Sunday, May 31, 2009

Celebrity Wedding-Christina Moore and John Ducey

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So these two might not be the super famous couples I have been posting, but Christina Moore has been working steadily in television since the late nineties, most recently on the resurrected 90210. John Ducey has also had a long career made up of various guest appearances on all of our favorite shows. I choose this couple mostly because I thought it was time to highlight a super modern celebrity wedding. Their wedding was a personal and contemporary affair and if that sounds like something you are after, read on.

 Christina & John.003The Bride. I have no idea who made her gown, sorry, but it was a stunning netted slim-fitting gown. I have found similar styles by Platinum, Watters, Jenny Lee, and Kristie Kelly Couture. This is a great look for anyone looking to show off some curves. The dress also had spaghetti straps something that I have found to be very difficult to find nowadays. At most dress boutiques  it is possible to customize your gown to have them. Moore’s look was chic and simple, but I have a gigantic problem with the ugly hair thing...not cute. Sorry Christina! I would opt for something less tiara-like with the placement, think more headband. See the hairpiece blog for more info. Her makeup was soft and classic. Try DiorSkin Forever Extreme Wear Flawless Makeup, $44. The foundation, available in 10 shades, stays fresh all day. Bare Escentuals Quick-Stick, $14, in Escentual Rose is the perfect dark rosy pink to mimic Moore’s fresh lip color.

Christina & John.001The Colors. Planner Emily Kelly of Unseen created a super modern color palette of black, white, and red. The flower girls were even decked in white and red. UsAngels, my favorite little people gowns, has a great design, style 409, that comes with several color options for the bow, including red. STEAL THIS IDEA: The ground was scattered with black and white geometric pillows. Throw pillows can get insanely expensive, but at Ikea I was able to find tons of pillows all under 6.99. They even have a red throw for 3.99. At that price you wouldn’t even feel bad about throwing them on the ground.

Christina & John.004The Details. I love the personalizing that the couple did and for super cheap you can do it to. Instead of putting names on the place cards, they placed pictures of themselves with their friends and family members! How darling is that? Sound daunting? Nah. Organize all of your photos into a file and upload them to Snapfish or Mpix and print. At 19 cents or less, it is worth it. You can find the cute frames at for 2.49 a frame and if you order more than 40 the price drops to 2.24. That’s a steal of a deal for wedding favors, which I am not a huge fan of anyways. This favor is functional and personal...I can get behind that. Also, the couple framed cutesy drink menus in pretty silver frames. They personalized drinks and gave them funny names. They also placed a frame with a photo of a loved ones past nuptials on top of the one tiered decorated cake. You can find great frames at Target for around 12.99.

The Cake. STEAL THIS IDEA: Well...there wasn’t a cake. The couple opted for a dessert bar instead of a huge wedding cake and they still had one tier so they could do the traditional cake cutting. Plus, who doesn’t love a tower of cupcakes? I think there is something whimsical and so very Willy Wonka about a table full of sweets. This idea could save some money considering that some bakers charge as much as humanly possible for flour and sugar.

Christina & John.002The Reception. It is super exciting to see such a modern wedding. The square tables are a must when having a modern receptions. Yay for white linens, which are almost always provided for you at your reception site, hello money saver! Now the couple had black Chivari chairs and at around 7 bucks a chair to rent, it’s just not necessary. I would go for a black folding wood chair that at around 3 dollars a chair are just as sleek and modern. Now if the thought of orchids is making your wallet nervous, fear not. For 20 bucks you can pick up white phalenopsis orchids from your local Home Depot. Now rounding up enough might be a bit of a challenge, but worth it with all of the dough you would be saving by saying adios to a florist. It’s a good thing they build Home Depot’s all over the damn place, they are worse than Starbucks. To finish the look, place red votives on the table. The best deal I can find for votive holders is through a website Candles4Less. The company charges 29.99 for 72 holders and candles, those are the bargains we like.

This look is so easy to replicate and really allows you to be creative. Red not your color? Try turquoise or orange. The whole idea is to keep things simple and uncluttered. So whoever said that modern equals cold and stuffy was not invited to Christina and John’s wedding.


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