Friday, June 17, 2011

Holy Royal Wedding Batman...

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Royal wedding.001    So unless you have been living under a rock... no, unless you have been living under a friggin’ 127 Hours sized boulder you know all about the royal wedding. And whether  you loved every mopey romantic moment or absolutely loathed every second of the over-publicized event, you have to admit, the style was... interesting. I personally thought it was romantic and fun... I had the morning perfectly planned, I was going to wake at the butt crack of dawn and put on my favorite fancy hat(with pajamas, of course) and make a vegan english breakfast(it’s much better than it sounds). Alas, I spent the weekend at a bluegrass festival sleeping on a tour bus with crappy satellite service... whomp whomp :( No royal wedding for me. Fear not, since the big day I have bought all the magazines, watched all of the videos... so now we can tear this wedding apart.

Royal wedding.002The Dress. So I was not surprised at all by the designer of the gown... I was surprised by the subtlety of the gown. With Alexander McQueen’s tragic passing this year, I thought it was a beautiful tribute that Kate would choose to wear the designer. Sarah Burton was the designer chosen to carry out this insanely important task of representing McQueen and designing the oh-so-important gown. Personally, Catherine Middleton has never been my favorite dresser. I always found her wardrobe “sweet” or “put-together,” but she was not the pinnacle of high-fashion. I was more than underwhelmed by her gown initially. The more I look at the gown, the more I can appreciate the style. The neckline is perfection and I think that will be the most copied part of the dress. It was very low, especially for a royal wedding, but still cut perfectly around her neck. Absolutely stunning. The bodice is also very chic, the thicker molded fabric is also going to be very popular in gowns. It reminds me of Sleeping Beauties bodice, very princess-y. The texture of the gown is very interesting. I really loved the lace and damask pattern... very subtle, but very chic. So overall, I think that this gown could’ve given us a little more WOW, but it was indeed a beautiful gown. I thought her hair and makeup were simple and unfussy. I wasn’t a huge fan of the tiara, which was a Cartier “halo” tiara that is, of course, a family heirloom... I just really don’t love tiara’s... even if you are princess I still don’t dig it. But overall, Kate looked fresh, young, and happily in love.

Royal wedding.003Pippa. Dude, people are going nutso over Pippa Middleton and with good reason, this chick is a total hottie. Personally, I think Kate is prettier, but it has to be said Pippa has a fantastic back side. I ABSOLUTELY loved her bridesmaids dress. I love bridesmaids in white, I think it’s classy and so elegant. I don’t know why brides are still so adamantly against it.  Just because your bridesmaids are wearing white it doesn’t make you any less stunning. I loved it. The ah-mazing covered buttons and the genius cowl-neck were just interesting enough without being distracting. Her hair and makeup were so very simple that is was just perfect. And the reception dress... HOLY BANANAS. I am obsessed with this dress. It totally makes me think of Keira Knightley’s green gown in that beyond sexy/heartbreaking scene... swoon. I think this is the perfect way to attend a black tie wedding. Simple and beautiful. Now if only we could stop hearing about this poor girls social life. WHO CARES?!?!?

Royal wedding.004The Guests.

Some of these folks were smoking crack before they left the house... When Fergie’s daughters showed up all kinds of craziness ensued. Rumors abound that because Fergie wasn’t invited due to all of her recent crazy antics, that her girls decided to dress like nut jobs to cause a hullabaloo. Princess Beatrice shocked the world with her insane Philip Traecy pretzel hat. Not only was the hat crazy her monochromatic peach/nude ensemble was just disgust... I mean, come on, she looks so old!!! Now Princess Eugina’s hat wasn’t nearly as offensive, but that outfit made me wanna vomit in my mouth. What is it with british royalty to dress so old for their age!?!? Yuck. And then there is Posh... Oh Victoria Beckham. She’s super preggo so I can’t really dog her too bad, but her gown was HUGE. Like massive, it looked like a tent and that absolutely surprised me. Her hat was perfect her. Sharp, angry, and hungry looking. I did like her sleek ponytail. We could outfit bash for days, but I am going to keep it brief and end with the most important guest, the Queen. She’s like a million years old, so I feel that it would just be a cheap shot for me to make fun... All I will say is... it was yellow... very yellow.  

So there is just a bit of fun. What did you think?! Did you go crazy for the royal wedding? or were you over it before it began!? Do you think that Kate’s dress was perfect? or subpar? Let me know!!!


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