Tuesday, September 3, 2013

{tips & tricks} TUESDAY :: 13 common wedding superstitions.

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happy tuesday, y'all!

i hope everyone is well-rested & rejuvenated after the long holiday weekend - i know i certainly am ;)

for today's post, i want to share a cute, fun little article i stumbled upon the other day on martha stewart weddings that names & explains some of the most common wedding superstitions brides today have, like...

{} something borrowed, blue & new {}
{} the bridal veil {}
{} not seeing each other before the wedding {}
{} rain on your wedding day {}
{} knives as wedding gifts {}
{} carrying the bride over the threshold {}
{} finding a spider on your wedding dress {}
{} using your married name/monogram before the wedding {}
{} sugar cubes {}
{} crossing a nun or monk's path {}
{} ringing bells {}
{} breaking glass {}
{} crying on your wedding day {}
click here to read the article & explanations of the more obscure superstitions yourself!

{image via ruffled}
this bride chose to make her shoes her something blue!

{image via southern weddings}

ohhh, i do love a pretty veil - that's another popular tradition i adore!
one superstition that they didn't mention and i've encountered dozens of times with our mge brides is that it's bad luck for the bride to participate in the rehearsal by practicing her walk down the aisle.

{image by teresa @ memories n more} 
this obviously varies from family to family, though, as it's also a popular tradition for a bride to carry a silly bouquet made of gift packaging from her bridal shower at the rehearsal!
have any unique traditions or superstitions of your own? i'd love to hear about them in the comments!

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