Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Out of Town Bags in true Savannah Style

image If you are traveling to Savannah to get married, or have guests that are traveling, what better way to start out the festivities with a welcome bag? Welcome bags are a great way to make your guests feel little more personal. The bags above are from Kate Parker Weddings but you can easily create these yourselves with our help! So what should you include in this welcome bag?

 The bag itself.

You can either use normal gift bags and get a sticker or label of some sort to attach with your name, date and Thank You or Welcome!

OR pre-customized bags can also be ordered will the information on it.

OR get really creative with baskets, pails or boxes! The possibilities are endless.

*Water Bottles.

Provide at least 2 water bottles, since 1 bag is most likely going to a couple. You can also get these personalized for that extra touch.


Two individually wrapped packs of Tylenol might be a life savor to someone that weekend.


Fill the bags up with excess, these are great fillers!

*BONUS:If you have a membership to Sam’s or Costco…these are cheap when you buy in bulk!


Order some of your favorite cookies to include, such as pralines from Savannah Candy Kitchen, Byrd Cookies, or monogrammed cookies from Two Smart Cookies. This is also a nice way to add a little bit of Savannah, GA or the local area to your bags.

Postcards with stamps.

If your guests are traveling and leaving some family back at home, why not provide them a postcard with postage to send.

Lottery Tickets.

Who doesn't love a good scratch off?


If they are traveling, they most likely need a map. For a special touch, add stickers to your wedding venues!

Thank You Letter.

It's the first chance you get to thank your guests for taking the time out to share in your special day.


Most people don't bring their wedding invitation along with them, so they might forget what time the ceremony starts. Having this will insure everyone to be on time and no phone calls the day of bothering you about the schedule.

BONUS: Put your wedding planner’s phone number on the contact form as well so that they can field phone calls for you!


Why not suggest your favorite places to eat or your favorite things to do around town. The CVB has tons of pamphlets and discount coupons that you could include.

BONUS: if you call them ahead of time with the number you need, they will assemble them for you ahead of time!


Cab/Pedicab numbers.

Hospitality suite information.

Your at home address.

Flip Flops, sunscreen, chapstick, towels and sand toys! After all you are a stones throw from the beach!

A Small toy for a child or maybe a coloring book and crayons. (DOLLAR STORE!!!)

This bag will be the first thing your guests see when they get to Savannah, so why not be creative and make it personal. Set the tone for the weekend.

Until next time,

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