Sunday, August 2, 2009

Celebrity Wedding: Lisa Ling & Paul Song

lisa ling paul songThis wedding rocks my socks! I love anything and everything unconventional, mix it up with some crazy cultural pride and you have an interesting and awesome wedding. Journalist Lisa Ling and oncologist Paul Song created a magical wedding environment where even the ushers got in on the fun rocking their Karate Kid appropriate attire. Plus, any wedding where the bride wears red and the groom slips on Chuck Taylors and his traditional Korean hanbok...I’m all in!

Lisa Ling.001The Bride: Ling looked Ah-MAZING in her red Vivienne Tam gown. In Chinese culture it’s tradition to wear red, so really Ling isn’t that far out of the box, but it’s the style and sex appeal that makes her gown a knock-out. Now, I searched high and low for beautiful red and gold Chinese didn’t turn out so hot for me. I’m not kidding when I say I looked for husband could not understand my obsession! So I have come to the simple solution that the dress must be made. I think if you can find the right fabric then a trusted seamstress can take a simple pattern and make you a “custom” gown. I think the style of the two J.Crew gowns I found are very reminiscent of Ling’s gown and would make perfect guides. This also may save you some serious dough. Ling’s makeup was barely there. A simple dark lined eye and a swipe of clear gloss and the look is practically complete. Darn Asians and their perfect skin! I can say that...I married one ;)

   The Food: STEAL THIS IDEA:Their reception was catered by not one, but FIVE restaurants with each providing their own Asian chic decorations to display their food. The dim sum chef went nuts carving birds from various fruits and vegetables. But seriously, if you love two or three different places why not order from all!?! Variety is the spice of life...

Lisa Ling.003The Decor: J.B Miller of Empire Entertainment created the atmosphere by hanging bright red Chinese lanterns all above the dance floor. You can find these lanterns and any Asian shop, Miller purchased the lanterns from a shop in an L.A. Chinatown. I love how traditional they rocked it! These lanterns and fans are seriously inexpensive and really look festive.

 Lisa Ling.002The Party: Ling was concerned with the day feeling “typical” and to ensure that, Tupac’s California Love played after they recited their vows. At the reception, the party continued with DJ David Chang spinning all of the bride’s hip hop faves. The couple even busted out a little Sonny and Cher. STEAL THIS IDEA: Don’t play the typical music...hello no fun. Seriously, the chicken dance? One of my favorite personal touches at my own wedding was the acoustic guitar that played during our ceremony. It was quite and not overbearing, but it was also far from traditional, he played Sister Hazel, The Alman Brothers Band, and The Foo Fighters. We entered the reception to Blur’s Song 2 and it rocked! Music is super important to us, so we made it a huge part of the day, I encourage anyone to do the same. It’s a low cost way to really infuse your personalities into the day.

So if you wanna rock your day with a huge dash of culture and whole lot of unconventional than take some hints from this unique couples amazing wedding day!