Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Something for the boys!

Alright my grooms (or my brides that will forward this to their grooms)…listen up! I know that some of you consider planning your wedding, the desired work of your bride. And there are some of you that take refuge in the fact that your opinion doesn’t count, which no matter if you think you should help or not…your opinion COUNTS, this is the site for you! From advice, tips, stories and even your OWN wedding registry this site has it all! Take a couple minutes at work or at home while your bride is talking with her wedding planner and check out The Man Registry and their blog Grooms Advice ~ trust me you will be even more ecstatic about your big day! image

Monday, August 30, 2010

Published in the GA Knot Magazine

Earlier this year, I had the honor and privilege of being interviewed for 2 articles about Savannah that would grace the GA Knot Magazine for Spring/Summer 2010! This article is about the 10 ways to have a stylish wedding in Savannah!

 The Knot Article1 The Knot Article2

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Future Savannah Wedding: Meet Melanie and Tom

IMG00031 Melanie & Tom

Date Engaged

Oct 17, 2009

Where did you meet? 

Mutual friend set us up, we went to a black tie event at the Zoo for our first date

How did he propose?

He had setup a birthday trip for me to Chateau Elan, a vineyard/resort in Georgia.  At dinner I was told my birthday dessert was in another part of the building, and I walked into this room and he had arranged for an art gallery to be lit with candles and have a table and two chairs in the middle.  I started crying immediately, but thought it was still just a bug birthday surprise.  We sat down and he turned the bottle of wine towards me and the label said "Tom & Melanie, Engagement Night October 17."   It was amazing.

When is your wedding date?

Oct 16, 2010

Why did you pick the area you are getting married in? 

We always loved Savannah, and thought it was a great "destination" place that also wasn't too far from Atlanta.

Where do you reside now? 


SOOOO Sweet! I love it and what a great keepsake for you…I bet that was the best bottle of wine ever!  We cannot wait for the big day!

The MG Events team

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Real Savannah Wedding: Brittany and Jason Part 2- Reception

Savannah Wedding (23) Savannah Wedding (29)Savannah Wedding (18)Savannah Wedding (20) Savannah Wedding (19)      Savannah Wedding (25) Savannah Wedding (26)Savannah Wedding (21)Savannah Wedding (24)

Congratulations Brittany and Jason…we truly enjoyed sharing in your wedding day and wish you many years of happiness!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Savannah Wedding: Brittany and Jason Part 1 Prep, First Look and Ceremony

Savannah Wedding (11)

Brittany and Jason got married on July 24th in one of Savannah’s most amazing churches, St. John the Baptist's Cathedral, and it was truly breathtaking. The cathedral itself is such an awe-inspiring place and really sets the scene for such an occasion. AND they did one of my favorite things…saw each other before the ceremony in a “first look” so to speak! They strolled around the streets and squares of Savannah for a while taking pictures before they headed to the cathedral to get married!  Openlight Studio was there to capture each and every moment.

Tune in tomorrow for Part 2-The reception.

Savannah WeddingSavannah Wedding (2)Savannah Wedding (5)  Savannah Wedding (4) Savannah Wedding (12)Savannah Wedding (8)Savannah Wedding (9)Savannah Wedding (10)   Savannah Wedding (7) Savannah Wedding (14) Savannah Wedding (15)Savannah Wedding (16)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Featured Vendor Spotlight: Spa Bleu-A tranquil and luxurious spa and salon!




Lynn McDonald Quann

Spa Bleu

Make-up Artistry:
20+ years experience


Short description of your services:
With an emphasis on elegance and hospitality Spa Bleu offers massages, facials, manicures and pedicures, waxing, body treatments, spray tanning, make-up application, yoga, and more...

General price range for services:
Nails: $35-$60
Facials: $70-$105
Massage: $75-$100
Make-up Application: $75-$125

What are the differences between airbrush and regular makeup applications?
Airbrush make-up provides a smoother, flawless finish designed to last longer in Savannah's high humidity.  It also uses less make-up than traditional application making it better for the skin and giving it a lighter, barely there feel.

Do you suggest a trial run?
Always.  Every bride wants a special look for her special day.  A trial run provides an opportunity to consult, try a variety of styles, and find the perfect look for the bride and her party.

How should we prepare for our trial run or wedding day application/hair?
For the trail run: come with ideas, photos, and a willingness to let go of stress and have fun.
For the wedding: cleanse the face and then simply relax.  There are so many things to worry about, your make-up shouldn't be one of them.

Do you come to the client?
I'm always willing to travel and if it's within the greater Savannah area there isn't an extra fee.

What makes Spa Bleu different from other spas in the area?
Spa Bleu provides traditional spa treatments with a french twist.  Conveniently located on Bull and Broughton in the heart of downtown Savannah, we delight in providing our guests with a "true bleu" oasis of southern hospitality. Don't let our boutique feel fool you, though, we gladly and easily accommodate larger parties, be they bridal or simply a girls weekend out.  

Do you have a private space clients could rent and use?
We have our beautiful Johnny Mercer Suite, tucked away just off of the main spa.  Normally used for our couples massages it is large enough to adapt to whatever a client may need or desire.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Future Savannah Wedding: Meet Scott and Sally


Scott Helmes and Sally Gioia

Date Engaged: December 13, 2009

Where did you meet?

We first met our freshman year in college outside a party in the "student ghetto" as Scott refers to it. Much to Sally's delight, Scott doesn't remember our first meeting, which means she always has a trump card in any argument! Scott does of course remember spending time with Sally for the next few years at Indiana University, in a variety of derelict houses (how did any of us live in those boxes?!).

After college, we both ended up in Chicago, where we reconnected.  However, it took us years to figure out what everyone else saw -- that we should be together! Finally, in 2007, we got our act together, and from then on, it was smooth sailing!

How did he propose?

In 2008, Scott accepted a new role in his company. The job took us from Chicago to New Delhi, India. It was crazy experience, and we had a great time exploring Incredible India. In late 2009, Sally finalized her plans to study for her MBA at Insead in Fontainebleau, France. In the 11th hour, Scott's company came through and offered him a position in France. Thankful to not be spending the next year apart, we packed up our things, ate more Butter Chicken than is advised, and took one last ride on an elephant before making the move to Europe.

Because our move coincided with Christmas, we made a stop in Chicago to visit with our friends and family. After several crazy days of packing, travel and fighting jet lag - we finally had a quiet morning in Sally's sister's (and Matron of Honor) house. Over a cup of coffee, Scott proposed. That night we had dinner with both our families, and two weeks later we moved to France.

When is your wedding date?

June 11, 2011

Why did you pick the area you are getting married in?

We no longer live in the U.S., and our family is scattered throughout the country. Scott's extended family has always spent a lot of time in the low country, and through our visits we have grown quite fond of Savannah.  As most of our family would be traveling to our wedding in any city, we figured we should pick a place we love.

Where do you reside now?

Currently, we're in Fontainebleau, France (while I finish my MBA).  In January, we'll be moving, though we don't know where yet!

Anything interesting or out of the ordinary you are including in your wedding day?

Morgan says that an elephant for the bride isn't practical... so I guess there won't be any surprises! Maybe some Bhangra music will sneak into the DJ's playlist -- Scott can bust some great Bollywood Moves.

Anything else you would like to add?

We both plan on having 2 pieces of cake at the wedding. Yeah. That's how we roll.

I just heart you guys! They always keep me on my toes and make me laugh…when I am not having a great day..I just have to email these two love birds and I know the day will be a brighter place. I love planning your wedding with you and cannot wait until the big day!


How to get a wedding look inspired by your favorite cartoon princess... and not look like an idiot.

Okay, hear me out!!! I am just as disgusted as you are when I see one of those generic fairy tale weddings. Horse drawn carriages are vomit inducing and also, terribly cruel to the animal, but none of my hippie nonsense today. I am talking about having a slight influence of your favorite character and making it look modern and sexy! I love the classic stories and I grew up on Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast... All of them. I saw The Little Mermaid like 50 times in the theatre as a kid. So here are a few of my favorite princesses and how they would influence my wedding day styling.

Belle. I love Belle. It’s still my dream to play her on broadway. She is just the best. She’s smart, witty, and determined... Annnnd she loves a big pouffy dress! Now, this is where we tread delicately because we aren’t “copying” we are being inspired. Get it!? I love the volume of this dress and how it balances with the fitted bodice. Add a simple, sparkly stud earring and some loose Angie curls and you are complete. Dramatic, but comfortable.

Jasmine. Ah, Jasmine and her silly midriff baring ensembles. I see her as the boho chic of the princesses. She always rocks her ah-mazing headband and her gold earrings. So accessories cannot be over looked. I think that simple and voluminous work best for her. Bubble skirts are wonderful. Any skirt where the bottom is heavier than the top... which is basically anything, but a sheath or column skirt.

Ariel. Ohmylordy. I seriously thought I could grow up to be Ariel... I was an idiot. While I was devastated to find out that Ariel was not in a zipped up costume AND that you had to live in the ocean to be a mermaid, I never stopped loving her. That fiery red hair and rebel demeanor totally define her. She really is the modern girl of the group. Very simple and tailored, but with a bit of pizazz.

Sleeping Beauty. This might be my favorite story. It’s so creepy. I love creepy. That little bit of gothic influence is just genius. I think that darling Briar Rose is the most classic of the bunch. A portrait neckline screams Sleeping Beauty! A statement necklace also works well for her. And I think to update her hairdo, I would go with a, post-Ryan Phillippe, Reese Witherspoon hair style.

Okay, so this was silly, but it really can work. Inspiration can come from the craziest and most unlikely of places. You just might have to look at things a little differently to see it.

Until we meet again, stay bridal and despite what I say, being a pretty, pretty princess on your wedding day is delightful... just avoid looking like you robbed a costume store.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Real Savannah Wedding: Tali and Joe Part 3-Reception

Savannah Wedding (13)

Tali and Joe wanted a very simple and classic look for the reception. Shortly after their ceremony, Tali retreated to the room to change into her retro-chic cocktail gown! They surprised everyone with their choreographed first dance. NOW- I have seen my fair share of first dances, and believe me when I tell you mine was no prize…but this one was by far the BEST one I have had the pleasure of witnessing. And…one of the most impressive impromptu pick up plays with the band happened when one of the guests grabbed his saxophone out of the car and began whaling away! WOW. There was not a definite color scheme or theme…merely class. Guests found their seats by looking at the individual frames with the guests names under each table name. They shaded themselves with white parasols while the sun went over the house to keep cool and enjoyed a YUMMY candied apple as their favors. No wedding cake…remember…not traditional. Instead, Tali and Joe opted for oh-so-good cupcakes and to spruce them up a little we stuck them in filigree cupcake holders and placed them on a cupcake tower. When it was time to exit, guests lined up to send the happy couple on their way with a sparkling send off!

It was more a privilege, but of course a pleasure to share in this special wedding with these two and their loving families. I just love you guys!!!!

Thanks again Allison Reisz Photography and team for these great images.

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