Thursday, September 19, 2013

{thirsty} THURSDAY :: the rosemary sparkler.

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yes, i did make up the name for this cocktail. i'll confess it upfront.
rosemary is a pretty word, and i love sparkles.
champagne has bubbles, which i associate with sparkles for some reason.
prosecco is like champagne {pleasedon'thurtmeifyoureintowine}.
it's a very logical name choice, guys. obviously.
{image and recipe via a cup of jo}
in any case, i highly recommend clicking here to learn the perfect proportions in which you should {must!} mix:
rosemary simple syrup
lemon juice
you'll thank me.
the rosemary sparkler would be the perfect refreshing addition to any bridal luncheon, shower or outdoor spring wedding, methinks.
what would you call it, if anything different? send any suggestions you may have my way in the comments!
as always, have a beautiful day.

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