Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Real Savannah Wedding: Scott and Sally Part 2-Portraits

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Real Savannah Wedding: Scott and Sally Part 1-Ceremony

I do not even know where to begin with these two love birds. I guess I could go on and on about how much I adore Scott and Sally by telling you that they are the most interesting, travelled, loving and caring couple I have had the privilege to get to know and am happy to call them friends now…but you want to see and hear about their wedding, right? Well here it is! We had 18 FUN and exciting months of planning, emailing and facebook-ing because these two reside overseas! When I “met” them they were living in France and now currently reside in England. They were able to make a trip back to the states for some meetings though and you might think planning a wedding like this would be difficult or impossible, but not at all. Scott and Sally instilled a lot of trust in our ability to plan, design and suggest some of the best vendors for the job. Between the three of us, we created the wedding they had always hoped for but not without a few hiccups. These two were such troopers when we found out that their original venue had gone under and was no longer allowed to do any events because they had not been able to get the building up to code. (This was after we had a number of plans set in motion and months into planning.) So with their heads held high and a good outlook on “everything happens for a reason,” we switched things up dramatically and in the end we gave them a wedding that reflected Scott and Sally’s true sense of style. After their first look (my favorite thing as you know) with Scott Hopkins Photography, the wedding festivities began! With beautiful bright colors, close friends and family, and a perfect sunny day,their wedding ceremony took place in Telfair Square. Tomorrow is part 2-Portraits!

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Celebrity Inspiration: Jennifer Lopez in Brose


Dress, BHLDN; earrings, BHLDN; shoes, Nine West

So, if you want to change into a fun and flirty dress for your reception this is the way to go. I lalalalove J.Lo’s mini dress. This BHLDN dress gives the same flirty, almost 70’s vibe. I love the detailing down the front. it’s very sliming!!! While Miss Lopez’s gown is figure hugging my choice is more universally flattering. Love the nude shoes, but really who doesn’t!?!? If you haven’t noticed they are the “in” thing to do. They are not only pretty shoes, they go flawlessly with just about anything you can wear annnnnd they make your legs seem a mile long... and who doesn’t want that. Just look for a nude that is close to your own skin tone and you will never want to take them off. To finish this look a pretty and simple drop earring and you are good to go and dance your big night away!!!


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Future Ford Plantation Wedding: Ashleigh and Dennis

AD-39   Ashleigh Blaylock & Dennis McKillen

Date Engaged:

February 26, 2011

Where did you meet?

AD-83We met on my birthday in NYC through our mutual friend (and my BM) Christina Manthei - Dennis was visiting Christina in NYC and she brought him to my birthday dinner (where I, of course, was on a date with another guy).  Dennis proceeded to make me laugh all night - mostly by making a little fun of me - and I already liked him by the time we all left dinner that night.  When he came back to visit 4 months later, the other guy was long gone and Dennis and spent nearly the entire weekend together.  he got my number from Christina a couple of days later and the rest, as they say, is history.

How did he propose?

He planned a surprise trip to the Greenbrier, WV and had gotten us a private cottage with a fire place and arranged massages and made dinner reservations.  We got back from dinner and were getting ready to build a fire and relax and he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.  Before I said yes, I asked "are you sure?" and then quickly said yes! before he could change his mind ;-).

When is your wedding date?

April 21, 2012

Why did you pick the area you are getting married in?  We got engaged at the Greenbrier and both love southern culture, architecture, food, ambiance and romance so Savannah with its spanish moss and historic feel felt right.  We knew we wanted a plantation type feel and when we found the Ford, we knew that was meant for our wedding.  We also wanted a great location for all of our friends and family to visit since most would be traveling for our wedding regardless of where we held it.

Where do you reside now?

In northern Virginia, just outside of Washington DC.  And we just bought a new house and cannot wait to move in!

Anything interesting or out of the ordinary you are including in your wedding day? 

Nothing truly out of the ordinary but we are excited to have our close friends and family join us to celebrate and are honored by those who have agreed to stand up on our day beside us.  We are also very excited to have Liam who is the son of my Maid of Honor as our ring bearer and Olivia who is the daughter of Dennis's Best Man and one of my bridesmaids as our flower girl.

Anything else you would like to add? 

We really are looking forward to an amazing weekend and have thus far completely enjoyed working with Morgan and Alysse!  We couldn’t ask for better or more and feel so far along in our planning already and are so excited about what we have lined up that we only wish it were sooner!

AWEEEE!!! Thank you for letting us be a part of this with you! W love you guys and have thoroughly enjoyed planning with you thus far and cannot wait to see it all come together. Here is to many more fun months of planning and the start to a beautiful relationship!

–The MG Events Team

Monday, September 19, 2011

Celebrity Inspiration: Clemence Poesy in Chanel


celeb811.002 Dress, Notte by Marchesa; belt, Shopbop; rings, Anthropologie; Shoes, Steven by Steve Madden

J’adore Clemence Poesy and her sick style. This white and black combo is so much fun and I think perfect for a fancy night wedding reception dress. The hints of black are incredibly modern  looking. The ruffles on the gown are so forgiving and will look good on just about everyone... ladies with really big busts beware the ruffles may give the illusion of you being big all over, but that should be solved easily with the sparkly black belt!!! Place the belt at the smallest part of your waist and boom!!! instant hourglass!!! This looks only needs some fun stacky rings... worn all on the same finger or split up on a few. The shoes are a funky platform that just adds to the edge of this look. It really is brilliant... It screams high fashion. LOVE.


Thursday, September 15, 2011

An idiots guide to bouquets...


I am not a florist. I know very little about flowers, plants... I am a known indoor plant murderer. Dexter has got nothing on me, I couldn’t even keep basil alive. Yeah, it’s bad. I am a highly fashionable person and I do love looking at flowers... I’d like to think that I have an eye for color and texture and that sort of hullabaloo. So here is just a fun little blog to show you my favorite dress/flower color combos and just a few of my favorite flowers...

floral.001 Your bridesmaids are wearing black.

*Dress shown is JCrew

Michael Jackson said it best, black and white... They are a genius combo, it’s bold and it stands out. I love white flowers against a black dress. It gives off such a formal feel and it gives you the opportunity to add a pop of color with the ribbon. I love accent colors. I think a sexy deep red, chartreuse, and any shade of pink look great. Peonies are my absolute favorite flower and look great with roses and mini cala lilies.

Your bridesmaids are wearing pink.

*Dress shown is Rachel Pallyfloral.002

Okay, so this is one of my all time favorite pairings. If your girls are in hot pink give them a stunning peach and pink bouquet. It should look like a pastel wonderland. I love the different variety of flowers and tones of pink and peach. Roses that are more orange on the tips add a great pop! Once again, peonies are perfect for this because they come in the most insanely beautiful pale pink and add some peach roses... yes ma’am!!!!!

floral.003 Your bridesmaids are wearing gray.

*Dress shown is JCrew

Okay because gray can be... well gray, I think the perfect answer is some rad hot pink!!! I think it gives the gray a real vibrance. My second fave flower would have to be ranunculus and they come in an ah-mazing pink. I think ranunculus make beautiful bouquets on their own, but add some hot pink peonies(of course) or roses for some change in texture and it’s super fabulous.

floral.004 Your bridesmaids are wearing navy.

*Dress shown is BHLDN

I adore navy bridesmaids dresses and when I think navy I think sweet wild flowers with all kinds of pretty textures and colors. I found this bouquet courtesy of The Flower Lab and it’s filled with limonium, stock, waxflower, alstroemeria, astilbe, veronica, and monte casino aster... I don’t know what a single one of those are!!! But it’s so beautiful and contrasts so beautifully with the navy gown. Perfect boho chic.

*Note. If you are doing super formal navy, see black, same rules apply.

So there you have it folks my very simple, but affective flower guide. I don’t like flowers that look too fussy and don’t even start me on cascade bouquets... I may vomit in my mouth... But hopefully that will help a little in your quest for wedding glory!!!


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Big Fat Kardashian Wedding.


kardashian.001   So first off, I should let you know that I feel a bit hypocritical writing about the phenomenon known as “the Kardashians.” I truly have no idea why they are famous, nor do I particularly care for them. Buuuuuuut I do have to admit, they are all beautiful with great hair... and while I don’t think their personal style is very inventive, I do dig that they like luxury and pair things together well. You would be crazy or living under a rock if you hadn’t been bombarded by this wedding nonsense. Let me tell you, this wedding has NOTHING on the royal wedding and that comparison is just obnoxious. See how angry I get, ugh reality stars... unless you are a real housewife of anywhere or Rachel Zoe... I do not care.

The Dresses.

Mrs. Humphries donned 3 separate dresses throughout the wedding and none of them spoke to me. Her actual wedding gown was beautiful albeit nothing like what I was expecting. The fitted bodice and the ball gown skirt were stunningly done in Chantilly lace, buuuuut where I get confused is this weirdo headpiece that I am sure costs more than what you or I or a whole boatload more people make in a year. It would be one thing if she was wearing a very Kate Moss-y flowy hippie gown with her hair down in her usual do... the style would fit much better, but this most definitely does NOT work for me. The second and third gowns fit more with what I was expecting from the bootylicious Kim. First off, they are tight and we all know a Kardashian loves nothing more than to look like a stuffed sausage. My favorite is the second gown, I think it shows off her curves perfectly while still remaining classy. I also loooove the ruffles at the bottom. The third gown is very retro bombshell which totally fits her personality, it just seems a little generic for such a fussed over wedding.

kardashian.002The Bridal Party.

I am a huge fan of bridesmaids in white. I think it can look brilliant and super sophisticated, I think that all of the sisters look beautiful. The dresses are a little cotton candy for my personal taste but I think the girls all look stunning. The tailoring is impeccable! Kris Jenner’s gown is super yuck to me... Remember that Prada gown that Jessica Biel wore a few years back... No? Well it looked like she left the table with her napkin still tucked into her dress... I get the same thing from Mommy Kardashian’s weird bow gown. At least she has 3 more weddings to get it right. 

kardashian.003The Guests:

I love that the couple requested that their guests rock either white or black. I think unifying the colors makes for a beautiful cohesive look. I bet their pictures are going to be stunning. I think it is perfectly acceptable to politely request that your guest wear a certain color... as long as you don’t get too ridiculous. KK’s guest list was filled with some super famous and super random people. Mario Lopez, his dancer girlfriend, George Lopez, Eva Longoria, Demi Levato(a disney star, in case, like me, you had no idea who she was), Scary Spice, the Hilton’s, Ryan Seacrest, and Lala from MTV... Trust me there were a ton of people. Even Lindsay Lohan scored and invite... Shocking! Right!?!? I didn’t think anyone invited her places anymore! Even more shocking was the fact that she showed up in the very same gown the beloved Pippa Middleton wore to the royal wedding... Cracked out LaLohan is never going to win “who wore it best” against the worlds sweetheart Pippa. She probably should’ve kept looking... Just saying.

I think their are definitely some fashion do’s and don’ts in this wedding. Hopefully I wasn’t too angry... But I mean they’re reality stars... They never seem to go away no matter how much we all wish they would :) What do you think? Do you love/hate her gowns? What about the bridesmaids? Would you ever let your girls or guests wear white!?!?

Photos are courtesy of People, PopSugar, and E!