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Friday, November 23, 2012

Fashion Friday: Jessica Biel - Celebrity Bride

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Sooooo I went to 3 different stores the day that People magazine released Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake’s “wedding album.” Sadly, my efforts were in vain... I ended up finally getting one a week later and nearly jumped up and down in Barnes & Noble. So. Bloody. Exciting. Loved their wedding. Absolutely LOVE. I think that Jessica Biel looked like an angle. I know people have conflicted opinions about her gown, but I think her custom pink Giambattista Valli gown was perfect!! I think that the color was brilliant. If you want to wear pink, wear pink!!! I’ve written a few times about colored wedding dresses, but I thought I’d show you today how you can get Jessica’s wedding look for less... A LOT less.  

Dress, White by Vera Wang; $ Earrings, Creme De Luxe by Amy’s Bridal Accessories; $ Bracelet, Anna Bellagio; $$$ Earrings, Monica Rich Kosann; $$$ Bracelet, Kenneth Jay Lane

Now the waist line of this White by Vera Wang gown is different, I think that for many women this silhouette will actually be more flattering! I love the subtle shade of pink which once again, I think most will find more doable. It still has the slim top and the huge bottom! The reason I love her dress is because it’s not a ball gown, but it has the volume of a ball gown. Same with the Vera. Now the earrings are a simple drop and the bracelet is a thin and simple pop of sparkle. I’ve offered you 2 options a reasonably prices and more expensive!!!

Let your inner celebrity shine!!!!


Monday, November 7, 2011

Supermodel Bride: Molly Sims


 1B4F5634  I don’t know, maybe I watch too much Las Vegas and The Rachel Zoe Project, but I LOOOOVE Molly Sims. She is like the most down to earth supermodel ever... She is in the same category as Heidi Klum and Rebecca Romijn. She’s hot, she’s friendly, she’s okay with bathroom humor. You can’t NOT love her. Just a few weekends ago this beautiful blonde wed Scott Stuber at a stunning winery in Calistoga, CA. I am beyond obsessed with her entire wedding look and don’t get me started on the wedding party!!! Holy wonderful Batman!! I’m in love.

mollysims.001The Bride. Molly rocked a beautiful Marchesa gown. It is just beyond elegant. The sleeve is so stunning, I adore how it just floats on her body. This is a great sleeve for anyone wanting to hide their upper arms. The all over lace is very bohemian and carefree because of the cut and weight. It’s light and airy. This is the perfect boho princess wedding dress. I also love that her hair and makeup are still very classic, it’s a great look head to toe.

molly-sims-2-300_e589afe69cacThe Maids. O-M-G. Perfection. I am in love. Lalalalove. This is the most spectacular bridal party in the history of bridesmaids. The mixture of beige, taupe, champagne, brown, and black are insane. I mean, it love how some of the gowns are solid, some have a black sash, some are two tone, one has a pattern. It’s bridesmaids bliss. Now don’t be scared, whether you are a fashion virgin or a full blown fashionista this just takes a tiny bit of planning and color matching. This is such a high-impact look that you would never regret!!! It would make for insanely beautiful photos.

Tips from Molly Sims wedding.

*wear lace in modern silhouettes

*rock fluttery lace sleeves to cover arms and add a boho quality

*mix a modern shaped gown and traditional hair & makeup for a complete look

*put your girls in monochromatic colors, mixing patterns and shapes for an elegant bridal party

So remember, you don’t have to be a supermodel to have a beautiful wedding day.


Friday, June 17, 2011

Holy Royal Wedding Batman...

Royal wedding.001    So unless you have been living under a rock... no, unless you have been living under a friggin’ 127 Hours sized boulder you know all about the royal wedding. And whether  you loved every mopey romantic moment or absolutely loathed every second of the over-publicized event, you have to admit, the style was... interesting. I personally thought it was romantic and fun... I had the morning perfectly planned, I was going to wake at the butt crack of dawn and put on my favorite fancy hat(with pajamas, of course) and make a vegan english breakfast(it’s much better than it sounds). Alas, I spent the weekend at a bluegrass festival sleeping on a tour bus with crappy satellite service... whomp whomp :( No royal wedding for me. Fear not, since the big day I have bought all the magazines, watched all of the videos... so now we can tear this wedding apart.

Royal wedding.002The Dress. So I was not surprised at all by the designer of the gown... I was surprised by the subtlety of the gown. With Alexander McQueen’s tragic passing this year, I thought it was a beautiful tribute that Kate would choose to wear the designer. Sarah Burton was the designer chosen to carry out this insanely important task of representing McQueen and designing the oh-so-important gown. Personally, Catherine Middleton has never been my favorite dresser. I always found her wardrobe “sweet” or “put-together,” but she was not the pinnacle of high-fashion. I was more than underwhelmed by her gown initially. The more I look at the gown, the more I can appreciate the style. The neckline is perfection and I think that will be the most copied part of the dress. It was very low, especially for a royal wedding, but still cut perfectly around her neck. Absolutely stunning. The bodice is also very chic, the thicker molded fabric is also going to be very popular in gowns. It reminds me of Sleeping Beauties bodice, very princess-y. The texture of the gown is very interesting. I really loved the lace and damask pattern... very subtle, but very chic. So overall, I think that this gown could’ve given us a little more WOW, but it was indeed a beautiful gown. I thought her hair and makeup were simple and unfussy. I wasn’t a huge fan of the tiara, which was a Cartier “halo” tiara that is, of course, a family heirloom... I just really don’t love tiara’s... even if you are princess I still don’t dig it. But overall, Kate looked fresh, young, and happily in love.

Royal wedding.003Pippa. Dude, people are going nutso over Pippa Middleton and with good reason, this chick is a total hottie. Personally, I think Kate is prettier, but it has to be said Pippa has a fantastic back side. I ABSOLUTELY loved her bridesmaids dress. I love bridesmaids in white, I think it’s classy and so elegant. I don’t know why brides are still so adamantly against it.  Just because your bridesmaids are wearing white it doesn’t make you any less stunning. I loved it. The ah-mazing covered buttons and the genius cowl-neck were just interesting enough without being distracting. Her hair and makeup were so very simple that is was just perfect. And the reception dress... HOLY BANANAS. I am obsessed with this dress. It totally makes me think of Keira Knightley’s green gown in that beyond sexy/heartbreaking scene... swoon. I think this is the perfect way to attend a black tie wedding. Simple and beautiful. Now if only we could stop hearing about this poor girls social life. WHO CARES?!?!?

Royal wedding.004The Guests.

Some of these folks were smoking crack before they left the house... When Fergie’s daughters showed up all kinds of craziness ensued. Rumors abound that because Fergie wasn’t invited due to all of her recent crazy antics, that her girls decided to dress like nut jobs to cause a hullabaloo. Princess Beatrice shocked the world with her insane Philip Traecy pretzel hat. Not only was the hat crazy her monochromatic peach/nude ensemble was just disgust... I mean, come on, she looks so old!!! Now Princess Eugina’s hat wasn’t nearly as offensive, but that outfit made me wanna vomit in my mouth. What is it with british royalty to dress so old for their age!?!? Yuck. And then there is Posh... Oh Victoria Beckham. She’s super preggo so I can’t really dog her too bad, but her gown was HUGE. Like massive, it looked like a tent and that absolutely surprised me. Her hat was perfect her. Sharp, angry, and hungry looking. I did like her sleek ponytail. We could outfit bash for days, but I am going to keep it brief and end with the most important guest, the Queen. She’s like a million years old, so I feel that it would just be a cheap shot for me to make fun... All I will say is... it was yellow... very yellow.  

So there is just a bit of fun. What did you think?! Did you go crazy for the royal wedding? or were you over it before it began!? Do you think that Kate’s dress was perfect? or subpar? Let me know!!!


Monday, January 24, 2011

Celebrity Inspiration of the Week: Eva Mendes in Dior

evainspiration.001So, who doesn’t have a major crush on Eva Mendes!?! She is a beautiful women and thanks to styling goddess Rachel Zoe her fashion is always sick!!!!! And when I was looking back through saved photos, I saw this pic and was just in love. This is how you do sexy on your wedding day. I love that it’s still covered up, while being outrageously sexy. You don’t have to show tons of skin to look like a hottie. It’s all about the draping and drawing attention to your shoulders, collar bones, and décolletage. The gown fits, but isn’t skin tight... it’s body skimming. It shows all your goodness without looking like a skank. You need very little adornments with this type of look. A huge cocktail ring or dainty bracelet will suffice. NEVER wear a necklace or big earrings with this style, they complicate things and take the focus off you. Whether it’s up or down, hair should be loose and natural. Makeup should also be natural and little bronzy. Use golds and warm colors on the eyes. Love. Love. Love. This look.

Clockwise from top: JCrew, Alberta Ferretti, Donna Karan, & Temperley London.

Don’t be afraid to rock Celeb style on your big day!!!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

How to use the trends from the Oscars in your wedding.


oscarfashion.001Pretty, Flowy Fabrics: Chiffon is back in a big way! But it’s much cooler than the blah sugary princess non-sense of the past. Lots of interesting draping, beautiful bodices, or cha cha skirts. It’s cool to be breezy. For added interest look for gowns like Anna Kendrick’s, with little hints of lace. I think that is just the most beautiful touch. Or like with Demi Moore’s gown, look for tonal differences in the color, like a yellow ivory and a white ivory. If you wanna so off your hips and booty, than you can go the way of Elizabeth Banks. This is a great trend for spring and summer, so light and airy.

oscarfashion.002Stunning, Structured Bodices: This is not for the untrendy. While I don’t think it is that far out there, this is a look for a true fashionista, who wants to be a work of art rather than classic. The thing to be mindful of with this trend is to make sure it fits PERFECTLY across your tummy and hips. This looks isn’t good for ladies with ample chests... that cleavage would be out of control!!!! Well, unless you want to look like a burlesque dancer and maybe you do ;) I love how J.Lo’s dress has a slim silhouette while still having these weird architectural details. And if you aren’t ready for that severe shape, corsets are still in, check out Miley “why was she at the Oscars” Cyrus, who was totally rocking that bodice. The high waist of the skirt will fool everyone into thinking you have mile-high gams.

oscarfashion.003Fun Ways to Drape Fabric: I love fabric draping and it never gets old. It works on everyone, every shape, size, and age. I freaking am in love with this look. It does amazing things for your figure and really tricks the eye into giving you a perfect shape. I love trickery. Don’t rule out sleeves on your wedding day, look how amazing Meryl Streep looks!!? I love this look, the dip in the front balances the covered up sleeves. Then you have twilight cutie Kristen Stewart rocking draped fabric in an amazing body conscious gown and looking completely sexy.  Just use the draping to your benefit. Let it cover up what you don’t want shown and show off what you do!

*side note: Always remember that all of these trends overlap one another, so don’t be afraid to mix them up.

*side note: Asymmetry... Still Cool. All you have to do is check out funny ladies Queen Latifah and Tina Fey to see that one shoulder looks are here to stay. Love it.

oscarfashion.004*side note: Bridesmaids... All of these looks will translate perfectly to BM fashion and as far as color, for spring and summer, all variety of nudes and pretty metallics. For fall and winter, deep sexy red is the color dejour. Think like blood red. Also, earthy blues are in.

Until we meet again, stay bridal and forget an Oscar, your man is award enough for you... until he starts leaving his underwear and dirty socks everywhere... men!?


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Friday, November 13, 2009

How your favorite celebrities would dress on their wedding day.


It’s no secret that I love all things entertainment, it’s also not a secret that I looooove fashion. So I thought I would take a break from all things serious and play around with what some of my favorite fashionable stars would possibly wear on their big day. So obviously this is a complete subjective blog, so tell me did I get it right?

celeb gowns.001 Anne Hathaway is known for her sweet, innocent persona with a hint a crazy sex appeal. Her style isn’t far from that, she dresses with a whole lot of sophistication and a touch of whimsy and spunk. Annie is a musical theatre geek at heart, so I totally see her going all out wearing a full skirt adorned with tons of sparkle. Glitter and glitz everywhere, I see her keeping jewelry to a minimum and her hair pulled into her favorite tight chignon.

celeb gowns.002 Ashley Olsen is the coolest chick ever.  Seriously, Michelle Tanner is awesome! She has a way of dressing sophisticated yet completely bonkers and chic at the same time. It’s magical. She understands how to dress her petite frame without forgoing volume. She would wear something sleek with the ability to make her petite frame look 6 feet tall. I see her in this dress with towering midnight stilettos. I envision her with a lose updo and arms stacked high with diamond and sapphire cuffs and bracelets.

celeb gowns.003Diane Kruger is one of my favorite fashionistas. Since jumping on the scene after Troy, this German hottie always dresses sexy and out of the box. I love how she plays with masculine and feminine silhouettes, she rocks a bow tie better than anyone I know. I envision Diane as a modern princess. I love the bow detail which totally fits her fashion profile. Her shoes would be simple and crazy sexy. Accessorizing is the key, I see her with minimal jewelry, perhaps a huge cocktail ring, or maybe an intricate messy hairdo adorned with lots of sparkle. (not like the model, yikes)

celeb gowns.004 Kristen Stewart is such a little rock star, she always dresses fashionable with a ton of edge. The edge probably comes from that “I don’t give a crap” face she has glued on at all times. I love this girl! She wears just as much floaty chiffon as she does spikes and patterns, if that’s not diversity, I don’t know what is! I don’t really see k.stewart getting married, but I have a feeling that she would be ironic and quirky. I love the super short length and so does she, but forget sky high heels, how about some rocking silver Converse. The feathers, the sparkles, the shoes, plus her attitude equals super cool chick.

celeb gowns.005 Rachel Bilson is beloved by all! Do you know someone who doesn’t think she is the best dressed lady in Hollywood? I dare you to find one...then I will punch them in the face...that was harsh. I digress, she has the most perfect style and she accessorizes like a pro. The silhouettes are always clean and simple, it’s all in the way she chooses to doll it up. I see her in a bit of a retro throw back, nothing about her gown will be “ordinary.” I love the wonderful asymmetrical sleeves and the peekaboo sparkle on the bodice. The dress accentuates the midsection, and the slit gives the gown it’s bit of sex appeal. Add a pair of sassy fun, t-strap, peep toes and she is ready to marry Darth Vader.

celeb gowns.006 Rihanna is well, she is all kinds of things not appropriate for me to say on this blog, so I will sum it up with awesome. She is fearless when it comes to fashion, nothing scares her and sure she ends up looking wacky every once and a while, but it’s worth it for the times she looks stunning. Can’t you see it? Her hair swept up in one of her funky chic do’s and this giant peach pink gown against her stunning skin. I see bangles stacked up to her elbows and a pair of wicked high heels. Fabulous.

Using your own personal style to create your wedding look is the best advice I can give. You will feel comfortable and look unique, who wouldn’t want that? Hey, all the celebs are doing it...

Until we meet again, stay bridal and don’t forget to have a little fun.


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Celebrity Wedding: Lisa Ling & Paul Song

lisa ling paul songThis wedding rocks my socks! I love anything and everything unconventional, mix it up with some crazy cultural pride and you have an interesting and awesome wedding. Journalist Lisa Ling and oncologist Paul Song created a magical wedding environment where even the ushers got in on the fun rocking their Karate Kid appropriate attire. Plus, any wedding where the bride wears red and the groom slips on Chuck Taylors and his traditional Korean hanbok...I’m all in!

Lisa Ling.001The Bride: Ling looked Ah-MAZING in her red Vivienne Tam gown. In Chinese culture it’s tradition to wear red, so really Ling isn’t that far out of the box, but it’s the style and sex appeal that makes her gown a knock-out. Now, I searched high and low for beautiful red and gold Chinese didn’t turn out so hot for me. I’m not kidding when I say I looked for husband could not understand my obsession! So I have come to the simple solution that the dress must be made. I think if you can find the right fabric then a trusted seamstress can take a simple pattern and make you a “custom” gown. I think the style of the two J.Crew gowns I found are very reminiscent of Ling’s gown and would make perfect guides. This also may save you some serious dough. Ling’s makeup was barely there. A simple dark lined eye and a swipe of clear gloss and the look is practically complete. Darn Asians and their perfect skin! I can say that...I married one ;)

   The Food: STEAL THIS IDEA:Their reception was catered by not one, but FIVE restaurants with each providing their own Asian chic decorations to display their food. The dim sum chef went nuts carving birds from various fruits and vegetables. But seriously, if you love two or three different places why not order from all!?! Variety is the spice of life...

Lisa Ling.003The Decor: J.B Miller of Empire Entertainment created the atmosphere by hanging bright red Chinese lanterns all above the dance floor. You can find these lanterns and any Asian shop, Miller purchased the lanterns from a shop in an L.A. Chinatown. I love how traditional they rocked it! These lanterns and fans are seriously inexpensive and really look festive.

 Lisa Ling.002The Party: Ling was concerned with the day feeling “typical” and to ensure that, Tupac’s California Love played after they recited their vows. At the reception, the party continued with DJ David Chang spinning all of the bride’s hip hop faves. The couple even busted out a little Sonny and Cher. STEAL THIS IDEA: Don’t play the typical music...hello no fun. Seriously, the chicken dance? One of my favorite personal touches at my own wedding was the acoustic guitar that played during our ceremony. It was quite and not overbearing, but it was also far from traditional, he played Sister Hazel, The Alman Brothers Band, and The Foo Fighters. We entered the reception to Blur’s Song 2 and it rocked! Music is super important to us, so we made it a huge part of the day, I encourage anyone to do the same. It’s a low cost way to really infuse your personalities into the day.

So if you wanna rock your day with a huge dash of culture and whole lot of unconventional than take some hints from this unique couples amazing wedding day!


Monday, July 27, 2009

Celebrity Wedding: Elizabeth Banks & Max Handelman


So if you haven’t seen a film staring Elizabeth Banks in the past year...then you haven’t been to the movies, this hilarious hot lady is everywhere. Her 2003 nuptials to college sweetie Max Handelman was a stunning creation of girlie modernism, if that is even a thing. The wedding is soft and romantic while keeping a modern and fresh.

Elizabeth Banks.001The Bride: So I love Elizabeth’s retro glam look, her gown was Christian Dior and her veil was handmade by her mother, so stinking sweet. To find similar dresses look for V Elizabeth Banks.004neck sheath gowns, if you want more body in the skirt, the most I would do is a modified A-line. Look for light weight fabrics so it appears your floating down the aisle. I found fantastic options by Melissa Sweet, Nicole Miller, and Lela Rose. Banks wore her hair up with a few curled pieces framing her face, showcasing her amazing art deco Neil Lane earrings. Now we all can’t borrow jewels from super famous jewelers, but we can find great looking crystal jewelry. I like designs by Perfect Details and Tejani, pretty and inexpensive. She kept her skin fresh and dewy, so to get this look add a few drops of luminizer to your liquid foundation, Smashbox and Stila have nice formulas. For the eyes I would use bronzy shadows with a heavy sweeping of black mascara. I love Bobbi Brown long-lasting eye cream, I wore this for my wedding and it stayed fresh all day without creasing or getting crusty. I wore sand dollar all over and beach bronze in the crease. To finish off the look, I would find a gloss or sheer lipstick just a shade darker than your own lip color, and pouf! perfect wedding day look.

     Elizabeth Banks.002The Flowers: The bride carried a stunning hot pink bouquet of ranunculus and cockscomb. I love nothing more than a bright bridal bouquet. You can get similar looks using hot pink peonies and garden roses. I like mixtures of the pale pink and the bright fuchsia for a bit of depth.

Elizabeth Banks.005The Reception: Planner Jo Gartin of Love, Luck, and Angels created the couples magnificent modern reception. This is one of my favorites. It is so simple. The tables were left uncovered with only simple matchstick table runners. The centerpieces were very simple clear vases filled with fuchsia orchids. The walls were lined with a beautiful pinky-orange iridescent fabric, probably shantung. This wedding is so simple! The great lighting,orchid-covered hanging lights, made the room seem so dramatic, but really it was so easy and clean. I love how the hot pink comes across more sexy than girly.

The Food: This menu sounds fierce, there guests munched on empanadas, coconut shrimp, tuna tartar, and washed it all down with tasty mojitos. Perfect party food, you can eat and jam to the seven-piece funk band.

Elizabeth Banks.003The Cake: The couple had a traditional cake iced with butter cream,which I love! I HATE fondant, it tastes so gummy, even the good stuff, maybe it’s just me? Hansen’s Cakes created a three-tier chocolate and vanilla stunner decorated with fresh orchids. STEAL THIS IDEA: The guests didn’t go home empty handed, at the end of the night all 180 guests were offered a box of Krispie Kreme doughnuts! Isn’t that awesome. I love food favors because unless you donate to a cause...very rarely are favors worth it, at least food is consumed and enjoyed.

So if you want a wedding with serious personality and very little fuss, then please take some advice from Elizabeth and Max.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Celebrity Wedding: Roselyn Sánchez & Eric Winter


roselyn eric.001Now this couple is seriously hot! Roselyn Sánchez best known for the television show Without a Trace, but also stars in one of my favorite new Disney movies The Game Plan, so good! And Eric Winter who has marked almost 400 episodes on the Days of our Lives, who also popped up in Harold and Kumar and The Perfect Truth a romantic comedy due out next month starring Gerard Butler and the worst actress ever aka Katherine Heigl. This beautiful couple celebrated with 250 guests in the 4 day long festivities in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, close to Sánchez’s hometown. The ceremony took place at the Castillo de San Cristòbal a beautiful fort in my personal favorite part of Puerto Rico. So if you are looking for a wedding with a bit of pizzazz then this is definitely one to check out.   

The Bride. So seriously, how hot is Roselyn Sánchez? Now unfortunately there isn’t a makeup out there that will magically make us look like, right? So we mere mortals will have to try and acquire her look as best we can. First off, her stunning dark hair was swept into a loose up do, which is perfect for an unfussy bride who wants to be able to dance and move without hair in her face. The most important thing is to make sure your hair is healthy and shiny, then the rest is easy. Try using a moisture rich shampoo and conditioner, I am loving L’Oreal’s new sulfate free line EverPure, this stuff rocks, it’s cheap, and my husband loves the smell. Also, for the month or so before the wedding try and not apply heat, which damages your hair. I know this can be difficult for some, so if you must use a blow dryer keep it on the cool setting. To get her fresh face, you need some serious black eyeliner and a killer bronzer. To get Sánchez’s sexy smokey eye, I would use Guerlian’s Terracotta loose powder kohl liner in black 1, $34. This stuff can be tricky to apply, but once mastered you get the perfect smokey eye every time. Now bronzers are not as easy, you have to find the perfect color for your skin, you want to look as though you have been kissed by the sun, no orange nastiness here. Benefit, Bare Minerals, Stila, and Guerlian all make wonderful bronzers, but the best way to find your perfect match is to spend an afternoon at the makeup counter. Have the artist apply the bronzer and before you purchase make sure you step outside to check the color in natural light. You would be surprised what a huge difference it makes.

roselyn eric.002roselyn eric.003roselyn eric.004The Dresses. Now, Sánchez got a little dress happy and opted for 3 gowns!!! Her ceremony gown was a grand ball gown complete with a sweetheart neckline. The ruffles and sparkle are vibrant, but somehow subtle and super hard to walk in. For her first dance she changed into a strapless column dresses adorned with feathers and finally she changed into a strapped a-line for the rest of the party...well, until she changed into jeans and a t-shirt to finish the evening off right. Now, I love all of her choices, they are all reminiscent of one another while being completely different. I know that three gowns can be killer to the budget for the majority of brides, but if you opt for two I would go with the strapped dresses before the strapless, it’s much easier to shake your grove thing when you aren’t worried about your bosoms popping out.

roselyn eric.005The Bouquet. Steal This Idea: Now this isn’t a new trick, but it is still a beautiful touch. Sánchez’s bouquet had a bit of extra sparkle hidden among the orchids and roses. It is something super easy to do and can generally be done cheap. I found some cute bouquet jewels on for very cheap. I also think this can be a great way to display sentimental, but perhaps outdated jewelry or broaches.

roselyn eric.006The Decor. The reception was just as hot as the couple and with the help of Milly Centeno of MC Coordinators our of Puerto Rico, the couple created a sexy Latin reception. Steal This Idea: I love the repetition of the color orange in the decor right down to the menus. I found an affordable option from The Wedding Paper Divas and the awesome pin tucked napkins are also very easy to find from most rental companies and run about a dollar per. I found very similar napkin rings for 1.15 a piece on, so for around 2 dollars per place setting you can have the exact same look. To save some dough I would only rent napkins and use plain white clothes on rectangle or square tables then I look for dark bamboo runners or placemats to use on the tables to get that extra fiery oomph.

So, if you feel that a sizzling Latin affair is exactly what you want then take notes from this stunning couple because their wedding had some serious fire. Sánchez and Winter were up partying with their guests until 4am. That is exactly how I feel a wedding should be, entirely about the celebration and having a blast with family and friends. If you never take any of my advice at least remember this, if you allow yourself to relax and enjoy your wedding day nothing can go wrong...well it can, but it won’t matter ;)


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Celebrity Wedding-Jeri Ryan and Christophe Eme


jeri ryan.001 Jeri Ryan has been working in television since the late nineties and is known best for her role on Star Trek: Voyager and most recently for her role on Shark. She met chef Christophe Emé at a charity event and well, I suppose things went well. The couple’s wedding was a beautiful and relaxed affair for 120 of their nearest and dearest, in Loire Valley in France were Emé grew up. This wedding is amazing because it is natural and laid back yet completely sophisticated. If your interested in having a beautiful and organic wedding then by all means read on.

The Bride. Everything about the day was minimalist and fresh, Ryan’s look was no exception. She was stunning in her satin strapless a-line and lucky for us, this is an easy and affordable look to acquire. I found great options from J.Crew and Watters brides. I absolutely love this style because honestly this dress style can look amazing on all body types. The key to this silhouette is fabric and fit. You want to make sure that the fabric is a heavier weight, no flimsy chiffon or charmeuse, this will help with the perfect fit, I swear. Trips to the seamstress are a must, tugging on your dress constantly on your big day is not hot, trust me. To finish Ryan’s gown, you need a sash, recently more and more gowns are coming with sashes, but if your gown doesn’t a nice heavyweight satin ribbon will do, any color is acceptable. Ryan choose pewter sash wrapped around twice and attached with a stunning broach. Ryan’s hair and makeup seemed effortless, her hair was curled worn down, while her makeup was barely there and perfect. To get this look, only use foundation where needed to even out skin tone, a touch of chapstick, and some banging false eyelashes. I would go with individual lashes, which I think look the most natural, concentrated on the corners. Makeup Forever makes great lashes and at 15 bucks you can play around quite a bit to get it right.

jeri ryan.002 The Maids. Ryan’s bridesmaids wore beautiful taupe-y silver gowns. I found quite a few gowns I thought captured the ease of Ryan’s girls, but a touch more fashion forward. I found great dresses from Priscilla of Boston, Bari Jay, J.Crew, and Jim Hjelm. All of the gowns are strapless, a-lines, with defined waistbands, a flattering look if you have all of your girls in the same dress. 

jeri ryan.003

The Details. This wedding had some adorable details that made their wedding feel personal. Steal This Idea: After the ceremony, the guests were greeted with buckets of Champagne to start celebrating. I love how luxurious, yet informal this arrangement is. And Steal This Idea: Instead of seating cards the couple hung small chalkboards with olive branches attached to direct their guests to their table. And This One: The couple opted for classic turquoise Corniche as their getaway car, which has so much more character than a limo and probably cost about the same.

jeri ryan.004 The Decor. This wedding is much different than most of the ones I have discussed. Steal this Idea: Use herbs instead of flowers. Ryan’s bouquet was made of French Lavender and roses, a stunning combo. The beautiful wood tables were lined with stunning pots filled with more lavender and various herbs. I love the smell of herbs almost better than flowers. Find beautiful cheap planters and fill them with thyme, rosemary, and mint, all of my favorites, line a rustic table with them and viola, centerpieces. The place settings should be kept as simple as possible, white china and simple unadorned stemware, think French countryside chic. Finish the look off with some super-simple tall candlestick holders, I found some nice ones at Ikea. Keep everything simple and easy. Plus, at the end of the party, guests could take the potted herbs as favors. See, I’m always thinking ;)

If you think an au naturale affair suits you then take some advice from a couple that did just that, Ryan and Emé had a beautiful wedding and really kept things simple and comfortable. The whole idea of this wedding is to let the natural setting shine through without masking it with millions of imported flowers.


Sunday, May 31, 2009

Celebrity Wedding-Christina Moore and John Ducey

So these two might not be the super famous couples I have been posting, but Christina Moore has been working steadily in television since the late nineties, most recently on the resurrected 90210. John Ducey has also had a long career made up of various guest appearances on all of our favorite shows. I choose this couple mostly because I thought it was time to highlight a super modern celebrity wedding. Their wedding was a personal and contemporary affair and if that sounds like something you are after, read on.

 Christina & John.003The Bride. I have no idea who made her gown, sorry, but it was a stunning netted slim-fitting gown. I have found similar styles by Platinum, Watters, Jenny Lee, and Kristie Kelly Couture. This is a great look for anyone looking to show off some curves. The dress also had spaghetti straps something that I have found to be very difficult to find nowadays. At most dress boutiques  it is possible to customize your gown to have them. Moore’s look was chic and simple, but I have a gigantic problem with the ugly hair thing...not cute. Sorry Christina! I would opt for something less tiara-like with the placement, think more headband. See the hairpiece blog for more info. Her makeup was soft and classic. Try DiorSkin Forever Extreme Wear Flawless Makeup, $44. The foundation, available in 10 shades, stays fresh all day. Bare Escentuals Quick-Stick, $14, in Escentual Rose is the perfect dark rosy pink to mimic Moore’s fresh lip color.

Christina & John.001The Colors. Planner Emily Kelly of Unseen created a super modern color palette of black, white, and red. The flower girls were even decked in white and red. UsAngels, my favorite little people gowns, has a great design, style 409, that comes with several color options for the bow, including red. STEAL THIS IDEA: The ground was scattered with black and white geometric pillows. Throw pillows can get insanely expensive, but at Ikea I was able to find tons of pillows all under 6.99. They even have a red throw for 3.99. At that price you wouldn’t even feel bad about throwing them on the ground.

Christina & John.004The Details. I love the personalizing that the couple did and for super cheap you can do it to. Instead of putting names on the place cards, they placed pictures of themselves with their friends and family members! How darling is that? Sound daunting? Nah. Organize all of your photos into a file and upload them to Snapfish or Mpix and print. At 19 cents or less, it is worth it. You can find the cute frames at for 2.49 a frame and if you order more than 40 the price drops to 2.24. That’s a steal of a deal for wedding favors, which I am not a huge fan of anyways. This favor is functional and personal...I can get behind that. Also, the couple framed cutesy drink menus in pretty silver frames. They personalized drinks and gave them funny names. They also placed a frame with a photo of a loved ones past nuptials on top of the one tiered decorated cake. You can find great frames at Target for around 12.99.

The Cake. STEAL THIS IDEA: Well...there wasn’t a cake. The couple opted for a dessert bar instead of a huge wedding cake and they still had one tier so they could do the traditional cake cutting. Plus, who doesn’t love a tower of cupcakes? I think there is something whimsical and so very Willy Wonka about a table full of sweets. This idea could save some money considering that some bakers charge as much as humanly possible for flour and sugar.

Christina & John.002The Reception. It is super exciting to see such a modern wedding. The square tables are a must when having a modern receptions. Yay for white linens, which are almost always provided for you at your reception site, hello money saver! Now the couple had black Chivari chairs and at around 7 bucks a chair to rent, it’s just not necessary. I would go for a black folding wood chair that at around 3 dollars a chair are just as sleek and modern. Now if the thought of orchids is making your wallet nervous, fear not. For 20 bucks you can pick up white phalenopsis orchids from your local Home Depot. Now rounding up enough might be a bit of a challenge, but worth it with all of the dough you would be saving by saying adios to a florist. It’s a good thing they build Home Depot’s all over the damn place, they are worse than Starbucks. To finish the look, place red votives on the table. The best deal I can find for votive holders is through a website Candles4Less. The company charges 29.99 for 72 holders and candles, those are the bargains we like.

This look is so easy to replicate and really allows you to be creative. Red not your color? Try turquoise or orange. The whole idea is to keep things simple and uncluttered. So whoever said that modern equals cold and stuffy was not invited to Christina and John’s wedding.


Monday, May 11, 2009

Celebrity Wedding: Alyson and Alexis

Alyson Hannigan & Alexis Denisof

This couple makes me sooooo happy and not just because Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel rock my world, which they do, but because they both seem unbelievably genuine and happy. Hannigan and Denisof celebrated their happy day at the Two Bunch Palms resort outside of Palm Springs in October of 2003. This silly couple had a reception complete with photo both and trampoline...that’s right, I only write what I read.

 Alyson and Alexis.001The Bride. Hannigan has only gotten hotter since her days as Willow Rosenberg and she was nothing short of beautiful on her special day, where she rocked a stunning Badgley Mischka gown. To find similar gowns, look for sweetheart necklines, slim silhouettes, and cap sleeves. Hannigan’s gown has an ethereal quality which is achieved by the whimsical overly. The base of her gown is a shiny satin muted by the beaded Chantilly lace cover.  This type of gown is perfect for the hopeless romantic, even Jane Austen would be proud. Like most brides, Hannigan kept her wedding day look simple. Her fiery red hair was pulled half up for the ceremony and by the reception was up in a loose up-do. Her ivory skin was flawlessly matte, to achieve this look use your favorite foundation and finish with Bare Minerals Mineral Veil, $19, which is a feathery-light powder that absorbs oil and softens your face. For the lips, instead of a super pigmented red, look for sheer lipsticks, that go on softer yet still give you the pop of color you need. I like Bobbi Brown’s lip sheers that come in two almost reds, cranberry and ruby, $22. To rock similar eye makeup, keep the eye neutral, but instead of lining with black or brown, change things up and line your eyes with a navy liner, I’m a fan of Clinique Quickliner for eyes in Navy, $14.

alyson alexis 2.002The Ceremony. The couple exchanged vows under two intertwining trees, ah symbolism, growing and loving together. STEAL THIS IDEA: The ceremony and reception sites were both strung with hundreds of white Christmas lights, something a girl on a budget can really get behind. I love when they are strung dangling down like curtains of lights. The couple mixed in hanging strands of flowers and if that is in the budget then by all means do it, but it is not at all necessary. Trust me, add enough twinkle lights and no one will even notice the absence of flowers. After the ceremony, the couple escaped to a private tent complete with caviar and champagne, now this isn’t very budget friendly, but I love the idea of having some alone time before the reception begins. Soak in as much as you can of one another before the madness begins.

alyson alexis 2.001 The Food. Patina of Los Angeles created an lovely Autumnal menu complete with a pumpkin, squash, and pomegranate salad. This is a great money saving tip, use seasonal produce. The folks over at Perfect Endings have done it again creating the couples simple 4-tiered cake. STEAL THIS IDEA: A simple white cake can still cost a fortune if you  a re getting it from a premiere baker. What’s wrong with Publix? Their cakes rock and if the snobbiest, money grubbing, most hateful person I have ever met can serve a grocery store cake at her money explosion wedding, than so can we. She really is evil, trust me, but her cake was delicious. I often wonder why I was even invited...hmm. Save money and forgo the sugar flowers, ask the florist from some extra buds of your chosen florals and simply arrange them on the cake.

Alyson and Alexis.002The Reception. I really have been looking for weddings that take place indoors, but I guess with LA’s perfect weather what celeb wouldn’t want to get married outside? Just remember that with a bit of creativity any outdoor event can be translated to an indoor space and vice-versa. The colors and flower choices created fun and eclectic decor that the groom deemed “elegant bohemian.” Look for table linens in rich golden yellows and to anchor the centerpieces, use tall glass vases with another smaller vase to contain the flowers at the top of vase. I like this idea because you are able to have a large arrangement while still being able to see through to your neighbors across the table. To finish the look, add vibrant flowers in various shades of red and orange. Look for interesting mixes of wildflowers which can cost a lot less than the couples orchids. Alyson and Alexis.003

How cute is this couple? They really created a interesting and elegant bohemian chic wedding. I hope that you can take borrow some ideas to use in the planning of your wedding. Even if you don’t dig their style, at least take Hannigan and Densof’s laid back wedding day attitude. Enjoy each other and really take the time to appreciate your special day, you can never have it again...well, we hope ;)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

with Celebrity wedding-Ellen and Portia.

Portia De Rossi and Ellen Degeneres

Ellen and Portia.001 This is possibly one of my favorite celebrity weddings ever. It is so intimate and intricate, no detail was overlooked. Degeneres and De Rossi’s private ceremony at their L.A. home, much like the couple, had character and personality. So if you are looking for a warm and inviting party for a close group of friends and family, read on to see how these ladies made it happen.

The Brides. Degeneres and De Rossi both rocked custom Zac Posen ensembles. Portia De Rossi has long been one of my favorite red carpet dressers and her muted pink wedding gown did me proud.  I must admit it was difficult to find gowns with all of the same features, but I think to capture the essence you should look for a fitted bodice with a tulle ball-gown skirt. To keep this look chic and not princess-y forgo a veil and keep jewelry to an absolute minimum, note De Rossi’s bracelets. Also, keep hair and makeup simple. No helmet hair, an easy updo using your hair’s natural texture will do just fine. Makeup should be clean, clean, clean. Use a light powder foundation, I am currently obsessed with Smashbox’s new HALO hydrating perfecting powder, $59. It gives you a healthy glow while keeping you fresh and shine free, this stuff is amazing. I think it is going to replace my Bare Minerals, this is serious, HALO is oil, talc, and paraben free, damn those parebens. To complete De Rossi’s look find a pretty pink lipstick, Neutrogena’s MoistureShine Lip Sheers in Fresh Rose, $8.99, is perfect. Keep the eyes super simple with your favorite black liner and jet black mascara, waterproof was necessary for the happy couple. Degeneres also sported a fresh face with very delicate makeup, this Revlon spokeslady always keeps things simple, can you believe she is 50!?!? Revlon’s Age Defying makeup with botafirm, $13, is great for dry or mature skin because it doesn’t sink into lines. Mascara and ChapStick finish off her look. You see? crazy simple.

The Ceremony. The ceremony was effortless, officiated by inspirational author Wayne Dyer, where the happy couple exchanged Neil Lane rings. STEAL THIS IDEA: The ladies sat on giant floor pillows while they exchanged vows. I think this is such a great idea, it’s so personal and really brings everyone to the same level. I think this is really romantic and fun, it also takes away the need to decorate an altar space.

The Music. If you have never listened to Joshua Radin you are totally missing out, this guy can sang! He serenaded the happy couple and brought the house to tears, trust me, he is that good. STEAL THIS IDEA: Okay, so maybe Josh Radin is out of the budget, but there is nothing cooler than having your very own rock star singing at your ceremony and/or reception. My best friend had a favorite musician, Micah Dalton, rock her ceremony. Another friend was married to an Atlanta based musician last year, the stage was set up for an open mic so that all of their musician buddies and band mates could serenade the couple, it was super hip. My favorite was piano crooner Asyln, I cried...a lot. So don’t feel limited by budget and get out there and support your local music crowd.

The Reception. Their 30 or so guests dined on an entirely vegan meal prepared by their personal chef David Silberkleit. Their red velvet cake, by Sweet Lady Jane, was also a vegan creation. Meat and Dairy-free food has come a very long way, I have even gotten my meat loving hubby into it, so don’t let your own dietary concerns keep you from having your perfect menu.

Ellen and Portia.003The Decor. This is the most beautiful reception ever! I love everything about it. The details are really what make this set-up work. The reception took place on the couples back porch, now if you have a space conducive to this type of entertaining then by all means save the money and do it there. This look could also be achieved in a billowy white tent. Ellen and Portia.002STEAL THIS IDEA: My favorite part are their chairs. I love chairs, you can ask Morgan, I ruled out reception sites because of chairs...I ended up using covers. To get the mismatched look, head over to your local junkyard or thrift store and purchase as many as you can. Go buy some ivory spray paint and get painting! If you need to reupholster buy some cheap pretty fabric and a staple gun. Rent a long table with a pretty white cloth and your are halfway there. For lighting, look for lanterns, I like Cb2’s options, nice and cheap, they are smaller than those used by the ladies so maybe arrange them in clusters of three. Using Ikea’s silver flower boxes, line the tables and fill with your flowers of choice. The couple chose Ecuadorian roses and café au lait dahlias, mixing soft pinks and browns. Mix in some pillar holders, I prefer crystal, and you have a stunning tablescape. Now if purchasing all of this makes you a bit nervous, don’t be! That’s what ebay is for, hello re-sell! It’s super easy, plus you might be able to actually sell for more than you paid. I’m so brilliant or at least I think so :)

Ellen and Portia.004So, I hope you can pull anything from this intimate and elegant wedding to fuse into your big day. This wedding could be easily made to fit larger or smaller groups, you just have to be creative. Always remember the most important thing about your wedding is the people helping you celebrate.