Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Celebrity Wedding: Roselyn Sánchez & Eric Winter


roselyn eric.001Now this couple is seriously hot! Roselyn Sánchez best known for the television show Without a Trace, but also stars in one of my favorite new Disney movies The Game Plan, so good! And Eric Winter who has marked almost 400 episodes on the Days of our Lives, who also popped up in Harold and Kumar and The Perfect Truth a romantic comedy due out next month starring Gerard Butler and the worst actress ever aka Katherine Heigl. This beautiful couple celebrated with 250 guests in the 4 day long festivities in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, close to Sánchez’s hometown. The ceremony took place at the Castillo de San Cristòbal a beautiful fort in my personal favorite part of Puerto Rico. So if you are looking for a wedding with a bit of pizzazz then this is definitely one to check out.   

The Bride. So seriously, how hot is Roselyn Sánchez? Now unfortunately there isn’t a makeup out there that will magically make us look like her...sucks, right? So we mere mortals will have to try and acquire her look as best we can. First off, her stunning dark hair was swept into a loose up do, which is perfect for an unfussy bride who wants to be able to dance and move without hair in her face. The most important thing is to make sure your hair is healthy and shiny, then the rest is easy. Try using a moisture rich shampoo and conditioner, I am loving L’Oreal’s new sulfate free line EverPure, this stuff rocks, it’s cheap, and my husband loves the smell. Also, for the month or so before the wedding try and not apply heat, which damages your hair. I know this can be difficult for some, so if you must use a blow dryer keep it on the cool setting. To get her fresh face, you need some serious black eyeliner and a killer bronzer. To get Sánchez’s sexy smokey eye, I would use Guerlian’s Terracotta loose powder kohl liner in black 1, $34. This stuff can be tricky to apply, but once mastered you get the perfect smokey eye every time. Now bronzers are not as easy, you have to find the perfect color for your skin, you want to look as though you have been kissed by the sun, no orange nastiness here. Benefit, Bare Minerals, Stila, and Guerlian all make wonderful bronzers, but the best way to find your perfect match is to spend an afternoon at the makeup counter. Have the artist apply the bronzer and before you purchase make sure you step outside to check the color in natural light. You would be surprised what a huge difference it makes.

roselyn eric.002roselyn eric.003roselyn eric.004The Dresses. Now, Sánchez got a little dress happy and opted for 3 gowns!!! Her ceremony gown was a grand ball gown complete with a sweetheart neckline. The ruffles and sparkle are vibrant, but somehow subtle and super hard to walk in. For her first dance she changed into a strapless column dresses adorned with feathers and finally she changed into a strapped a-line for the rest of the party...well, until she changed into jeans and a t-shirt to finish the evening off right. Now, I love all of her choices, they are all reminiscent of one another while being completely different. I know that three gowns can be killer to the budget for the majority of brides, but if you opt for two I would go with the strapped dresses before the strapless, it’s much easier to shake your grove thing when you aren’t worried about your bosoms popping out.

roselyn eric.005The Bouquet. Steal This Idea: Now this isn’t a new trick, but it is still a beautiful touch. Sánchez’s bouquet had a bit of extra sparkle hidden among the orchids and roses. It is something super easy to do and can generally be done cheap. I found some cute bouquet jewels on etsy.com for very cheap. I also think this can be a great way to display sentimental, but perhaps outdated jewelry or broaches.

roselyn eric.006The Decor. The reception was just as hot as the couple and with the help of Milly Centeno of MC Coordinators our of Puerto Rico, the couple created a sexy Latin reception. Steal This Idea: I love the repetition of the color orange in the decor right down to the menus. I found an affordable option from The Wedding Paper Divas and the awesome pin tucked napkins are also very easy to find from most rental companies and run about a dollar per. I found very similar napkin rings for 1.15 a piece on tasselnfringe.com, so for around 2 dollars per place setting you can have the exact same look. To save some dough I would only rent napkins and use plain white clothes on rectangle or square tables then I look for dark bamboo runners or placemats to use on the tables to get that extra fiery oomph.

So, if you feel that a sizzling Latin affair is exactly what you want then take notes from this stunning couple because their wedding had some serious fire. Sánchez and Winter were up partying with their guests until 4am. That is exactly how I feel a wedding should be, entirely about the celebration and having a blast with family and friends. If you never take any of my advice at least remember this, if you allow yourself to relax and enjoy your wedding day nothing can go wrong...well it can, but it won’t matter ;)


Monday, June 29, 2009

Meet Danielle and Justin- A 2010 Savannah Wedding

danielle and justin

Danielle Crager and Justin Moseley

Date Engaged: 


Where did you meet? 

We are from a small town called Plain City...I have known Justin since Kindergarten.

How did he propose? 

It was one of those random days in December that the weather was actually nice enough to go on a walk.  We live right down the road from Huntington Beach and we decided to check and see how the lake looked during the winter.  So we were walking along the beach and just chatting about the white caps on the lake and how its unusual to not see any big ships.  We were walking along the pier and still just enjoying the view and he said that he had a question to ask me and I didn't think anything of it. Next thing that I knew...I was looking at him on his knee asking me to marry him.  I was completely surprised because we had been together for eight years at the time and had always talked about it, but nothing ever happened until that day.   

When is your wedding date? 

10/2/2010...One day before it will be 10 years that we have been together...yes we have been together for 10 YEARS!!!!

Why did you pick the area you are getting married in? 

Ever since Justin's Grandparents, Aunt and Uncle have moved down to Georgia, we go and visit about every other year.  The very first year we went down to visit, we went to Savannah and we both just fell in love with it.  I think we even mentioned while we were down visiting that we could see ourselves getting married there someday. 

Where do you reside now? 

We bought a home in North Olmsted, Ohio two years ago.

Anything interesting or out of the ordinary you are including in your wedding day? 

Although we are not ordinary people...nothing at our wedding will be out of the ordinary.  Just maybe not such a traditional affair.  I don't think that Justin would allow me to have our "fat little sausage," Fiona, as my flower girl.  Plus, considering she is a Pug, I really don't think she could handle the heat down in Savannah. 

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Real Wedding: Marianne and Carl Part 2

black and white wedding   black napkin ribbon Tablescape Wedding Decorsavannah weddingscocktail table wedding   wedding dancing shoes photobooth sign   photobooth weddingHanger wedding  wedding cake sparkler send off  

What an amazing night….

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Real Wedding: Marianne and Carl Part 1

mansion on forsyth bride What a special couple Marianne and Carl were to myself and the MGE staff. They shared their amazing day with loved ones from close and afar on May 23, 2009 with a beautiful Savannah, GA wedding that expressed and captured who they are in every sense of the word. Carl just returned from a 15 month deployment in Iraq earlier this year and because of that and the incredible love the two of them share, this seemed to be the most anticipated wedding of our year to date!  Needless to say they are quite intoxicating and you can see why. Allison Reisz Photography truly captured the essence of Marianne and Carl.  The weather decided to give us a run for our money, but that didn't stand in their way! We quickly adjusted accordingly and I don't think they would have had it any other way! But in my opinion, Millie, the best Great Dane ring bearer ever, stole the show! Fall in love with this unique and awe inspiring couple….I did!


Tomorrow’s part 2 will feature their reception shots! 

 window bridepre wedding kissmansion on forysth hotel       reserved wedding chairsgreat dane weddingbout moss wrapped wedding programgreen bouquets black dresses mansion on forsyth park     savannah georgia weddingMansion on forsyth wedding

Friday, June 26, 2009

How to dress your Ma’ for the big day.

Now, I will start by saying I was blessed with the hottest mom ever and my grandma...get out of here. My pops is a stud too. I know that all moms don’t have Madonna arms, but still it is noooooo reason for any mother to wear another duipioni suit. They aren’t awful, they just aren’t fun and mom deserves to have fun at the wedding she and pops are throwing for you. I have compiled a few types of dresses that keep your mom are incredibly stylish while remaining the “motherly” whatever the heck that means. I am all for showing off the hotness and wedding rules don’t really apply with me, so if you are looking for some stuffy advice about how long your mom’s sleeves should be...you might be in the wrong place.

Momma.001 Ruching: Is wonderful for waistlines, bustlines...any type of line...it pulls everything in and instantly tones everything up. I love ruching around the midsection. Plus, ruching works on so many different styles of dresses so it is everywhere, super easy to find.

Momma.004Wrap Dresses: Diane Von Furstenberg is probably in the process of suing me as we speak, crazy witch, but the wrap dress is supremely flattering and a perfect mom outfit. It’s stylish, fun and with so many options you are able to find the perfect one for mom. I love this look for an afternoon garden wedding.

Momma.002 Follow the Trends without being Trendy: All of the dresses I found were on Nordstroms website and notice how many are purple, it’s not a super obvious trend, but enough en vogue to keep mom fresh. Look for popular colors and/or necklines to keep your mom hip. One shoulder gowns are popping up everywhere and super appropriate for Ma.

Momma.003Any Dress with a Pencil Skirt: I think pencil skirts are flirty and sexy while being age appropriate. They come to a perfect length at the knee and keep mom sassy without having to go super short, which is never cool, unless your mom has Sharon Stone legs, then why not?

In a world where moms are getting hotter and hotter and age is becoming less and less important it’s not right to keep your mom in the past. Now, if your mom isn’t comfy without being “out there” and uncovered, instead of those icky little jackets have your mom don a beautiful silk or cashmere shawl. Back to hot moms, you will undoubtedly be the center of attention so don’t stifle moms style choices, unless she is wearing white or skintight leopard let her wear what she is comfy in, got it?

Until we meet again, stay bridal and don’t be a hater, let mom look hot on your wedding day.


Thursday, June 25, 2009

I have to share……

As some of you know, I just returned after a 3 day summit of meetings, seminars,  and picking the brains of some of the wedding industries most brilliant leaders. (ok an i did get a great massage and some beach time) Engage!09 : Something Blue is the third business gathering presented by Engaging Concepts. I cannot even express to you the value this carried for so many people and our businesses. Engage!09 : Something Blue is the brain child of brilliant leaders in the wedding industry and very good friends of mine, Rebecca Grinnals and Kathryn Arce of Engaging Concepts. They did an amazing job bringing together:

Darcy Miller – Martha Stewart Weddings
Preston Bailey – Preston Bailey Designs
Carley Roney - The Knot
Marcy Blum – Eventiste/Marcy Blum
Sylvia Weinstock – Sylvia Weinstock Cakes 
Millie Martini Bratten – BRIDE’S Magazine
Antonia van der Meer – Modern Bride & Elegant Bride Magazines
Bee Kim - WeddingBee.com
Susan Moynihan – Destination Weddings & Honeymoons Magazine
Lara Casey – Southern Weddings Magazine
Michelle Rago – Michelle Rago, LTD
Randy Fenoli - Kleinfeld Bridal
Sean Low – Preston Bailey Designs
Harmony Walton – The Bridal Bar and Get Married
Abby Larson – Style Me Pretty
Laura Novak – Laura Novak Photography
Liene Stevens – The Smart Planner
Alison Hotchkiss – alison events llc
Thayer Allyson Gowdy - Thayer Photo
Jo-Anne Brown – Celebrations LTD
Simon T. Bailey - “Release Your Brilliance”
Rebecca Grinnals & Kathryn Arce– Engaging Concepts

When I recoup from my flight, I will be doing a 3 part series on what I learned, experience, and bringing you LOTS of pictures of the event. More to come!


with Angel and Scott…..


Angel Watson and Scott Field

Date Engaged

July 28, 2008

Where did you meet?

I am originally from Macon, GA and I lived there all of my life until I went to college in Athens at UGA. Go Dawgs!! In my last semester at UGA, I accepted a job as a sales associate with Coca Cola North America. I graduated in December 2005, and I found out two days before graduation that they were moving me to ARIZONA!! I had never been west of the Mississippi River! I never hesitated and looked upon this journey as a new, exciting adventure. I knew that I would learn so much about life, people, and myself. It was definitely a shock going from knowing everyone around you to not knowing a soul. I quickly made friends and began on my journey of exploring a new part of the country and myself. One friend in particular was a co-worker that introduced me to some of his friends. Luckily for me, one of those friends was Scott. We always had so much fun hanging out and picking on each other and quickly became good friends. After about two years of living in Arizona, I was ready to move back to the South. I decided I wanted to move to Charleston to be closer to my family and friends. When Scott found out he discretely made a comment that he was sad to hear the news that I was leaving, and for the first time I realized there might be something more there than just friends. He says he gave me plenty of other hints, but I just did not realize. J In June 2007, everything changed when my co-worker’s (that introduced Scott and I) fiancé was in a terrible boating accident that left her in the ICU for months. She owned her own business, so my plans of moving to Charleston quickly changed when I decided to run her business to keep it going while she was in the hospital. While spending every available hour in the hospital waiting room, Scott and I grew closer and closer while dealing with this catastrophe. We began dating July 28, 2007, and we fall in love with each other more and more everyday!

How did he propose?

On our one year anniversary, Scott and I went to dinner at a really nice restaurant that has wonderful views of Camelback Mountain (a beautiful historic mountain in Scottsdale, AZ). We had already had a wonderful weekend getting massages at a resort and spending time relaxing by the pool. I did not expect anything that day because Scott was being so calm. We had a wonderful dinner and our server asked if we had ever been to the top of Camelback Mountain to see the view of the surrounding cities. I said, “No,” and Scott said we should go up there. We started driving, and I was getting nervous because the road was steep and winding. I kept telling Scott we needed to turn around because it was getting dark and we did not know where we were going. He, having plans of his own, did not listen to me and to my surprise we made it to the top. The view was gorgeous! The stars looked like you could reach out and touch them and you could see all of the beautiful, fancy houses down below. Scott and I were walking around and talking about our last year together and how much we loved each other. I still had no idea because Scott normally is very sweet and romantic, so his outburst of love and emotion was nothing new. All of a sudden Scott got down on one knee and said, “Angel Michelle Watson, will you marry me?”! It was the best question I have ever been asked, and now I get to marry the man of my dreams in the city of my dreams!!

When is your wedding date?

June 5, 2010

Why did you pick the area you are getting married in?

I have dreamed of getting married in Forsyth Park for as long as I can remember! My parents were engaged in Savannah, so the city has always held a special place in my heart. I love the charm and history that the city offers.

Where do you reside now?

Macon, GA; I accepted a job with Warner Robins Air Force base and moved back to Georgia in March 2009. Scott and I had a long distance relationship until June 2009, when he finally got to move to Macon to be with me. It was the longest three months imaginable!

Anything else you would like to add?

Since Scott is originally from Illinois, I am from Georgia, and we lived in Arizona, we have many guests that will be traveling to Savannah for the first time. Savannah holds such a dear place in my heart that I would like everyone to leave in love with the city like I am.


We are so happy for you both! Here is to the two of you and your special day!


Friday, June 19, 2009

with flaunting you best feature!

Working in a gown salon, I was often perplexed at how many women came in looking for this idea of a perfect dress while completely neglecting what their momma gave them. It’s like brides forget what looks good on their body because they want to look like a bride. For your information, you will in-fact be the bride no matter what you wear, so dress just like any normal day, in a gown that flatters your best parts.


flaunt whatcha got.001 Celeb Icon: Salma Hayek knows a thing or two about having a nice rack. This fiery Mexican beauty always flaunts, but never overexposes her ladies and is the perfect inspiration when dressing a great bust line.

What to Wear: V-Necks are your savior! Love them, wear them! I am a complete stranger to having an ample bosom, but I do know that droopy ta-tas are not a good look. You want the girls to be up and happy. So find a dress with straps or sleeves with necklines that come to a open v. A big thing to remember when flaunting the girls is making sure you still have a defined waist, otherwise you can just look top heavy.

L’s Fave Exercise: Unfortunately there are no exercises to make your boobs bigger or higher...trust me, I would know by now. The best advice I can give is to work of whittling your midsection to really give you that perfect hourglass shape. To work the obliques, sit on your tailbone with your feet shoulder-width apart out in front of you. Holding a 6 to 8 pound medicine ball, lean back 45 degrees and slowly reach the ball out to the left, the center, the right, and then back to center for 1 rep. Do 3 sets of 12, as many times a week as you like. Remember to go slow when doing any ab workout. Your abs require less recovery time than most muscle groups, so crunch on.

flaunt whatcha got.002 Legs

Celeb Icon: Gwenyth Paltrow is amazing and at 36 has never looked more amazing. She rocks a mini better than most of young Hollywood and does it with the perfect mix of rockstar and sophisticate.

What to Wear: That’s easy, something short! Show off those sassy legs. There isn’t much to the selection except for finding a dress you love. Length is important because you want to make sure that you choose the most flattering length for your gams, but generally anything goes.

L’s Fave Exercise: Well, lunges, calf raises, and the stairmaster will never hurt, but if you would like to try something new take a cue from Gwen and Madonna and get familiar with their trainer Tracy Anderson. I own her dance aerobics dvd and I am constantly shocked at how sweaty I get and how tired I am just by dancing around like an idiot, but if dance ain’t your thing Paltrow’s website GOOP offers some of Anderson’s expertise for free. The workout is comprised of 8 crazy high rep moves that will work your legs and butt until it hurts to walk. No joke, it’s good stuff. http://www.goop.com/newsletter/16/ <http://www.goop.com/newsletter/16/>

flaunt whatcha got.003 Butt

Celeb Icon: Having a booty is cool now, thanks to open minded folks like Sir Mix-a-lot and Sisqo. Jessica Biel has one of my favorite Hollywood rears and I would know, I love ladies with booty! Biel always manages to look so super sexy and extremely pulled together. She has fantastic style and really knows how to dress her backside.

What to Wear: Now dressing a badonkadonk isn’t really that difficult it can work with all styles, but to truly show it off a trumpet or mermaid skirt will work best. Now I can’t say this enough the most important part of dressing plump rump is fit! Your gown must hug your curves perfectly, no puckering or pulling which leads to that stuffed sausage look. So remember, the seamstress is your friend!

L’s Fave Exercise: The stairmaster and all forms of squats. Start with feet shoulder width apart and lean back as if sitting in a chair until knees are bent at 90 degrees. Make sure that your toes never extend over your knees. Now you can also do sumo squats where you stand in a grande-plié and squat down once again, knees staying behind the toes. Do 3 sets of 12, 3 times a week. As they get easier try holding free weights or a weighted bar.

flaunt whatcha got.004 Arms

Celeb Icon: Jennifer Garner is my favorite person in Hollywood and probably one of the most smoking hot bodies ever! Alias still rocks my socks! Now with kids and tons of movies where she doesn’t play a superhero, she still has the greatest toned arms. Garner never claimed to be a fashionista, but her stylist Rachel Zoe did, so she always wears amazing pieces that showcase her guns.

What to Wear: Really anything that show your arms...not groundbreaking, huh? Well, in my personal highly sought after opinion, an asymmetrical neckline or halter really draws the eyes to the arm. Now, I am not talking about a spring break Cancun halter top, I am talking about a sophisticated pretty halter gown that emphasizes your toned back and arms.

L’s Fave Exercise: Rocking free weights is an easy way to tone, doing bicep curls and tricep dips, 3 sets of 15 and steadily increasing your weight as they get easier. I also like to do plank poses, which work arms, back, and core. Start like you are about to do some serious dude push-ups, then push up your arms fully extended your back straight, your butt should not be raised up in the air or sinking towards the ground. Hold for 30 seconds. Do this a few times during a workout. Gradually you should work it up to a minute or even two. I’m serious!

So until we meet again, stay bridal and rock whatcha got, you are so 3008...


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Celebrity Wedding-Jeri Ryan and Christophe Eme


jeri ryan.001 Jeri Ryan has been working in television since the late nineties and is known best for her role on Star Trek: Voyager and most recently for her role on Shark. She met chef Christophe Emé at a charity event and well, I suppose things went well. The couple’s wedding was a beautiful and relaxed affair for 120 of their nearest and dearest, in Loire Valley in France were Emé grew up. This wedding is amazing because it is natural and laid back yet completely sophisticated. If your interested in having a beautiful and organic wedding then by all means read on.

The Bride. Everything about the day was minimalist and fresh, Ryan’s look was no exception. She was stunning in her satin strapless a-line and lucky for us, this is an easy and affordable look to acquire. I found great options from J.Crew and Watters brides. I absolutely love this style because honestly this dress style can look amazing on all body types. The key to this silhouette is fabric and fit. You want to make sure that the fabric is a heavier weight, no flimsy chiffon or charmeuse, this will help with the perfect fit, I swear. Trips to the seamstress are a must, tugging on your dress constantly on your big day is not hot, trust me. To finish Ryan’s gown, you need a sash, recently more and more gowns are coming with sashes, but if your gown doesn’t a nice heavyweight satin ribbon will do, any color is acceptable. Ryan choose pewter sash wrapped around twice and attached with a stunning broach. Ryan’s hair and makeup seemed effortless, her hair was curled worn down, while her makeup was barely there and perfect. To get this look, only use foundation where needed to even out skin tone, a touch of chapstick, and some banging false eyelashes. I would go with individual lashes, which I think look the most natural, concentrated on the corners. Makeup Forever makes great lashes and at 15 bucks you can play around quite a bit to get it right.

jeri ryan.002 The Maids. Ryan’s bridesmaids wore beautiful taupe-y silver gowns. I found quite a few gowns I thought captured the ease of Ryan’s girls, but a touch more fashion forward. I found great dresses from Priscilla of Boston, Bari Jay, J.Crew, and Jim Hjelm. All of the gowns are strapless, a-lines, with defined waistbands, a flattering look if you have all of your girls in the same dress. 

jeri ryan.003

The Details. This wedding had some adorable details that made their wedding feel personal. Steal This Idea: After the ceremony, the guests were greeted with buckets of Champagne to start celebrating. I love how luxurious, yet informal this arrangement is. And Steal This Idea: Instead of seating cards the couple hung small chalkboards with olive branches attached to direct their guests to their table. And This One: The couple opted for classic turquoise Corniche as their getaway car, which has so much more character than a limo and probably cost about the same.

jeri ryan.004 The Decor. This wedding is much different than most of the ones I have discussed. Steal this Idea: Use herbs instead of flowers. Ryan’s bouquet was made of French Lavender and roses, a stunning combo. The beautiful wood tables were lined with stunning pots filled with more lavender and various herbs. I love the smell of herbs almost better than flowers. Find beautiful cheap planters and fill them with thyme, rosemary, and mint, all of my favorites, line a rustic table with them and viola, centerpieces. The place settings should be kept as simple as possible, white china and simple unadorned stemware, think French countryside chic. Finish the look off with some super-simple tall candlestick holders, I found some nice ones at Ikea. Keep everything simple and easy. Plus, at the end of the party, guests could take the potted herbs as favors. See, I’m always thinking ;)

If you think an au naturale affair suits you then take some advice from a couple that did just that, Ryan and Emé had a beautiful wedding and really kept things simple and comfortable. The whole idea of this wedding is to let the natural setting shine through without masking it with millions of imported flowers.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

with ways to spice up your table decor

If you have not stumbled upon Jamali Gardens, you must check this out before your floral or design appointment! Sometimes just a fancier vase with less expensive flowers, will look like a million bucks! Add some detailed votives and voila! You have an amazing tablescape. Jamali Gardens also carries accent items, such as feathers, glass beads in every color, and banana leaves for place settings or runners! I mean come on!!! Work with your florist, chances are they know about this site and would be willing to buy what you want to use and rent it out to you so they might be able to use it at a later date! Crystal Bead Tea Light and Votive HoldersMini Candle HoldersSet of 4, 2x2x4 Black Square Vases6 x 7 1/2in H Antique Light Gold CylinderGold Capiz Square and CylinderAntique Gold Iron Lanterns