Friday, November 2, 2012

Fashion Friday: Vintage Fun

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Okay, I’ve said it about a million times and I’ll say it again. I love this whole resurgence of vintage style. I’m in retro heaven!!! I love the dress shapes, quirky veils, great accessories, slim suits, and bow ties. You get it. Here are some vintage looking finds  for you, your man, and your girls!! 

Bride: Park Avenue Dress, Cloud Mist Bibi, Ivory Bows Topped Sling-backs, & Forest Flower Drop Earrings; All BHLDN.

How much charm does this look have!?!? I’m obsessed with the black accents and I understand that this is not for the traditionalist, but I think the look is classic and sophisticated. I love a good cage veil and this blusher is adorable and the bow accent adds an extra touch of fabulous. The sling-backs are simple and chic. The drop earrings tie the whole look together with a punch of color. 
Bridesmaids: Embellished Bijoux Dress, Emerald Bows Topped Sling-backs, & Vintage Lockets; All BHLDN. 

I love this dress. So. Flipping. Cute. The embellishments along the neckline are ah-mazing and keep you from needing a necklace, while the emerald sling-backs tie the brides look to the girls and creates a touch of continuity without looking matchy-matchy. 

And for the perfect bridesmaids gift, how about a vintage locket?? They aren’t cheap, but this is sure to be a gift that your girls treasure forever. 

Groom: Ludlow Suiting, Mircodot Silk Bow Tie, & Preston Bluchers; All JCrew. 

Truth time. I know very little about men’s clothing. Well, that’s not entirely true. I know what looks good, but I’m not well versed in where to shop... That’s my husband’s job. And J.Crew is where it’s at for the vintage look. Their Ludlow suiting is classic and a bit slim so it gives that old-school vibe. I would definitely go with the pant and vest look. If your man is really feeling daring, I would fully support suspenders. Finish with a classic shoe and a fun bow tie. I love the purple with the green. They are opposites on the color wheel and make a stellar combination!! 

Tell me. Do you dig vintage?? Are you planning on any vintage touches for your big day?


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