Monday, December 10, 2012

Makeover Monday: "Creative Containers and Coverings"

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Having yummy wedding treats and unique items to toss during your send-off is great, but don't forget your guests need a way to carry those things around with them. Get creative and really have fun with containers and coverings you use on these items. Anything from paper goods to fabrics to your own glassware make for wonderful, yet functional,  additions to your wedding decor.

For appetizers and special treats you can use paper items, such as newspaper, book page or music sheet copies, or paper doilies. Certain types of fabrics like handkerchiefs, bandanas, and patterned napkins work well too and can be wrapped around loaves of bread, certain fruits, and beverages. Glassware in your color scheme or with fun patterns are great for food and carrying anything on the small or delicate side. Glassware or any container really could be wrapped in fabric or knit items, such as the knit koozie in the example images, to make them more comfortable to carry.

For other things like florals, and dried items say for the flower girl, or for your guest to throw at the send-off, paper will work, but you could also use felt or yarn knit bags, buckets, or baskets. As usual the choices are endless. Look at what would add to the aesthetic of your wedding, but also to what would be most comfortable and easy for your guests to hold and carry around. This way you will make sure your guests have both an enjoyable and beautiful experience.

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