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Monday, January 21, 2013

Make It Your Own: "Accentuate Your Chairs"

Everyone has seen the standard white chair cover. Chair covers can be a great design feature, but only if you find a way to make it fit with your style. There are many different ways to accent chairs besides just covering it. You can have fun and make something crafty, add unique objects, or have your florist make a fantastic arrangement to hang on the backs. There are so many options, and these are just a few examples of the fabulous looks you can make by putting an accent on the chairs.

There are a lot of choices for chair decor that you make on a budget with simple items such as ribbon or paper. However, if you are worried about the time or money to implement some of this decor, just remember that you don't have to decorate every chair. You can add accents to every third aisle in the ceremony, to only special seating areas in the reception, or just to the bride and groom's chairs in the reception. It's just a little added detail that makes your wedding that much more your own.


Monday, January 14, 2013

Make It Your Own: "A Splash of Color"

You may be surprised at the number of people afraid to add a little color to their wedding design. With Pantone having just named its Color of the Year - Emerald Green - I feel it is important to know how to add a splash of color to your wedding look without overwhelming the design. I am using the emerald green in my examples, but know that no matter what season, or what theme, you have thousands of colors from which to choose. You can use one color to really bounce off the traditional white, or other neutrals, or you can use two or three colors to really liven up your space. It is easy to feel like the color may take over your design when you are first starting, but if you pay attention to the details and insert your color in just the right places, you will create a seamless blend between the color and your decor.

Using color in your vases, paired with a white or neutral floral arrangement, or even standing on their own, will give dimension and depth to your tablescape. You can balance it by using neutral or simple place settings, linens, and chairs. On the flip side, adding color to your place setting in a pattern on the napkin or in your plates or glasses, can equally brighten your table. Add color to your chairs with covers, sashes, or floral decor and pair it with a bare wood table or neutral linen. Don't be afraid to add a little color to your cake, it doesn't have to cover all of your tiers. If you are really opposed to colored fondant, use ribbon or florals in the color of your choice to accent the cake. Add color to your favors, or other special items you are giving your guests. The way in which that item is used will add color to your wedding in various places throughout the celebration.  Finally, don't forget the paper products, adding color to invites, menus, escort cards, etc... will add to your wedding's overall look.

Have fun and play around with color. If you're not sure if you are going to like it set up, or have your planner/designer set up, a vignette using various colors so you will have an idea of the final product. Color won't distract from the traditional elements, such as the white of your dress, it will only make you stand out more. Be sure to check out our "Make it Your Own-Design Feature" board on MGE's Pinterest Page, as well as the new "2013 Color of the Year Wedding-Emerald Green" board.


Monday, December 24, 2012

Makeover Monday: "Table Number That 'Fit In'"

Table numbers aren't always necessary, but they are a good way to organize your guests and encourage conversation. These numbers need to be easily seen, but not stick out like a sore thumb. There is a way to create a nice blend between the look of your wedding and the large, legible number standing on your table.

One way to do this is to pick a fun object you may already have, or be able to get from family and friends. With items like clocks, you can turn the hands to the time that correlates with the number of the table. You can simply write the table number on the face of a small vanity mirror, or old china or plates  on a stand can showcase the table number in a lovely way. Remember that part of the character and charm of these types of items is that they can all be different from one another.

Table numbers that serve double duty are another good way to guide your guests without taking up extra space on the table. If you are planning on having a pitcher, or bottles, of water or a special beverage on the table, it can be used to display the table number, both pointing out the table and the beverage to the guest. Also any floral arrangements you may have are usually going to be in vases or some sort of container. If you can see the vase well enough, using it as a base for the table number is an easy way for the guests to spot the correct table.

If you have plenty of room on the table, just have fun with it. A crafty wedding could use stitched table numbers, a vintage wedding could use books, and a quirky wedding could have scrabble tiles. It's important to keep your numbers functional and easily seen, but don't underestimate the power of a cohesive and visually pleasing design to the eye of  your guests.


Monday, December 10, 2012

Makeover Monday: "Creative Containers and Coverings"

Having yummy wedding treats and unique items to toss during your send-off is great, but don't forget your guests need a way to carry those things around with them. Get creative and really have fun with containers and coverings you use on these items. Anything from paper goods to fabrics to your own glassware make for wonderful, yet functional,  additions to your wedding decor.

For appetizers and special treats you can use paper items, such as newspaper, book page or music sheet copies, or paper doilies. Certain types of fabrics like handkerchiefs, bandanas, and patterned napkins work well too and can be wrapped around loaves of bread, certain fruits, and beverages. Glassware in your color scheme or with fun patterns are great for food and carrying anything on the small or delicate side. Glassware or any container really could be wrapped in fabric or knit items, such as the knit koozie in the example images, to make them more comfortable to carry.

For other things like florals, and dried items say for the flower girl, or for your guest to throw at the send-off, paper will work, but you could also use felt or yarn knit bags, buckets, or baskets. As usual the choices are endless. Look at what would add to the aesthetic of your wedding, but also to what would be most comfortable and easy for your guests to hold and carry around. This way you will make sure your guests have both an enjoyable and beautiful experience.

As always, check our "Make It Your Own" Design Feature on the MGE Pinterest Page:


Monday, October 29, 2012

Makeover Monday--Displaying Your Love(s)...Literally

As I was reading through the latest "The Knot," I came across an idea that got my creative juices flowing. A couple did  a post-reception event, in which they created a mock exhibit of the bride and groom's collection of retro toys and games. Each piece was set on a modern white pedestal under an acrylic case with a labeled description of the item and its importance to the couple.

What a great introduction to the couple's interests. Why not create a display like this during cocktail hour? You could do a similar setup as the couple above, but with items that are special to you as a couple - anything from art to sports or movie memorabilia, or even heirloom treasures that have been passed down from family members. However, how you display your items can be just as personal.

If you have a lot of thin items, such as postcards, comic books, or records, you could actually place the item under a transparent table top (glass, acrylic, or a custom shadow box table top). Proper lighting and a contrasting backdrop will really make the items pop. You could also display such items in frames or shadow boxes hanging on, or creating its own, feature wall. Items sitting on open shelving or sculptural tables or columns work well for items that are less fragile. An edgier approach could utilize the popular hanging glass orbs. You can replace the standard flower or tea light with a smaller collectible, and can be lit from above or below.

There are countless ways to arrange an exhibit that is special to you, as you can see in the photos (more info can be found on the MGE Pinterest Page). Displaying your special items during cocktail hour would be a great conversation starter, considering many of your guests may be meeting for the first time, and will give insight into your interests and who you are as a couple.