Monday, November 5, 2012

Makeover Monday- "The Objects of Your Affection"

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Continuing on the theme of personalized ceremony decor, this week's blog was inspired by MGE's very own Alysse - a ceremony arch or frame made of items the couple loves. Maybe there are items you collect or have saved over the years. In the photos are some examples of how couples have used
books, clocks, and even games (in this case chess) to surround themselves during their nuptials. The options are limitless and just comes down to your personal interests. Snow globes, ornaments, scale models are just a few of the many items that may come to mind.

It can be that simple, or you can take it a step further and make it even more personal. My boyfriend keeps a box of keepsakes from our dates - movie ticket stubs, menus, napkins, labels, etc... Using these items, mixed with photos from dates, your engagement, and casual photos of the two of you goofing off, could come together to make a beautiful collage of memories to spread around you at the ceremony. Just sit down and really look at what you, as a couple, would love to be surrounded by as you are saying your vows. You may be surprised at how creative you can be by simply stating, or displaying, your mutual loves, and how much it will show on your wedding day.


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