Tuesday, March 31, 2009

with “you” as your cake topper….literally!

I am all about new and exciting ways to personalize your wedding!!!! I just had to share this idea with everyone! Lily Tsai of Lily’s Design puts a whole new spin on a cake topper that reflects who you are as a couple! YOU NAME IT…she can do it. image

Here’s the deal:

1. You send her a few pictures of you and your fiancé-make sure your facial features and attributes are apparent in the picture.

2. Your attire- that means your full view and any embellishments of your dress, bouquet (if you know what it is), and your fiance’s get up as well! Unless you want him displayed in another outfit (she has examples of grooms in soccer outfits, a superman costume (I KID YOU NOT) and so forth)

3. Basically anything you want her to include in your customized cake topper like your loveable pooch, some hobbies or interests that you share or postures.

She recommends at the least 4 weeks to make your topper…so don't wait until the last minute! She is currently accepting b0okings for 2009 and 2010.



Get creative, be detailed and show who you are!


Images are from Lily Designs www.weddingcaketopperideas.com

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ask Morgan: Garter and Bouquet tradition-to keep or “toss”

Copy of adam

Q: Do  I have to have a bouquet and garter toss? I just think it is very old fashioned and  we don’t have many single gals or guys coming to the wedding. It might look kind of funny with just one person! –Tossing Tradition

A: Tossing Tradition-You are right…it is awkward if there aren't any warm bodies to receive these items and some single guests just don't want to participate!  There is nothing written in stone that says you must do either! Some of the more laid back and non-traditional wedding I have done, do not have both or either. To be honest…I have never heard a guest question why they didn't happen. From a planners aspect, it allows for more dancing and less stopping and starting to the festivities. If your guests are having a good time dancing…you really don't want to stop them to do this…they might not start back up again!

However, in the event there are those couples that want to keep (somewhat) in the traditions, here are some alternatives to the bouquet toss:

  • Give it to the longest married couple. You can honor them by doing an anniversary dance. The DJ/Band will go up in years and ask couples to leave the dance floor if he passes the number of years they were married. The last couple on the dance floor can be honored by giving the wife your bouquet and maybe dancing to their wedding song.
  • Maybe you want to acknowledge someone who has been the  most influential role model in your life? Take the mic and say a few words on why this person is being given your bouquet.
  • Before the guests arrive, have your wedding planner place a tag under the chair/plate/glass of one guest. Then half way through the reception, have the DJ/Band announce to the guests that each person should look in that spot to see if they are taking home the bride’s bouquet.
  • Give them both to the most newly engaged couple in the room!

But truly……PLAIN AND SIMPLE, you don't have to have one!


Friday, March 27, 2009

with dress recycling- so to speak!

Feisty Fashionista -- How to pick a bridesmaid dress they can so wear again.

Of course, that was drenched in sarcasm. Have you ever had the desire to shorten a forest green satin monstrosity? Neither have your bridesmaids. Why not pick a dress that they will actually like? Trust me, your pictures will turn out loads better if your girls are smiling and feel good in their dresses. Why not let them buy off the rack? Bridesmaids dresses are notoriously ill-fitting and by time they make the alterations they could have bought an amazing designer cocktail or evening gown. So I say let them! I am not saying by any means that you remove yourself from the process, it is necessary that you are involved. In fact, I find this a much more creative process then just showing up at a bridal store and rummaging through taffeta nastiness. NAVY BLACK GOWNSI am not saying that you can't look at traditional bridesmaids gowns, designers like Jenny Yoo and Thread have great options. My only issue is the cost versus value, they can be absurdly expensive and not necessarily well made. An acquaintance of mine had her bridesmaids in Vera Wang gowns and while I am sure they looked great in photos, honestly, they were underwhelming in person. I love labels just like the next girl, but just because it says Vera on the label doesn't make it worth the money.BLACK BEIGE GOWNS

When your girls have the ability to choose their own gown, they are going to find dresses that fit them perfectly and like Morgan has mentioned in previous blogs, having your girls choose body flattering gowns in the same color is a fantastic option. I told my girls to each find a black cocktail dress and the variety looked fantastic in photographs. A trend that I find really exciting goes a step beyond that and mixes and matches colors and patterns. The goal is to have the gowns different yet unified. You are looking for colors and patterns that go together without actually matching. It creates such an interesting look and really adds a complex element to your color palette. When shopping it helps to find a patterned gown with a variety of colors which you can then break down and wear as solid colors. You also want to pay attention to fabric making sure they are the same weight, you wouldn't want to mix linen and velvet. Gray GownsWhen mixing patterns you really have to pay close attention the colors, muted generally work the best, like a light brocade. You don't want it to be spots and stripes. Unless, it really works. Do you see? I am no good at rules. Make sure that you see the gowns on before making the final decision. If you are unsure take pictures and ask around, your design oriented friends, a stylish stranger on the street...you think I'm joking? I'm not. Or if you really want, ask me, you know I will give you an honest answer. PINK PURPLE GOWNS

Until we meet again, stay bridal and show your bridesmaids some love.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

with southern hospitality! Part 1

Want a great idea that will really personalize your wedding and treat your guests our southern hospitality? If you have ever been to Savannah, GA during the spring/summer, you know it gets hot and humid it can get. If your wedding ceremony is taking place in one of our beautiful squares, gardens, or any outside venue, then you might want to have some refreshments for your guests to enjoy during or after the ceremony. (Minus the fun cappuccino-I just thought that was a cute idea!) You can personalize the drinks with your wedding colors, custom straws and drink stirrers with your monogram, or have your initial drawn in the cappuccino's froth! It is OK to offer these drinks in the non-alcoholic version for those non-drinkers and children! BTW-the popsicles-they are MARGARITA popsicles! Easy to do and you can probably do just about any cocktail mixture in these! HOW UNIQUE! I wouldn’t mind one of these to help cool off! fun wedding drinks

Pictures from left to right: Naziehah Blog, Mason Jar Cocktails {Jupiter Images},  Ice Cubes {Sweet Paul}, Margarita Popsicles {Liquorous}, Herb Companion and Stock photos


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

with Christine and Erik

1754-1-IMG_0842 1754-1-n5610929_31599709_4435 Christine Pearl and Erik Rastello

Date Engaged:

December 20th/21st (Midnight) at Fountain at Forsyth

Where did you meet?

We met on a field exercise for the Army during ROTC at Fort Custer Michigan, I was his squad leader for the weekend.

How did he propose?

We were at the fountain in Forsyth park, the cops tried to kick us out twice, and on the second time we actually got up to walk to the car, and that forced him to finally drop to a knee and ask me.

When is your wedding date?

July 11th 2009

Why did you pick the area you are getting married in?

We both live here in Savannah. My life was in CT, his was in MI, and we both went to different schools. This is the first place that we both live in the same town (we have never lived closer than an hour and half from each other) and we thought this was the perfect place to start a new life together that was totally both of ours.

Where do you reside now?

Savannah, Georgia

Anything interesting or out of the ordinary you are including in your wedding day? 

Colors are bright oranges, hot pink, and pops of green. Anything but a white wedding! The idea of the reception is to be a huge celebration.

Check out their website www.erikandchristie.com

Christine and Erik, Thank you again for your service to our country. It should be such a colorful and memorable affair! It has been such fun planning with you and creating this “UNIQUE” event with you both! We can’t wait for the BIG DAY!


Monday, March 23, 2009

with being Trend-E for Spring 2009

Calling all Savvy brides- to be! It’s that time of year again, the Savannah 2009 wedding season is underway! There are so many trends emerging for the season, from patterns to feathers to décor, Oh my! Excited to dial in on this years trends? Read further to find out my 7 fav’s of what’s going to be hip, hot and chic!

From farms to barns to gardens, an outdoor wedding can set the perfect backdrop for an event any bride dreams of. Rustic signs are a fantastic way to give your venue some charm & character and are a personal favorite of mine. It can even be a family project, invite your dad to help out or have your husband- to-be get hands on! Backyard weddings are becoming popular and are a great way to make your guest feel comfortable by giving off that laid back vibe. Remember that by starting with a blank canvas, you have the opportunity to get creative and the outdoors is a great place to let it all out!

 barn wedding Photos: The Knot

Tired of seeing the old disposable click and shoot camera sitting on the guest tables when you walk into a wedding? Dare to be different! Get your guests super involved and having a blast by setting up a “photo set”. Photo sets are a unique twist to any wedding and will leave your guests laughing it up. You can ask your photographer to take the shots or leave out a Polaroid camera. Put out some fun, colorful costumes and props, and look forward to later seeing the pictures of your friends and family on your big day.

old time photos

Hiring an artist to paint a portrait of your ceremony or reception is a great way to take home a piece of your big day. It will be a memento, something you and your husband can look at and cherish daily. You could even set it out at your 50th wedding anniversary!

 kalamarwed1 clip_image014

Portraits by Greg Kalamar and Nicole Herzog 

Long gone are the days of clear simple vases. If you are looking for a way to make your centerpiece unique, consider putting your flowers in a vintage tea can or a mason jar. Check out your local antique store or flea market for some great finds. In keeping with your theme, it’s important to add touches throughout so that it ties together. For example, if you are having a garden themed wedding and are looking to make it whimsical & fun, consider putting your flowers in a teapot or cover a tin can with patterned paper. The possibilities are endless and the sky is the limit.

clip_image016 clip_image018

Vintage chic is the new trend we are seeing popping up in all details of weddings. You can be inspired by a pattern for your tablecloth, for your cake, or even for your dress. A great way to bring a vintage feel to your wedding cake is with the cake topper. You can ask to borrow your mother or grandmother’s cake topper to really add that “something old” to your day.

vintage weddingPictures:The Knot, MS, BonneFete

Stripes, Stripes, Stripes! This clean line pattern is the new polka dot for the 2009 wedding season. We are going to be seeing this on the wedding dress, invites, & décor. This pattern brings that fresh & contemporary feel to your ceremony or reception.

striped wedding Photos: BHG, The Art of Inviting

Thanks to Carrie Bradshaw’s hip fashion feather hairpiece in the Sex & the City movie, feathers have made a big comeback. You can have them everywhere from your centerpieces, to your cake and everywhere in between. Peacock feathers add a great pop of color to any bouquet or arrangement and are going to be seen this season.

clip_image026 clip_image028 clip_image030

Stay Stylish!

Holly K.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ask Morgan-Top layer tradition…to save or not to save!

lanza 060 

Q: I have recently been to a wedding where the couple didn’t serve the top layer of their wedding cake. It sat on the table until the caterer took it away in a box. I later found out they saved the top layer to celebrate their 1 year anniversary. Where did this tradition come from and is this something we have to do? –Sweet Tooth

A: Dear Sweet Tooth,

Wedding Cake slicesThis tradition dates back to the late 19th century when a grand cake was baked for the christening of the couple’s first born. It was assumed that the christening would occur soon after the wedding ceremony, so the two ceremonies were often linked, as were the cakes. So it was easier for the couple to save the top layer of their wedding cake to use for this purpose. However, if there is nothing saying you must do this! I am a firm believer of doing things out of the box. After all, it is YOUR DAY, and you need to make it YOUR OWN! There are a number of reasons you might not want to follow this tradition:

1. You must immediately freeze the cake, so be sure to have someone to do this for you if you are headed out of town for your honeymoon! This can be a headache if this is the case.

2. It takes up quite a bit of room in your freezer.

3. It NEVER tastes as good 1 year later…trust me here!

4. You paid for the whole cake to serve to guests…so USE IT! The baker usually doesn’t include the top layer in your guest count because they anticipate you saving it. So you can reduce the cost of your cake by serving that layer to your guests as well!

5. Now a days, your baker will offer a complimentary top layer on your anniversary as their gift to you.


If you do not want to save the top layer but not necessarily serve it on your wedding day but enjoy it before it dries out..I suggest you cut the cake into 12 separate pieces and freeze them separately. Then on the date of your wedding each month, unfreeze a piece and celebrate your anniversary EACH MONTH! It might not taste as good when you get to month 7, but it is a great way to extend the festivities of your wedding!

If you are going to save your top layer, I suggest trying the vacuum freezer bags after wrapping it in plastic wrap 3-4 times. If you don't have the vacuum bags, wrap the box a number of times in the plastic wrap as well and DON’T remove it from the freezer until 2-3 days prior to your anniversary. Let it thaw in the refrigerator for 48 hours so it becomes moist again.

Dance, be merry, and let them EAT CAKE!


Email us with your questions at

Friday, March 20, 2009

with short and sweet!

-- How to Show off your Gorgeous Gams and still look Bridal.

Feisty Fashionista,

 I am always a fan of doing things as non-traditional as possible, so I'm sure it doesn't surprise you that I love the idea of short wedding gowns. The idea isn't really a crazy concept, Audrey Hepburn, the beacon of class and sophistication, wore short gowns to both her nuptials. Audrey Hepburn That's always a good way to talk your mother/mother-in-law into accepting the idea. Albeit if you are having the most formal crazy black tie affair, a short gown may not be the best plan, but why not change into a really fancy one for the reception? I changed into a lacy mini for my reception and it was totally the right choice for me. I couldn't bust the proper moves in my ginormous wedding gown, besides no one would have been able to see my shoes. Short wedding gowns come in all varieties of silhouettes and lengths, from micro-minis to June Cleaver A-line mid-calf skirts. Wedding gown designers, such as Melissa Sweet and Reem Acra, always have a sprinkling of short gowns in their collections. Amsale the Little White Dress Amsale even has a new collection aptly named Amsale Presents the Little White Dress. You see, I do something and people of the world just follow suit or dress in this case. I love puns...and sarcasm. Short wedding gowns have the ability to make us look taller and thinner than a traditional wedding gown and considering that most of us hate our midsection and/or thighs, a short gown can show off your pretty décolletage and your pretty legs, which are generally our thinnest parts. Plus, I think short gowns really have a sense of whimsy and playfulness that are often missing from floor length gowns. I am a true believer that your gown should reflect your personality and who doesn't want a gown that screams fun? Melissa Sweet


Shopping for a short gown is an interesting process because it isn't totally necessarily to go to a wedding boutique. I have found great options by Catherine Malandrino, Shoshanna, BCBG Max Azria, Alexander Wang, Laundry by Shelli Segal, and believe it or not, Black House White Market. These are amazing and inexpensive options, ranging from 170 to 600 dollars, a great price for beautiful, fashionable gowns. off the rack short Also, don't be afraid to check out beautiful well-made bridesmaid's dresses, most of them come in a white or ivory for a fraction of the cost of the same designers gowns, yet made with the same fabrics at the same warehouse. For you ladies on a budget, it is imperative that you have at least one real trip to a bridal salon, it is an experience that you should have. Okay, now for some of you money isn't an issue and I love that, spending others money has become a lifelong hobby of mine. Basically, your mission is the same as if you were searching for a long wedding gown. As I mentioned, Amsale and Melissa Sweet have an above average amount of short gowns in their collections, so if you are close to a showroom I highly suggest that. Also, head to stores that carry many designers, like Saks Fifth Ave , Blue Belle Bridal in Savannah, Hannelore's of Olde Town in Alexandria, VA, or Hitched in Georgetown, Washington DC. You will have a better chance of seeing more gowns in your desired style. The consultants know their inventory and can pick out all of the short gowns before you even arrive. Be creative when selecting a gown, one of the main reasons it can cost so much is because it is custom made for you. Take advantage of this. You have the right to change many details, such as length. Some gowns actually come in a short style, but because they don't sell as often boutiques usually don't make samples of them. Don't be afraid to ask if a gown you like is available in a shorter style. Tell me, what do you think of short gowns? Are you tempted to try a short style or does the thought of it make you cringe?

 designer short

Until we meet again, stay bridal and avoid all short gowns that conjure up images of a Britney Spears video.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

with different ways to showcase your “something blue”

Your “something blue” is a MUST LADIES!  (in my own humble opinion that is)  After all, the tradition dates back to biblical times where wearing blue was a symbol of  love, purity and fidelity. With today’s weddings….there are very few brides that opt out of the traditional garter toss. With that said, not many will chose to wear one either, and most times than not, the garter was the easiest way to get your “something blue” into your wedding wardrobe. That doesn't have to be case anymore!  Here are just a few ideas on how to showcase your “something blue”…….something blue

Pictures from left to right: Tiffany & Co, Polyvore, Martinez Valero, unknown, The Knot, and Etsy



Wednesday, March 18, 2009

with the luck of the Irish!

columbia square green water Every year, an average of 500,000+ people attend the 2nd largest St. Patty’s Day parade and its festivities in Savannah, GA. We had the pleasure of starting our wedding season with a wedding this weekend (we will post pictures soon) and then enjoying the next few days celebrating Savannah’s very own version of St. Patty’s Day. With the spirit of the holiday, I managed to scoot over to Columbia Square where they dye the water green for a few weeks, and snag a picture to share with you. If you haven’t had the chance to celebrate St. Patty’s Savannah Style….I HIGHLY recommend you make this a number on your to-do list. If you are a hard core fan of the holiday and wish to share your wedding day with St. Patty’s Day then you wont want to miss the opportunity to marry in front of this fountain, subject your guests to the festivities, and go GREEN and ORANGE!

st pattys wedding  Pictures from The Knot, Etsy, Pricilla of Boston. MS

Erin Go Bragh!


with Christen and Matthew

searsphoto (2)

Date Engaged:

  September 30th

Where did you meet?

We met in Savannah Georgia. We were introduced through some good friends of ours when he came down to Savannah.

How did he propose?

He proposed to me on the Double tree hotel balcony with a room filled with red roses

When is your wedding date? 

June 13

Why did you pick the area you are getting married in?

We picked Savannah because it is where we met and where I am from.

Where do you reside now?

We both reside in Clarksville Tennessee

Anything interesting or out of the ordinary you are including in your wedding day?  I believe our Wedding day is fairly traditional, we are having remembrance candle for my grandfather who has passed away and we have four flower girls because they are all sisters accept for one. We chose our Wedding date because it was I believe the day we met, which actually makes our Wedding day even more special if that is possible


Thank you for the chance to help plan and share in your special day Christen and Matt….it is going to be beautiful! Check back after their wedding for some highlights of the big day!


Friday, March 13, 2009

with fashionable footwear!

Feisty Fashionista,

How to choose fashionable shoes that don't make your feet hurt just thinking about them.

Who is it that said, "thou shalt wear nasty ugly shoes on your wedding day?" Comfortable does not always equal orthopedic and there is nothing sadder than a beautiful bride with chunky dyeable heels on her french manicured toesies. There is no longer a need to dye your shoes to the perfect shade of ivory, it is super chic these days to change it up and wear some color. Is pink your favorite color? Simple, wear pink shoes, I did, four inch Charles Davids. Metallics are also very popular for your big day, everything from gold, silver, bronze, and champagne. There is nothing sassier than a metallic high heel.

poure la victore $292 (2)guess by marciano trish $149 95

kenneth cole reaction $79  pierre dumas rose $49

If  you are thinking that heels sound painful, well it's true, they are, but thankfully the delightful folks at Foot Petals have invented everything you can think of to make heels more comfortable. Band-Aid and Bodyglide both make an anti-blister stick, you just rub it on your foot where a blister is most likely to occur and it completely prevents it. They are amazing and I should know because I have the lowest threshold for pain imaginable, but boy-oh-boy do I love high heels. Another tip: if you love super high heels, search for a shoe with a platform, so you get the height without the stress on your arch. Stuart Weitzman Bridge 375calvin klein solaine $139 95

And if that still isn't enough, most of Cole Haan's heels use Nike Air technology which are super cushy.

 cole haan huarache air sandal $328 (2) cole haan bridal ceci air rose sling $428

Oprah wears them and if Oprah wears them then they have to be amazing, right? I love her...Back to the subject. Cole Haan also has a new bridal collection that uses the Nike Air technology, which is comprised of 8 dyeable silk satin shoes, while a bit pricey, they are pretty enough that you would actually want to dye them black or gray after the big day and get your money's worth. If after all of that information you still hate heels, well, don't wear them!  Flats and low wedge sandals are everywhere and they are so stinking fabulous, plus you can pack them and wear them on the honeymoon. Well, when you are indeed wearing shoes...or anything else.

Monica $205 Frye Margot Studded Sandal $168

If you are really petite I don't advise flats, you want to look long and lean in your gown and heels really do make a difference. Wear a wedge sandal if you really can't take the pain. This style works particularly well for a beach or garden wedding, no heels sinking into the sand.

 jimmy choo $395



And if you are hesitant to spend lots of money on your shoes, that is even more reason to buy something with re-wearability. Plus, every time you wear them you will be brought back to your special day.

 bcbgmazazria mirna $198 cole haan huarache air sandal $328 (2)


Don't forget to break your shoes in before your wedding day. Wear them to work, take the dog for a walk, or even vacuum the whole house in them. You can figure out what extra padding you will need and also get some practice walking in heels.

Until we meet again, stay bridal and avoid all things lucite and orthopedic.