Friday, March 19, 2010

How to use the trends from the Oscars in your wedding.


oscarfashion.001Pretty, Flowy Fabrics: Chiffon is back in a big way! But it’s much cooler than the blah sugary princess non-sense of the past. Lots of interesting draping, beautiful bodices, or cha cha skirts. It’s cool to be breezy. For added interest look for gowns like Anna Kendrick’s, with little hints of lace. I think that is just the most beautiful touch. Or like with Demi Moore’s gown, look for tonal differences in the color, like a yellow ivory and a white ivory. If you wanna so off your hips and booty, than you can go the way of Elizabeth Banks. This is a great trend for spring and summer, so light and airy.

oscarfashion.002Stunning, Structured Bodices: This is not for the untrendy. While I don’t think it is that far out there, this is a look for a true fashionista, who wants to be a work of art rather than classic. The thing to be mindful of with this trend is to make sure it fits PERFECTLY across your tummy and hips. This looks isn’t good for ladies with ample chests... that cleavage would be out of control!!!! Well, unless you want to look like a burlesque dancer and maybe you do ;) I love how J.Lo’s dress has a slim silhouette while still having these weird architectural details. And if you aren’t ready for that severe shape, corsets are still in, check out Miley “why was she at the Oscars” Cyrus, who was totally rocking that bodice. The high waist of the skirt will fool everyone into thinking you have mile-high gams.

oscarfashion.003Fun Ways to Drape Fabric: I love fabric draping and it never gets old. It works on everyone, every shape, size, and age. I freaking am in love with this look. It does amazing things for your figure and really tricks the eye into giving you a perfect shape. I love trickery. Don’t rule out sleeves on your wedding day, look how amazing Meryl Streep looks!!? I love this look, the dip in the front balances the covered up sleeves. Then you have twilight cutie Kristen Stewart rocking draped fabric in an amazing body conscious gown and looking completely sexy.  Just use the draping to your benefit. Let it cover up what you don’t want shown and show off what you do!

*side note: Always remember that all of these trends overlap one another, so don’t be afraid to mix them up.

*side note: Asymmetry... Still Cool. All you have to do is check out funny ladies Queen Latifah and Tina Fey to see that one shoulder looks are here to stay. Love it.

oscarfashion.004*side note: Bridesmaids... All of these looks will translate perfectly to BM fashion and as far as color, for spring and summer, all variety of nudes and pretty metallics. For fall and winter, deep sexy red is the color dejour. Think like blood red. Also, earthy blues are in.

Until we meet again, stay bridal and forget an Oscar, your man is award enough for you... until he starts leaving his underwear and dirty socks everywhere... men!?


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