Friday, February 26, 2010

Grooms strut their stuff with trendy accessories: Part 2-Boutonnieres

Boutonnieres, often referred to as “Bouts'” for those that work in the industry, is what we like to call lapel art. This would be the flower that you wear on your left lapel. Normally, in the past, it was one or two flowers (small in size) that complimented your bride’s bouquet, but these days you can get creative! Here are some ideas to spruce up that lapel of yours!

Try incorporate something you love on or in your bout. I had a groom who held a special place in his heart for gardenias because it reminded him of his father who grew and loved them. However, there were no gardenias in the wedding and that was OK.  The meaning behind it allowed for leeway and the guests knew exactly what it meant. You too, are special today and there are no rules that say they have to match or be the same flowers! I even had one groom who wanted a green flower.  It took some convincing to the bride that was carrying and incorporate just red in the wedding but honestly, it looked great and everyone said that it was totally something he would do.

Go non-traditional all together. Yes that is right, who says you have to have flowers? Well maybe your bride does, but if you want to really showcase you and your personality there are boutonnieres out there that are created to reflect just about anything you love, do or stand for.


Or what about showing off what you love to do? Rosenow Floral's does a great spin on modern day and extremely personalized boutonnieres. Try Etsy if you cant find what you are looking for. Chances are there is something for everyone there! 

  image imageimageimageimage

Wrap it up-make it unique. Floral tape is not the only option out there. You can use moss, ribbon, leaves, colored wire, or fabric.

bout moss wrappedCopper wire bout image

Or maybe you want something that is along floral lines like herbs or greenery. Check out these options from Chelsea Fuss of Frolic and Martha Stewart

imageimage  image

I am also a big fan of the less is more, like these from the knot and Colin Michael photography:


The options are endless. It is up to your creative genius (approved by your bride of course). Talk with your florist, wedding planner and event designer or do some searching online yourself. It is all about personality and showing your true colors!

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Meet the new baker in town! M Sweets will win over more than just your taste buds!


Milissa Malloy

Business: m sweet

Years in Business: 1


Description of your business:

Dessert caterer specializing in mini custom treats and dessert bars for events and parties.

General price range for services:

$14-$21 per dozen

What desserts/treats do you offer?

image m sweet provides a wide variety of bite sized desserts including mini cupcakes, cheesecakes, cake pops, tartlets and whoopie pies. All desserts are made from scratch using only the finest ingredients.

Can we custom order/ask for something special?

Anything can be customized from the liners, colors, flavors and toppings. If you don't see it on the menu just ask....the possibilities are endless!

Why go with mini desserts?

That way you can try more than one! With mini desserts you can offer a variety of choices and get creative with different flavors and colors. Not to mention that having bite sized treats keeps things easy. A dessert bar can either take the place of a traditional cake or compliment it nicely.

What locations do you serve?

Beaufort, Hilton Head, Bluffton & Savannah and surrounding areas.

How far in advance should I put in my order?

3 days for orders of 6 dozen or smaller and one week for orders larger. We do recommend that for large events such as weddings that brides place their order as far in advance as possible.

Can we taste before we decide?

Yes, m sweet can provide a tasting for those interested in weddings or large functions.

msweet-2Can m sweet provide serving dishes or plates?

Yes, serving dishes or tiers can be provided for an additional fee.

Will you individually package them if I wanted to give them as favors?

Yes, there is nothing better than receiving a sweet treat as a gift or favor. M sweet can create individual favors or gift baskets based on your needs. Tags: sweets savannah,hilton head sweets,savannah wedding cupcakes,hilton head cupcakes,savannah baker,hilton head baker,savannah wedding,hilton head wedding

And the contest proposal winner is…..

It was sooooo close between three couples but Kelaine and Paul won by about 20 votes! Thank you to all our contestants and we will contact the runner up as soon as we hear from Kelanie and Paul.

imagePaul and I had been dating for 3+ years. This summer, I knew that marriage was on the horizon and that a proposal was in the near future, but I had no idea how Paul was going to do it! We go to the MN State Fair every year, and 2009 was no different. The first year we went to the fair, we had only been dating a few weeks and I wanted to ride the ferris wheel, Paul agreed. When he started turning white and shaking, I realized that he was trying to be "cool", but was actually terrified of heights! He was too smooth to tell me he was afraid then, but for some reason he agrees to ride it every year with me. :) On August 29th, 2009, when the ferris wheel stopped while we were at the top...Paul, with his eyes closed, asked me to get a box out of his pocket, which was my ring. I started laughing and crying at the same time, he was so afraid of being up so high that he never opened his eyes. He said a lot of really mushy stuff about me making him the happiest man in the world, and finally got the nerve to get the ring out of the box and put it on my finger. Telling this story makes me smile every time. The fact that we were with thousands of people, but alone at the same time was great. It was such an intimate proposal and super fun. I will always have fond memories of the State Fair.

Congratulations Paul and Kelaine! Kudos to Paul for being so creative!

Send me an email and we will get you squared away with your fabulous prize!

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Do you ever hire new consultants to work for your company?

Yes! We have recently hired two interns and have two consultants on board already. We hire interns each 6 months. When we are at capacity we still keep resumes on file for future potential openings!

Ask me anything work related, personal or just for fun! I will answer!

How did you learn to become a wedding planner?

I actually started planning events for the company I worked for out of college. I then got engaged and joined a company part time planning weddings. After getting married, I decided that this was definitely what I wanted to share with the world each and every day! It was sharing in someones happiest day of their lives...I still cry every time I send a bride down the aisle. I completed a bridal consultant program and took classes on how to run a small business...and well...the rest is history!

Ask me anything work related, personal or just for fun! I will answer!

Bridal Show Booth

You know we had a huge bridal show this weekend and so I just wanted to show you a few pictures of our booth and what goodies we had!! Tomorrow I will feature spotlight the vendor that provided the amazing YUMMIES that were the talk of the show! We were going with a luxury garden theme with this years hottest colors! The most frequent question i was asked, was about the chargers we showcased. We pride our selves with innovative ideas and details and as you can see from the table, there were plenty. Our firm designed the entire table and the plates were made with vinyl appliqués. Couples that stopped by were entered for a chance to win a free engagement session or custom fabric aisle runner like the one showcased at our booth. Thanks to Geoff L. Johnson for taking photos of our booth! We cannot wait to work with each and every one of you that signed on with the MGE team!


Ashley, Holly, Alysse and Kacie

jepson_geoffsphotos_01 jepson_geoffsphotos_07jepson_geoffsphotos_02 jepson_geoffsphotos_03   jepson_geoffsphotos_08jepson_geoffsphotos_06   jepson_geoffsphotos_09  jepson_geoffsphotos_11jepson_geoffsphotos_16          

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Friday, February 19, 2010

How to make sense of Fashion Week trends for when shopping for your wedding dress.

Now, the wedding designers that we have come to know and love all have their ready to wear collections as well and I love checking out the gown scene to get an idea what will be en vogue this fall and winter.

fashionweekfeb2010.001Reem Acra, Quirky necklines & gathered fabrics. Look at these amazing necklines! I die!!!!! Amazing!!!! I love the way all of her pieces drape just perfectly. These necklines really bring your eye up, so the focus is always on your pretty face. Also, the gathering around the mid-section and hips is a curvy girls dream. It camouflages and at the same time accentuates the hip in this amazing contradicting way.

fashionweekfeb2010.002Oscar de la Renta, Sheer fabrics & metallic accents. Oh me, oh my. I love Oscar de la Renta, what a hip son of a gun! I looooove everything he touches. The sheer fabrics are just so light and airy in the most perfect fairy-like way. And the sparkle is all sophisticated and perfectly placed, no pageant dresses here ;) These gowns evoke old Hollywood in the best way possible.

fashionweekfeb2010.003Lela Rose, Asymmetry & origami. Known for her simple designs, I am really loving how Lela Rose is using fabric. These strange folds and drapes are just mind-boggling. These drapes can look funny on the hanger, so try on before you make your decision. So be bold when choosing your gown and don’t be afraid of the one shoulder, I think that they are incredibly flattering.

fashionweekfeb2010.004Monique Lhuillier, Sheer Fabrics & a ton of volume. Monique has a way of doing things that is all her own and recently I think she has been incredibly bold in her design choices, which I love! The only thing is when you start to get super creative and artistic, you kind of slim down your amount of admirers. I am still loving this rocker princess thing she has going on. I love all of the tulle and English netting! The amount of volume she creates with it and the placement of that volume is spectacular.

fashionweekfeb2010.005Carolina Herrera, Beautiful draping & unexpected fabric gathering. Ah, love me some Herrera. Now, I wasn’t a monster huge fan of the gowns and cocktail dresses she showed, her men’s wear inspired pants ensembles are amazing, but the three I did love are friggin perfect. Like I wouldn’t change a single thing...well, maybe I would put them on me and not some Amazonian princess model, boo. These gowns are stunning, they are all beautifully fitted and just have the coolest details. The fabrics, all different, are really manipulated perfectly into these amazing gatherings and bunches. These gowns just beg to be worn and I bet you a nickel that at least one of them is made into a wedding gown!! Go ahead, bet me...

fashionweekfeb2010.006Badgley Mischka, Body conscious & loooots of sparkle. They were much of the reason I became obsessed with fashion, I taped a photo of the most beautiful nude sparkly gown on my bookcase when I was 15 because that’s what I had decided to wear to the Oscars, ha. I kept it for years, in fact, I hope I have it somewhere. These men know how to dress a woman’s body. I am loving the gown in the middle, it’s soooo modern and fantastic and yummy. I really do love the fit on all of these gowns and who doesn’t look good in sparkle!?

Focus on the trends that seem to overlap, like shimmer, sheer and gathered fabrics, that’s what is gonna be hip this fall. And don’t we all just want to be hip?

Until we meet again, stay bridal and really enjoy New York Fashion Week, it only comes twice a year and is always beautiful and Christmas, but better...


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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Grooms strut their stuff with trendy accessories- Part 1-Bowies are BACK!

Weddings are becoming more and more freestyle among couples this day in age. And what I mean by “freestyle” is that there are not many so called “rules” and etiquette that are being followed as they were in the past. Attire being one of them! Just the other day, I had a high school friend reach out and ask me what he should wear for his wedding. He was expecting me to say something precise like “One button, shawl lapel tux, vest and black tie” but instead, I asked him about his personality, colors they are using, and more importantly, what he wanted to express about him in his wedding decor?  (After all the bride picked out her dressed based on what she wanted to express right?) So, with that said I talked him into exploring more “fun” and “alternative” options to the traditional accessories to his tux!

So today I will talk about one of my favorite new trends-Bowties!

In the last few months, bow ties have been making a dramatic comeback in the wedding attire, but probably not in the way you are envisioning. The bowtie no longer only signifies formality and “black tie”… they are a great way to add some personality and spice to your wedding! Let your groom have some fun (within perimeters of course) and add some color to their tuxes/suits.   So here are some ideas:

Paisley and Damask Patterns are always a hit but don't get carried away. The tux/suit should remain solid in color if you are planning on putting on one of these babies!

image image


yellow paisleypaisley bowtie


A classic option turned fun, would be one of these stripped patterns. Not as crazy and whimsical as the paisley/damask but still another tasteful and fun option!  imageimage

striped bowtie


Don’t be afraid to mix patterns if they have something in common:

image       image

(In this case it is the orange and blue but we are doing polka dots and stripes)



And if you are still not convinced that bowties should be in other colors other than black, then consider these are classy and formal alternatives that still show some personality and dimension to any tux!

 black bowtie    black and white bowtieblack striped bowtie

Go on guys….express yourself but don’t go crazier that the soon-to-be wife is willing to bend! You want to make it down the aisle to show off your goods! signature

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