting Ready Savannah Wedding GroomRing BearersSavannah Groom Pink Bridesmaid Dresses Savannah Wedding 1   Savannah Horse and CarriageLafaytte Square Wedding  Savannah Wedding Ceremony (2)Reserved Wedding SignsWedding ConfettiWedding Ceremony Program Frog Ring Bearer Pillow Personalized Jones SodaSavannah Wedding LafayettePink Lantern Aisle Decor        Savannah GA WeddingSavannah Wedding CeremonySavannah Wedding 2

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