Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Trending Tuesday: Bouquet Wrapping

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So we have been wrapping bouquets for years with ribbon to cover stems and add a little more visual interest to them and recently brides have been adding elements to personalize it even more. And you know us--we LOVE personalization and being different. 

But lets take it a step further shall we? 

Keep with the theme. Add a nautical ribbon with a brooch or maybe a sailboat if you love to sail. Mimic your grooms boutonniere brooch of an anchor. 

Why not use a bright fabric and intergrade it throughout your wedding? Runners, napkins, linens and yes---wrap your bouquet! 

Another way to get rustic is to wrap the stems in twigs. It adds a rustic element with texture! 

(Photo via Garden on the Square) 

Now my favorite: 
So every mother's dream is that their little girl will one day wear her old wedding dress to walk down the aisle. I remember seeing my mom's dress hanging in the closet and adoring it to pieces! It was unique, vintage and DIRTY. So dirty it couldn't be used--so even before I knew I was getting married, I knew that I was going to have to find my own. (Not that I would have probably insisted on my own after I started planning anyway because what bride doesn't want her OWN wedding dress or shares the same taste as her mother?) but I wish I would have used a part of it at least. I am going to be realistic and say that I know my wedding dress was too trendy and went out of style a year after I wore it, so I know my daughter will probably gasp and turn her nose up at it (which is just fine) but maybe she can use a part of it? Look below at this bouquet wrap. What a perfect way to incorporate your mother's/grandmother's/etc dress into your big day. LOVE! 

The key is personalization. Let your wedding speak volumes of who you both are. This also keeps you from having a cookie cutter wedding and really lets your guests have a insightful glimpse into your world! 


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