Tuesday, November 13, 2012

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If you haven't heard of Wedding Snap then don't feel bad, I too have been under a rock apparently for a while until just a month ago. Over the years, cell phones and now even IPADs are attending weddings as if they are their own guest. It is like the paparazzi when your first "kiss" happens and within seconds, those that were unable to attend your wedding now see your pictures on facebook and twitter! However, it really does make a photographer's job hard at times. So my quick scold is be sure to tell guests to respect the photographer and let them do their job. After all you are paying them for professional and STUNNING pictures. Ok--onward with this cool app!

So here is a great way to keep all those snapshots and videos by those other than your photographer/videographer all in one place for your viewing pleasure with downloading capabilities!

Here is how it works--(it is really quite simple)

1. You create your album online. They offer many packages so you can pick the best one for you and your needs.  Every Album has a unique album code that you choose, so guests can pick which albums they want to upload pictures to.

2. Share your code. Have your guests download the free Wedding Snap iPhone or Android app and enter your album code.

3. Click away! Have your guests take photos before, during, and after the wedding with our iPhone and Android application. This includes any videos they took too! Guests without smartphones but with digital cameras can upload their pictures directly with our web application with the album code.
4. Enjoy!!!


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